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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 28 A little Valor

"So she just dumped me with you clowns?" The Froslass said eyeing the group.
"Yes, but only for a while." Mech replied. "So, do you have a name?"
"Yes it's Impa." She replied.
"Okay, what is with all the necklaces?" Bob finally shouted, referring to the purple medallion Impa was wearing.
"What do you mean?" Ganty asked.
"Haven't you noticed? Darunia has one, Ruto has one, and now Impa." Bob replied.
"And Saria." Gardie added. "And their medallions."
"Very strange." Mech agreed.
"It seems we have our dimensional wires crossed." Myuu added to Mech alone. It was late at night and the group was camped out at the edge of Lake Valor and had been for a two days. The Murkrow hadn't shown up yet but neither had any back up. Mech's pack buzzed and he pulled out the communicator that Oak had given him. On it was a message that he read aloud.
"Dear Mech, Professor Rowan informed me that Professor Oak had a method of contacting you so I used it to send this message to you. The authorities are in the middle of their own crisis and can's spare the man power to help you and the other gym leaders are too far away to reach you, but Volkner from Sunnyshore is close enough and should be joining you shortly. Stay frosty, a swarm of Murkrow was just spotted near Hearthome. -Candice. P.S. How is Froslass?" Mech read before sending a quick reply.
"Volkner, he's the 8th gym leader, isn't he." Ven said.
"Yeah, maybe he'll battle here so I can get my badge that much sooner!" Gardie said.
"Not likely." Came a drawling voice from the shadows.
"Who's there?" Mech shouted, gripping his katana.
"It's good that you're on edge." Said the man stepping out from the shadows. He was dressed in all blue with wild blonde hair. "I take it you're the kids Candice said would be here when I showed up."
"Yup, we're the vanguard." Bob replied.
"Can't say I'm impressed. None of you look in the least bit powerful." Volkner said casting an eye over them.
"Four of us have 7 badges." Mech replied.
"So? The gyms are a joke. It's just a formality to weed out the lazy and pathetically weak." Volkner countered.
"You're a gym leader." Ven responded.
"Touché. But I know my job is a joke. So, still no sign of the enemy then?" He asked.
"Not so far."
"Well I can see why, how are you supposed to see anyone coming, its pitch black, you wouldn't see them until they were already on you." Volker said "Jolteon, go out to the island, and if you sense anything coming, signal us." He ordered. The pokémon leaped right into action and disappeared into the night.
"Actually, we had two Gallade and a Gardevoir out there already, see the small fire?" Ganty stated.
"Well now we have more insurance. Plus judging by you five, they probably don't have a clue what they're doing."
"Well you know what-" Bob started before Mech silenced him.
"So, what do we have to work with?" Volkner asked and when he received blank stares he elaborated "What do we have in the way of anti air or dark pokémon?"
"I have a Linoone, Gallade, Charizard, Lapras and Tyranitar." Mech replied.
"A Staraptor, a Riolu, and a Luxray." Bob added "Oh and a Torterra for ground."
"A winged Ninetales, a plusun, a Gallade, and a Noctowl." Added Ganty
"A Lanturn, Metagross, and a Honchkrow of my own." Stated Gardie
"A Gardevoir, Aggron, and Swellow, and a Blaziken for ground." Finished Ven.
"Hmm... And I have Raichu, Luxray and Electivire plus a Jolteon." Volkner thought. "Alright, here's the plan. A few of the anti air's will be flown up and take out as many as they can. The ground forces will have to wait until they fly closer to the ground to strike, but when they do, we let them have it. That includes the anti-air fish. If any make it to the ground, then the rest take over." Volker ordered. "Alright, our flying crew will be the Gallades and Gardevoir, that plusun, assuming it's an electric type, and Raichu.
"Got it." They replied.
"Alright, the flyers will be the Charizard, the Ninetales, assuming it can fly, the Swellow, the Noctowl, and the Staraptor." He continued.
"What about Karasu?" Gardie asked pointing to his Honchkrow.
"He's the key. See Murkrow always follow Honchkrow. I need your Honchkrow to fly up in front of them, and try to confuse them by giving them random orders. Then they should be easy to take out." Volkner replied. "So we're clear on the plan?" he asked. A few affirmative grunts rang out. "Good, because the shows on!" He said, pointing to the island where random thunderbolts were flying out. The group leapt up and geared into action. Erureido, Farore, and Gardevoir teleported, along with Jolteon back to the camp then teleported the entire group to the side of the lake nearest the approaching enemy.
"Good luck!" Mech called and Erureido climbed onto Darunia's back.
"Watch Ruto for me." Darunia shouted as he took off. Simultaneously, the six flyers took off. Swellow and Mukkuru carried Gardevoir and Farore respectfully, while Raichu was pared with Kyukon and Plusun ended up with Nyctea. Moments later a loud cawing from Karasu rang out, and bolts of electricity lit the night.

