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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 8

Morning arose, as Lucifer emerged from his tent, a sour expression on his face. Red was yawning, since she had been up all night. Noting Lucifer she kept quiet about it. At least she thought someone feels sorry for him. Lucifer sat down, pulling a pack to his side, and setting a coffee pot, that was already filled, on a cooking platform. "Need a light?" as Red came down from her perch. He didn't respond, just spat out his own flame, lighting the campfire, and allowing it to make his coffee.

She sighed, as she looked to him with worry. Then he sighed, "Where's the Blue one?"

"I can call her if you want."

He nodded, "Thank you."

Red cleared her throat, "Zpao, yeaj moowow." After a while Blue came out as he can see her streching out as she woke up.

The vixen looked at Red, "What you need?"

Lucifer cleared his throat, "...I forgive you for killing thought I was a monster, who wanted just to kill did what you thought best."

Blue had to look at him, biting her lip a bit. "But it's because of me you lost all that you valued."

He sighed, "True...but...I believe...that forgiveness is the first step to recovery..." he smiled weakly. " didn't swing the blade that took them from me."

"Well thank you. I just hope I can help you in some way."

He shrugged, "I don't know..." he looked up, "We'll come to that when we come to it."

Red had to speak up, a little pissed to be ignored as she starts to turn into energy so she can rest. "Don't mind me least you two might hve fun."

"Ok. I hope you don't mind me going with you just in case."

He cleared his throat, "Umm...I'm sorry for being cold to you Red."

Red grinned as she almost was fully gone. "Forgiven fireball. See you later." And with that she sent herself into Jewel.

He blushed, rubbing his head, "I'm such an idiot when I'm mad..." he sighed, chuckling, "Gabriel told me that all the time."

Blue had to chuckle. "Red has a bit of a temper too so I'm used to it."

He smiled, "I saw." he chuckled, "She's pretty are you."

Blue rubbed her head as she blushed up some. "Thanks." Looking around she could see the others waking up or stiring in their tents. Mecha stepped out, smiling, "" Nina also walked out, still in her thin little nightie. Jewel came out as she noted a fast blur of brown speeding out of the tent Nina was in. Jewel could only snicker wondering what she did to him. Nina smiled, snapping her fingers, then a flash. When everyone could see again, Nina was back in her normal clothing. Blue was the one to speak up. "Please tell me you didn't haunt his dreams with what you were wearing."

Nina smiled, shrugging, "Maybe."

"Well as soon as things are cleared up we can move." Jewel had to chuckle as the last ones up...well unaccounted for so far was Black and Lance.

In their tent, Lance was snoring lightly, still asleep. Black was sleeping under him as, she was deep sleeping too as breakfast was made in which Wic came back in time for. Nina giggled, "Hey...what did you bolt so fast for?"

Wic had to adjust himself as it looked like half his body was lightly wet. "I had to cool myself from a very burning dream."

The cybernetic ninetales smirked, "Really...what was it about?"

Wic had to turn red as he spoke. "I'll just say jokes about bones would be nailed well in such a dream."

Blue had to chuckle "I think I could name afew, bang her with your bone and burying your bone in her amist them?" Wic couldn't help but GROAN at the double pun use on him. Nina smiled, "Oh? Who's the fem that's getting the bone buried in her?"

He looked down with a blush. "A ninetales and before you ask I know we got two of them here."

Nina smirked, "Oh? Interesting."

Jewel had to speak up, knowing which ninetales he ment. "Don't worry, who knows what might happen when you get the chance." Unaware of it herself but One of her colors would enjoy stiring up that idea in many ways.

Mecha coughed, "I think we should have breakfast and get moving soon." Jewel nodded as she soon called out Red, the fire fem looking revived as ever as they saw the fire fem make a mini feast for what she has. They all ate up, before heading off for the base, which was still a day away.

Red , Blue , Jewel, and Black kept walking along side Lucifer, Mecha, and Lancet, Wic and Nina on the far side as a pink glow was behind them all, grinning. Nina smiled, "So Wic...want to tell me a little more about that dream?"

Wic looks to her as he was blushing but not as badly. "You really want to hear about it?" She smiled, nodding. "Well I was starting with fondling while undressing. Enjoying the soft fur."

She smiled, murring, "Oh? What next?"

"Well I started to undress and groped along the breasts, giving attation to the nipples with suckles and licks"

She murred, smiling big, "oh...sounds sexy."

"Then I started to lick down while undoing the pants." It's starting to feel very warm around there as they kept going. She murred lightly, face getting a little red. As Wic tries to speak it out he can feel himself starting to stare at her legs and then her body as he felt an urge growing faster in a need that started to spread in him, while not knowing someone was giving a push with energy. She stared at his crotch, eyes glacing up and down his body occasionally, a slight smile on her lips.

By now she was seeing a very clear, and wanting throb that's hidden in his pnts as he looks to her. "You know I got relly tempted to rip the pants off in public."

She murred, "Same here...I'd like to see that...big bone of yours."

The one that was behind them all was grinning as she preped another energy arrow of hers to profoke luster waiting for the distrction in a way. While with the excited Wic and Nina. "Why wait?" Nina was given a grope on her hips as he goes for a full out pants rip.

