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Chapter 32 The Pokémon League Part 4: The Elite Four

This had been pretty slow the past few days. After Mech, Bob, Gardie, and Maya won in their perspective tiers, there followed a week of recuperation for the upcoming onslaught. Once they had one, they had drawn numbers to determine the order they would face the Elite Four, and the order ended up; Maya, Bob, Gardie, Mech. Mech was happy with the way it turned out because then he wouldn't have to fight anyone else for three months and he could see how the others did before him.
Over the week away from battle, the Yogirasu mark (the mark of the Girasu family named after the first to have it) had darkened to a dark gray. It would get darker but there was no hiding it now. He had even tried transforming to see if that had any effect and it didn't which surprised him but Myuu reminded him transforming wont remove all traits. None of his friends had brought up the subject since and neither did he.
It was almost Mech's turn at the Elite Four. Maya had lost her challenge to the Champion. Bob lost ("Damn it! I didn't think to bring anti-bugs!") to the first member. Gardie almost made it but was narrowly beaten by Cynthia's Garchomp. Apparently his mother had even shown up to the match. Finally the day came and confidently Mech strode up to the Elite Four building's entrance. Far off in the stadium, a crowd waited for the announcer to speak.
"Hello and welcome to the final day of this the 547th Pokémon League. This is truly a spectacular event, 31 gym leaders have shown up! So far we've seen three challengers rise and fall to the awesome challenge that is the Elite Four. Will Mechsrule, the fourth and final challenger be the one to break the League of its 5 year winning streak or will he join the others in the next tournament. A professional announcer shouldn't pick favorites but I have to say this kid could do it! He came from out of no where and took Sinnoh by storm. He has already triumphed over veteran trainers from all the regions. I sure feel sorry for anyone who bet against him. Now then, let's get the live battle feed screens up as Mechsrule begins his challenge!"
The doors opened and Mech and his pokémon stepped inside. The door slammed shut behind them. In front of him was a small platform which when they stepped on it, raised them up to a higher floor. They walked through the door at the end of the new hall into a room that looked almost like it was outside. There were trees, plants and even a log in there. Across the room, a kid with green hair and an oddly patterned vest stood there.
"Hello! Welcome to the Elite Four!" The kid said. "I'm Aaron of the Elite Four. It's good to meet you. Oh, I should explain, I'm a huge fan of bug Pokémon. Bug pokémon are nasty-mean, and yet they're beautiful, too... Would you like to know why I take on challengers here, in this room? It's because I want to become perfect, just like my bug pokémon! OK! Let me take you on!" The kid shouted. "Go Yanmega!"
"Darunia, this fight is all yours!" Mech called.
"Oh this is going to be good." Darunia smiled sinisterly.
"Darunia, I think a flamethrower should do it!" Mech called. Darunia nodded and even before it could fight back, Dustox fell down, smoldering a bit.
"Grr! Go Vespiquen!" Aaron shouted. "Vespiquen, use power gem!"
"Darunia flamethrower!" Mech countered. Darunia was just too fast and Vespiquen fell as well.
"Come on Heracross!" Aaron called. "Use night slash!"
"Darunia fly!" Mech called. Darunia flew up and dodged Heracross's move but missed with fly.
"Use mega horn!" Aaron called. The attack hit but did little damage. "Now close combat!" Heracross tried, but Darunia had already flown up. This time he didn't miss. "Go Drapion!
"Darunia, heat wave!" This attack defeated its target in one go. This was getting a little sad.
"Great. Scizor!" Aaron said half heartedly. Another flamethrower downed his last pokémon.
"Great job Darunia!" Mech cheered.
"I lost with the most beautiful and toughest of the bug pokémon...We lost because I wasn't good enough...That's it! Back to training camp!" Let's hear it for me! No...That was wrong...Anyway...Go on to the next room! Three trainers are waiting for you. They're all tougher then me."
"I sure hope so, that was too easy." Mech said and went on, through to the next room, and up another lift into a new room. This one had sand and rocks everywhere, and even a cliff along one wall. In this one stood an elderly woman wearing a white coat and a brown scarf.
