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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 34 It's not over just yet!

Mech awoke very awkwardly the next morning with something sharp pressing against his neck. Frustrated, he opened his eyes to see a Scyther glaring at him. Behind him he could see Gardie similarly incapacitated by a Swampert. San and Saria were still somehow asleep and unaware of what was going on.
"Don't move unless we tell you." A Kadabra behind the Scyther said telepathically.
"Got it. And you can speak, everyone can understand you here." Mech said calmly.
"Shut it human!" The Scyther snarled.
"Now now, I did tell him to do something." Kadabra said. "Let's just take them back to the village so they can decide what to do with them."
"I say you just let us kill them now!" The Scyther said.
"No. Normally I would agree but there must be some reason why these pokémon are with them and they don't appear to be bound to them in any way. I want to know why first." The Kadabra answered. "Wake the others." It said to a Chatot.
"Wakey wakey!" Chatot said, tapping San and Saria.
"Wha?" Saria mumbled confused.
"It's too early for this." San said.
"San, do not do anything rash! We need them on our side!" Mech sent urgently.
"What are you talking about?" San asked out loud before she saw what was happening. A vein twitched but she managed to keep her cool.
"Come with us then." Kadabra said. They got up and walked off.
"Don't try anything human or you'll wish you'd turned around at the boarder." The Scyther threatened.
"I'm starting to wish I'd set a few sentries." Mech commented. "It's not fun waking up with a blade at your throat."
"You're lucky you woke up at all!" Scyther returned.
"You're new at this aren't you?" Mech said a bit unwisely.
"What do you mean by that human?"
"Well you didn't even bother searching us for hidden weapons which I'll admit I do have one on my belt which isn't hidden at all and still there." Mech pointed out. "But don't worry; I don't need it to hold you off."
"Oh what I wouldn't give..." Scyther snarled.
"Cool it." Kadabra said. "Besides doesn't something else bother you?"
"How irritating they are?" Scyther asked.
"Why you are threatening them?" San glared.
"Why we haven't just killed you and been on our way?" Saria added.
"No! You're all wrong!" Kadabra said "Well those are all true, but that's not what I meant. That human can understand us! How many humans have we seen that speak our language?"
"Uh..."Scyther thought.
"None!" Chatot answered.
"Hey, what am I? I can understand you too!" Gardie protested.
"Gardie, let it go. We can talk about it when we get to where ever we're going." Mech said sharply.
"Just a little bit further." Swampert grunted.

