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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 31 The Pokémon League part 3: The Chapter with no subtitle

"You know, I'm almost starting to feel bad about this." Mech said, tossing another full Grumpig gem into his pack with the others. Normally a dull black, they glowed a brilliant pink when charged enough, and Mech currently had quite the collection of them.
"About using the gems?" San asked.
"No, how I'm acquiring the energy." Mech replied. While the matches had been going on, Mech had been siphoning off small amounts of energy from those present. The amounts were insignificant enough so no one would notice unless they noticed when they got tired a minute or two earlier. While it may have seemed not worth it, given the small amount he got per person, but the sheer number of people meant he could fill a gem halfway with energy in just one day. "I sort of feel bad using other people's energy."
"You have to do what you have to do." San said simply, rolling over and trying to get to sleep.
"I just hope I can get these all filled before Mewthree rears his head again." Mech said, picking up another and focused all his spare psychic energy into the gem, changing it's hue from dark black to a dark purple. "You should have told me pokémon might react that way to us."
"I expected my brother to understand." Was all San said.
"Well, Night San." Mech said, embracing his love. San mumbled and Mech left it be.

"Welcome to the fourth round of this exciting and truly astounding tournament!" (Yes I skipped one.) The announcer greeted. "We have a great match lined up for today! The first combatant is Mechsrule from Eterna city! This newcomer, has already defeated the third place Kanto champ, and the Johto champ as well as a competitor from Hoenn. Can he pull of another victory today? Let's see, here is his opponent, Bruce from Saffron City! This trainer comes from the famous Saffron Dojo. So far he has crushed every opponent. Who can tell the outcome of what is sure to be an exciting match!"
"Trainers will select their pokémon now." The official said to the combatants. "This battle will consist of six rounds, the winner of four will advance. In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by our judges. Substitutions are not allowed, and a pokémon may only be used once. Trainers, ready your pokéballs, and BATTLE!" The official said.
"Machamp, crush this wimp!" Bruce commanded.
"Erureido, you can win this!" Mech called.
"Machamp get it!" Bruce ordered.
"Erureido, use psycho cut!" Mech called. Machamp charged Erureido only to have him teleport away at the last second and hit it in the back with a psycho cut.
"Get up you worthless scum and crush that Gallade!" Bruce shouted. Machamp obeyed and reached for Erureido who dodged the first two arms but the second pair caught him and began crushing him.
"I'd really hate to do this, but all's fair in love and war." Erureido said before teleporting himself and his captor high above the stadium, then with a small psychic push, freed himself, teleported to the ground, and watched his opponent plummet to the ground and make a large crater in the field.
"I said get up and defeat that Gallade!" Bruce shouted. Against all odds, the Machamp began getting up, but didn't get far before a roundhouse from Erureido defeated him for good.
"Machamp is unable to battle. Mechsrule is the winner of round 1" The official declared.
"Useless pathetic wimp!" Bruce shouted as he returned his pokémon. "Get the next one Feraligatr!"
"Well Subomi, looks like you finally get some good odds!" Mech said.
"Good. I finally have a type advantage, and this one can't get underground." Subomi said.
"Subomi use giga drain!" Mech called.
"Feraligatr use ice beam!" Bruce commanded. Subomi was determined to break his losing streak so he avoided the beam and began draining health from Feraligatr. Feraligatr charged Subomi, taking no notice of Subomi's attack. Feraligatr slammed Subomi into the ground, but Subomi kept up the attack. Feraligatr lifted Subomi into the air, and reared up to bit him, but Subomi grabbed its jaws with a vine whip. "No you don't!" Subomi shouted, forcing its jaw back. Feraligatr fired another ice beam at Subomi who couldn't dodge out of the way but the health he had stolen saved him. "Now let me go!" Subomi shouted, forcing his plant skin to form into thorns and Feraligatr quickly dropped him. Subomi jumped back up and used more vines to tie Feraligatr up. "Get out of there now!" Bruce shouted.
"Subomi, solar beam!" Mech called. While Feraligatr struggled to free itself, Subomi charged the attack and released the attack. The beam of light flung Feraligatr back towards its trainer.
"Feraligatr is unable to battle. The second round goes the Mechsrule. Begin the third round now!" The official declared.
"Damn these worthless pokémon. Shiftry show them how it's done!" Bruce shouted.
