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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 14 Some Training

"Take this, Fire Fang!" Shouted Hitokage charging Erureido. The gang was doing a practice 2 on 2 match, San and Erureido vs. Hitokage and Subomi. Guma had wondered off with no real excuse but said he would be back soon. Mech was watching the match unfold, giving no input at all.
"Hey San, Mega drain!" Subomi called readying an attack. Thinking quickly, Erureido picked up San.
"Double Team!" he called splitting himself into a dozen images, including San who couldn't use the move herself but was still affected by it. The attacks missed, passing through separate clones. "Slash!" he declared taking a swipe at Subomi who dodged out of the way at the last second while Hitokage spat embers at Erureido.
"Erureido, put me down then jump!" San whispered to him. He did so and as he leaped into the air she cried "Earthquake!" The tremors tore through the ground knocking everyone except Erureido over and throwing the entire match into disarray. Eventually it got sorted out but they were all to tired to keep it up so they decided to take a nap while Erureido who wasn't tired to coach Mech in psychic powers. The two sat cross legged opposite each other in the clearing they had been training in.
"I'm not sure how much you can do, so let's start with basics. We know you can receive telepathic thoughts easily like a radio, that can also mean you're empathic." He stated.
"I know what you mean, I've had few instances where I've felt emotions, but I passed it of as intuition and obvious." Mech said thinking back.
"Well there is a distinction. Though to a complete novice it is one of the easiest telepathic skills."
"Okay, what do I do?"
"Try reading my emotion. I won't show anything." He said, showing only a blank expression. Mech closed his eyes and tried to focus. After a while, nothing happened so he tried reaching out with his mind, but all he got was a headache. So, completely lost, he tried poking around his mind to see if there was anything there. Mentally he was searching around when he seemed like his brain hit a brick wall. All thought was jarred to a stop. So he backed up and went at the wall again. This caused another mental black out. Determined now, he went at the wall repeatedly with the same result. Eventually he got very annoyed and it got worse and worse. Realizing the source of the failures, he calmed down and tried again. This time something happened and the wall seemingly collapsed. It felt like he had been trapped in a small cardboard box all his life and had just now found the way out, finding a completely new world outside where only thoughts could be seen and that was enough. He focused himself on his surroundings this time. The world appeared around him, but instead of seeing normally, most of things were missing, instead small points of light which he took to be mental activity! All around him was life he hadn't seen, but could sense. The trees and grass was gone, but everywhere insects scurried with simple thoughts floating around. Gradually he got the hang of focusing on one or two entities and remembering his assignment, focused on the very large entity in front of him. Erureido's thought ball was surrounded by an aura of psychic energy. Mental Mech poked at it trying to figure out how he was supposed to figure out the emotion, but it was difficult with all the thoughts bombarding him from the insects all too happy to project thoughts. Finally he gave up, and returned to his own mind, letting the energy from behind the wall slip away, very tired. The steam of thoughts disappeared and he opened his eyes, blinking to adjust to the sun.
"So? Did you figure out anything?" he asked.
"Well I found something, but I still have no idea how to figure out an emotion in all that white noise." Mech said glumly.
"I noticed something poking at my mind. I guess that was you. Then you've learned the basics of telepathy. Just getting that far in one day is impressive, but learning how to block bits out is a lot more challenging. We could try something else if you want?"
"Sure. I don't know how that can aid me at all; it's too slow for me."
"It'll come faster the more you use it. Let's try telekinesis, another simple skill. It's easy to learn, but like lifting weights, you need to work up to heavier objects. Try lifting..." he said looking around "this twig. Just focus on the twig and wanting it to move." He instructed. Mech did this, but nothing happened. So he went back to the wall to see if that would help. Surprisingly, it fell easily and the energy he had felt last time flowed out. This time, he held the energy while focusing on the twig. It still refused to budge, so he tried focusing the energy on the twig. Suddenly a multi colored halo formed around the twig. He focused on the twig moving and it did as he willed it to. Soon the twig was zooming around the clearing. Mech was so happy about finally getting something he lost his focus and the twig ended up running into his face. Erureido started laughing at this and Mech joined in.
"Okay looks like you have the hang of that, now how about something heavier, like that rock." He instructed pointing to a small rock. Mech tried to lift this one the same way, but found it much harder. More energy had to be focused on it to get the aura going and once it did, it took much more focus to get it to move. After moving it around a bit, Mech set it down again. "Looks like you have that, now let's try something much heavier; San." Erureido said.
"Huh?" San said waking up at the sound of her name.
"Oh we're just going to try to make you float a few feet, that's all." Erureido replied. She seemed very uneasy about this.
"Well that emotion's coming in clearly" Mech said to Erureido. "How come it's so much easier?"
"It could be any number of things, like stronger emotions or you're more familiar with the person. We've only just meet while you've known San much longer so it may be that. Anyway, try lifting her." He prompted.
"Don't worry San, you shouldn't feel a thing" Mech said drawing out the energy again. This time it took almost all the energy he had but finally the corona of energy appeared and he tried moving it. This he found nearly impossible. He was already straining to keep the aura up without trying to move her so after lifting her about an inch of the ground, the energy gave out and she fell down. "Sorry about that" he said rushing over "guess I need more practice huh?" He added picking her up.