"Well, well, you're quite the adorable trainer, but you've also got a spine. Ahaha! I'm Bertha!" She cried. "I have a preference for ground type pokémon. Well, would you show this old lady how much you've learned?" She shouted. "Go Whiscash!
"This fight is yours, Subomi!" Mech called. "Use toxic spikes!"
"Whiscash use rock throw!" Subomi flung poisoned spikes all over Bertha's side of the field and withstood the rock throw. With a giga drain, Whiscash fell. "Go Gliscor!" Being flying, it avoided the spikes but a giga drain from Subomi knocked him out too. "How about Hippowdon?" She said. Its presence caused a sandstorm to kick up on the field and buffet Subomi. "Hippowdon use earthquake."
"Subomi use your vines and sit on Hippowdon!" Mech called. Subomi did so and the attack shook everyone in the room except Hippowdon and his passenger. A giga drain silenced him as well.
"Alright, Rhyperior use horn drill!" Bertha commanded. The rhino charged with the one hit KO move, stepping on several dozen spikes as it did so, but Subomi countered with a grass knot. It tripped and ran straight into the wall, leaving a large hole there. Subomi quickly drained it's remaining health and healed himself from the sandstorm in the process. "This is my last hope, go Golem! Use explosion!" Bertha shouted. Golem nodded and literally exploded right there. The shockwave knocked everyone back. The smoke cleared and Subomi remained standing, badly covered in burns.
"Did I win?" He said in a daze before collapsing. Mech rushed over and administered a full restore while Bertha spoke.
"You're quite something, youngster. I like how you and your pokémon earned the win by working as one. That's what makes you so strong. Ahahaha! I think you can go as far as you want." Bertha smiled.
"Yeah. Well, let's hope it gets more challenging." Mech said. After another identical lift, he entered a room with lava surrounding a few narrow strips of land. There a red headed guy who looked like a bit of a slacker waited.
"Yo, trainer!" He said. "You had me counting the day's on my fingers waiting for you to come. I heard from Volkner what you did at Lake Valor. You managed to light a fire in that guy's heart again. How could you not expect me to look forward to seeing you in battle?"
"Uh, thanks?" Mech said confused.
"Let's go, Houndoom!" Flint called.
"Ruto, this is all yours!" Mech called. "Use waterfall!"
"Houndoom use crunch!" Houndoom charged Ruto who summoned a torrent of water out of nowhere and used it to send Houndoom back at its trainer. It got up and was thrown back by another blast of water and didn't get up again. "Flareon use flame wheel!" Flareon leaped into the air and began flying at Ruto like a fiery death ball but a hydro pump doused the flames and defeated it too. "Rabidash use bounce!"
"Not much to do but wait." Mech said. On cue Rabidash came screaming down but Ruto repelled it with a water fall attack. 'This is getting too easy.
"Infernape use flare blitz!" Flint ordered. Ruto tried to repel him but he leaped over the attack and hit her full on, knocking her out of the match.
"Well then, Erureido use psycho cut!" Mech called. Already flinching from the recoil of its attack, it was a sitting duck for Erureido's attack that knocked it out. "San I'm counting on you for this last match!"
"And here I thought I'd be bored this whole time." San said.
"Magmortar use fire punch!" Flint called sending out his last pokémon. It charged San and was sent back by a stone edge. A rock tomb from San finished it.
"Yeah, San!" Mech cheered.
".....................whew......Burnt right down to cinders..." Flint said sadly.
"Yeah yeah." Mech said. He left the room, revived Ruto, then continued to the next room. This one was purple with four glowing orbs just floating around in the room. The last member of the Elite Four had purple hair, a red suit, and seemed to be reading. He put the book down and spoke.
"Ah, you timed your arrival well. I've just finished reading a book, you see. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lucian." He said "I am a user of the psychic type, I must say, you've already proven yourself to be outstanding by coming this far. They say I am the toughest of the Elite Four. I'm afraid I will have to go all out against you to live up to that reputation."
"Good. Maybe you'll be the first challenge. Seriously the last three have been a joke."
"Don't worry. Mr. Mime!" Lucian called.
