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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 15 Hooray for overpowered totally one sided battles!

Mech, San, Subomi, Hitokage, and Erureido (man that's getting long) returned to training after the Command Triad thing, though further away from the last spot. Mech, not wanting to worry San anymore said it only took a few punches and he snagged the sword and used it to hold them off. They accepted this and continued buffing levels. By the end of the week Hitokage and San were very close to evolving and in her opinion it couldn't happen soon enough. Guma returned at the end of the week looking very ragged muttering something about all the females going into heat at this time, went into his pokéball and refused to come out for the next couple days.
Things had gotten boring so they decided to move on to Veilstone city and the next gym. Taking the shortest route through Solaceon town they marched, San still aggravated in her ball. Guma had decided to walk and looked rather nervous when Subomi walked over.
"Hey Guma, I have a question" he asked.
"Please no!" Guma thought "What?" he replied out loud rather sharply.
"See, since everyone here's close to evolving I remembered the only way I can evolve again is with a shiny stone and since there's one on your belt that never stops working, I was wondering if I could use it." Subomi said
"Phew dodged a bullet there." Guma muttered.
"Huh?" Subomi asked
"I said, sure why not." Guma replied pulling off the belt
"Thanks a lot. Mech wait up a moment." Subomi called out while Guma handed him the belt. "Well here goes nothing!" he declared touching the stone as he found it. The familiar light appeared and when it faded Subomi looked quite happy, handing the belt back, the stone still as bright as ever. Subomi looked like a normal Roserade except his Monferno hands he inherited from his grandfather stayed with him. "Awesome! He cheered.
After that break they continued traveling easily defeating everything in the way. The next town was only a couple miles away and before midday they had made it. Not wanting to stop they agreed to go on, but before they could leave Hitokage noticed a small house with a giant backyard filled with pokémon so they walked over to see what it was all about. As they walked Mech found it odd no one noticed the sword on his belt or seemed to care he was carrying a dangerous weapon.
"Oh hello there" greeted the old man randomly standing outside for no obvious reason. "Quite the group of pokémon you have there eh."
"Uh thanks? So what's with the huge backyard?" Mech asked
"You're new in town then. Well this is the famous Sinnoh breeding center. Trainers leave their pokémon here and we take care of them while their gone. Sometimes we end up finding pokémon eggs and sometimes trainers don't want them so we give them to trainers who do want them. Take the gentleman who came by a week ago; he took one and an odd egg, not one I've seen before. So are you interested in leaving a pokémon here?" the old man asked. Mech looked at his team, no one looked very interested.
"No I don't think so."
"Okay then, perhaps you wouldn't mind taking an egg. My wife and I are busy enough with the pokémon already here and we can't handle many more so as I said we hand out eggs to trainers who can take care of them. I can see from your team you treat your pokémon well, and I just happen to have an egg here if you want."
"I'm not sure, where would we keep the egg? Besides it's not like I need another team member and I prefer not to leave it to chance." Mech said.
"I can carry it!" Hitokage exclaimed "Hey if I'm going to be a good leader, I should know how to raise young ones right? Please, the least we can do is hatch the egg and release it if it doesn't fit in." he begged which is very odd coming from a large fire breathing lizard.
"Alright, but the egg is your responsibility." Mech said before turning to the old man who seemed unfazed. "Okay, I guess we can take it."
"Excellent, here you are." He said handing the egg over to Mech who passed it over to Hitokage. "Remember to keep it warm but not too warm." He warned. After a moment he walked back inside.
"Okay, that was weird." Subomi commented.

In an effort to keep the story going, they pressed onwards taking out all the challengers who they severely overpowered to the point their weakest ineffective moves were usually one hit K.O.'s. Following a battle with maybe the 20th trainer who apparently didn't notice how easily our heroes took out all his friends, San had defeated his last Luxio began evolving with the glow we may only have to put up with once more. As it faded she began cheering, jumping up and down just because she could. She looked simply like a larger, spikier version of her original form
"Yay I finally did it!" she exclaimed running over to Mech and hugging him. "I couldn't have done it without you to cart me around, how can I ever thank you?"
"By letting me breathe?" Mech suggested almost anticipating the crack of ribs breaking.
"Sorry." She said letting go, blushing slightly. "I'm just so happy, I'm not stuck in that awful cocoon anymore, I'm taller then all of you and it's just so cool!" she declared. She was the tallest only slightly taller then Mech and Erureido. Mech checked the pokédex and discovered her type had changed from rock/ground to rock/dark, a very odd combination. "I always dreamed of becoming a Tyranitar, this is just too amazing!"
"Calm down, we've all evolved before" Subomi reminded her.
"Yes but none of you were stuck in a cocoon for more then two weeks. Remember how you felt when you evolved for the first time?" She reminded glaring at him "This is so far the best day of my life!"
"Well the irony to that is the day is almost over now." Mech commented pulling out the pokédex and pressing a few buttons "According to this it's raining up ahead so we might as well camp here while it's dry."
"Sigh, I guess I can wait till tomorrow to finally dominate some matches." San sighed. "I guess I can go grab some firewood." She said stomping off, the disappointment very noticeable even without being empathic.
"What else is there?" Guma asked.
"Find a good spot off the road to camp, make a fire pit then wait for San to get back." Mech said briefly. They found a small clearing just of the path and had just finished setting up camp when San returned with quite the sizeable amount of firewood.
"I think you got enough." Hitokage commented curling around the egg, using his tail flame to keep it warm. Subomi was already asleep. Being a plant, the lack of sun meant energy was limited so he tended to sleep longer. Guma was asleep on the edge of the clearing while Erureido was spread eagled near a tree snoring audibly. San and Mech piled the fire in the pit and San turned to have Hitokage light it but he had fallen asleep.
"Great, now how do we light it?" San groaned "I guess we could use his tail flame to-"
"No need." Mech said focusing "Ember!" he called spitting a few into the mass of twigs that started burning.
"That's new. And I thought we agreed on using those powers conservatively." San glared.
"Yeah, I had to use something against those thugs earlier so I just figured this might work. I don't think its self destructive but even if it is I don't plan to abuse this power."
"You promised not to use them unless there was an emergency." She grumbled.
"I only said I wouldn't overdo it and I haven't." Mech reminded "I'm sure everything will be just fine." He said rubbing her back, a difficult task it being covered in spikes. "I'm sure a convenient plot devise will show up soon to answer all our questions."
"A what?"
"Remember way back after we meet in Eterna I said that and Oak showed up?"
"Oh so that's what you mean." She said half looking around. "It didn't work this time."
"I'm sure it will, its just late is all. I'm sure something will happen soon, but don't worry. It'll happen soon enough but it might if we wait for it. It's like watching the toaster for the toast to pop out."
"And a toaster is..."
"Ugh. Why do I bother with my amazing wit, only Bob would get half of my jokes and he probably wouldn't laugh at all?"
"Amazing wit?" San chuckled "Your jokes haven't been very funny so far."
"Is it my fault they're too inside jokey in this world?"
"Yes. Now quit whining about your unfunny jokes we should be getting to sleep." San ordered. Mech agreed and the pair backed away from the now blazing fire. Mech pulled out his sleeping bag, making sure to keep the katana close at hand and was so deeply asleep right away he didn't notice San nudging him in her sleep.

Guessing everyone was asleep; Guma opened his eyes slightly to make sure. Everyone was sleeping soundly so he got up silently and padded off searching the nearby forest. Finally he found what he was looking for; a bush with some odd berries on it.
"This should help keep my secret." He said to himself, eating a few "I've managed to avoid detection so far, but it will only work so long. I just hope it's long enough."
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