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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Chapter 30 The Pokémon League Part 2: Family Problems

"So, how are the standings?" Ganty asked. The group, plus San, Nabooru and Saria were sitting in the small restaurant that made up part of the League building, celebrating their victories.
"We all made it to the second round. No one realized I'm not fully human, and we live to fight another day." Gardie said smiling.
"So not bad then. Well it'll only get harder from here on in." Ganty replied.
"Please, that fight was child's play. I was in control the whole time." Mech said confidently.
"I saw your match, you lost two fights!" Bob cried.
"Hey, the first one was cheap, the second one was luck." Mech retorted.
"Still, that last maneuver was intense. I've never seen anything like that. I have to hand it to you San, you really know how to intimidate. I know I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley." Bob said.
"What happened? I wasn't there." Saria asked.
"I grabbed a Kadabra by the face and electrocuted it because it made me angry." San said.
"I lost my fight." Nabooru said sadly. "And to a Weavile too."
"Nabooru, you know that's because you're so young and inexperienced." Bob said trying to cheer her up.
"But Ruto won her fight and I am older then her!" Nabooru whined. "Maybe if I got big I could win."
"Yes but that is a long time off." Bob said "Don't worry. I'm sure everyone else will be enough to win."
"But that's not the point! I want to help but I can't. Maybe you'd be better off with another pokémon." Nabooru said starting to cry.
"Don't talk like that! You're a vital part of the team. You'll evolve one day. It isn't going to happen over night." Bob said.
"I guess." Nabooru said.
"Come on, we'd better get to sleep early for tomorrow." Bob said carrying her off.
"He's got a point." Ven agreed. The all nodded and went of to bed, though not all planned to sleep.

"Hello and welcome to the second day of the Pokémon League!" The announcer greeted. "Here we have the first match of the second round! Our first combatant is Cal from the Johto region. He is the current Johto champion. His opponent is Mechsrule. Not much is known about this new trainer other then he recently defeated Denis from the Kanto region in an unprecedented upset. Can he pull off another win here or will the Johto Champion be too much of a challenge?"
"Alright. Trainers will select their pokémon now." The official said to the combatants. "This battle will consist of six rounds, the winner of four will advance. In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by our judges. Substitutions are not allowed, and a pokémon may only be used once. Trainers, ready your pokéballs, and BATTLE!" The official said.
"It's time to dominate! Go Neiteio!" Cal called sending out a Xatu.
"Erureido, this is going to be too easy!" Mech said.
"Neiteio, use future sight!" Cal ordered.
"Erureido use thunder punch!" Mech shouted. Neiteio focused for a second, and barely noticed when Erureido's punch hit him. A few moments later he cried in pain. "Well, so he has little delayed reaction.
"Neiteio use fly!" Cal commanded.
"Erureido use thunder bolt." Mech called. Neiteio flew up high, out of reach of Erureido's bolts of lightning. He then swooped back down, and Erureido narrowly rolled out of the way. As Neiteio turned around for another assault, Erureido zapped it. Neiteio fell to the ground moments later when it realized it had been hit. Before it could get back up, Erureido jumped up and hit it with another thunder punch. It didn't get up, and the future sight failed.
"Xatu is unable to battle. Round one goes to Mechsrule." The official declared.
"You're pretty good." Cal shouted.
"Are you going to give up?" Mech asked.
"No? This is getting interesting. Herakurosu, get him!" Cal called, sending out a Heracross.
"Oh, this should be good. Darunia, this fight was made for you!" Mech said. Darunia announced his entrance with a roar and a flamethrower fired into the air. "Darunia use heat wave!"
"Herakurosu, use take down!" Cal ordered. Darunia sent the flames at Herakurosu but it nimbly ducked under the attack and tackled Darunia. Darunia roared, lifted up Herakurosu and threw him across the field. Then he leaped up into the air.
"Darunia, wing attack!" Mech shouted. Darunia charged and once again Herakurosu tried to duck but this time Darunia anticipated the move and changed course so he hit his opponent. The attack sent Herakurosu flying further across the field and into the wall
"Come on Herakurosu!" Cal shouted as it got back up. Limping slightly, Herakurosu charged Darunia.
"Just stay down!" Darunia shouted, using another flamethrower.
"Herakurosu use endure!" Cal shouted. Herakurosu withstood the flames but just barely. Darunia simply hit him over the head and Herakurosu crumpled to the ground.
"Heracross is unable to battle. The second round goes to Mechsrule. Begin round three!" the announcer declared.
