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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 12 The twelfth chapter

Let me start by saying how unimaginative Nintendo has gotten with gym leader names. Roark (R-ore-k), Gardenia (Garden-ia), Maylene (Melee), Byron (B-iron), Candice (Cand-ice), Volkner (Volt-ner), Flint (E4 and flint is a fire starter for those who don't know the zarking obvious) does any one else see how pathetic this is? Also credit for the pokédex entries goes to because I was too lazy to fire up my ds and look it up myself. Hurray for laziness. Also credit for the names which is over due goes to them. They didn't make the names themselves but without them I would never have known them. Thank you
"Hitokage use ember!" Mech ordered. Hitokage had already taken out two of Gardenia's pokémon and the only one left was Roserade. Hitokage had easily dispatched the first two. This was the last one. It tried to defend itself but the type disadvantage was to great and it fell like the others.
Gardenia congratulated him, and handed over the badge and a TM Mech was sure he would never use but he stored it away anyway. Apparently if he found the HM cut he could use that but he had never needed it and it would be a challenge to find a tree you couldn't just burn down or just walk around. Mech left and Hitokage was fit to walk having not faced any attempted attacks in the battle.

"So easy fight?" Bob asked as they went to leave the city.
"Yup Hitokage won without getting hit." Mech answered. They exited the gate and all but Bob was awed at the bridge that took up the route. It made sense because there was a sheer cliff right outside the exit. However only bikes were allowed on the bridge so Mech and Bob would have to find a way down the cliff. Bob would have taken his bike but he broke the chain doing some stupid trick on the way there.
So they began the dangerous decent into the valley after Mech returned his pokémon and Bob let Mukkuru who had evolved into Staravia, out to check for a possible route down. After a few minutes of scouting she flew back and Mech translated her report. They followed the path she had seen down. They managed to make it down without slipping. It took so long that they were forced to set up camp right near the base. Mech and Bob let their pokémon out and they all got introduced, though the teams kept mostly to themselves. Shio had also evolved into a Luxio. Mech was glad Bob had already told them about his power so he wasn't bombarded with questions. The climb had worn them out so they fell asleep right away.
Halfway though the night Mech awoke to a sound like someone going through his pack. Careful not to make a sound he rolled over and spotted a pokémon digging through his pack. "The thief!" he realized. He knew he had to capture it or it would run away so he silently reached for the pokéball he hid in his sleeping bag just incase this happened. He took careful aim and threw it just as the pokémon turned to check if they were still asleep. It his him square between the eyes, knocking him out and causing him to vanish in a flash of light. Bob rolled over at the disturbance as the ball stopped shaking and the button dimmed. The thief was now his and cursing softly from the inside of the pokéball. Mech immediately regretted it being one of the see-through kind because the mutterings were quite audible. Nevertheless he got up, picked the ball up, told the occupant to keep quiet then returned to his sleeping bag dragging his pack closer and he did it all without waking San who was sleeping right next to him.

"You caught the thief? First night?" Bob exclaimed as Mech retold the story over breakfast.
"Yup. Here's the little bugger too." Mech said pulling out the ball. The occupant was still cursing when Mech let him out. The others gathered round not only to see who it was but to prevent and escapes. It seemed to be almost ferret like but at the same time there was no telling where it's body ended and the tail began so Mech pulled out his pokédex and it said it its cheery voice "Linoone the Rush pokémon. It charges prey at speeds over 60 mph. However, because it can only run straight, it often fails." It also displayed specs on it like height, weight and so on. In one corner there was a picture of one but Mech glanced at the picture then at the pokémon looking very confused in front of him. They looked similar, but the coloring of the picture was all wrong. It showed a tan pokémon with brown stripes and typically blue eyes. The pokémon he was looking at was more orange and with disconcerting yellow eyes. At the moment it was looking around propped up on three legs trying to take in its surroundings to hatch a mode of escape. "Don't bother you're bound to the pokéball so you can't just run away." Mech said address it.
"Don't think I won't try." The Linoone murmured. Then shrank back when the circle glared at him; Bob joining in assuming it was the thing to do.
"If you do try I'll shut you in your ball then drop you off with the police to deal with the officers for stealing." Mech threatened leaning in at the Linoon.
