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Chapter 29 The Pokémon League Part 1: The Tournament Begins

"While it goes against my nature, I must say you all did well. You managed to fend off disaster and save Azelf, the being of willpower. I have to admit, I didn't think you would be capable of defending a cake from a fat person, but here you showed me that you are quite capable of handling you pokémon. You are all excellent trainers." Volkner congratulated. It was early the next morning by the lake and since nothing else had showed up, he had declared victory. "And it is with that, I present you five with these Beacon Badges." He said pulling out a pile of badges and handed them out. Only Ganty hesitated.
"But I'm not even a trainer." She said.
"So? You still earned it. Keep it and maybe it will become useful." Volker replied so she took it anyway. After a quick breakfast, the four trainers and Ganty readied to fly to the pokémon league. Volkner even waved good bye as they flew off.
"I can't wait! We're going to dominate!" Bob cheered.
"I just want to win. I have to become champion." Gardie said determined.
"Hey, you have me to back you up even if you lose!" Ven added.
"And me!" Mech chimed in. "But we have to wait a week anyway, and I can't say I'm complaining. This flying is convenient buy I miss being able to travel with my pokémon."
"You're flying on a pokémon. Plus you have those translucent pokéballs." Bob pointed out.
"It's not the same. You wouldn't understand." Mech replied, thinking of San.
"It will give us time to rest and now that I don't have to rush I can finally relax." Gardie said.
"I'll be cheering for all of you!" Ganty added.
"Hang on, what do you mean I wouldn't understand?" Bob asked.
"If I win, I'll tell you." Mech said, returning his attention to staying balanced on Darunia.
"So, what are you going to do if you win?" Gardie asked.
"I'm not really sure. I'm only doing this because it was something to do. I'm waiting for Mech to find that Mewthree thing and get him to send us home." Bob replied, laying back on Mukkuru. "How about you?"
"Send you home? Where do you live?" Ganty asked confused.
"Another time, in another place, in another world." Mech answered for him.
"Do you mean your like aliens or something?" Ven asked.
"More like two kids thrown through tears in the barriers between two dimensions. Don't ask how or for specifics, we don't know. All we know is Mewthree is responsible." Mech explained.
"That would explain how you didn't know about Team Galaxy." Ganty said.
"Yeah. So what about you Gardie?" Bob asked.
"Alright, just know if I wasn't so close to my goal and didn't feel like I could trust you, I wouldn't tell you. I intend to use all my power and influence to legalize human-pokémon relationships as well as get immunity for any offspring of such unions." Gardie said.
"Uh, why would you do that?" Ganty asked. "I know pokémon are sentient, I talk to them all the time, but even I think that's kind of wrong. Sure most are as smart as humans, but they still aren't. Also I don't think that's what Arceus had in mind when he made the universe."
"They don't have pokémon back home, but it's still really creepy." Bob agreed.
"You sound like all those ass holes in California." Mech commented to himself.
"Why? I'll show you why!" Gardie shouted, before taking a deep breath and released a pillar of flames into the air above them, then pulled his coat away revealing his tail, causing a gasp from Ganty. "That's why." Was all he said.
"Oh my god..." Ganty said stunned. "How is this possible?"
"Cool." Was all Bob said.
"That's what I said." Ven commented.
"But, pokémon and humans aren't genetically compatible." Ganty pointed out.
"True, normally they aren't, but I'm the result of genetic tampering on my dad by Team Rocket. He is an Arcanine. So I have to win this to get the police off their backs and away from mine." Gardie explained. "I haven't seen them in weeks. Not since I became a trainer."
"Wow. That's unusual. What happens if you lose?" Ganty asked.
"He's got us to carry on the torch." Ven replied.
"And if you all lose?"
"Then we keep trying." Mech said without looking.
"I'll go find my parents first." Gardie said.
"What are you going to do Mech?" Ganty asked.
"Well, first off, help Gardie. Then I'm going in search of Mewthree so maybe Bob and I can get home."
"How far is it to the Pokémon league?" Bob asked.
"Well, we just passed over the coast, so it should be appearing on the horizon any minute now." Ven replied.
"Darunia, how are you holding up?" Mech asked and with good reason.
"I'm sure I can make it!" Darunia answered. "Though don't ask me to do anything more for a while."
"Don't worry, we'll all have a whole week to relax."