"This is getting kind of pathetic." Mech sighed. "Darunia take him!"
"Shiftry, use night slash!" Bruce shouted. Shiftry leaped at Darunia but he simply repelled Shiftry with a flamethrower. "I said crush him!" Bruce shouted. Shiftry made another assault but was repelled again.
"Darunia, a heat wave should finish this." Mech said. Darunia nodded and attacked Shiftry who held its ground, and threw off the attack. "Try seismic toss!" Mech called. Darunia grabbed Shiftry, flew up above the stadium, and dove straight down. At the last second he leveled off, but dropped Shiftry when he did so Shiftry crashed into the ground. After a minute, the official made his ruling.
"Shiftry is unable to battle. Mechsrule takes round three. One more round and he will win." The official declared.
"I swear..." Bruce muttered. "You'd better win Nidoking!"
"Official, the pool please." Mech said. "Ruto, this is your fight!"
"Nidoking use earthquake!" Bruce ordered. While this was a powerful move, and caused Mech and some of the audience to fall over, Ruto hardly noticed, being in water and was unaffected.
"Ruto, surf!" Mech called. Ruto summoned up an impressive wave in the small pool and brought it crashing down on Nidoking. "Now, use ice beam!" Mech shouted. Being already wet, Nidoking was frozen solid, or more accurately, the water around him was frozen, and he tried freeing himself.
"Use bulk up and break out!" Bruce commanded. Nidoking's muscles bulged, shattering the ice like shrapnel. "Now, Dynamic punch!" Nidoking charged Ruto who dived underwater and repelled it with a hydro pump. Nidoking nearly crushed its trainer when it was sent back. It crashed into the wall, and one more ice beam from Ruto froze it there completely.
"Nidoking is unable to battle, Mechsrule is the winner of round four and the match!" The official declared.
"You saw it here folks! Mechsrule has triumphed once more! This kid could go all the way!" The announcer shouted.
"You cheated!" Bruce shouted. "I have never lost a battle before! No one can beat me without cheating!" He ranted.
"Yeah. Before. That was then, this is now." Mech replied. "I didn't need to cheat. You focused so much on offence that your defense left you wide open."
"Nobody beats me!" Bruce roared.
"Except me that is."
"You haven't seen the last of me!" Bruce shouted, and stomped off.
"Man what a sore loser."

"So everyone's still in the runnings?" Ganty asked.
"Of course. We're almost there!" Ven cheered.
"If it stays this easy, we'll be done in no time flat!" Bob agreed.
"I'm more surprised no one's commented on my appearance yet." Gardie added.
"That last fight was so easy." Mech smiled.
"Hey Mech, are you going Goth or something?" Gardie asked.
"No. Why would you ask that?" Mech replied.
"Cause you have black marks around your eyes." Gardie answered. In that moment, Mech saw San turn her head faster then he'd ever seen or would ever see. In fact, on reflection he was surprised it didn't snap her neck like a twig.
"Oh dear." She whispered before grabbing Mech and dragging him off. "Don't worry, I know what's wrong!" She shouted back to the dumbfounded group.
"San, I'm perfectly capable of walking!" Mech protested as she dragged him into their room. "What was that for anyway?"
"I just need some time to think!" San shouted, clutching her forehead. "This shouldn't happen. You're not a Tyranitar!" She muttered.
"San just tell me what is going on." Mech ordered, but she kept muttering so he rummaged around his pack and an old camping mirror he'd almost forgotten about. He used it to examine the marks Gardie had noticed. He gasped in surprise when he realized where he had seen them before. They were faint, only a light grey but enough to stand out. The marks were identical to the ones San, Ban and Yan bore. "Well this is unexpected. I though only your blood relatives had this." Mech said looking again. His eyes as usual couldn't decide on a color but of late had opted for a grayish green. (Seriously, every day they change in rl)
"Well, kind of." San said. "Well see it's not just a genetic trait. It's technically a genetic virus." San explained. "I'm not sure how old it is, but it doesn't do anything but cause these marks to appear on those infected. It does pass down generation to generation but also from mate to mate. I thought since you weren't Tyranitar, it wouldn't affect you but it seems I was wrong. I should have told you this, but I didn't think it would be important."
"Well, I like them." Mech decided. "It just shows how close we are."
"If that's how you feel, I don't feel so bad now." San said. "Still, what if someone notices?"
