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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 26 Two lanterns in the tower

(If you live in Boston and don't get this, epic fail)

"So, how's it looking?" Bob asked. The group was standing on the shore facing Canalave City. During the night it had stopped raining just after Mech had finished sending off a message to Oak about what they had seen two days ago. Currently they were seeing what would be the best way to cross the small sea. Darunia was circling overhead to get a feel for the air. He seemed to be having trouble staying steady, though it was hard to see, there was a light fog from the storm. After a few minutes he landed.
"We can't fly there." He said briefly before elaborating. "There's a really strong crosswind; we could be blown off course. Though the sea looks fairly calm so we might be able to surf there."
"Okay. So we're surfing there. Who can swim?" Mech asked. It ended up with Kan, San, Guma, Ruto, Darunia, and Buoysel being the swimmers. After a few grumbles of being put away, the group set out across the sea. Bob sat on Kan who had recently evolved, along side Ganty, Buoysel being too small. Mech felt awkward lying on San's back but she repeatedly said she didn't mind. Darunia, Ruto, Buoysel, and Guma swam together in the lead watching out for any obstacles. The sea was fairly calm, but it wasn't long before they were all soaked and wishing the trip was over.
"What are you doing?" Buoysel asked Guma has he surfaced. Since they had begun he had been diving underwater occasionally.
"Hmm?" He mumbled before shaking the water from his eyes. "Oh, I'm searching for any treasures on the bottom. I used to be a thief, it's what I do."
"Oh." Buoysel replied rolling her eyes as Guma dived again. Below he scanned for a glimmer of anything. It seemed his genetic tampering had given him better vision underwater and this was coming in handy in his search. So far his search had been fruitless but he had no reason to give up hope, trainers were forever losing items overboard when traveling over sea, or tossing half used potions and what not. A faint shine caught his eye and he smiled before surfacing again.
"Found something!" He announced then dived back down to retrieve it. His belt was very helpful in weighing him down. He swam towards what he had spotted earlier but when he got there he found it wasn't a gem or item, but a reflective rock placed oddly outside a small cave. Shrugging he continued into the cave cautiously, not sure what might be lurking in there. He swam quickly, knowing he had very limited air, but after a minute in the cave he emerged in a small air pocket in a small cavern. Greedily breathing in the air, he looked around. Someone or something had to have cared about this cave by the way the rock was outside. He squinted in the low light and saw the cave continued on land so he went on in the darkness.
He turned a corner and was nearly blinded! Up ahead was a chamber glowing with light! He ran into it confused. Once there he noticed the walls were covered in some sort of fungus that emitted a faint glow, but there was so many that when looking at it from a distance, it seems almost like daylight albeit with a greenish tinge. Guma's eyes widened when he saw what lay in the room. Mountains of odd treasures sat stacked everywhere! This stuff was worth a fortune and it was just lying here! In the center stood a podium, a necklace of some sort hanging off one edge. He wanted to grab it right away, but something told Guma it may be booby trapped so he decided to get some of the other treasures first then snag it.
Walking around he examined the treasures, max revives, mysterious colored plates, a potato shaped flute, and a few rusty swords among other things. Picking what would be easiest to carry, he grabbed a small water droplet shaped amulet, a few evolution stones, which he stuffed into his belt, along with a few revives, he even grabbed a bit of the fungus to light his way, and a couple other necklaces. He had to stop himself, knowing he had to carry this weight out so he decided to grab the necklace in the center and leave.
He readied him self and ran at the podium, jumping into the air and snagging the necklace string with his teeth and did a spectacular rolling landing before running for it. When he removed the necklace, the cave began collapsing behind him. He ran full out, dodging falling rocks, Indiana Jones style and when he reached the first chamber he didn't even pause jumping in the water and taking off. He was grateful for the light given off from the fungus as he swam through the pitch black water toward the entrance. He got there, snaked his way through a hole in the almost blocked entrance and made for the surface coughing.
"Guma, where have you been?" Mech asked.
"Huh? Where's Buoysel?" Guma said confused.
"She's up ahead." Mech replied.
"Oh well, I was searching out some treasures. Here I found this stuff in a cave below," Guma said handing over most of what he collected, saving the water drop necklace and the podium necklace. "I'd better catch up!" He said swimming off.
"Well, you were gone a while." Darunia observed.
"We thought you had drownded." Ruto chimed in.
"I found a whole cave of treasures down there and even snagged some stuff for you guys." Guma declared. "Sorry big guy, couldn't find any fire stuff in there, it was a cave for water types after all." Guma apologized to Darunia. "But for Ruto I found this necklace thing, nearly got killed for it too." He said putting the necklace on her. In the daylight he saw it was a blue medallion, a simplistic pattern of six identical ovals pointing inward.
"Thank you, now I'm like Dary!" Ruto cheered.
"Wait, he has one too?" Guma said confused.
"Yeah, I found this one in that cave at the bottom of the underground lake." He explained holding up the flame medallion.
"I guess its just coincidence." Guma shrugged before swimming off to rejoin Buoysel.
"So you found some things?" Buoysel asked.
"Yup, I even found this amulet for you!" He said blushing. He showed her the water drop amulet.
"Aw. Thanks." Buoysel blushed.
"You're welcome." Guma replied, blushing again, this time from a peck from Buoysel on the cheek.
"Look, it's Canalave City!" Buoysel shouted, pointing at the city appearing over the horizon.