Nina smirked, "Yeah..." she tore pushed him onto his back, right there in the road, and ripped off the cloth that held his malehood down. Red was the first to respond. "What the-?" She didn't finish as she was looking to the side to note the pair on the road as the two on the gound were at it, Wic pulling the hips of Nina down as he parts her sex in a sexual flurry and need. Nina yelped lightly, but quickly began to bounce, tearing her shirt off to grope her own chest, "so big!"

Jewel and the others were watching now, as Blue took refuge into Jewel since she didn't want to watch as pink energy arrows fly into the air and going at them. Mecha grabbed Jewel, and rushed into the cover of the trees, as the other's blinked. Black, Lance, Red, and Lucifer got a surprise hit by pink arrows as luster started to stir in them.

Lance turned his eyes to Black, smirking as he held her to a tree, letting his rod out, and opening a hole to her hole. With both their pants kissing the floor it wasn't long before he found the right one as she howled out in luster. Lance moaned, smiling big as he began to pump his hips, thrusting into her hard and fast. Black wailed as she screamed out in pure bliss. Lance panted, murring in pure bliss, as he kept thrusting, slamming into Black like a mon possessed.

Lucifer just held his head, trying to get rid of the thoughts. Red held onto her ownbody, as her body lit a flame as she growled in trying to hold it back. He fell to the ground, shaking his head violently. Red shivered, growling as she just barely burned off her luster but her pants were wet. Lucifer shook his head again, "Damn...what...was that?"

Red glanced as she got the two behind a tree seeing on the road two pairs screw as if it's breeding season. Black's legs in the air as she was fucked hard and in need while on the ground Nina is in Wic's lap as he groped her and pounds her sex open for all to see. "We were hit with energy arrows...and there's only ONE element that uses arrow."

Lucifer held his head, "Wh...who?"


"What? I wanted to kill the tensions between you guys since it felt like a funeral." Up in the trees was the vixen wearing only a white toga, her legs crossed as she had a grin and the bow that clefts between her breast.

Mecha appeared from behind a tree, "You've got a warped sense of humor."

Lucifer glared, "My wife is dead for less then 24 hours...and you try to make me mate another?"

Pink almost jumped up in shock as she looks behind herself in shock. "At least I don't harm anyone with the energy arrows I used. It just stirs things up."

Red lit her tail ablaze as she jumped from the burn. "You better hope he is able to restrain cause if he attacks a gall then you can imagine what one of us might do to you."

"Aww you guys are really too uptight."

Lucifer's eye twitched, "I'm in moarning!"

Red holds him back as she grrrrs. "Power off him now."

"Ok." seeing Red pissed off, she recalled the power in the Charizard

Lucifer let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you." They heard a loud yip, Nina had slammed down, cumming on Wic, followed by a howl as Lance came in Black. Wic wailed out as he's pushing his dick in as deep as he can to her as he pops all his pent up seed into her, the white ooze dripping out. Black meanwhile screams out as she's getitng herself full of Lance again, loving it. Lucifer sighed, "I'll would have been fun to do that again..." he sighed, "Gabriel..."

"Your love?" Red said as she did have a paw on his back, looking up to him a bit woried. He nodded, "Her name was Gabriel...and she was the most beautiful dragonite...she shined like a beacon in the heavens." he smiled lightly, closing his eyes, "Then there was Samael...our son...and our daughter...Mithra...both of them were angels."

Red had to feel bad for him as Pink soon was evading fireballs from a rapid fire throwing Red. "EEP hey watch it. Yeow! WHHAAAA!" The branch falls down as she goes with it to fall on her rump. Lucifer chuckled lightly. Pink held her rump as Jewel looks at the mess, calling out Blue. "Blue, can you give them a hand?"

"Ok...though they aren't goign to like it. Two of them espcially." Making orbs of water over the two pairs they get a quick, wet, COLD wake up call. "WHAAAAAA"

"BLUE.. cut the...water!"

Nina was shivering, looking about, "Where am..." she looked down, then blushed, "Umm..." she saw they had just fucked, "...well...congradulations on being my first."

Wic had to turn red while spitting water to the side. "Honored though I think our pants paid the price for our double first encounter.

Lance was dripping, pulling out of Black and looking around, "Wha happen?" Black noted the fem on her rump and points to her. "Lance, Nina, meet our archer and elemental cupid, Pink."

Nina glared, "Cupid spreads love...she spreads lust...big difference."

Wic had to shiver a bit. "Clear difference." though he whispered to the fem on him. "Your sex got quite a grip Nina." Nina blushed, smiling at him, kissing Wic's cheek.

Black pulled her sword out. "Your going to be hurt for this you know."

"Um.. look at the time.. LATER!" Black almost jumped her when she became energy and rushed back into Jewel. Mecha sighed, "Alright...those of you who got lust filled...change clothes."

The four quickly did, Nina smiling as she put on a skirt with a tank top. While they dressed Lucifer went to Red, bowing his head, "Thanks for not jumping me when we got hit by those arrows."

Red nodded, "Welcome, besides you didn't need the trouble from me pouncing you." Lucifer smiled, nodding, as the group began to move out again, heading for G.O.R.D.'s base in the area.
Chapter End Notes:You get Uber points if you know the theme behind Lucifer's family
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