"San, this is your fight." Mech called. San rushed forward with a crunch attack but Mr. Mine threw up an invisible wall just in time to block. San repeatedly bashed at the wall but it held. "Try a dark pulse!" Mech suggested. The pulse went through the wall and knocked out Mr. Mime.
"Espeon!" Lucian called. A crunch from San stopped it before it could even begin to fight. "How about Bronzong!" A flamethrower took it out. "Alakazam?" Lucian said. San charged it but it teleported out of the way. She roared and sent out dark pulses in every direction. Eventually one hit and Alakazam fell.
"Alright San! Just one more!" Mech cheered.
"Go Gallade!" Lucian shouted.
"Great, another Gallade. San, might as well let Erureido take this fight." San nodded and let Erureido face the Gallade.
"Gallade use double team!" Lucian called. The clones circled around Erureido, throwing the odd punch. Erureido took a beating before he could retaliate. His counter took the form of a shadow claw powered form of the Kaitengiri. Gallade didn't see it coming so it and all its clones were hit at once. The clones vanished and he was knocked back. Erureido didn't give it a minute to rest, he charged Gallade and hit it with a succession on shadow claws. Lucian's last pokémon fell.
"Yeah Erureido!" Mech cheered.
"Congratulations. You've now beaten the Elite Four. However that doesn't mean you're done with the pokémon league. There remains the Champion. I should warn you- the champion is far stronger then the Elite Four. Now, go on. Step through the doorway to your final battle." Lucian said, conceding before picking up another book.
"Come on guys, one more battle!" Mech smiled. "Then we can find Mewthree!"
"And go home." San sighed.
"San, you could just come with me." Mech said.
"Are you sure I could? And this is my home." San replied.
"We should talk about this if the time comes." Mech said. "Bob and I might not be able to go home at all or some sort of permanent link may form and the point will be mute."
"I guess. Well then, might as well not waste time, let's crush Cynthia!" San agreed. They walked through the final door together to face the Sinnoh Champion.
"One look at you tells me many things about you. Together, you and your pokémon overcame all the challenged you faced, however difficult. It means that you're the triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too. The power you learned... I can feel it from you." Cynthia said from the center of a glowing neon ring on the floor. "That's enough talking. Let's get on with why you're here. I Cynthia, accept your challenge as the Pokémon League Champion! There won't be any letup from me!"
"I sure hope so those last four were all but too easy!" Mech replied.
"Spiritomb, go!" Cynthia called.
"Might as well me extra mean, Subomi use toxic spikes!" Mech called. Subomi gleefully flung the poisoned traps everywhere, making life infinitely more annoying for the rest of her team.
"Spiritomb use psychic!" Cynthia ordered.
"Subomi use giga drain!" Mech called. Spiritomb hit Subomi with a psychic blast but the giga drain cushioned the damage and kept him alive. "Keep it up!" Mech shouted. Subomi tried another giga drain, but nothing happened.
"I think I'm out of pp!" Subomi shouted back.
"But that's never been a problem before!"
"Yeah but it's Spiritomb's special ability, it makes me use up pp a lot faster."
"Just try to wing it with mega drain then!" Mech suggested.
"Will do!" Subomi replied, dodging a silver wind fired by Spiritomb. He retaliated with several more mega drains which finally took it out.
"Great. Lucario, get him!" Cynthia ordered.
"Might as well get one more epic fight into this chapter. And in the spirit of that, go Erureido!" Mech called. Instantly the battle began. The two jumped around the room, running up walls and clashing in mid air like they were trapped in a lame anime knock-off. It did the trick though because a minute or two later Lucario was thrown down to the ground. Erureido landed on it. "Well that was a little anti climatic."
"Togekiss, take him!" Cynthia commanded.
"Come on Guma!" Mech called. Togekiss swooped at Guma who fired off a thunderbolt at it but it dodged the attack so Guma used thunder wave. The electricity knocked it out of the sky instantly. Guma was on it in a flash, following up with a slash attack. Togekiss fainted from the short combo.
"Go Roserade!" Cynthia ordered. Roserade picked up the toxic spikes despite her last two were immune to them.