"What news have you brought?" Asked an aged Sceptile.
"Well, on our patrol we found these two humans and two pokémon." Kadabra said.
"And why did you bring them here?" Sceptile asked.
"Because the pokémon seem to be traveling with them of their own free will!" Kadabra explained.
"Interesting. Is this true?" It asked San and Saria who where seated in a crude hut in the center of a village of crude huts. Mech and Gardie had been shuffled off to the strongest structure which was a storage shed and doubled as a cell.
"Yes." They answered.
"And the reason for this is?" Sceptile prompted.
"You could say we're close friends." Saria blushed.
"Besides neither is very human." San added.
"Is that so?" Sceptile asked. "Let's hear from them. Bring them here would you?" It asked a Meditite. The Meditite nodded and left. A minute later it returned.
"Sir, they want to bring the other prisoner with them. They say he's a friend." Meditite informed them.
"Very well." Sceptile said. Meditite left again and when he returned this time, he lead Mech and Gardie in, followed by of all people, Bob.
"Hey, Bob's alive!" San cheered.
"Yeah, turns out he ended up not far from here a few nights ago. Apparently he surrendered to them so they brought him here as well." Mech explained.
"I probably would have been better off with Naetoru, but this way I know Nabooru is safe no matter where or when she is." Bob added.
"So, it seems these two are with you of their own free will." Sceptile said.
"Yes." Mech replied.
"Ah, and it would also seem you can understand us." Sceptile said happily. "Now, could you tell us why you are here?"
"I could give a full explanation but we'd be here all night and most of tomorrow too. And I'm not entirely sure of what's going on myself." Mech replied. "But I will sum it up best I can. Alright there's this evil being called Mewthree that caused this whole war. We were in the past and fought him. We almost won but then he used Dialga and Palkia to tear a hole in time and flung us into it. There were 34 of us, but only the 15 of us ended up here. We don't know where or when the others are."
"Excuse me but are you saying this whole war was caused by one being?" Kadabra asked.
"Yes. One that impersonated me to get into a position of power and took over. I'm not sure exactly what he did, not being there but I can see it was something big."
"You said there are 15 of you, where are the other ten?" Sceptile asked.
"In these." Gardie answered pulling out his pokéballs.
"And what are those?" Sceptile asked.
"Small containers that make it easier to cart pokémon around." Gardie replied.
"In our time, that's what was done." Mech added. "Though we both did it only when necessary, like right now. We'd let them out but this hut is fairly small."
"I say we kill them and free their captives." Scyther suggested. "We can't let two humans go around kidnapping pokémon and forcing them into tiny prisons."
"But would you let a couple of pokémon go around doing that?" Mech asked.
"How is that relevant?" Sceptile asked.
"Gardie, if you would?" Mech said. Gardie nodded and shifted to his Arcanine form. Scyther and Kadabra gasped but Sceptile simply looked surprised. "And there's more." Mech added. "Transform!" He called shifting into a Mew.
"I should have known." Kadabra said hanging its head. "We are terribly sorry."
"Calm down, I'm only part Mew." Mech explained shifting back. "My friend is half Arcanine while I am human but a Mew relinquished her powers to me to try to defeat the aforementioned villain. Want to add anything Myuu?" Mech asked. There was no reply which was strange for her.
"Who are you talking to?" Gardie asked confused.
"Myuu. After she died most of her mind latched on to mine so she could give advice and stuff. She can talk through me sometimes like she did at Mt. Coronet."
"And were your ears always that pointed?" Gardie asked.
"No..." Mech said, reaching up and feeling the tips of his ears. Normally round, they had developed slight points. "This hasn't happened before."
"Could be a side effect of the Yogirasu." San suggested.
"No it's not." Myuu finally said to him alone. "I'm sorry Mech. I wanted to stay to help you until you defeated Mewthree. Looks like I won't get the chance to."
"What do you mean?" Mech asked.
"It would seem time travel did not help my situation. Dusknoir has finally caught up to me. I'm afraid my consciousness is fading.
"Are you sure this time?"
"Yes. It would seem my presence may change your form after all. I am deeply sorry about that and for forcing this on you. Good bye Mechsrule." She said, her voice fading.
"Good bye Myuu." Mech said solemnly.
"Oh, and you're welcome." Myuu said.
"For what?"
"You'll see soon." Myuu finished and said no more.
"Are you okay?" Bob asked.
"It feels like a part of me just died and the rest of me is trying to revive that part." Mech said. "Now then, where were we?"
"Uh, we were just about to let you go." Sceptile said.
"Great. We're trying to figure out where to go, but I assume the capital area would be best."
"We shall find someone to guide you." Sceptile said. "If you'd like to rest feel free to but I'm afraid this village is rather cramped."
"Thank you for your help." Mech said.
"It's the least we could do for you after we attacked you. You must forgive us, this war has been hard." Sceptile said.
"How long has it been going on? We kind of left before it started." Mech asked.
"No one knows anymore. It's been going on for as long as any of us can remember and beyond."
"Great." Gardie sighed.
"But it won't be going on much longer." Sceptile said but sounded even sadder. "The humans are constantly improving their technology. It's only a matter of time before they overwhelm us and we will be gone from the world forever."
"Not if I have anything to say about it. I know a few things about technology and specifically metallurgy. I think I may be able to turn the tide if only to balance the sides." Mech said determinedly. "How soon can we leave to get there?"
"Just as soon as your guide gets in here." Sceptile said. "Fetch Farore would you?" Meditite nodded and left. "She knows the forest well and can get you there in a couple of days."
"Did he just say Farore?" Erureido asked from his pokéball. Mech released him from it so they could talk.
"Yes I believe he did."
"Now try not to be alarmed but she isn't normal though I expect you're use to weird things." Sceptile added.
"Yeah, that's her." Erureido said excitedly.
"That must mean Ganty is nearby as well!" Gardie realized. "Maybe she'll know where Ven is!"
"You called me?" Someone asked outside the hut.
"Farore!" Erureido cried, rushing out to meet her. He was met by a back hand to the face. "What was that for?"
"What was that for!? Where have you been for the past twelve years?" Farore demanded entering the hut.
"We just got here a few days ago. We all got sent to different times." Erureido explained.
"That would explain why it's just been us and Ven's pokémon." Farore said. "So, elder, you wanted me to do something?"
"Yes, they need to get to the capital." Sceptile said.
"Sure. I'll do it, but first I need to take them to meet Ganty and Ven." Farore said.
"Thank you." Sceptile replied.
"Well, we'd best get going." Mech said. "Thank you for helping us out of the forest."
"Good bye and good luck on your journey." Septile said as they left.