"We won't have time to relax, we need to be at our best for the tournament." Ven said. "I take it you two don't know how it works. Well, there are four tiers. Any competitors are randomly assigned to one and battle their way up until there is one winner per tier, then one by one in random order battle the Elite Four and its current Champion. If you win, you become the new champion. It use to be just the Elite Four but it started getting bottlenecked and they had to go with this tournament method to lower the number of challengers. Though the Elite Four are very good, and the Champion is the best trainer in Sinnoh. Not the world though because the other regions have their own championships but in a three month cycle because the other gym leaders and Elite Four members like to watch."
"I think we can wing it. So far the hardest fight we've ever had was against Gardie. I have full confidence in my pokémon. There hasn't been anything we haven't been able to overcome." Mech said confidently. They talked much of the way there.
When the Pokémon League stadium came into view, Mech was awed by its immense size. Sure at home there was gigantic sports stadiums but they were paled in comparison. The stadium was actually 12 stadiums combined into one awesome structure. Each individual one was roughly the size of a tennis court stadium. They were joined together in sort of cross, and at one end was a long but small building that led to an even larger stadium that could probably fit the all the people who would fill up all the other stadiums. In the front was a large wide building, with huge two story arches on the bottom, spanning the entire front of the building. Outside were giant fountains and sprawling gardens. They apparently had a lot of money and spent it on making the most elaborate and beautiful architecture they could.
"Well I can see they went for modest and reserved when they built this place." Mech said sarcastically.
"Let's land and get registered. Then we can decide what to do next." Gardie said. At his suggestion they landed, returned their pokémon, and went in to register for the tournament. The inside was packed with trainers as far as the eye could see, with desks every so often along the far wall. Unsurprisingly, the nurses on duty were the same as all the others in every other town. Mech would have handed Erureido over to be healed, but a super potion he used seemed to have healed him.
"So, I take it you're all registering then?" She asked. "I'll just need to see your trainer card and badges." They handed then over after Ganty explained she wasn't participating. After a minute at a computer the nurse returned. "Okay, you have all been entered into the tournament. Here's your stuff back, as well as you tier assignment, and match number. Have a nice day." She said in her cheery voice.
"I've got third tier, match four." Mech announced.
"I'm in tier two, match sixteen." Bob added.
"This says tier four, match two." Gardie read.
"Mine has tier four match sixty." Ven finished. "You know what this means, right?"
"No, what?" Bob asked.
"Not all of us can make it to the final four. Gardie and I may have to battle." Ven said.
"That's, awful!" Gardie agreed. "Say, whose that walking towards us?"
"Is she angry looking?" Mech asked.
"Great." Mech sighed and turned. "Hello Maya."
"I can't believe they'd let such pathetic trainers into this place!" Maya shouted. Maya was not known for her kindness, and had been Erureido's original trainer until he had evolved and refused to fight for her.
"Yeah, pathetic enough to beat you three times." Mech smirked. "So, what tier are you in? I want to know how soon till I can fight you again."
"Tier one if you must know." Maya said.
"Damn. I was almost looking forward to beating you again. Well, I'm sure we'll get the chance some other day to prove how stupid you were to kick Erureido off your team. He really is a powerful Gallade."
"Well, it's your fault." Maya grumbled.
"My fault!? How is it my fault?"
"Simple. It was your idea that made him evolve. You and that Linoone of yours."
"Hey, he wanted to evolve."
"But I didn't want him to, and that's what matters. Trainers don't do a pokémon's wishes, pokémon do trainer's wishes!"
"I hope that one day you'll realize that you aren't going to get anywhere without caring for your pokémon." Mech sighed. "Pokémon are sentient and you should treat them as such or I doubt they will put their full effort into anything you force them to do."
"Don't you preach your craziness at me!" Maya shouted. "Pokémon are there to do our bidding and no more. They are just tools. Now get out of my way." Maya demanded and stormed off.
"Nice girl." Bob said sarcastically.
"Calm down." Ven ordered Gardie, who was growling, hair in end. For a second, his teeth seemed sharper. Then he took a deep breath and seemed normal again.
"Let's go get some rooms, shall we?"

"Morning love." Mech yawned, hugging San.
"Morning." San replied. "Do we have to get up now?"