"Darunia, a flamethrower if you please!" Mech called. One attack and Cynthia's fourth pokémon fell.
"Milotic get him!" Cynthia said sounding more desperate.
"Erureido, a few thunder bolts." Mech said. Milotic didn't stand a chance.
"I've been in tighter corners. Go Garchomp!" Cynthia said.
"Ruto, ice beam!" Mech called. The ice beam hit full on but Garchomp hardly noticed and plowed into Ruto with a giga impact. Ruto cried out from the overkill.
"Mech, put me in!" Darunia growled.
"You got it!" Mech said. Darunia went berserk on Garchomp, firing off dragon pulses while simultaneously slicing it to bits with dragon claws. After a minute of punishment, Cynthia recalled Garchomp and conceited.
"That was excellent. Truly, an outstanding battle." She said. "You gave the support your pokémon needed to maximize their power. And you guided them with certainty to secure victory. You have both passion and calculation coolness. Together, you and your pokémon can overcome any challenge that may come your way. Those are the impressions I got from our battle. I'm glad I got to take part in the crowning of Sinnoh's new champion! Come with me. We'll take the lift."
"Alright guy's! We did it!" Mech cheered. Before continuing he made sure to revive Ruto, then the eight, including Cynthia, boarded the final lift. When it reached the top of the wall it was climbing, they saw the massive doors there that emptied out into the final stadium. "This is it guys. We won. Now everything's going to be alright." Mech said confidently as he opened the doors and walked out to deafening applause.
"Well folks, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it! This kid is simply incredible. Not only did he defeat the Elite Four, he made it look easy! I think he'll be holding that position for years to come. I feel truly honored to have witnessed such a spectacular event!" The announcer shouted into the megaphone.
"Come." Cynthia commanded. She has stepped onto a platform in the center of the stadium. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the newest Sinnoh champion!" She spoke into a microphone at a podium on the platform. Mechsrule, San, Darunia carrying Ruto, Erureido, Subomi, and lastly Guma mounted the stage. "Now, would you like to say a few words?" She asked Mech.
"Defiantly." Mech said. He walked up and spoke. "Fellows, you say I'm a champion. But honestly what did I do? I'll tell you what, I carted around a bunch of pokémon that did the fighting for me. How does that make any sense? They do all the work and I take the credit? I don't think so. The real champions are standing right behind me. Guam, the little rouge, who was such an asset in funding our journey; Subomi who helped me win so many gym battles; Erureido who helped teach me a few techniques; Darunia whose actions got us our sixth member and flew us to Mount Doom and back; Ruto who despite her young age still pulled of some amazing victories. And lastly San, who helped me start my journey in the first place, and who showed me love can come out of anywhere, even where you least expected it." Mech said.
"Mech are you sure this is a good idea?" San asked but was silenced when Mech wrapped his arms around her as best he could and kissed her in front of the whole crowd. For an agonizing second, no one moved; no one breathed. Some ass in the back shouted "Woo!" but everyone ignored him, and unknown to most, his date slapped him in the back of the head.
"You seem shocked." Mech said addressing the crowd again. "But as far as I'm concerned there is nothing morally or now because I say so, legally wrong with that. Pokémon are every bit as sentient as humans and you people fail to see that because none of you take the time to truly get to know them. Because none of you can understand them like me. Pokémon and humans should be able to live together not just as creatures to train and collect, or pets, but as friends and even lovers. I think one of my friends could attest to that." Mech said. "And as that friend had informed me I can basically change laws so I hereby remove all bans on human-pokémon relationships, and order full immunity to the results thereof!" Mech declared. The reaction was half and half. The first half gasped and flipped out like a priest would at an atheist convention. The second half cheered and many began making out with various pokémon then and there.
"Yeah Mech!" Gardie cheered, running out. Behind him ran a woman and an Archanine.
"Ah, I take it you're his parents then?" Mech greeted.
"We don't know how to thank you enough!" Gardie's mother said, in tears.
"Yes, because of you we no longer have to hide in the woods like Caterpie! We can return to our lives without the fear of jail or worse." Arc said.
"Now we don't have to hide from the world at large!" Gardie smiled, nuzzling a happy looking Saria.