"This is going to be easy!" Mech said. "Subomi this is your fight!" Mech said.
"This should beat you, Rapidash!" Cal said, sending out a Rapidash with a blue mane.
"Oh come on. I just can't seem to get a break here." Subomi sighed.
"Rapidash, use fire spin!" Cal ordered.
"Subomi try to dodge it!" Mech called. Subomi had little hope against it's fire opponent but it was only slightly hurt by the fire spin but it surrounded him in rings of fire.
"I really hate fire." Subomi groaned.
"Now use bounce!" Cal ordered. Rapidash leaped into the air and slammed down onto Subomi, plowing him into the ground.
"Roserade is unable to battle. Round three goes to Cal!" The official declared. "Begin the next round."
"Good one Rapidash." Cal said rubbing its nose. "Official, could you activate the pool on my side of the field?" he asked.
"Yes sir." The official said and flipped a switch. The ground rumbled and opened up on Cal's side of the field to reveal a small pool.
"Thank you. Chonchii, we need another win here!" Cal said sending out a Lanturn into the pool.
"Fine then, Guma!" Mech called.
"Chonchii, use water gun!" Cal ordered. Chonchii attacked from the pool but Guma expertly dodged out of the way.
"Guma use slash!" Mech shouted. Guma charged Chonchii but it dived under the surface of the water and Guma tumbled into the water.
"Just where I wanted you to be!" Cal smirked. "Chonchii, use thunder!" he shouted. Thunder would have been all too easy to dodge for Guma, but when he was underwater, the shock came from all sides. The force of the attack flung Guma from the pool, into the air, and finally slammed him into the ground.
"Guma!" Mech shouted.
"Use thunder bolt!" Cal called. Chonchii shocked Guma again.
"Linoone is unable to battle. Round four goes to Cal. Begin match five!"
"You must have just been lucky. Mamoswine, this is yours." Cal said.
"Well this isn't looking good. Say official could you switch the pool thing?" Mech asked. The official nodded so Mech's side of the field opened up and he sent out Ruto. "Ruto use surf!" Mech called. The water flooded the field but no one other then the official seemed to mind.
"Mamoswine use powder snow!" Cal ordered. Snow began blowing across the field though Ruto took little notice.
"Ruto use hydro pump!" Mech shouted. Ruto fired the highly powerful water attack at Mamoswine. Its large bulk made it almost impossible to miss. The water threw it partly across the field. Ruto kept the attack until Mamoswine submitted and collapsed.
"Mamoswine is unable to battle. Round five goes to Mechsrule. The final round will now commence." The official declared.
"San, it's time for another save!" Mech said sending out his mate.
"Time for my strongest pokémon, Bangirasu!" Cal said sending out a Tyranitar looking eerily similar to San. "This should be interesting."
"San, is that you?" The other Tyranitar said surprised.
"I don't believe it." San sighed, slapping her self and leaving her hand there.
"What is it San?" Mech asked.
"It's my older brother." San answered. "Hello Ban."
"Well if that doesn't just take the biscuit!" Bangirasu said smiling. "Little San, you've finally evolved."
"Hi. How's Yan?" San asked. "Our little sister" San said to Mech.
"Not sure, I haven't seen her in a while but she was fine when last we met. So, are you going to run like last time?" Ban taunted.
"No. I was young and weak then, but no more!" San growled. "Mech stay out of this fight. This is solely between us!"
"Same goes for you Cal." Ban said. Cal nodded in understanding. "Now then, time to show why I'm the oldest of the Girasu!" Ban shouted and charged forward. San caught both of his fists and head butted him. Ban smirked and fired a flamethrower at San's face. Aside from a bit of soot, she wasn't harmed. San returned the favor with a flamethrower of her own, but Ban broke through it and bit her on the shoulder. She roared in anger and delivered a debilitating kick between his legs. Ban collapsed on the ground and rolled around for a bit. "That was a cheep shot!" He spat.
"Yeah, but so was the fire." San replied before charging her brother. She used her momentum to pick him up and carry him meat shield style into the wall, then she threw him to the side.
"You've gotten good." Ban smiled. "But not good enough!" He roared, firing a water pulse at her but despite her size she dodged it, only to run into a punch he had thrown. The force spun her round and he grabbed her tail and began spinning her around and let go, sending her flying into the pool still open on Mech's side of the field. Ban stomped over to the pool and smiled. "You could never beat me then and you can't beat me now." He said at the pool. San hadn't resurfaced and Mech was getting very worried.
