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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 7

A Mechanized Jewel Ch.7

A new day dawned as Jewel was packing stuff up for the road with the usual provisions she had. "Exlixers, Ethers, Heal orbs...great out of mystic down crystals. I'll have to make some when I can." With a sigh Jewel closed her pack up.

Mecha was sitting, waiting patiently for her, "Maybe Mecha-Nine has some...she always has provisions like that."

"Maybe but she needs those for fighters like me since we might be immortal we can still be banished and might not be able to get to fighting shape on the instant." said Black as she was slipping out of Jewel's shadow to appear before the others.

Mecha shrugged, "Alright. It was just a suggestion after all." he stretched, "How's LucarioD.O.R. doing? Is he ready to go...or fast asleep?"

"I got him." She slipped into her own shadow to teleport into the darkness that was near him as she decided to wake him up with a poke to the ear to start. LucarioD.O.R. swatted at the annoyance, but was still fast asleep. A smrik on her face grow as he felt a poke to his chest with the hilt of her sword. He groaned, batting at the annoyance, but still remained asleep. "Heavy sleeper...I'm going to enjoy this." Black pulled out her dagger in her pants and then pushed her hand into her shadow, knowing this is a mean trick. The Lucario felt something very sharp poking his butt.

He yelped, "what the!?"

Reacting quick she pulled her arm out of the darkness that was covering his rear. "I could have did worst to wake you up."

He glared, rubbing his rump, "You're cruel. You could have just given me a shake." he yawned, getting up.

Giving him a grin she chuckled. "True, but where's the fun in shaking you awake, Lance. And before you ask tell me how hard it is to alwys call out LucarioD.O.R."

He thought about it, then nodded, "Alright...Lance is good." he looked away, "And I got me there."

"Good. Now unless you care to hear the complains of Mecha you might want to draw your rear down." She starts to teleport though her shadow to Mecha.

Lance grabbed her paw, following her through. Mecha spotted him, "Alright...finally ready LucarioD.O.R."

The lucario held up a finger, "Lance."

Mecha shrugged, "Alright...Lance."

Jewel smiled, "Ok. At least I'm ready. Though which one first? I'd say get rid of the thing that would want to kill you guys first. My problem isn't as big since bounty hunters are usually after me."

Mecha-Nine walked in, "Yeah...they lack the coordination that G.O.R.D. possesses. Add to that...we're probably going to get more attacks since me and...Lance was it?...went rouge with Mecha."

"Yea. That's what I named him" Black spoke up as she kept near him. "The only problem I'd see is if-"

"G.O.R.D. empowered the bounty hunters to try and take us down along with you guys." Black turned around and yelped when she saw Green was right there, making the dark fem's fur stand on end.

Black glared, "You never fail to shake me up like that you know?"

The time fem gives a smirk to her before speaking up."Mecha-Nine, Lance, any of you three hve any idea on a local base that we can use to get detail in our foe's location?"

All three thought about it, before Mecha-Nine nodded, "Yeah...there is a base about 2 days walk from here..." she bit her lip, "'s got two other D.O.R.s there."

Mecha turned to Mecha-Nine, "Who are they Nina?"

She blinked, then giggled, "Nina...I like it." she smiled, then cleared her throat, "'s your old friends and chums know...the twins."

Mecha blinked, then held up his hands, "I'll have nothing to do with this attack!" Both Lance and the newly named Nina broke into laughter.

"Those two shake you up because of their relationship status?" Green spoke up on that line as Jewel was about to ask him a question on why would he not go for the place.

Nina snickered, "Mecha's a tad sore with those two."

"Those two tortured me!"

Lance chuckled, "What you call torture...the rest of us called funny as hell!"

Mecha glared, "Hey! They did it on purpose to me!"

Nina was holding her sides, "Maybe on occasions 8, 11, 12, and 20...but the rest were accidents!"