"If they do, they could assume I'm a poke fanatic like they do Gardie. How many people could possibly know this is a trait of Tyranitar? Exactly." Mech pointed out. "Let's rejoin the others, I'm still hungry." Mech said.
"Me too. What are we going to tell them?"
"What ever we want."
"When we get back I could teach you a little family history." San offered.
"I'd like that."

"Welcome folks to the final elimination match of the Sinnoh Pokémon League!"(So I skipped a few more. live with it) The announcer declared. Our heroes were all still in the standings though not for long as the final matches included Ven and Gardie, facing off. "I'd like you to join me in welcoming our first competitor from Eterna City. Through out the tournament he has triumphed over both odds and experience. Please give a round of applause for Mechsrule!"
Mech walked out to thunderous applause and took up a position on his side of the field.
"And now, here is his opponent, a returning competitor from Jubilife City! He competed last year only to lose to the Elite Four Champion, here he is, Pippin!"(LOZ OoS/OoA not LoR, just FYI) The announcer declared. A man walked out on the opposite side to much lauder cheering. He wore a simple outfit with an odd pointed straw hat with a leaf on the top.
"This will be the final match. It will consist of six rounds. The winner of the majority or by judge decision will advance. Substitutions will not be allowed but pokémon may be used in multiple rounds. Begin!" The official shouted.
"Go, Hitokasaru!" Pippin called, sending out an Infernape.
"Erureido, this is your fight!" Mech declared.
"Hitokasaru use flare blitz!" Pippin ordered.
"Erureido, psycho cut!" Mech countered. Hitokasaru charged Erureido who blocked with a psychic wave.
"Hitokasaru, use close combat!" Pippin commanded. Hitokasaru went hand to hand with Erureido. For a minute they fought before Erureido threw Hitokasaru back with a confusion blast. Hitokasaru managed to catch himself before sliding to far back and sprang back forward with a mach punch, but Erureido simply teleported away at the last second and hit Hitokasaru from behind with a psycho cut. From the ground, Hitokasaru did an improvised spinning kick that knocked Erureido over. Then Hitokasaru leapt up and slammed down with a fire punch but Erureido rolled out of the way and hit Hitokasaru with a psychic blast.
Hitokasaru shook the blow off and jumped up, somersaulted while breathing flames, and executed a flamewheel at Erureido who countered by knocking the flaming monkey over him with a swift uppercut, then teleported above Hitokasaru only to punch him back towards the ground. Hitokasaru hit the ground, the flames disappearing as he did so, and bounced into the air where Erureido sent him flying with a psycho cut.
"Infernape is unable to battle! Mechsrule takes the first round!" The official declared. "Begin round two!"
"Good one Erureido. Subomi, it's your turn!" Mech shouted.
"Don't fail me Lux!" Pippin called sending out his Luxray. "Use thunder fang!"
"Subomi, I trust you can handle this on your own." Mech said. Subomi smiled, and waited as Lux charged him. He raised his arm to defend himself, producing the same spikes as he had against Feraligatr. Lux bit down hard on his arm, but let go immediately, howling in pain. It began leaning from side to side like it was drunk.
"You gotta love poison point!" Subomi smiled, and began draining Lux's health away, healing the small bite mark on his arm.
"Lux use charge!" Pippin ordered. "Keep using charge until you've maxed it out then use discharge!" Lux nodded, and began stockpiling electricity. He began glowing yellow and random sparks flew out.
"Subomi! Throw your vines into the ground, but have one free and use it to catch the attack!" Mech shouted. Subomi did so and when Lux released the electricity in one giant wave, it hit Subomi's outstretched vine like a lightning rod and traveled through it, into his hand, then through the other vines and into the ground. Subomi cried as his hand was badly burned, but at least the rest of him was fine. Lux wasn't. The poison was doing its work, and Lux could barely stand anymore.
"Luxray, quick use roar!" Pippin called. Luxray weakly roared and Subomi flashed away into his pokéball and was replaced by a very unlucky Ruto. Mech could have used the pool, but that would only hurt her chances of avoiding an attack.
"Ruto use hydro pump!" Mech called desperate. In her youth he doubted she could survive a super effective hit. The attack missed Luxray and it charged and delivered a spark to Ruto. True to his suspicions, it was too much and she fainted.
