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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 27 Nyctea Scandiaca

"Man it's really snowing." Bob commented.
"We're traveling to Snowpoint City. What did you expect, sunny weather?" Mech said rolling his eyes. After a brief stop in Veilstone City to grab some winter gear, the gang marched north through Celestic Town and were now traveling north through a blizzard towards the next gym. Flying in this weather was simply out of the question. So, waist deep in snow they trudged. It would be foolhardy to wish for better weather, it never stopped snowing here, ever. Buildings were build right on the drifts, and new trees rarely grew there.
"Once we get to Lake Acuity it should calm down a bit." Ganty informed them. All the pokémon had been placed in their pokéballs, even San, it was just too cold and coats did not come made for those with spikes sticking out of their back. So the three slowly made their way. After several long hours, they finally reached Lake Acuity, a beautiful lake that somehow managed to not freeze over. In the center stood a lone island, known home of Uxie the being of knowledge. While Uxie was technically a pokémon, no one had ever tried to catch her, for apparently she could wipe the memories of anyone. So people left her alone.
The group was about to leave when a loud hoot rang out. Mech and Bob instinctively pulled out their pokédex' searching for the source.
"Hear that?" Ganty asked. "It sounded like a Noctowl, but they don't live anywhere near here." They scanned the trees and Mech would have missed it if the call wasn't so familiar.
"There, in that tree there! A snowy owl." Mech said pointing at what he thought was his favorite animal from his world. The owl turned and looked at them, and he realized he was mostly wrong. The owl was indeed a Noctowl, but pure white with black spots mixed in.
"No wonder it moved here, it blends in perfectly. I've got to catch it!" Ganty said determined. "Hello, Mr. Owl, care to talk to us for a bit?" She called. The owl glared at them, but didn't speak.
"Mrs. Owl." Mech corrected. "You can tell by all the spots."
"Sorry, Mrs. Owl, care to talk? We can understand you!" Ganty called again.
"Fine, hoot. What do you want, hoot?" the owl said.
"Well, see I'm a trainer who collects unusual pokémon and I was wondering if you'd like to join my team." Ganty replied.
"Oh? Unusual pokémon, hoot? Such as?"
"Well, I currently have a female Gallade, a winged Ninetales, a three tailed Buizel, and a Plusle, Minun mix."
"Hmm... Interesting bunch. Well, seeing has hunting at home is difficult, and there's no food here, I might as well join you." The Noctowl said, flying down. "My name's Nyctea."
"Nice to meet you." Mech greeted.
"Yes, hello. Now, just be gentle, I don't like the idea of being hit in the head by a pokéball." Nyctea said.
"Just touch the button." Ganty said. Nyctea did so and within a few minutes, they continued on their way to Snowpoint.

"Well, this is one lively town." Mech said sarcastically. Snowpoint itself was a small snow bound town. Few people lived there so there was a body of opinion that if you removed the gym, it would barely classify as a town.
"So, who gets first crack at the gym?" Bob asked.
"Hey! Mech!" A voice called. Making there way towards them through the snow was two figures, one was unfamiliar but the other was unmistakably Gardie.
"Hey Gardie. How have things been?" Mech greeted.
"Oh, you know, same old same old." Gardie replied. "You three to challenge the gym?"
"Just them. I don't battle" Ganty relied.
"I'm sorry, this is my friend Ven." Gardie pointed to his companion.
"Ven. Huh, you wouldn't happen to have a sister named Aqua and a brother named Terra would you?" Bob joked (KH:BbS ref)
"You've met them?" Ven said confused.
"Er... yes?"
"On the same token this is Ganty, she collects unusual pokémon." Mech introduced.
"Have you already beaten the gym?" Mech asked.
"Yeah. Man that was one tough fight, though only because I don't have a fire type. Ven here with his Bashamo didn't have any trouble at all."
"I guess I'm in for a hard fight too." Bob sighed.
"Nabooru is probably your best bet in terms of type but she is very young." Mech agreed. "Perhaps you should fight her first so we can leave early tomorrow. I'm pretty confident Darunia can handle anything she can throw out, and if not, a quick flamethrower from San should take care of things."
"Right. I'll get going there right now. See you four later." Bob said walking off.
"I'm going to get to center and warm up." Ganty said, following.
"So, just one more gym and you're at the pokémon league. Congrats." Mech said.
"Thanks. So, I don't think I meet Darunia." Gardie said frowning.
"Oh, my Charizard."
"Oh, Hitokage."
"Not any more."
"Well, he won't be enough, she recently mixed up her team so you can't use one type. Though a combination of your Gallade and Charizard should do fine." Gardie said.
"Okay. So, what's with the new look?" Mech asked, referring to the long coat Gardie was wearing. It wasn't very stylish or especially functional.
"Oh, well it helps hide my well, you know. My pack was really uncomfortable so I picked this up. I guess I'm luck for my background because it doesn't feel very cold here." Gardie explained.
"If, you're willing to wait one more day, we could fly down to Sunnyshore City in one big group." Mech suggested.
"No can do. I don't want to risk missing this tournament. They only have one every three months and there's only two weeks left till the next one." Gardie replied."
"Fair enough. So now what?" Mech asked.
"We could-" Ven started but was interrupted by Ganty running towards them.
"Guys, on the news!" She panted. "Come on, something's happened at Lake Verity!" She shouted. Gardie and Ven both got shocked expressions and ran off towards the center with Mech and Ganty in hot pursuit.