Jewel had to speak up looking to Nina, "Care to explain for those that aren't in on it.. or psyhic like?" Green was keeping a giggle down as it seemed she was getting in on it.

Nina was panting, trying to catch her breath, "Mecha...had the bad habit...of walking in on EspeonD.O.R. and UmbreonD.O.R." she snickered, "While the twins were in the process of mating."

By now black had to shake her head along with Jewel. Both of them saying at the same time, "HE'S that unlucky?"

Lance was nodding, "Yeah...of course...a few of the times...they were doing it in his room, or didn't answer to a knock. And the best part was...Mecha walked in on a few other groups going at it like a couple of lopunnys." He and Nina were using one another for balance. By now Green was snickering silly, Black shaking her head while Jewel had to try and keep Mecha from dying from embaressment. And Jewel's task wasn't easy...since the mightyena cyborg was a deep red, trying to hide his face in his hat.

Taking him out of the room she had to sigh as she tires to comfort. "Mecha, much as I hate to ask it of you, we need to go there, but I don't think all of us should attack the base."

He sighed, looking down, "No...we need to work together..." he held her paw, "I'll come along."

"Thanks. I'll help you where I can. At least my girls can help out."

He smiled, nodding, "Yeah." he sighed, "'ll need my help to take down EspeonD.O.R."

"Considering Green is a Psy too it'll be a clash of minds."

Mecha nodded, "Yeah...but I'm a dark type...psy abilities don't work...or are very ineffective against me."

"Good point and Black would be good too just as back up. Lets get soon sa the other two stop laughing." By now Green finished her laughing.

After a bit, Nina and Lance were done, smiling big still, but at least no more laughing. "Now shall we get moving?" Black spoke up as Ribbon was looking at them from the stairs.

Nina cleared her throat, " Wic coming with us?"

Black shrugged, "I think it'd be up to him since he wasn't part of the crew."

Nina nodded, "You're right." she sighed, "Well then...I guess we should get moving." Jewel and Black waited in the area near the edge of the city as they had to wait for a time. Mecha stretched staying close to Jewel, as Lance did much the same with Black. Nina saw an odd bird land near her. The oddness being it's made of cloths as someone was coming their way. The ninetales cyborg blinked, "What the?"

It's soon she saw the masked swordsmen as he stops when she saw where he was near the other five. "Mecha-Nine? You sent the bird for me?"

"Bird?" Looking to it as it started to fly away on it's own before unraveling in a tree. Nina shook her head, "No...I didn't...and it's Nina now." she smiled.

Wic nodded "Ok Nina. And I think someone was wanting us to keep together." Jewel had an idea who to thank but will do that next time they are home. Nina smiled, as Mecha stood up straight, "Alright...let's move out!" Wic nodded, as Black kept out to keep Lance company. Jewel kept track fo the map as they walked on.

A few side conversations sparked up, Mecha the one who kept silent, as he kept senses tuned. He quickly had everyone stop, as he looked about. "Star formation now, were being watched." Black called out to the others in a low voice as she used her dark powers to count how many they are dealing with, Jewel ready to summon her partners. to fight with them if needed.

That was when Mecha got slammed into a tree by a cyborg charizard, "Die!" The charizard slammed a flamming fist into Mecha's face, cracking the tree behind the head.

Mecha got a save as Jewel slams the Charizard's head down before sending him into the tree. Jewel quickly called out, "Blue Spell, AQUA TOWER!" With the spell cast, the char was shot into the air encased in water. Mecha groaned slipping onto the ground, dazed from the blow, as several other cyborgs appeared, though none displaying the charizards power.

Black had to laugh as she jumped into her shadow, quickly cutting the backs of her foes apart. Wic meanwhile was going forwrd in slashing the incoming attackers. "No time to joke around with one of them. I'll take him on." out of the water spout appeard a blue female vulpine like the other elementals. In medical uniform and gloves, the blue fem got ready.