"Lapras is unable to battle. Round two goes to Pippin. Begin round three!" the official declared.
"Guma, get him!" Mech called.
"Rotom, go!" Pippin shouted at the same time. "Rotom use thunder wave!"
Guma dodge!" Mech called. Guma ran flat out, but the wave spread out in all directions and caused him to trip and fall face first when it hit him.
"Rotom use thunder!" Pippin ordered. Guma tried to dodge but was paralyzed, luckily the attack missed anyway. Rotom followed up with several more bolts that didn't. Pretty soon Guma was covered in burns and still couldn't move. He twitched for a moment and stopped.
"Linoone is unable to battle Round three goes to Pippin. Begin round four!" the official declared.
"Darunia, go!" Mech called.
"We've got them on the ropes, go Floatzal!" Pippin cheered. "Floatzal use aqua jet!"
"Darunia, dodge!" Mech called. To be fair Darunia did try to dodge but with aqua jet's speed, that was impossible. "Now, dragon claw!" Mech called. Darunia slashed at Floatzal who retreated so quickly it dodged that attack all together. Roaring in frustration, Darunia fired a dragon pulse at it. Floatzal easily countered with a water pulse then used surf to flood the entire field. She swam around for a bit then bit Darunia's tail causing him to jump out of the water. He used this to circle round and get a birds eye view on his opponent. When he did however, she hit him again with a waterfall attack. The succession of attacks was too much and Darunia too fell.
"Charizard is unable to battle, Pippin takes round four. One more win and the match is his!"
"Let's finish this, go Rozareido" Pippin ordered.
"Come on Erureido, one more win!" Mech called. Erureido faced down his Roserade opponent and leapt into the air. He fired a succession of psycho cuts which Rozareido dodged the majority of but some made contact.
"Rozareido use giga drain!" Pippin ordered.
"Is that how you want to play? Fine, Erureido, drain punch!" Mech countered. Both attacks hit, and effectively canceled each other out. Erureido followed up with a psycho cut that knocked its target several feet back. Before Rozareido could counter attack, Erureido fired of blast after blast of psychic energy. Before long Rozareido submitted to the blows and collapsed.
"Roserade is unable to battle, Mechsrule wins round five. The standings are 3-2 to Pippin. Begin the final round!" The official declared.
"Finish this Staraptor!" Pippin called.
"San, come on we need a win!" Mech called.
"Staraptor use close combat!" Pippin called confidently.
"San use dig to dodge!" Mech countered. San dove into the ground somehow, and dodged the move so Staraptor waited in the air, immune to the eventual attack. "Use avalanche after you pop out!" Mech sent telepathically. San waited a moment then burst from the ground, but Staraptor dodged out of the way and followed up with a close combat. The ultra effective, very powerful attack hit San like a truck; however she managed to remain standing due to the red belt she wore. She roared angrily and sent a flurry of snow, out of no where towards her flying opponent. The attack, which was super effective, was boosted by the fact San had already taken damage and was backed up by all her strength. To sum that all up, Staraptor didn't stand a chance any better then a twig against a steamroller.
"Staraptor is unable to battle, Mechsrule wins the final round. The match is tied!" The official announced. "The match will now be decided by an impartial judge."
"Well this is a surprise. Neither of you two have needed my judgment before." The judge, a portly old man chuckled from his seat. "There is a lot to consider here. Pippin managed to win three matches in a row, but Mechsrule had a come from behind tie. That last move was brilliant and how you both don't need to constantly instruct your pokémon shows immense trust in them. This is going to be a tough one. But I must go with Mechsrule. He showed incredible ingenuity even when dealing with a type disadvantage. Therefore Mechsrule is the winner of the match." The judge decided.
"You heard it here folks, by judges decision, Mechsrule will advance to the Elite Four. Never in all my years did I expect a new trainer to go so far. I think we may have the makings of a new champion on our hands. This kid is truly amazing." The announcer shouted into his microphone.

"Here, your pokémon are all healed up." The generic nurse at the counter said.
"Thank you." Mech said and hurried to his room. "How do you feel San?"
"Sore but I'll live. That belt really came in handy."
"Well that's part of why I got it. Anyway, you were going to tell me some family history?" Mech said.
"Right. The Girasu history." San said. "Are you sure? It's not very interesting."
"So? I'd still like to hear it."
"Alright. Now it all began..."
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