"...bolt for you...bolt for you..." Erureido said as he zapped Murkrow out of the sky, and Darunia torched the ones he missed. The Murkrow and Weavile were deep in a state of confusion so they were easy to down.
"On your right Erureido!" Darunia shouted as the Honchkrow who was unshacken, was streaking towards him. Darunia flew downwards, and Erureido raised an arm to block the charge. Honchkrow slamed into Erueido, knocking him off Darunia's back. Darunia dove down and managed to catch Eruredo and flew him back to the group.
"You okay?" Mech asked when Erueido landed in front of them with a grunt.
"That Honchkrow broke my arm. I can still fight but I won't be flying." He said sadly, getting up.
"Who can we use to take his place?" Volkner asked. Before anyone could react, Mech ran forward and jumped onto Darunia's back. "What do you think you're doing kid!?" Volkner shouted.
"I know what I'm doing!" Mech shouted back and Darunia took off.

"Do you have to zap me every time you attack?" Nyctea shouted at Plusun who was hanging from her talons.
"I can't help it!" Plusun cried back. "Wait, I've got an idea!" She shouted, letting go of Nyctea's talons, when she was flying over a Murkrow. She fell down onto it's back, and before it or it's Weavile passenger could react, she zapped the pair, then jumped away when Nyctea caught her.
"Are you hooting crazy?" Nyctea cried.
"Maybe, but it works, and I'm sure you can catch me." Plusun replied before dropping on another unsuspecting opponent.

"Weee! This is fun!" Gardevoir cheered, zapping another Murkrow out of the sky.
"It does relieve a lot of pent up rage." Farore agreed, cloths lining a passing Weavile.
"Man, why are you always so angry?" Gardevoir asked.
"How can I not be?" Farore replied. "I'm a female Gallade!"
"So?" Gardevoir replied, thunder bolting another opponent. "Just how Gallade are you?"
"I'm still female if that's what you're asking."
"Oh." Gardevoir replied, a little sadly.

"I wish Volkner and Ganty weren't here." Mech said over the roar of the wind. "Then I could just thunder bolt these guys out of the air, but all I've got is this close range sword."
"It looks like the Honchkrow managed to calm the remaining Murkrow!" Darunia shouted back, flying towards the cluster of birds. When they neared the flock, a coordinated group of Weavile fired a group icy wind at the defenders. Weighted down by the ice, Swellow, and Mukkuru fell to the ground, taking their charges with them. Darunia and Kyukon were able to stay airborne by using flamethrower to melt the ice, and Nyctea was use to cold temperatures so it didn't bother her, but the other four were now falling several hundred feet towards the ground. Mech reached out with his mind, siphoning energy from the Grumpig gems he had picked up in Celestic Town, used levitation to slow their fall, and turned his attention back to the enemies at hand, and just in time, the Honchkrow leader was flying right at him. He brought up his sword to block the attack, but the Honchkrow simply grabbed the blade in its beak, dragged him off Darunia before he could react, and let go, sending him falling towards the ground.

On the ground, things were going fine. A few of the Weavile had survived crashing to the ground and had tried to attack them, but were easily repelled. Erureido had made sure to protect Ruto, despite his injury though none of the Weavile had made it that close to the lake. Suddenly Ganty shouted.
"Look! Mech's fallen!" She shouted, pointing at Mech, who was plummeting like a stone through the air.
"I told him he was crazy." Volkner said, shaking his head.
"Look, he's pulling out of the fall!" Bob shouted, as Mech, stopped falling and started flying back up towards the flock of birds.
"How is he doing that?" Ganty asked confused.
"He's not." Erureido lied telepathically. He had his good arm aimed at Mech so it appeared to the observers as if he was using telekinesis on him.
"Well good to know someone's staying calm." Volkner replied. "Why didn't I think of that for an attack plan?"

"I'll bet you didn't know I could levitate!" Mech shouted as he flew after the Honchkrow, blade outstretched before him. The Honchkrow, startled by Mech's defiance for gravity, was flying back to the safety of the flock, but Mech was faster and slashed the bird's right wing clean off. Unable to fly, it fell to the ground with a sickening thud. Immediately the tied to nature side effect kicked in and Mech felt sick to his stomach, and nearly threw up, but managed to hold the bile in.
After seeing their leader killed, the Murkrow went into a panic, dropping the remaining Weavile, and scattered. Still feeling terrible, Mech levitated himself to the ground, and sat back against a tree, trying to steady himself.
"That was awesome!" Gardie shouted, running up to Mech. "Just flying up and slicing its wing off that was movie perfect!"
"Do you mind?" Mech said. "My Mew half is kicking in."
"Right." Gardie said awkwardly "Well, everyone else is back at the camp, we won!"
"Great. I'll be along in a minute." Mech replied.
"Sure, but hurry." Gardie said as he walked off. Mech sat there for a moment, thinking.
"That was a pretty cruel thing to do." Myuu said mentally.
"It had to be done." Mech replied.
"No argument there." Myuu replied.
"I'm just glad it's over." Mech sighed.
"It'll never be over." Myuu answered. "As long as Mewthree lives, we have to keep fighting until he is stopped."
"Yeah. But no pressure." Mech joked.
"Well, once you become champion, there will be almost none. If Mewthree rears his head, all you have to do is call the best trainers in the world, and they'll all come and help you beat him."
"Then let's hurry up and win." Mech said standing up. With a new determination, he walked back to the camp, ready to continue his journey.
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