"I'm afraid so. Today's the first day of the tournament. We're the fourth match today so we'd better get ready. Might as well scope out the competition or at least watch Gardie." Mech said pulling on his trademark sweatshirt. San reluctantly got up and joined him. Over the past week, they had spent a lot of time together. Training would have been difficult because of the sheer number of people around the place. As it was, Mech was very lucky to get his own room that he and San could share. After a quick breakfast, he and his pokémon walked into the lobby of the building to find out where to go for their match.
"Hey Mech, are you ready for today?" Called Bob. Unlike Mech, he had spent his spare time putting his training into overdrive. Even Nabooru was strong enough to compete now.
"More then ready." Mech said confidently. Bob was wearing the same outfit he had been wearing when they had met in Oreburgh, a long black cloak, and his cavalier hat. "Have you seen Gardie? He's supposed to fight in the first set of matches."
"Yeah, here he comes now." Bob answered, pointing across the lobby. Gardie walked in with a very unusual assortment of cloths, for him anyway. There was nothing unusual about the cloths themselves, just a tee-shirt and shorts, but for Gardie that was very strange.
"Hey." Gardie greeted, tail flicking back and forth. "Oops, have to watch that." He said, forcing his tail to lay flat.
"Dude, aren't you worried about what might happen if anyone sees you?" Mech asked.
"No, there are a lot of cosplayers here so I'll blend right in." Gardie said, gesturing towards a group of people in pokémon outfits. "The only trick is a wagging tail might give it away that it's real. Saria and I agreed last night, it's time to stop hiding who I am."
"Guys, come on, their about to start the opening ceremony!" Ven shouted from across the lobby, standing next to Ganty. The gang hurried over and joined them walking into the large stadium for the opening ceremony.
"Hello and welcome to the 547th Sinnoh Championship!" The announcer declared. "As you all know, every three months, trainers gather from all over Sinnoh and beyond to compete for a chance to take on the Elite Four and their current champion, Cynthia!"
"Thank you. Before I begin I'd like to congratulate you all on making it here. All the challenges you've faced, all the hardships you've overcome. Everyone here has the potential to become a champion. Every year this crowd gets bigger, so soon we made need a tournament to get into the tournament." Cynthia joked, and the crowd laughed. "Now then, I look forward to seeing at least one of you at the end of this. In one hour the tournament will begin. Ready yourselves for this is the Pokémon League!"

After Cynthia's opening speech, the gang readied for their matches, and Ganty found a place in the crowd. Mech waited patiently for his match, which would be taking place right after the first set. A cheer rose from the crowd, and a triumphant trainer strutted into the waiting room Mech was in.
"Oh, yeah, round 2!" The kid cheered. "I guess you're up." He said to Mech before going off to celebrate.
"Let's hope we can say that too." Mech said. None of his pokémon were out. They had agreed that in order to keep some of the advantage of being unknown to their opponent, things would be easier. Mech walked out to deafening applause. Across from him, his opponent was already ready.
"And now we have the fourth match!" The announcer declared. "Denis of Pallet Town versus Mechsrule of Eterna City! As you all know, Denis placed third in the Kanto Pokémon League only two months ago! Mechsrule is relatively unknown and has never before competed in a Pokémon League. Can this new trainer defeat this seasoned combatant?"
"Trainers will select there pokémon now." The official said to the combatants. "This battle will consist of six rounds, the winner of four will advance. In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by our judges. Substitutions are not allowed, and a pokémon may only be used once. Trainers, ready your pokéballs, and BATTLE!" The official shouted. Simultaneously, Mech and Denis threw out their first pokémon.
"Guma, get him!" Mech shouted.
"Charizard, crush him!" Denis shouted. Guma looked confident, but Charizard was an imposing figure on the battle field. "Charizard, use rock smash!" Denis commanded.
"Guma, use quick attack to dodge it, then use thunder bolt!" Mech called. Charizard tore up a large part of the battle field, and tried to hit Guma with a rock smash, but Guma was already gone, speeding around the field, to fast to hit. In frustration at its moving target, Charizard heaved the rock and Guma, but by the time it landed, Guma was already yards away, charging up a thunderbolt, which he fired at Charizard. It tried to block with its wing, but the shock hurt it anyway, but it shock it off and took flight.
"Charizard, use seismic toss!" Denis shouted.
"Guma, dodge!" Mech shouted. To be fair, Guma did try to run, but Chrizard swooped down and grabbed him, and flew up. When he got high enough, he would dive down and throw Guma to the ground. "Guam, thunderbolt him!" Mech shouted
"Don't bother, he's to high up to hear you." Denis taunted.
