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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 6

A Mechanized Jewel: Chapter 6

"... yea. She knows something that I don't know...I mean..I felt it since I saw her first time after a nasty acciddent."

Mecha-Nine tilted her head, "You think she know's something about you?"

"Yes.. to explain this." He turned she saw a very nasty gash that ran from shoulder to hip... diagnally too. Though it was healed it wasn't in good condition to heal well.

Mecha-Nine stared at the wound, "That...looks like it was caused by a natural blade...a..." she gasped, "Scyther."

Her mind recalled that the Scizor was the one that tormented Jewel but only heard that she lost two friends. "Yea... though that's the only thing I got to even help my memory if at all.. though I don't know wht heppaned after that..." As he gets his vest back on.

Mecha-Nine eyed him, then nodded, "Why not ask Jewel? Cause...honestly cutie...I'm not gonna let you take the love of my friend. But if you go up to her and ask nice...I'm sure she can help." Hell...she was sure Jewel even would love to see this marowak.

"... i....I'll do it...though I will be sure of binding you up for the wildlife if you trick me." Clearly he's gotten crossed before and took insurance.

She giggled, appearing behing him, her tails wrapped around him, "If I had wanted to capture you...use you...kill you...I could have easily done it by now." she giggled, her tails lingering on his body awhile before she headed for the home, "Come along Emerald...and be a good boy or else you'll get a very...unpleasant spank."

Emerald had to blink on that.. surprised on such a thing as he seen something like this before... but where was his question as Jewel was blinking in seeing Mecha Nine with someone....though Jewel held her hammer just in case she was just a ploy. "Relax Jewel...I've got a marowak here...who thinks you know something about him...and I think you do."

"How so?"

Emerald spoke up, "Miss... I know you can give me some answers... like who am I really?"

Jewel looked at him as she blinked, "No.... ... I.. I might need green for this." As Green came out to see who is the problem maker around the location.

Mecha-Nine smiled, "I can tell ya this Jewel...he's a marowak...who has a gash on his back...diagonally from shoulder to hip...from a scyther's blade."

Green nodded, "... the same slash style as this I think..." The Marowak gasped.. as he felt the sting of his fall and pain return as the image of a younge Cubone getting a powerful slash on the back that showed flesh and bone.

Mecha blinked, "No way."

Mecha-Nine giggled, "As I corpse was ever found."

Green watched Emeral, "Though the question is how he was able to revive his mind without harming him again... I'm going to have a time with this." As she was focusing as the timely moment his mind started to alter as Jewel watched while holding Mecha. Mecha held Jewel, petting her, not sure what to tell her though.

Soon the Marowak wailed..holding his head as he shakes deeply... starting to get up after a bit. "D...damn.. my head... I feel like I been rung though."

Mecha-Nine stepped up to him, " gonna be okay?"

"Yes...Nothing pain killers can't help for a while."

Jewel looked to him, "Wic... are you ok?"

"....Jewel? ! B..but...if your here then Samuel..."

Jewel nodded, "I know."

"Well...if anything thanks for helping me." He turned to the other Ninetales, his blush noted though the eye holes of his green mask as he looked to her, "Um... sorry bout stairing at you miss."

Mecha-Nine just smiled, "Don't worry about it." she got up and smirked at Jewel, "you owe me big for this Jewel...maybe...a night with Mecha?"

Jewel rubbed her head as she smiled. "You still got to have his consent... not mine." she wasn't trying to deny her but had her know she isn't forcing her love either.

Mecha growled, "Not happening Mecha-Nine."

The cybornetic ninetales sighed, "Oh well...can't blame a gal for trying." she giggled.

"Well miss I could at least try to take you out for saving my tail...though I have a feeling that this softstone is different than back then." Wic spoke up.

Jewel had to smile to herself some...this is the first time he was so open as far as the fem knew. Now in a way she got everyone in her friendship back. "After all of this I know that I'm feeling hungry."