"-reports are still coming in, and no one seems to know entirely what's going on." The reporter was saying as they entered through the sliding doors. The room was crowded with people all staring at the TV screen, even the nurse has stopped her duties to watch. "If you're just joining us, ("convenient" whispered Mech before being shushed.) we are live here at Lake Verity were apparently a group of Murkrow led by a Honchkrow, and joined by several believe it or not, Weavile, have just flown away leaving behind a scene of unutterable chaos. As you can see behind me, the island in the center of the lake, where Mespirit the being of emotion once lived, has literally been blown to pieces. Preliminary reports show Mespirit is no longer here and there are claims that it was kidnapped by the attackers. Why this has happened is still a mystery and the assailants have vanished. Back to you in the news desk..." The reporter said before the four stopped listening.
"Did you hear? Verity! That's right near where we live!" Ven whispered.
"I know. Nothing like this has ever happened. Well, except that one time..." Gardie added.
"What other time?" Mech asked.
"You don't know?" Ganty said surprised.
"Well, see a few years back, some guy from some criminal organization called Team Galactic tried to use an item created from the energies of the three beings to summon one of the ancient deities. Though two trainers, Lucas and Dawn managed to stop them before they could and they freed the beings and destroyed the item. Someone might be trying to do it again!" Gardie explained.
"The blizzard's too thick now, but we should go to Lake Acuity tomorrow and see if they show up! We might be able to fight them off!" Ven suggested.
"I'll try to finish up the gym battle quickly and join you." Mech agreed. The four nodded, and went to prepare for the next day.

"Sneasel, use feint!" Candice ordered.
"Erureido, use close combat!" Mech called. Sneasel disappeared for a moment and reappeared beside Erureido and dealt a heavy blow to him. The attack nearly knocked him over and caused him to flinch, but because of his steadfast ability, his speed increased. "Fine then, use drain punch to heal yourself!" Mech called. This attack connected and drained all of Sneasel's energy and healed Erureido a bit.
"Oh dear." Candice said returning her defeated pokémon.
"Great job Erureido!" Mech called.
"Alright then, Piloswine, you can do this!" Candice called.
"Erureido, close combat!" Mech called. Piloswine was to slow and was taken down right away. "Alright, Erureido, it's Darunia's show now." Mech called. Erureido bowed off and Darunia stomped out, glad to be out in the fresh air, even if it was very cold.
"This isn't looking so good. Abomasnow, go!" Candice said half heartedly.
"Darunia, flamethrower." Mech said plainly. The attack took out Abomasnow in one hit too.
"Alright, you win. In fact, that was quite pathetic on my part. Here's the badge and TM 71, avalanche and you can use rock climb out of battle. You know the drill." Candice said.
"Thank you, now then gang, to Lake Acuity!" Mech declared.
"Did you say Lake Acuity?" Candice asked.
"Yeah. We're going to see if anything happens there like what happened at Verity." Mech explained.
"I'm coming with you. I'm kind of in charge here and I can't let anything happen to that Lake." Candice said determined.
"But all you pokémon need healing!" Mech pointed out.
"I have others." Candice said revealing a cabinet full of pokéballs. "Now let's go!"

Mech and Candice ran through the snow as fast as they could towards Lake Acuity.
"I'd really hate to say this, but does that look like smoke in the distance?" Guma asked in English. All pokémon who could move fast were out of their pokéballs, which was only Guma, Erureido, and Darunia.
"I'll ask why you just talked later, but I fear we may be too late!" Candice said as they ran faster. As they approached, they saw how late they were. The island in the center of the lake was decimated. The top had seemingly been blown away, rocks littered the ground, and in the snow, Mech's friends, and their pokémon lay. He rushed over and found they were alive but unconscious. Slowly they got up, rubbing their heads.
"Hey, what happened?" Mech asked Naetoru, who was the first awake.
"It was really bad on our part." He started explaining. "We were waiting for them to arrive when Nabooru spotted them. We were ready to fight when the Murkrow turned in unison and used mean look on us and we couldn't move. Then they landed and the Weavile who were riding on their backs, knocked us out. There was hundreds of them it seemed like. I don't know what happened after that."
"I do!" Nabooru piped up. "When they showed up, Bob told me to go hide incase something like this happened. Anyway, after they knocked everyone out, the big crow used a hyper beam and blew up the island! Then the Weavile swarmed the place and took Uxie! Before I left, I heard one of the Murkrow say they were headed to Lake Valor next!"
"Lake Valor? We have to get there right now!" Gardie shouted, leaping up. What Nabooru had said was in pokémon so Candice didn't understand a word so Mech abbreviated it.
"Alright then, their heading for Lake Valor next. I'll warn the other gym leaders and the authorities of this. If you kids think you can, try and head them off there." Candice said. "Here, someone take my Froslass with them. She may be of some help." Candice added removing a ball from her belt.
"I could use another pokémon." Bob said and she handed the ball to him.
"Take good care of her and fly fast and safe." Candice said before running off back towards the city.
"Alright, who's fit to fly?" Mech asked. The designated flyers were fine though the three who had fallen were healed up with a few potions. Within a few minutes the ten were in the air.
Chapter End Notes:Okay, the next chapter is being worked on so it shouldn't take as long this time. If you got the Ven/Aqua/Terra reference, then congrats
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