"Yeah, a little." San joked.
"Actually that was pretty good for a novice. No offence" Erureido commented getting up "Sure compared to mine," he started. With in a second his eyes were glowing and a boulder conveniently placed near the clearing was mentally juggled in the air like a ball of paper. "You have far to go, but for a human who shouldn't have these powers and just started using them, its not bad, in fact I didn't expect you to come close to lifting San." He encouraged.
"Well thanks for the lesson. I certainly have a lot to learn." Mech said putting San down and walking back over.
"There is just one more power I should go over, Levitation. All I can say is don't try it. You're not strong enough to do it for long, but just in case, its just telekinesis on your self. It's very advanced and even I have trouble with it. I'm just throwing it out there for emergencies. Also be careful to not use up all your psychic energy at one time. It won't kill you and it comes back, but it takes a while to recharge and it never gets faster." He warned.

Having done enough, the group went to leave, though Guma had not returned. Suddenly a swarm of Magneton swarmed the area. Only Mech and Erureido had the sense to run just as the Magneton zapped the group. They were very powerful and the attack took out Subomi and Hitokage. San was fine because of her ground type, but suddenly a voice shouted "Lanturn, use hydro pump!" The torrent of water tore through the forest right into San, then a second blast at Erureido. San didn't stand a chance with the double weakness and the power of the attack. Erureido tried to get up when an Electabuzz came out of nowhere and froze him with an ice punch. Mech swore loudly when he remembered all his pokéballs were back at the center. The Magneton swarm had vanished but four Magnemite came out of nowhere and pinned Mech to a tree. Finally a man in camo gear stepped out from behind another tree smirking.
"So you're the kid I've been sent to find. What a disappointment." He said looking at Mech "I was expecting more of a challenge but that was too easy. Well I have a job to do so it's time for you come along." He started to order his pokémon when Mech used telekinesis to throw a rock at him. He dodged it easily and smirked "Heh, got a little fight left? My boss told me you might be doing things like that but you're not strong enough to beat me. Magnemite zap him so we can leave." The Magnemite obliged electrocuting Mech. It didn't knock him out but he faked being knocked out so he could think of a way out. "Great. We can leave the others, just bring him along." He ordered. The Magnemite followed him carrying Mech.
"Great, now what?" Mech thought "Telekinesis is out, and thunder punch won't work either." He tried to come up with something while through the forest a large building loomed in the distance. As they got closer Mech became more and more worried. His pokémon were still out, his telepathy could tell him that much, and Guma was no where to be found. Finally they reached the entrance to the building, a large windowless structure that screamed 'evil lair'. The door opened and a man dressed like a ninja walked out.
"So you got the kid, Lt Surge?" he asked.
"Sure did Koga." The camo guy said.
"Great, we should call the boss right away." Koga said. Mech knew he had to do something now and a sudden idea came to him. He looked up smirking. Koga noticed this. "I thought he was unconscious." He stated.
"He was. Magnemite shock him again!" Lt Surge ordered. They prepared another attack but it was cut short.
"Protect!" Mech shouted focusing on what the attack looked like and hoping it would work. Suddenly the green shield formed around him, surprising all those present including Mech. The Magnemite were so surprised, they dropped him painfully to the ground. He immediately got back up to see them charging at him. "If that worked, I wonder what else I can do." He wondered "How about Flamethrower!" He shouted, mimicking Hitokage as best he could. He almost stopped in shock when flames came billowing out of his mouth. The attack sent the Magnemite fleeing straight into the building where then fell in a heap. "Well this certainly is a day for new discoveries." He said mostly to himself.
"The boss didn't mention this!" Lt Surge said backing up
"We can't let him escape, the boss will kill us!" Koga snarled grabbing Lt Surge by the collar while pulling out a sword. "We have to fight him!" he shouted charging Mech who was starting to feel exhausted from the attacks and readied himself as the ninja rushed him.
"How about..." Mech thought quickly "Thunder Wave?" he said trying to picture the move. Sure enough the wave of electricity flew out and hit the two thugs. Koga was physically stunned by it and fell to the ground while Lt Surge was unaffected.
"You can't use electricity against me; I'm an electric type trainer so I'm completely insolated." Lt Surge taunted.
"Fine, how about, earthquake?" Mech shouted. He wasn't familiar with the move very much having seen it once, but stomped down with all his strength which worked as the ground began violently shaking. They both fell over but the Mech was in the epicenter and managed to catch himself while Lt Surge was knocked out by the fall. Mech finally got up, exhausted from the fight and went to find his way back when he noticed Koga's sword on the ground. "I could use a new weapon after my last one was snapped in half" he thought picking up the sword he identified as a katana, and then took the sheath and sword belt off Koga. "Consider that payback for all this." He said to Koga who was awake but unable to move. Not sure when the stun would wear off, Mech hurried away back to the group. A voice came from behind him before he left.
"You haven't heard the last of The Command Triad!" Koga threatened, trying to move.
"Nor have you heard the last of me." Mech replied walking off.
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