Then without warning, the pool exploded, all the water hitting Ban at once and sent him flying at his trainer. Out of the pool leapt San, riding the water like a master surfer. Controlled by San, the water rose like a serpent ready to strike and crashed down upon her brother. When the attack finish, San landed with a thud, panting.
"Cal's Tyranitar is unable to battle. Mechsrule has won the round and the battle." The official announced.
"And there you have it folks!" The Announcer declared. "In yet another upset victory Mechsrule has triumphed over the Johto champion! He could very well be the next Sinnoh champion! We'll have to wait and see how far this hotshot trainer will go! Next is..." the announcer continued.
"Good match." Mech said, walking over to Cal.
"Ditto. I didn't expect to lose like that. Still they did their best and that's all I can ask, and since this isn't the Johto Pokémon League, I still retain my title!" Cal said returning his defeated Tyranitar. "Say, it seemed our pokémon knew each other." Cal said.
"Oh, well according to San here, they're brother and sister." Mech explained.
"Hmm. Well we'd better get our pokémon healed up, then maybe they could talk a bit." Cal suggested.

"Is he really your brother?" Mech asked San again.
"Yeah. He's a bit stupid but strong. Typical male Tyranitar." San said rolling her eyes. "Though other then Yan he's the only family I have."
"That must be rough."
"No, Larvitar are usually left to themselves, though siblings tend to stick together. Few years back, Ban decided to leave. Said he wanted to travel the world, knock some heads, and maybe get some females. I wanted Yan to stay with me but she joined him anyway so it was just me until I met you."
"So you have no idea where your sister is."
"No. I was hoping Ban would know but it would seem he doesn't." San sighed.
"Why are you all named Ban, San and Yan?" Mech asked.
"That's simple. Our family name is Girasu, we just happened to have similar prefixes." San said.
"How did you recognize him? No offence but Tyranitar look the same to me."
"The differences are admittedly subtle, but the easiest way for our family is we all keep our Larvitar markings when we evolve." San said pointing to her eye where the markings were clearly visible. "It's only our family line so he had to be related."
"Oh. So that Tyranitar over there would be a relative too then?" Mech asked pointing across the lobby they were standing in to a Tyranitar on the far side of the room with similar markings.
"Exactly like that." San said, moving quickly. "Hold up!" She shouted.
"What do you want?" The Tyranitar asked.
"Just, what is your name?" San asked.
"If you must know my name is Yangirasu. Who are you?" Yan asked impatiently.
"It is you sis!" San cried, hugging Yan.
"What are you talking about?" Yan shouted, struggling to get lose.
"It's me! Sanagirasu!" San said. "Your big sister!"
"San? Really. That's doubtful. I haven't seen her in years and she's such a loser I doubt she could find her way to the nearest town." Yan said, shoving a dumbfounded San away. "Though you do have the family markings."
"Yan, it's really me! Ban's here too!" San said.
"Good. Now I can get him for ditching me." Yan growled.
"Why would Ban ditch you?" San exclaimed.
"Well he didn't like me following him and one night he snuck away. I never saw him again."
"That's awful!"
"Well if you weren't so weak maybe he wouldn't have left in the first place!" Yan shouted.
"Hey, don't be insulting her!" Mech shouted back.
"Oh so now you have a human to fight your battles for you now. Maybe now you won't be totally helpless." Yan said, wrinkling her nose in disgust before being slammed against the wall, San's hand on Yan's neck. It seemed she had struck a nerve. San got right in Yan's face.
"Don't you ever say I can't defend myself! I may have not been much then but now I am stronger then you could ever hope to be! Go ahead. Try saying that again and see what happens!" San snarled.
"Loser! Control your beast!" Said an all too familiar voice.
"Maya, this is a family matter." Mech said, drawing his katana. "And never call San a beast unless you've developed a sudden disliking for life!"
"Get that oversized toothpick out of my face and call of that wild animal." Maya said. Mech's rage was ready to boil over so Myuu took over and forced him to sheath his katana.
"Let's go San." He said.
"I'm done with her anyway." San glared, releasing Yan, and she stormed off.

"Hey, Mechsrule!" Cal greeted. "Ban's all healed up."
"Yup, I'm all better San!" Ban said cheerfully, before being sucker punched by San. "What was that for?" He protested.
"I found Yan. She's here too!" San glared.
"Really!? That's great!" Ban said.
"No it isn't! She tells me you ditched her! How could you abandon our little sister like that! Now she's become a stuck up bitch!" San roared.