"I only stole food." The Linoone informed them then addressed San "Tell your slave driver to let me go."
"Mech's a great guy! He saved my life so don't go around insulting him!" San shouted indignantly.
"Whatever toots. Besides it's not like they can understand us." Linoone said gesturing towards the two humans. Bob stared blankly while Mech glared.
"For future reference I can understand you." Mech said almost growling. Linoone turned at him. "And I'm not a slave driver, my pokémon can leave at anytime they want." He said but before Hitokage looked over he added "Except you and you know why." And Hitokage just glumly turned back.
"Yeah right. There are four ways people claim to understand pokémon. A psychic pokémon translates, you paraphrase, you have rare pokémon that can speak English who translates, or your lying." He said returning the humans glare.
"Or I just can." Mech returned "There are no psychics here nor any Linoone so your first two go out the preverbal window. Next no pokémon here speaks English so that's number three, as for number four you'll just have to take my word for it."
"So you do understand. Fine then let me go!" he demanded.
"Why, so you can go back to stealing?"
"Hey it works for me!" Linoone shouted.
"Well your not leaving just so you can keep being a thief. So you might as well suck it up and get along."
"I refuse to get along but fine I'll come with you. I might find some gold on the way!" He said hopefully.
"You might but no stealing!"
"It's all I know." Linoone said suddenly sad. Bob said something about getting more firewood and walked off, getting irritated being out of half the conversation.
"That can't be all certainly." Mech said.
"No there isn't. Linoone usually hunt in packs but well what pack would want me?" He said suddenly slumping onto the ground.
"Why would they reject you, you look fit enough." Subomi asked.
"Perhaps you missed my fur? Or my eyes? I'm a freak, and oddball. My original pack kicked me out because of it." He said tears starting to form.
"Then you should fit right in." Subomi said patting Linoone's head. "I mean Mech can understand us, and can use 'thunder punch'. And I have real hands instead of flowers and I don't mind, in fact it's a little better for my masculinity to have pink and blue hands then flowers on my wrists. I love it so why do you hate it?"
"Because no Linoone will even stay near me. They think I'm some kind of monster. Since I can't rely on a team to get food and I can't myself what with the inability to turn at high speeds, so I had to get food somehow. It sucks but thievery has done me well and I rather enjoy it when it involves shiny trinkets." He said.
"Well you don't need to anymore, you can come with us where the food is plentiful and you don't have to steal it." Mech said
"I don't have to, but I like to. It's my way of getting back for what I was put through." Linoone said drying his eyes off. "I'll go with you but can we visit my burrow first? I have some treasures in there I don't want to lose.

Mech, San, Subomi, and Hitokage followed him there where he rummaged around and came out with a few things; a few gold coins, some potions, and a strange belt he managed to clip around his waist. The belt was simple but with some various colored stones set into it.
"So that came from where?" Hitokage asked suspicious.
"Its mine. One of the few things I didn't steal!" Linoone replied. "My mom gave me that. She always told them to leave me alone but after she died they drove me out and all I managed to take with me was this. She gave it to me when she died because she never took it off. I'm not sure why and when I asked she didn't answer. So I'm keeping it until I can figure out why it was so important to her."
"So you're defiantly coming?" San sighed.
"You bet toots. Call me Guma." He replied.
"Back off or I'll kill you" San glared back. Linoone got very pale and looked away.
"Man if looks could kill..."
"She'd have taken out a small city." Mech commented having seen the look. The group returned to find Bob just about packed to leave. "Hey looks like we're tied in team members."
"You're letting the thief join you? So he can steal all your stuff and run off?" Bob said staring at Guma who looked away.
"Well I can't leave him here, he'll just go back to thieving. If you had heard his story you would understand." Mech answered picking up his pack.
"I sort of can't. You know that and it's your choice. We should be able to make it through the mountain before tomorrow if we hurry. Say that's an odd belt." He said looking closely at it. Guma stared at him wary of the human. "Hey, these are evolution stones!" he exclaimed. He said to Mech who wore a confused blank expression "You know they make some pokémon evolve. They're supposed to be very rare but it looks like they're all here." He explained looking closely at it. "I don't know how you got this but this is a human made belt."