The charizard erupted from the trap, "Kill the traitors!" Lance and Nina were being pressed by several of the more skilled G.O.R.D. soldiers. Black kept Lance from getting overtaken as the Charizard saw his own men killing echother as their shadows are linked into others. Wic meanwhile was double teaming with Nina to take down foes. The Charizard felt a fist to his face followed by a boot as Blue now has him company. "You should worry about yourself...beast." She's not armed so it would be clear for some she isn't dangerous to some point.

He glared, "I am!" His tail coiled around her, and tossed her aside, as he rushed Mecha, who was pushing off two opponents, and was unable to avoid the body check into a boulder. The hit into the boulder didn't come as Jewel caught him with her green energy stoping his run into the boulder. "Got ya. Blue FINISH HIM!"

"Right! Fist of the North. INNER FROST!" Her hand are surrounded in blue energy as she struck him from the side. Her glow vanishing into his body. Inside his heart is starting to freeze up along with all internal systems as if antifreeze was nonexistant. He coughed and hacked, trying to use his fire type fire to keep warm, "No...I...don't...wanna...die..."

Blue smiled as she froze his mouth..his body growing colder as Jewel fights along with Mecha. Wic punched the ground as he pulled off hhis earthquake move to strike all the foes around him and Nina. Black meanwhile got the shadows of her foes stuck so they can't move. "Care to clean up Lance?" the dark fem said with a fanged grin showing. Lance smirked, rushing in a flash, and leaving a wave of blood splurting from the trapped.

The charizard was struggling to keep warm, looking to Blue with a plea in his eyes. Blue glares, her eyes meeting his. "With how cold hearted you are I'll say this. Hope hell warms your core because I'm turning you to what temperture your heart should be. ZERO!" By then he felt his heart freeze over as well as the blood within it.

Mecha cleared his throat, "I have mentioned that Praxis doesn't take failure well right? As in...torture, pain...then death for not doing a say killing a traitor." He knocked down a soldier and sliced out his throat. "At least that's how it is for D.O.R.s"

Black gives a humph. "No trust amist the evil."

Jewelwriter looked over Mecha. "You ok?"

Mecha sighed, "CharizardD.O.R. ...he..." he scratched his head, "Had a family...that Praxis was holding hostage."

Black had to bit her lip. "You mean he isn't one of those pure evil ones right? If that's so then I know we can revive him."

Mecha sighed as the last of the soldiers fled, "I'm not sure if that's such a good idea."

Nina nodded, "Yeah...his family will be killed if he fails...I don't doubt that."

"We should try to free them if posible. Least we could do for the guy frozen in his spot" Jewel said feeling sorry.

"For now we should go ahed and try to find the others and get rest." Black said.

Nina nodded, then froze, blinking. Lance did much the same. Nina sighed, "...Too late."

Lance sighed, shaking his head, "Praxis just sent word...that they were killed."

Mecha sighed, shaking his head, "Damn..." he looked to the charizard, "...Part of me know's we should have him tag along...he deserves to see Praxis dead."

"DAMN IT." Jewel hit a tree but sighs. "Red... White...release." A red kitsune with one tail comes out with dark red shorts and a white tanktop while another comes out white in a long white skirt and garb. Jewel tells them what to do now. "Much as I think he'll kill us for this...Red heat him up to the point charizrads are." Red gives a nod as she got fire in her hands, touching him until his body inside and out was right for a charizard. White's command came next. "White, Good Revival!" White nods as she makes a ring appear over the CharizardD.O.R. to return his spirit and life force back into his body.

The charizard blinked, shaking his head, "Wha?"

The red vixen spoke up. "You got someone to thanak for your short trip to the afterlife." Pointing to Jewel was clearly pissed off.

He blinked, then became worried, "But if I live Praxis will..." he saw how all three of his former fellow D.O.R.s looked away. He layed his head down, in shock from the information.