"I didn't ditch her! I told her to go home! She obviously didn't make it!" Ban protested.
"Well now she's in the care of the biggest bitch ever." Mech said. "Though I'm amazed Maya bothered to get a pokémon so unfeminine but I guess like personalities attract."
"I'll be amazed at how you understand me later." Ban said. "Look, a lot happened after we left. Let's go talk about it. Without the humans."
"Alright." San agreed and the two walked off.
"Well that was anti climatic." Cal said.
"Yeah. I wonder what they're talking about." Mech said.

"So, how have you been?" Ban asked.
"Oh the usual. Nearly eaten by Mightyenas, but Mech saved me. We teamed up, and traveled around and now we're here." San said, managing to sum up their adventure in one sentence.
"Yeah, that's a lot like me and Cal, minus the Mightyenas." Ban said.
"Trust me, it's nothing like anything you could go through." San smiled.
"I really missed you sis." Ban said. "Though never for a second did I suspect you would be able to beat me. You must have been training for months!"
"More like one or two." San said "I didn't evolve until Mech and I were together."
"What's with that dreamy look about you?" Ban asked raising an eyebrow (or eye spike as it were)
"Well, I don't really want this getting around just yet, but we're kind of mates." San said slowly. Ban fell over laughing. "I'm serious!" San shouted but Ban continued laughing. "I'm going to wait until you stop" San glared while Ban rolled on the ground in fits of laughter. Finally, he got back up, wiping tears from his eyes.
"That was a good one!" Ban chuckled "A human and pokémon as mates. When did you develop this humor?"
"It happens! One of our friends is a human-Arcanine hybrid! And Mech is part mew!" San said. "Sure it's only been a couple weeks but still..."
"San you're getting that weird look again." Ban interrupted.
"Sorry, but I'm dead serious, we're mates!" San said again.
"San, this is no longer funny." Ban said, the laughter gone.
"Look, I don't care what you think, but he's really nice. The first time he ever transformed was into a Tyranitar. And the first time he used his Mew powers was to protect me even though it nearly killed him!" San said.
"It's not a matter of what I think." Ban said emotionlessly.
"So you understand then?" San asked. She received the answer in the form of a punch to the jaw that sent her reeling. "What the fuck is your problem?" She shouted, checking for broken teeth.
"You've disgraced our family time and time again! First by being so weak and helpless you need a human to protect you, and now by mating with said human!" Ban growled. "As sole male of the family, it is my duty to keep our family's honor intact. I should have killed you back then and saved us all this dishonor. I have no sister!" Ban spat and turned away.
"Oh, you really shouldn't have done that." Mech said, standing in his way.
"Or maybe I should crush you instead. No mate no dishonor." Ban snarled dangerously.
"Are you so sure that's wise?" Mech asked, his eyes beginning to glow pink though Ban took no notice.
"I normally don't like killing, but this is one exception I'll have to make." Ban snarled, grabbing for Mech, but found himself holding only air.
"Didn't San tell you what I could do?" Mech asked, brimming with power. "Then, perhaps a demonstration is in order." Mech glared, and ran towards Ban and before Ban could react, Mech punched him in the stomach. Hard. Surprise and pain caused Ban to double over at which point, Mech lifted Ban over his head, spun him a bit, and threw him as far as he could. Ban stood back up, angrier then ever.
"No human can ever defeat me!" Ban shouted.
"Oh? How about a Mach Punch?" Mech said, feeling the boosted speed rush through him. It was only too easy to run at Ban and have the punch connect. "Now I'll only say this once, get out of here. Now, with your trainer, and if I ever see you give San so much as a dirty look, you won't see what I can do, so much as experience it!" Ban ran out of there faster then one would expect a Tyranitar to be able to. "San, are you alright?" Mech asked, running over to his fallen love.
"I'm fine. I guess what Yan said was true. I still can't defend myself." San cried.
"That was totally uncalled for, what he did. And look at the last two matches. You didn't just win, you destroyed your opponent." Mech said.
"And how did you know to come?" San asked.
"Simple. I heard the uproar he made, and came to investigate. When I got here I saw him hit you and you saw the rest.
"I suppose. We should be getting back to the room. We'll need all the sleep we can get for tomorrow." San said.
"Yeah, 'sleep'" Mech smiled, but received a smack for his trouble.
Chapter End Notes:Well the series is rapping up. The final total will total 35 or around there. Yes, all good things and all that. Don't worry, before the end Mewthree will return and there will be a huge epic climatic battle
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