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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Chapter 24 The naming ceremony

"So you're heading west with me anyway?" Bob asked the next morning as they walked through the town toward the gate.
"Yeah, but we need to stop on a mountain first. You don't have anything against Charizard do you?"
"No. And who is that?" Bob asked, referring to a girl calling after them. They had never seen her before.
"Oh that must be Ganty." Subomi realized, noticing Plusun running along side.
"Ganty?" Mech asked.
"Yeah, I met her Plusun yesterday. I guess she mentioned me and Guma to her trainer. All I know is she collects odd pokémon like Plusun."
"Interesting." Mech commented. Ganty herself was interesting, with long jet black hair, and the most notable feature a small star birthmark under her left eye. If she had been in a port city she could have been mistaken for a pirate with her outfit, and to complete the outfit, a scimitar hung from her belt.
"Hey there, you must be the trainer Plusun told me about!" She called.
"I take it she's like me and Gardie." Mech commented to Subomi.
"No, she's from Viridian forest its not that uncommon there from what I hear." Subomi explained.
"So no real interesting back story then." Mech commented then addressed Ganty. "Yes, hello, Subomi here decided to not tell me about you until you showed up. I'm Mechsrule, but call me Mech and this is Bob Shmit." Mech introduced "Then we have San, Subomi, Guma, Hitokage, Erureido and Ruto are mine, Bob has Naetoru, Kan, Shio, Mukkuru, and Nabooru."
"Hello, you know I'm Ganty then. This is Plusun, then I have Kyukon, Buoysel, and Farore." Ganty announced releasing a winged Vulpix, three tailed Buizel, and another different looking Gallade. "I assume you heard I collect unusual pokémon."
"Hey another Gallade. The first one I've met!" Erureido said. "But you don't seem that different."
"Thanks but its not so much how I look that's different." Farore replied.
"Then what...No." Erureido said shocked. "You're a girl! Now that was unexpected."
"Yeah the result of a haywire Team Rocket experiment. At the time they were trying to put together an army and were breeding the best pokémon for the job. Obviously they wanted Gallade for it but a lot of the Ralts were female so they invented a device to force us to evolve into Gallade despite the gender barrier. I was the test subject but before they did this to anyone else, the police arrived. After that I wandered around and eventually met Ganty and so here I am." Farore explained.
"Interesting. I came from a trainer who first forced me to fight before I could, then wanted me to evolve into a Gardevoir which I didn't want. Mech and Guma helped me evolve anyway and when I refused to fight my trainer abandoned me so I joined Mech. I was the fifth member to the team." Erureido replied.
"That's awful. A trainer should never abandon a pokémon unless they have to." Meanwhile the others were still talking and Bob was getting more and more annoyed. Finally he snapped.
"You know what? I'm going to head for the gate and when you feel like it I'll meet you there. I hate being out of half of the conversation half the time!" Bob shouted storming off.
"What's his problem?" Ganty asked.
"Well we understand pokémon and he doesn't and I think it bugs him." Mech explained.
"Still interesting pokémon you have." Ganty commented, petting Guma who if it weren't for the fur would have been blushing slightly.
"I could say the same for you. So are you beating all the gyms too?"
"No, I don't really battle much and only when necessary."
"Well we have to go off to Canalave city for the next gym and on the way we're meeting a Charizard tribe."
"I'd love to come to learn about your funny Linoone and Roserade but I assume your flying there and I'm short one flying pokémon." Ganty said sadly.
"What about Kyukon?"
"Are you crazy? I can't carry her!" Kyukon said indignantly.
"True not as a Vulpix you can't but with a fire stone that won't be a problem." Guma replied pointing to the red stone on his belt.
"That is a most unusual belt." Ganty noticed.
"Yes it's the only thing I have left of my mother. It's made with eternal evolution stones." Guma explained.
"Eternal evolution stones? Those are really valuable. That one belt might be worth more then this whole city." Ganty said surprised.
"So I touch this and I become a Ninetales?" Kyukon asked eyeing the red stone.
"You should." Ganty answered so Kyukon walked over to Guma. "But only if it's what you want. You don't have to evolve just to fly me over some mountains I can just walk over."
"I want to get bigger. My wings are too small to carry my own weight with now but that may hopefully change." Kyukon replied, touching the stone with her nose. A minute and a flash of light later, a Ninetales stood in her place. Much the same as a normal Ninetales but with two large elegant wings sprouting out from her sides, the same color as her fur. Experimentally, she flapped them a few times before taking off into the air and doing a few loops before landing. "Yeah, this is awesome." She smiled.
"What are we waiting for; let's go see your dad." Mech said to Hitokage.
"Right. And his names Darmani. I know it hasn't come up before and I figured it would be good to know." Hitokage said seemingly lost in thought. A short while later they were starting out on the flight over Mt. Coronet. All pokémon had grudgingly been returned to pokéballs except of course Hitokage, Kyukon, and Mukkuru. Ruto was still strapped to Hitokage's satchel though.
"Everyone ready?" Mech asked as he pulled on an aviator's hat he had picked up, snapping the goggles in place so he could see in the wind. "And sorry Hitokage but they don't make goggles for Charizard yet."
"I'm ready." Bob answered climbing onto Mukkuru's back.
"Almost." Ganty replied laying flat on Kyukon's back, holding her mount's neck so as not to fall off.
"Would you mind not holding to tightly? I need to breathe." Kyukon reminded her. Ganty reluctantly shifted her grip.
"All ready then." Mech announced, himself climbing onto Hitokage's back, gripping his shoulders. He could have levitated himself over but the recent battles had drained most of what he had and he was certain people would notice a flying kid. A westerly wind kicked up and in a flash the six were up, soaring with the wind. The experience was exhilarating even for the passengers. For a while no one spoke, the wind blew away any sound anyway. Before long they had crested Mt. Coronet and veered off towards Oreburgh gate. As they neared, they flew closer together.
"Is that it?" Ganty shouted over the roar of the wind, pointing at the mountain just ahead. Near the summit a large glowing cave was easily noticeable.
"Yeah. Watch out though they may take us to be hostile!" Mech shouted back. "We should land further down then climb up." He advised. They did, landing just beyond the tree line returned everyone but Hitokage and they began climbing. Presently a Charizard flew down to investigate.
"What are humans doing in our territory?" He demanded.
"Hey it's you the Charizard from last time! The one I met climbing up here the first time!" Mech greeted recognizing the scout.
"Oh its you the former alpha with little Hitokage!" the scout remarked. "Still little even as a Charizard I see." He taunted.
"Shut it." Hitokage snarled. "Now we're going to see my father."
"And the other two humans?"
"They're with me." Mech answered.