Jewel sighed, "They did it before we even got a chance to move on since it was clear those minions ran right to become stool pidgeys even if it ment they were going to be killed."

He slowly got into a sitting position, looking down, "my kids...gone..." he slammed a fist into the ground, "...PRAXIS!!!"

Red held one of his fists. "Hey cool down fireball. Praxis is getting what's coming to his ass. Family isn't something to mess with." He yanked his paw away, getting up and walking away, giving Blue a glare. "He's going to hate me for a while I know it." Blue said, knowing mental health is going to be hard to recover as Red kept up with him.

He flicked his wings, "Leave me alone."

"Lucifer....if you really want to make Praxis us, he's our first target." Mecha called out, getting Lucifer to stop.

Red nodded. "He's right. If we stop him then we can be sure he never does stuff like this to anyone else again."

Lucifer turned, "Fine. I'm willing to help."

Red smiled to him, at least trying to comfort him. "Thank you." He glared at her walking past, giving Blue another glare as he passed, joining his old camrades. The blue fem shake her head...knowing he's not going to be trusting her for a time. Mecha sighed, "Alright...shall we keep moving?"

Wic nodded. "Yes lets try to move on." Blue returned to Jewel as well as White as Red kept out to try and help the new fighter the best she could. It might not be much but still. Lucifer growled, "Call back the red one too."

"I'm not going back. You need someone to at least keep you company. You clearly need it."

"This is going to be a long trip." Black said knowing this'll be a while.

He glared at Red, "I'd prefer the blue least she'd stay farther away...and quiet."

Giving a smirk she shot fire from her nose in a snort. "She's usually a healer but would fight if you want and if you snapped she'd put you in ice instntly. You really want that hot shot?" She had him there, he was given a new leash on life and Blue was his weakness. She glared at him as her eyes went a flame for a moment in the mood she is in with him, fustrated with him. He humphed, looking away, mummbling under his breath.

Black at least saw the difference between them as she and the others walked. Now the group of eight had to go onward.

Eventually night fell, and the gang set up camp for the night. Mecha blushed, as he looked to Jewel, "We...sharing a tent?"

"Surely." She was smart in buying more than one tent so others can rest up together or alone as he lets Mecha in her's, Wic and Nina are in another tent, Lance and Black with another tent, and Lucifer in his tent alone as Red is on watch.

Lance smiled, laying on his back as he chuckled, "Hey think your sis be interested in a threesome some time." he snickered.

"Why you say that?" She honestly was curious since he can see that the dark fem didn't expect it.

He chuckled, smiling at her, "Nothing...just a joke to lighten the mood...after earlier...we need it."

Black had to chuckle as she look ot him sweetly. "Well I could help you with that if you like." He smiled right back at her on that.

Meanwhile, Mecha stretched out, yawning. Jewel changed her clothing too as she was soon in a white night gown, yawning herself. He smiled at her, grabbing her around the waist, and kissing her cheek. She smiled, looking to him with curiousity. "Something on the mind love?"

Mecha smiled, " beautiful you look." he kissed her cheek again. She chuckled and looked to him as she was happy he was enjoying her company, her tails holding onto him as she looked to the outside of her tent. He nuzzled her, "Something wrong beautiful?"

"I'm just sending my hopes that the others re goign to be ok."

He smiled, "I'm sure they will." he held her, as he got them covered in the sleeping bag. She nodded and snuggled into bed with him.

Nina smiled, "You should be happy I'm letting you share my tent Wic." she giggled, "Yes...a lucky lucky boy you are." Wic had to nod though he tried to not stare at her. "I'm very honored Nina." She giggled, petting him, as she only wore a thin nightie, "You should be." she smirked, getting into her bag. He had a problem in his own pants seeing her in that. He knows he is going to be haunted with dream of her and him for sure. She giggled, knowing what she did to him.

All around the group was happily slumber...short of one person, who was turning in his sleep.
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