"Well, we're almost there!" Guma declared, in English, he had swam back to inform the rest.
"Finally. I'll be glad to get onto dry land." Bob grunted. Minutes later, they walked into Canalave city.
"Well thanks for letting me share Kan." Ganty said.
"Er your welcome?" Bob replied. "So, I'm going to fight the gym., you two can go find something to do."
"Fine, I'm going to visit the library, they have a very interesting collection of history books there." Ganty said.
"I'll find something to do." Mech sighed. "Guy's you're free too." Mech added, releasing his pokémon.
"So, we'll all meet back at the center tonight then?" Ganty asked to which they agreed.

"So, what should we do?" Mech asked San. They had gone off together the rest wandering around.
"Not sure. Hey, what's that?" San said, pointing to a small card on the ground.
"It's some kind of reservation for an inn here in town." Mech said picking up the card and reading it. "We should return this."
"This is too weird. Look, this thing looks ancient."
"It's something to do." Mech pointed out.
"Fine, but I have a bad feeling about this." San said. They walked aimlessly around the city before stumbling upon a rundown building.
"This looks like the place." Mech said checking the card again.
"It looks like no one's been here for years." San commented. "I don't think I like this."
"Welcome to the Inn. We've been expecting you." Came a voice. A man was standing in the shadows of the door.
"Okay, I know I don't like this." San said.
"Me neither. How could you be expecting me, I found this on the ground."
"It is part of a... promotional. Come inside, please." The man said beckoning them inside. Mech found himself drawn in and followed him. San reluctantly followed. "Here, rest." The man said. The inside was rundown and very dark, and there was a small cot in the room they had followed the man to. Mech yawned, suddenly feeling very tired, nearly falling asleep standing there. "Please, stay as long as you like; it is part of the... promotion."
"Mech, this is really weird." San repeated.
"Yeah, but what can happen. It's just some old guy, and I have you here. Plus I'm really sleepy, must have been the sea air, anyway, I'm just going to take a quick nap, then let's get out of here." Mech yawned. He lay down on the bed, but wasn't sure if he fell asleep when he found himself suddenly wide awake. "Whoa, what happened?" he said confused.
"You were about to take a nap." San said.
"Oh, well, I'm suddenly not tired anymore. We might as well get out of here."
"Good. This place is creepy." They left the rundown building, the old man had mysteriously vanished, and made their way towards the center. As they walked Mech began getting a frustrated look on his face. Everything seemed normal, but something wasn't right about everything. They made it to the center, with its identical nurse, and got a room. Mech had just put down his pack when San turned around, smiling.
"What's with the face?" Mech said.
"We're going to be alone for a few hours aren't we." She said, her smile broadening.
"Let's make love." San said seductively.
"San, don't be ridiculous, you know we can't." Mech said calmly.
"Oh right because I'm a pokémon, we can't ever mate. I thought we had something but I guess I was wrong!" San shouted angrily.
"We didn't. You're not San." Mech said placidly.
"What? Of course I'm San!" She shouted.
"No your not. San would never say that. Nor do I think she'd suggest sex." Mech said.
"Damn. I guess I should have watched her longer." San said, her voice was much different, more malevolent, and masculine.
"Actually, she may have reacted that way, but I just said that to trip you up. Pretty standard way to reveal an imposter." Mech said smirking and drawing his katana.
"You are good. My master was right to send me after you, however you've already lost." San said her body changing shape. It settled on a weird humanoid shape, Mech recognized from the pokédex as Darkrai, floating a couple feet of the floor.
"By master I'm guessing Mewthree. And you haven't won yet!" Mech replied gripping the sword tightly.
"Yes I have. I've already trapped you in the dream world. There is no escape from here! The only way to escape would be to defeat me but you cannot. Not here anyway."
"That doesn't mean I can't try!" Mech cried, swinging his sword, but before he landed a single blow, the entire blade melted away in his hands.
"Don't you get it; this is a dream from which you cannot awake! I control everything here!" Darkrai taunted.
"Then eat psychic!" Mech shouted, summoning up all his energy and blasting most of it at Darkrai, he shook it off like nothing.
"Hello, I'm a dark type, that doesn't work." Darkrai taunted.
"Well, any ideas Myuu?" Mech thought. No answer came, and Mech started panicking a bit that she wasn't there, before he realized she was, but was being suppressed but some incredible force. "So weapons are out, psy blasts are out, what about a good old fashioned flamethrower!" Mech shouted the last words, but nothing happened when he tried breathing the flames.
"I'll save you some time. You can't win. Nothing you do can work. My dark powers suppress all your abilities. You might as well get use to here, there is no escape." Darkrai said. By now, most of the world around had melted away, replaced by a black void.
Mech was desperately trying to come up with something he could do and he was fairly certain he wouldn't be able to just punch the dark pokémon. There had to be some ability he hadn't tried. It finally dawned on him what to do. He took up a firm stance, focused his mind and called "Transform!" Instantly his body began changing. He grew taller, and wider. His fingers and toes merged into 3 per limb. Spikes erupted painfully from his back; his cloths having simply vanished, save his trademark sweatshirt which the spikes seemed to pass through without damaging the material. The worst part was when a tail sprouted from the base of his spine. Mech was right, Myuu had lied about it. Fortunately, it only took a second and when it was over, he stood in the only shape he could think of, a Tyranitar.
"This may be a problem." Was all Darkrai could say.
"You got that right. I'm no longer weak against your dark powers! Sure I'm still affected but it's not as bad now!" Mech snarled, grabbing Darkrai by the scarf and getting his face into Darkrai's. "Now then. It would seem the tables have turned. And let's try this again." Mech said throwing Darkrai upwards, sending a flamethrower up at him. He caught his scorched enemy before throwing him forwards. "Hyper beam!" Mech shouted. The power from the attack was exhilarating as the beam erupted from his mouth, hitting Darkrai dead on and when the light faded, he had been seemingly vaporized.
"Missed. Dark void!" Darkrai shouted, striking Mech from behind, but it did nothing.
"Dude, I'm already asleep. Now then, Focus Blast!" Mech shouted. The attack connected, sending Darkrai back. Mech stomped over, picked him up by the scarf. "Super close range hyper beam!" Mech called, the attack tore right through the body of his opponent. He was left holding a torn piece of fabric in an endless void. A wave of exhaustion hit him and he passed out.