"Yeah Mech" Ven joined in.
"Can't say I approve but it's your choice." Ganty said joining them.
"I did not see that coming!" Bob commented. The jubilations were cut short by a screeching cry. Into the stadium flew a badly injured Skarmory carrying an unconscious person. It was missing several plate-feathers and crash landed near the group. Several officials and medical personal ran over and lifted the man off the beaten bird.
"That's Falkner, the Violet City gym leader!" Ganty explained. "From Johto. He wasn't here earlier; I wonder what could have happened?" Mech rushed forward.
"What happened?" Mech asked.
"We don't know kid, and he's not telling us any time soon." One of the officials said.
"Not you, the Skarmory!" Mech said.
"Me?" the bird asked confused.
"No the other one. Of course you!"
"Well, okay. We were late getting here and on the way we flew near a lake, I think it's called Lake Valor. Anyway, we saw this huge white pokémon tear apart the island in the middle. We went down to stop it but it was too strong. My trainer was badly hurt but I got him out of there and flew here right away. I don't know what happened to the others but I don't think they made it." Skarmory said sadly.
"A huge white pokémon. That could be anything." Ganty said.
"Did it have moss growing on it?" Asked Candice who had appeared out of nowhere.
"Yes!" Skarmory said nodding.
"It must be Regigigas!" Candice gasped. "It normally lives in the temple north of Snowpoint! Someone must have awakened it and sent it to capture Azelf!"
"The same someone that sent the Murkrow and Weavile!" Volkner added, also appearing out of nowhere.
"Come on guys, we've got a being to save!" Mech shouted. He returned all his pokémon except Darunia, and took off, with Bob, Ganty, Gardie, and Ven.

"There it is!" Bob pointed. The island looked just like the previous two, torn to pieces, rubble everywhere. They flew down to see if there were any clues to where Regigigas had gone.
"Over here!" Nabooru cried. They rushed over and found a half dead Pidgeot. There was nothing they could do, one if its wings had been torn off and the wound was bleeding badly.
"Please, if you can hear us, tell us where it went!" Mech begged. The Pidgeot stirred a bit. If feebly raised a wing and pointed before it gave out and died. Trying to ignore the loss, Mech looked in the direction it had pointed. He saw an almost straight line of toppled trees heading towards Mt. Coronet.
"How did we miss that?" Bob wondered. They took off again and followed the trail of devastation to Mt. Coronet.

"The trail ends at the base of the mountain!" Bob noted.
"Then I guess we just have to fly up." Ganty said.
"Not so fast." Myuu said through Mech. "I can sense Mewthree's presence here. He's nearby. I hope you're ready, because you've got a real fight on your hands!"
"Okay that was a really cool effect you did with your voice, but how did you do that?" Ven asked.
"Easy. I have the powers of a Mew." Mech said. "Let's go!"
"Right! This is the final showdown!" Bob smiled. "Then we can finally go home."
"No Bob. That's not happening." Mech said.
"You mean we can't go home?"
"No, the 'we'. I'm not leaving. I like it here, a lot more then back home. Plus I can't leave San or force her to leave her home. So if we get the option to go back, you can take it but I won't" Mech decided.
"Things won't be the same without you." Bob nodded. "But we'll make do" They climbed their mounts and rushed to the top of the mountain. They landed, drew their various weapons and released all their pokémon. Gardie didn't need one but shape shifted somehow to a state between Archanine and human effectively making him an antromorphic Arcanine. Bob pulled off his oversized two handed great sword, and Ven pulled out a longbow. They stood on a wide plateau, and on the far side stood a lone figure covered in a black cloak.
Chapter End Notes:Actually, I might not stop the series after all, more sort of put it on hold and pick up again later at another time in the story. That is mainly (or solely) because I actually want it to make it into the top 10 for something. (30k words to get on that list and I'm not sure for views but I think its 3k)Oh and sorry, no final showdown between Maya and Mech, sorry. I said the tiers would lead to the final four who would fight the Elite Four. However, she does have one last role to play though I'm staying mute on the subject. Also the next chapter in the lost chapters takes place just before this one
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