Rolla smiled, "Well if you want I can bring out some of the leftovers."

Mecha blinked, poking Jewel's belly, "Hungry? We had finished up breakfast before the whole mess with the ghosts started."

She bluhed...rubbing her head. "You forgot about our guest didn't you? He interupted it before everyone ate up fully. But I think we could wait for dinner."

Black chuckled a bit. "It never fails that she thinks of something like that to try and get our minds off what happened. If you ask me we should see if there's any leads to the rainbow fate stone."

Mecha thought about it...then nodded, "She's right...we should do that...after a few days of resting."

Jewel smiled, "Good idea. After all a peaceful place like this is the last place I know people would think of so we should be safe here for a time."

Mecha-Nine meanwhile smiled at Wic, "A date huh? Hmmm...I don't know...while you are cute...I'm not sure if you'd be up to keeping up with me."

Wic looked at her, "Maybe but then again we barely know eachother so it'll be intersting to try and get to know eachother."

Mecha-Nine smiled, "Alright...if you're so desperate to get a date."

Wic blinked, "Desparate? I wanted to try and thank you for helping me out. You trying to fish from the dating pool?"

Mecha-Nine flicked him on the forehead, "No...and it's rude to say that to the girl you're are we going..." she snickered, "Mr. Bone I believe."

He had to rub his head...the green masked Marowak had to endure the family name since he heard it before. "Yes. And I think heading to the restraunt near Clearbound Lake." he chuckled "I think that would be a good spot to enjoy a water based dinner."

She nodded, "That'll be acceptable." she smiled, "Lead the way...Bone boy." she snickered.

He shook his head on that. As long as it wasn't going lower he'll make no verbal reply as he was leading her out to the place called Sheller's Sea Show. Of course considering it's name water pokemon were a plenty at the place, much to the two pokemon's comfort since they both were open from such types.

She smiled, "Not bad..." she giggled, "Hey...I bet you have a catch phrase...and I know what it is...We're boned." she giggled it up.

One line he smirked at, "Only if we do something bad. Besides, your a better catch than the water types here." He endured the jokes as he got a salmon with lemon. She got a bunch of batter fried bass bits, with tartar sause dip. Wic had to smile as they got their meals together. "So... how did you run into my friend Jewel? I mean she isn't one of the usual people you'd run into."

Mecha-Nine shrugged, "It was because she was traveling with Mecha."

"Mecha...the mightyena right?"

She nodded, " know...I'm pretty surprised no one here is actually to repulsed or freightend by us...i mean...with how we look and all."

"Considering this place is a training ground for spellcasters it's not that much. I remember reading the history of this place nd it's one of the few places that magic is accepted and all forms of how different everyone is. I know this place is linked to a location called Sivler Mountain. So in a way this is where people are able to take things better than most."

She listened, nodding when he finished, "I guess you're right..." she giggled, "Mr. Bone."

He smirked at her a bit as he shallowed the bit of fish he munched. "Your enjoying how my name is Wic Bone right?" he had to look to her on that.

She giggled, nodding and gulping down one of her bass bites. "'s real fun..." she snickered, "I bet you get a lot of..." He waited for it knowing this is probably one of the lower jokes. "dates from the fems...I're just so cute."

He blinks... but then shakes his head. A first from a gal for him. "To be honest I never gotten a date. I tried asking out a few but then again the standards for some of the gals as they put me in focus...was too low." As in he was not up to their par.

She stared, "Wow...pretty seem I've're cute." she giggled.

His face blushed up as he felt quite flattered... feeling quite happy, clearly happy. "Thanks. Surprised you didn't go into more jokes on my name. I heard plenty as it was early in life."

She smiled, "I suppose I could say that you must get lots of boners...or that you must be wanting to bone a fem."

He shook his head. "THAT was wht I was waiting for because those were the ones that nail me the most." He clearly had to keep a smirk down.