"MECH! WAKE UP!" San shouted, shaking him.
"What? I'm up." Mech said groggily, rubbing his head. His mind was like tar. He stopped rubbing his head when he realized something was very wrong. His eyes shot open and he looked down. He had turned into a Tyranitar! His sluggish mind called up parts of the fight and explained his form.
"That Arceus you're awake!" San cried, hugging him. "I didn't think you'd ever wake up.
"I was a little worried about that too." Mech said returning the hug.
"So, what's with the new body?" San smiled.
"Oh well see it was all Darkrai's plan. He was cutting off all my powers but I realized it was only because technically I'm a psychic type so I figured a dark type could repel some if not all of his influence. It did enough to allow me to beat him." Mech explained.
"Wouldn't a fighting type have worked better?"
"I suppose, but something would be insanely powerful to take down a Tyranitar. So, did I get it right?"
"Well you could pass for a Tyranitar to most but any other Tyranitar would figure you out in a second." San laughed.
"I thought I did a good job at imitating one..." Mech sighed.
"You did fine, but a few things would give you away instantly. For one thing, no shirt would fit a Tyranitar." San pointed to his sweatshirt. "But that you can change, but another thing is your eyes are still blue."
"Tyranitar have red eyes." San pointed out.
"Fine, if you're going to nitpick, I'm shifting back." Mech retorted. "Transform." He said, shifting quickly to his old self.
"I didn't mean it like that. I think it's sweet that you thought of me even when fighting for your life."
"Well it was my actions that led to this. Maybe we should just return to the center and wait for Bob and Ganty." Mech suggested.
"Good. This place still gives me the creeps." San agreed. This time on the way there, nothing was amiss.
Chapter End Notes:Let's get one thing straight. I really don't like this chapter. It took so long to write it, and I've still got massive writers block. I know what to write but not for a couple chapters. So don't expect a new chapter for a while. Plus I just got Brisingr so I'll be busy for a while. Bye for now
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