"My mom never did tell me how she got it..." Guma reminded them. Mech translated for him.
"May I see it?" Bob asked.
"Sure just be careful" Guma said taking it off, not an easy task without thumbs but his claws worked as makeshift fingers. After he took it off he handed it go Bob.
"Ah ha just as I thought there's a name on here" Bob said after searching the inside. "See right here 'Linda the Linoone.' And an address! This must have been given to your mom by her trainer. Though why they weren't together I don't know. And the address is in Hearthome. While we're there we can find her trainer and find out."
"I'd like that." Guma said "I always wondered how she got it."
"I'll take that as a yes." Bob said judging by his tone. "Here, that belt is very strange, but it may be useful if we need one of the stones." Guma donned the belt and they started off. Before noon they had made it to the far end to the bridge. Luckily most of the trainers knew Bob and avoided the two trainers though many stared and Guma given his odd coloring. San seemed sad in her ball but didn't say anything. They even made it though Mt Coronet with Naetoru, Hitokage, and Kan taking out most of the rock types; Hitokage using metal claw. (Yes I know they now learn dragon rage but it is a stupid decision and I ignore the change. F- you Nintendo.)
After a battle with a particularly stubborn Geodude they exited the cave shielding their eyes from the setting sun.
"Hey kid I challenge you to a rematch!" shouted someone, leaping down the mountainside.
"Who's this?" Bob asked giving Mech a funny look.
"That's uh Mayo was it?" Mech said as she landed near him
"My name is Maya!" she shouted "And you won't beat me this time, go Purugly!" she called sending out a very large cat.
"You could use some training San!" Mech said. San was very happy to get out and Mech could feel the joy. "San use dark pulse!"
"Purugly use attract!" Maya countered. Purugly did a series of suggestive posses but San sent the dark pulse at her anyway. The pulse hit Purugly and sent it reeling back.
"Hello San is female attract doesn't work. San finish Purugly with crunch!" Mech ordered.
"How can I tell, she's in a cocoon! Purugly use slash!" Maya shouted. The cat slashed at San but its claws didn't even mark San's hard shell and she was too close so San bit down. The sickening crunch of bones breaking tore through the air. San jumped back in surprise as Purugly collapsed on the ground.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean too! I just don't know my own strength!" San cried.
"Get up Purugly and use body slam!" Maya ordered. Purugly tried to get up but its weight was too great for three legs and it collapsed again.
"Use BODY SLAM" Maya shouted.
"Can't you see its hurt?" Mech shouted back "You are by far the worst trainer I have ever met! Return your pokémon and get it to a center, it's in no condition to fight!"
"Fine, Purugly return. Kirlia stop him!" May commanded throwing out what looked like a ballet dancer.
"San, great job. Guma you take this next fight!" Mech said, Guma bounded forward ready to fight.
"I told you call me Erureido!" Kirlia shouted telepathically.
"And I told you your name is Kirlia!" Maya shouted back.
"And I told you I don't want to fight! If I do I might end up evolving into a Gardevoir!" Erureido yelled still telepathically.
"Am I missing something here?" Bob said
"Yeah but it's not important to you." Mech said.
"Why wouldn't you want to become a Gardevoir? You'll be so much stronger!" Maya stated.
"Oh I don't know, maybe because I'm not a girl! I said I wanted to wait till we found a dawn stone!" Erureido returned.
"Hey Bob, what's a dawn stone?" Mech asked not taking his eyes away from his opponents.
"Its one of those evolution stones I told you about. I think there's one on Linoone's belt, it's the light blue one, on the side there!" Bob replied. Mech looked and saw the stone on Guma's belt on his right side.
"Hey Maya, Erureido are we going to fight or what?" Mech questioned.
"You heard me!" Erureido spoke telepathically excitedly "You must be telepathically receptive or something. Well I guess I have no other choice."
"Kirlia use confusion!" Maya commanded. Erureido got into a pose and began glowing.