They climbed the remaining distance, and Hitokage did not talk to the scout, obviously they had not gotten along earlier. Eventually they reached the cave, surprising many of those inside. Hearing the commotion, Darmani walked out.
"Ah if it isn't Mech the former alpha of the clan!" Greeted Darmani. Ganty looked confused at Mech.
"Long story, I'll explain later." He said preventing any questions. "Good to see you Darmani. You seem better then when I saw you last."
"Yeah, I'm feeling fine for my age. And Hitokage, you finally grew up." He said noticing his son.
"Hello father." Hitokage said, not sounding too happy. "Yes I'm back and ready for the naming ceremony."
"Good, good. And what is this strapped to your chest, a pokéball?" Darmani asked naturally curious to why a pokémon was carrying a pokémon like a trainer.
"This is Ruto. I've been raising her for the past week since she hatched." Hitokage explained holder her up but making sure to hold her tightly.
"Ah. What kind of pokémon is she?" Darmani asked.
"A Lapras." Hitokage said bluntly.
"Oh, a water type." Darmani said sounding funny.
"Yes I am raising a water and ice type!" Hitokage shouted making sure everyone heard. "And if anyone has a problem with that speak up!" No one did speak so he placed Ruto back on his satchel strap.
"So, shall we prepare for the ceremony then?" Darmani asked rhetorically. "Alright we have a naming ceremony for my son to prepare for so hop to it!" He ordered. The Charizard and Charmeleon began bustling around. "Now son, we have your future to talk about, come along." He said. "I'm afraid I'll have to ask you three to stay out here." He said addressing Mech and company so they sat down and waited. Before they entered, Hitokage handed Mech Ruto and asked him to watch her.