"Is he now?" Mech said, reaching out telepathically. He sent the same command to Guma, who began electrocuting his captor. "I think he heard me." Charizard continued flying, but before it could get to its ideal height, it began falling, but this wasn't a controlled dive. It was unconscious and was going to hit the ground. Hard. Mech quickly telepathically told Guma to try to do something. He wormed his way out of Charizard's claws, and onto its back, where he tried holding the Charizard's wings out as a very limited parachute. It didn't really work, but at least when Charizard slammed into the ground, Guma wasn't trapped beneath it and was even able to jump off at the last minute so he wasn't hurt by the fall at all.
"Man, that was bad." Denis said returning Charizard.
"Charizard is unable to battle. The first round goes to Mechsrule. The next round shall now commence." The official declared.
"I don't have a fighting type, but go Marowak!" Denis called.
"Well, I do so love having a type advantage, so it's your turn Subomi!" Mech said. "Subomi, might as well be extra mean, use toxic spikes!"
"Marowak, use bone club!" Denis shouted. Subomi, hurled small poisoned spikes everywhere, before Marowak struck him with its club.
"Now let's get serious, Subomi use giga drain!"
"Marowak, use dig!" Denis commanded. Subomi tried to catch Marowak, but it had escaped into the ground before he could reach it. Subomi looked back and forth trying to figure out where Marowak would surface. "Marowak use bone club!" Denis shouted. Behind Subomi, Marowak leaped out of the ground and struck him on the head with his club again. This proved to much and Subomi collapsed.
"Roserade is unable to battle, Marowak is the winner." The official declared. "Round two goes to Denis."
"Vaporeon, get him!" Denis shouted. Vaporeon somehow managed to avoid the spikes as it leaped out.
"Alright, Erureido, go!" Mech called. "Erureido use thunderbolt!" Mech ordered. Erureido fired a bolt at Vaporeon but it nimbly dodged out of the way.
"Vaporeon, flood the field with surf!" Denis commanded. It made little sense, but somehow, Vaporeon produced enough water to flood the entire field, up to the human's knees, washing away the toxic spikes. "Now, use the water to hide!" Denis smirked. Vaporeon used its natural ability and faded into invisibility in the water. Not even Mech, with his psychic abilities, could lock onto it.
"Erureido, wait for it to appear and hit it with magical leaf!" Mech called. Erureido waited for it to appear, looking from side to side. From behind, Vaporeon leaped from the water, and hit Erureido from behind. This happened again and again, and Erureido just couldn't catch it. "Forget it. Use thunderbolt on the water!" Mech shouted.
"But you'll be shocked as well!" Erureido replied, this time managing to duck under Vaporeon.
"I'll be fine. Just do it." Mech replied.
"Fine. This is going to hurt." Erureido said, building a charge up in his arm, then fired it randomly into the water surrounding them. The electricity shocked everyone on the field, including the official. Denis was a normal human so he and the official doubled over from the pain, but Mech's mew half kept him standing but he did flinch. After everyone had righted themselves, Vaporeon floated to the surface of the water, unconscious.
"Ow. That hurt!" The official complained. "Still Vaporeon is unable to fight. Round three goes to Mechsrule."
"Man that hurt!" Denis whined. "This is getting hard. Go Farfetch'd!"
"Oh that was nothing. Ruto, you might as well as take this fight, the field seems fit for it." Mech said sending Ruto out for her first fight ever.
"Yay!" She sang, swimming around.
"Come on Ruto, get your game face on, We can't win a straight forward fight, but try sing!" Mech called. Ruto nodded and began singing. Farfetch'd began falling asleep.
"Quickly use fury attack!" Denis ordered. Farfetch'd flew at Ruto, raising it's stick to attack, but fell asleep half way there and cart wheeled through the air over Ruto and splashed into the water. "Smart move, to bad I have this!" Denis said, pulling out an odd flute. He began playing a tune and Farfetch'd woke back up and struck at Ruto who ducked under water to avoid the attack.
"Well, I can see this may not be a fight I can win, but a tie will work." Mech said. "Ruto, use Perish Song." Ruto began singing. When she finished the lethal song, both Ruto and Farfetch'd flinched. "Now let's try to end this before the time's up. Ruto wait for it."
"Farfetch'd use aerial ace!" Denis commanded. Farfetch'd flew straight at Ruto and Ruto made no motion to move.