"Guma tackle into him, and use your right side!" Mech ordered. He looked around at the confused stares even from Guma "You know your left side is injured!" He said winking. Guma nodded and charged forward. Erureido fired the attack but despite the Linoone charging straight at him he missed. Guma bowled him over purposefully leaning to the left so his right side hit Erureido. Erureido was thrown back. The second he landed on his back he stared glowing. All eyes stared at him to see what would happen. The light faded and he stood up. His hair lost the twin ponytail look, and a large blue crest stood out from the hair leading into a blue streak. His arms had become bladelike.
"Thank you for helping me." Erureido said bowing towards Mech "That was quite the idea. I concede to you."
"What are you doing?" Maya demanded as Erureido turned away from the fight. Guma walked back over to Mech. "Keep fighting! You have a type advantage now! Stay and fight!" She ordered.
"After what he did for me even though I wasn't his pokémon? No, I refuse. He wins. We should get to the center to get Purugly healed anyway." He said still telepathically so Bob just watched.
"Oh you don't want to listen to me? I trained you up to this point this is how you thank me?"
"You also wouldn't listen to me and what I wanted. I won't fight someone who decided to help me at his own cost."
"If you won't do what I say and since you're not going to de evolve into something decent, I don't need you on my team. Get lost." Maya shouted. She pulled out his ball, threw it on the ground and crushed it underfoot. "You're not welcome on my team anymore." Erureido just stood there dumbstruck. When the ball was smashed a blue aura surrounded him then vanished. He was no longer tied to any trainer. Maya stormed out. "I'll be back kid, and next time you won't have as much luck!"
"Dude, that was awful..." Bob said. He only heard half of the conversation but it was enough. "Though I don't think we've seen the last of her."
"Sorry about that." Mech said walking over to the Gallade who had fallen to his knees. "I didn't think she would do that."
"It's not your fault. I'm happy you did what you did. I'll just be going now." Erureido said telepathically, walking off.
"What are you going to do?" Mech asked
"Dunno. Never thought about it. I guess I'll see the world like I always wanted. No more random fighting for me. I know one thing: I don't want go with any trainers." He said.
"Oh, because I was hoping you would come with us."
"I could. But that's not what I want."
"You said you wanted to see the world, and you'll do that with us and you don't have to fight if you don't want to."
"I guess I could go. You won't make me fight?"
"No. So, you up for it?"
"Sure. I mean you used a dawn stone on a rival's pokémon. Those things are pretty rare."
"Then let's get going, we want to make it to the next town before dark." Mech said. Erureido picked himself up and followed Mech over to where Bob was examining Guma's belt. "What is it?"
"Well you know usually when you use an evolution stone, it becomes useless. It becomes like a normal stone and loses its power and color, but look!" Bob said pointing to the light blue stone he had earlier. "It looks like it wasn't used! You know what this means?"
"No, should I?" Mech asked confused.
"That must be an eternal evolution stone!" Erureido broadcast to all those present "I've heard about those, they always work but their really rare! And by the looks of it this is a belt with all the evolution stones! If they're all like that this must have cost a fortune, or took a while to find at least."
"So you know of it. Say maybe you can explain how Mech could hear you during the battle and I couldn't. I can hear you now but not earlier." Bob said. Speaking to Erureido.
"Well I can control fairly well who I broadcast my thoughts to. Though someone can pick it up if their either psychic themselves. That was a private conversation but I wasn't really trying to keep it that way, and I'm glad it didn't."
"But I'm not psychic. Or I don't think I am. That's the first I've noticed it." Mech decided.
"Well you could be enough to be receptive to broadcasted thoughts. It is unusual but no unheard of." Erureido explained "And I guess I owe most of my thanks to you!" he said in pokéspeak to Guma. "After all it was your belt and your maneuver that did it."
"Uh, you're welcome?" Guma said scratching his ear "I didn't know what would happen. I knew Mech had an idea but this was unexpected to say the least."
"Hey we can talk later, let's just get to Hearthome and tomorrow we can look up the address on the belt." Bob reminded them.
"Oh right. Let's get on then. Erureido you ready?"
"Shouldn't you, you know catch me first?" He asked this time forgetting to say it telepathically. He realized this and repeated himself.
"If you want, and no need to repeat yourself I heard the first time." He didn't bother looking for the surprise "Long story, I'll tell you about it on the way."
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