"Well son it's been a while since I've seen you and you've changed a lot. It's good to see you caring so much for an infant but surely you could have done better then raising a water type." Darmani said sitting.
"We simply found an egg and I promised to take care of it and what ever hatched from it no matter what hatched. Sure I was hoping for a fire type but I'm not shallow enough to let that get in my way."
"With an attitude like that you'll make a fine alpha."
"Eventually I guess."
"No, soon. Once you take a real name I plan to retire my position and have you take my place. You have already gotten strong under Mech's guidance but it's time to return and take care of the tribe. I am getting old and it's only a matter of time before one of the younger ones challenges my leadership and will take control from our family and after so many generations I refuse to let that happen."
"Father you originally put me in Mech's care against my will. After being with him and the rest so long I've realized I don't want to come back here to stay."
"I am your father and alpha. You will take over for me. End of discussion." Darmani said firmly. "Now that's all I wanted to tell you about. Do not mention this to anyone not even your friends; I shall announce it at the ceremony. You are dismissed."
Hitokage left the cave deeply troubled. Sure this was his home but all they ever did was make fun of him here and torment him. With Mech he actually had friends and he wasn't about to leave Ruto behind. He wanted to go but knew he had to stay. Trying to clear his mind, he took Ruto's pokéball back from Mech and trudged off towards the nearby lake.

"Yay open water again!" Ruto cheered, swimming around in the water happily. Hitokage wanted to join her but knew it would only make parting harder so he sulked on the shore. Ruto splashed him a few times, trying to get him to join her.
"Knock it off Ruto." Hitokage said sharply. Head hung she swam off. For a while Hitokage sat there trying to think how they would react when they found out he was staying behind. "No", he decided, "no I will not be held back by my father and lose the only friends I ever had" he thought to himself.

"Now are we all prepared for the ceremony?" Darmani asked the assembled Pokémon and humans. It was getting dark now. A few nodded. "Good." Mech, Bob and Ganty were very nervous and excited, witnessing something no human had ever seen. Darmani spoke again. "I know we all know how this goes but we have some honored guests among us and I should fill them in. Hitokage must fly to the sacred cave, and bring back proof he made it to the subterranean lake in the heart of the mountain. The proof is usually one of the fish that live in the lake, and you can't fake it because the fish are pure white and found only there. Now then, Hitokage, are you ready to complete this task?"
"I am." Hitokage said rising to his feet and spreading his wings.
"Then we wish you luck in your task."
"I will do it or die trying." Hitokage replied, flying off.
"And now we wait for his return." Darmani stated for Mech and Ganty's sake. Bob had long since settled on a glazed over look.

Hitokage soared easily over to the mountain, it being relatively and conveniently close to home. Expertly he landed despite his inexperience and proceeded into the cave. He had never been in the cave himself, only adults entered and only once in their lives. The cave was seemed ordinary but what was special about it lay at the end. As he walked he became very grateful of the light given off by his tail flame. Slowly the cave descended, sloping downwards into the very heart of the mountain. After what seemed like hours he saw something shimmering in the glow of his tail. In front of him, the underground lake lay, pale fish glinting through the crystal clear water looking like ghosts. For a while he sat on the edge trying to figure out how he could catch one of the fish, and wishing he had better light. Looking around he spotted an ancient torch on the wall. He lit it and was astonished to see it was part of a chain of torches that all lit up, basking the lake in light.
Hitokage took a fresh look at the lake, and judging by the look of the torches they were centuries old but no one had used them until this point. Figuring he might as well get it over with, he took aim and dove into the water. The water was like ice having never seen the light of day and made him shiver despite his high body heat. Not wanting to stay long, he submerged himself, searching for a glimmer of white. He spotted one and swiped at it but the fish swam out of reach. After a few more dives, he finally snared one of the fish. As he turned to leave, while still submerged, he spotted a hint of red in the water. He swam over and saw a grimy medallion hanging on a rock in the water, in the center of the lake. Curious he grabbed the medallion and swam to the surface. The torches were fading but in the remaining light he cleaned it off saw the medallion was just a simple red disk with a raised flame design and to his surprise the string was still intact, despite spending years submerged, the grime the only hint to its age. Turning it over, he washed what was left of the dirt and grime and reasoning whoever put it there was long gone, he put the medallion on. Clutching the fish, he left the lake, the last of the torches fizzled out behind him.