She giggled, as she finished up, "I'm sure you've got a nice bone in your pants." He had to turn red from that line... knowing that probably started something he probably shouldn't feel during a first date as he was finished with her.

She smiled, as they left after he paid. "So...anywhere else you taking me?"

He chuckled. "Well why not the lake itself... the place is a beauty when you check it out."

She smiled, nodding, "Alright."

He nods... as he waved to her to follow as he lead her to the spot. the sun's position moving as they went. Mecha-Nine was smiling happily, rather enjoying herself. He chuckled as he whistled before he jumped catching a branch before jumping onto another. "The view is great at this height." He chuckled as he jumped for the last few feet. She smirked, and got up to him in one jump. He had to smile, looking to the lake as it was looked like a mirror in the earth with three dots that are in the formation of a triangle. It was so clear that it showed the sky above like a mirror when not disturbed. "What do you think?"

She smiled, "it's beautiful."

"Thanks." He smiled as he looked to it...after a time he jumped down to her branch and was about to escort her down when he heard a shot. "Wha?" Wic saw a shot shooting from below them aiming up. Being a bit quick he pulled her to him as a black inkshot shot the branch, weakening it at that point. She looked down, "What the!?"

The two of them looked to see below was a Golem wearing a black hat and a bag net made for keeping attacks in. In one hand their's a Remoraid customed pistol in his hnd as he shot another round of the black ink. She growled, "what's the big idea!?"

"Why not come down sexy? It'll make it easy to have you put to some proper use. You free female need a good career."

She smirked, " think I should be put to use as a whore huh?"

"You know theirs professions that would suit her better..even a dancer but a whore is rude as it gets."

"You know... I really hate hero types like you so I might as well shut you down with one of these." he cocked the Remoraid before it's mouth became white with energy. Wic gulped, "oh marreep." he gripped his sword but blinked as he saw the shot aim at her making him react by natually blocking the Hyper Beam shot at her was the classic ploy to make him take a fake out of an attack.

But the golem got a surprise when he felt a blade sink into his back, "I'm not some gal you can come in and abduct...don't think I'll just stand by while you try to make me into a slut."

He panted.. a clear surprise considering blades usually would have a time geting into Rock skin like his as he tries to pull her off him. Wic was getting up from the clearly painful shot he tried to stop, "Damn... get... off.. my back." With him busy Wic had his sword again aiming for payback. Mecha-Nine smirked, shaking her head, "Not happening big, fat and ugly." As he was pulling to get her off he gasped... gagging as he was now going limp... getting killed from the neck stab. Mecha-Nine pulled her blades out, and cleaned them of the blood, "Ass hole."

"If you ever find a town without the occasional one then you've found paradise." Wic kicked the blaster away to at least keep memories of what it sent at him out of range.

She smiled, "Hey...Wic...thanks for protecting me." she gave him a kiss on the cheek, "That was real sweet."

He had to turn red under that green mask as he felt quite happy from that. "w..Welcome. Though hope you didn't get hurt from the jerk." he at least showed his consern while trying to at least keep the sting of getting blasted out of his mind.

She smiled, "I'm perfectly fine...thanks to you." she giggled, "Come got to walk me home now." Wic nodded, knowing he has at least made a good day and despite the jokes didn't let the bones get to him as they moved to get back to Jewel's home.

Mecha-Nine smiled when they got there, " suggest you find someplace to crash Mr. Bone."

He nodded, "Surely.. though I'll try to stay at the local motel." He smiled some. And she smiled back, before heading to her room to get some sleep.

"Miss Nine? Did you have fun?" Ribbon said seeing the others were in other places for now.

Mecha-Nine smiled, petting her head, "Yep. Thanks for asking."

At least it was good to know that in a place like this she didn't need to hide herself, though then again she could tell the place would be changed for sure if something serious happened. Jewel being that said example since she did hear the story of how her life altered. Mecha-Nine shrugged, and got into bed, happily falling asleep.
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