"Wait... wait..." Mech said. "Now! Ice beam!" Mech shouted. Farfetch'd was inches from colliding, but Ruto opened her mouth and froze Farfetch'd solid. His momentum carried it into Ruto but Farfetch'd wasn't going to move anytime soon.
"Farfetch'd is unable to battle. Round four goes to Mechsrule. If Mechsrule win's one more battle he will move on by default." The Official declared. "Begin round five!"
"Darunia, this one's all yours!" Mech said confidently.
"Ah, another Charizard. To bad, I can counter that. Raichu, you can handle this!" Denis said, sending out the large electric mouse. "Raichu, thunderbolt!"
"Darunia use fly to avoid it!" Mech called. Darunia took to the air and dodged the first attack, and flew around the field.
"Raichu keep up the thunderbolts!" Denis ordered. Darunia flew faster, speeding ahead of the bolts.
"Darunia fry a flamethrower!" Mech called. As Darunia flew around Raichu, he blew flames at it, but Raichu simply dodged out of the way.
"If he dodges the thunderbolt's, use shock wave!" Denis called. While thunderbolt could be dodged, shock wave never missed. The electricity shocked Darunia out of the air. Inconveniently for him, he had been preparing to turn just before he had been stunned, so unceremoniously, he crashed straight into the wall.
"That had to hurt." Mech cringed. "Darunia, can you get up?" Mech shouted, then asked telepathically. He got no response.
"Charizard is unable to battle. Round five goes to Denis. This is the final match. Begin!" The official declared.
"Kadabra, this is it!" Denis shouted, releasing his last pokémon.
"San, it's up to you, but no worries, this fight should be an easy one." Mech said. San announced her presence with a thundering roar.
"Wow, you actually needed me?" San smiled.
"Yeah, I know. But this is the last fight." Mech shrugged.
"Fine. I'll make this quick." San smiled again.
"Kadabra use energy ball!" Denis commanded.
"San, I know you can do this without me." Mech said.
"Please. This is too easy." San said, swiping away the energy ball, like one would swipe away a feather. "Well, that was quite the impressive attack."
"Kadabra, throw everything you have at him!" Denis commanded. Kadabra rabid fired energy balls at San but they didn't seem to hurt her at all.
"Nothing's working!" Kadabra cried.
"Try using teleport, combined with a jump kick!" Denis called. Kadabra teleported above San, and fell down on her with a kick. Somehow it had learned the move. The kick knocked her forward, and she face planted on the field. Kadabra jumped backwards to safety quickly. San stood up and gave Kadabra a death stare.
"You did not just do that!" She growled. "Now you're going to get it!" She snarled and began stomping towards Kadabra. It began firing energy balls even faster, but none of them caused San to even flinch. She stood towering over Kadabra who looked scared out of his mind. She grabbed its face, lifted it up, and channeled a thunderbolt through her arm into her captive. After a bit of flailing, it hung limp so she dropped him to the ground.
"Uh, Kadabra is unable to battle. Mechsrule is the winner of round 6 and the match." The official declared.
"And there you have it folks! The young unknown from Eterna has almost embarrassingly easily defeated the upshot trainer from Pallet! The announcer declared. "You saw it here. Talk about your upsets. I'll bet a lot of people lost money on that match. Now then for the next match we have..." The announcer continued. Mech and San walked off the field together and as soon as they made it inside the entrance area, Mech hugged her.
"Great one San! Remind me never to make you mad." Mech said.
"That was an easy match." San blushed "Though I may have gone a bit overboard."
"So, we have the rest of the day to ourselves. Do you need a quick healing?"
"Please, it'll take a lot more then a few energy balls's to hurt me. Just drop off the rest and we can spend some time together." San said in a funny tone.
Chapter End Notes:Just to be that guy, I won't say what, but some crazy shit is going to go down in the next chapter, including some unexpected family members are going to show up. Oh and I couldn't come up with a unique team so I used my team from pokemon firered. That is my Kanto only dream team. Seriously, I don't mind the loss in power, Kadabra is much better then Alakazam (He loses is tail for one thing.) The next chapter will have my Johto only dream team. My Hoenn team is the same as Ven's.

In other news, some not so happy news. This series is coming to a close, very soon. I planned this for a while and I feel it is the best place to stop. There will be a few more chapters, just enough to see our hero's through the league, and one or two after that. Don't protest, for there is much in the future for them
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