Hitokage flew quickly back; excited he had completed the task. He landed in the middle of the crowd and held up the fish to applause and roars.
"Well done my son." Darmani praised, smiling. "As the custom you receive a true name. From now on you shall be known as Darunia. And now we feast in honor of our newest Charizard." He said summoning Charmeleon with food. This was apparently part of the ceremony and having not eaten for a while they dug in. Mech, Bob and Ganty had released their pokémon to join in, much to the joy of Bob's especially.
"Hey you should try this, it's really good!" Bob suggested pointing to some Venison.
"That's Stantler meat." Ganty hissed, stabbing at a salad she had pulled out of her bag. "You try eating a hamburger after talking with a Miltank."
"Yeah, and Myuu nagging at the back of my mind kind of turned be off meat in general, at least that of pokémon." Mech whispered to him. This was true to a point. She had expressed a lot of disgust over it. Though he didn't mind as much, he had to agree with Ganty, it did seem awkward. He was starting to relax when his empathic ability told him someone wanted to chat. "Yes?" He sent.
"Mech? Good I was hoping you'd sense this." Hitokage or should we say Darunia sent. "Look, I can't explain now, but my father is going to speak soon. When he does return everyone and be prepared to fly. Pass this along to Bob and Ganty. You'll see why when it happens. Just be ready but don't look suspicious." Darunia sent, not looking in Mech's direction. Mech relayed the message as asked and just finished when Darmani stood and cleared his throat. Taking the cue, and to much protest Mech automatically returned all his pokémon. Bob and Ganty followed suit, leaving out their mounts.
"Fellows, as you know I have been alpha for a great many years." Darmani said addressing the crowd. "However it is time to pass on the mantle onto the next generation. That is why today I am relinquishing my position to my son." He announced. Darunia stood up.
"While I am honored you would choose me to succeed you, I must decline." Darunia said defiantly.
"Yes but, wait you decline?" Darmani said taken aback.
"Yes I can and will not take your place." Darunia said calmly.
"You cannot refuse this!" Darmani shouted.
"Watch me." Darunia said turning to leave.
"You would forsake your own family?" Darmani shouted.
"I don't consider anyone here family. No one here has treated me with respect. Not even as much respect as a Charmander. Why? Because I was different. Sure I was weak and a bit of a coward but I was braver then all of you, I shed my fear of water years ago and was mocked for it. Then you sent me away with a stranger and truthfully that was the best thing you could have done. Sure I got stronger but I always sort of knew if I returned here all I would face would be harassment and ridicule. Even more now with the way I look most likely. When I traveled with Mech I realized that I was actually happy. They didn't make fun of me, or shun me even when I acted like a spoiled brat. Also I've seen how others see us. They fear fire types because we are generally aggressive and bully others, but I'm not like that and I refuse to be a part of a group that does that. So I refuse to stay here and lead a clan that does not respect me. I will go with my real friends. Plus Mech has a mission to complete and we both know he'd be lost without me."
"We may share blood but we are not family. Mech and San, Erureido, Guma, even Subomi and especially Ruto, they are my family." Darunia replied.
"Your tribe needs you to lead them!" Darmani shouted.
"Let them find someone else. I'm not interested. Come on Mech, I'm ready to leave." Darunia said remaining calm. Mech nodded and climbed onto his back. Bob and Ganty followed suit and before the Charizard could follow, they were off, flying towards Jubilife and the next chapter in their adventure.
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