"So it's really been 12 years since you arrived?" Erureido asked.
"Yes. A lot has happened in that time too." Farore explained as they wound their way through the forest. "Ven and Ganty live in a neutral village on the boarder though the only pokémon inhabitants are theirs. Oh and Ganty has a son now."
"Now that's a shocker."
"Yeah but his dad is a bastard. Found out she didn't hate pokémon like him and they broke up. Her son's just like his father and before you ask, he didn't inherit her ability to understand pokéspeak."
"Do you know anything else about it?"
"No, right after we arrived, I went to join the war effort and look for you guys."
"Do you know anything about Nabooru?" Mech asked for Bob who was getting increasingly irritated with being out of almost every conversation now.
"I thought she was with you." Farore said telepathically to include Bob.
"I couldn't return her in time and she slipped out of my hand. Though I know she's safe. I threw my pack at her when she fell in so no matter when she is, Naetoru and the others are there to protect her."
"Well I'm sorry but we haven't seen her."
"Sigh. So how far to Ganty's home?" Bob asked.
"We're really close. Just an hour or so." Farore replied.

"Hello?" asked a woman as she opened her door. "Oh hi, Farore."
"Ganty, I brought some people here to see you." Farore said waving behind her.
"Who-" Ganty trailed off.
"Hey. It's been a while." Mech said.
"Where have you been?" Ganty shouted.
"We only just ended up here." Mech said.
"Is Ven around here?" Gardie asked.
"Just a few doors down. That house over there." Ganty pointed.
"See you guys." Gardie said rushing off.
"So did we miss anything when we fell into the vortex?" Ganty asked.
"Not much though we did find out one thing. This whole war is my fault." Mech said sadly.
"It's not your fault. Mewthree used my sister and himself to impersonate us and cause this war." San explained. "Everyone made it here except Bob's pokémon."
"So what are you going to do?"
"Help in anyway I can to end this war and make sure neither side falls." Mech said.
"The pokémon capital is defiantly the place to go. The humans have been gaining the upper hand of late." Ganty said.
"So let's get going!" Mech declared.
"I'm sorry but I'm staying here." Ganty said. "I've made a life here. I can't just get up and leave." Ganty said sadly.
"Who's there?" Plusun asked peeking around the door. "Subomi!" She cheered. "Buoysel! It's the others!" she called.
"Huh?" She asked joining Plusun. "You're alive!"
"Hi Buoysel." Guma greeted.
"What are you doing here?" Plusun asked.
"We just ended up here so we're going to do what we can in the pokémon capital."
"I'm going with you then." Buoysel said.
"Me too." Plusun added. "How about you, Kyukon?"
"Hello. I'm staying right here. I don't have any reason to leave and someone has to be here in case someone attacks the village." Kyukon said.
"Me too. Though I'll happily act as a courier service." Nyctea offered
"If you're sure, we'd best get going before anyone notices we're here." Mech said.
"Alright. Send word once you get there will you?" Ganty said.
"I'll send Mukk- right." Bob said sadly.
"Nabooru and the others didn't make it." Mech explained. "We've spent enough time here. The sooner we get there the sooner we can turn the tide in the war."
"Good bye." Ganty said.

"Ven's going to join us." Gardie said.
"Yeah. Things are a little too dull around here. Actually I've been cementing a few high up friendships on the human side. Been thinking of doing a little spy work." Ven said.
"Let's get going." Bob said.
"Why are you so eager? We're going where no one speaks your language." Mech wondered.
"Without Nabooru Mewthree just made one lethal enemy. I have nothing to lose anymore." Bob glared.
"Rein the macho attitude." Farore said. "Alright we'll get there faster if we fly."
"Uh..." Bob muttered while everyone else pulled out their birds. Swellow, Darunia, and Karasu were ready. "We're short two mounts."
"Looks like you need another flier." Kyukon said walking over.
"So you're joining us?" Gardie asked.
"Just to go to the capital then I'm going right back." Kyukon said.
"Alright since we all have our own mounts looks like you get paired with Bob. Now where are we going put you, Farore?"
"Couldn't we carry her in a pokéball?" Bob asked.
"After a twelve year hiatus from one? No way!" Farore countered.
"You can take Darunia if he doesn't mind." Mech offered.
"What about you?"
"I'm part mew. I'm supposed to be able to levitate without trying." Mech said. "I know normally it takes a lot of energy but I should be able to do it without effort."
"Is that why you're floating right now?" Bob asked.
"Yeah." Mech replied. "I can't even feel the energy drain because I'm not thinking about it. Now let's go."
Chapter End Notes:So, lots in store for the future. Also if anyone knows what's up with San, don't say what you think it is. It's a surprise to be revealed in the next chapter
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