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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Chapter 36 The Return

"Bella calm down you'll break something!" Mech scolded though he didn't mean it. The young Buizel knew it and kept up running around with her two siblings. Perhaps I'm jumping into this to quickly so permit me to back up a bit. Approximately eight years have passed since we last saw our heroes and a lot has happened in that short time. For example Mech's psychic abilities had advanced to the point where he could easily sense living beings around him and determine what they were.
At the moment Mech was in a small study in the upper floors of the pokémon capital. The room was quite nice, the windows let it plenty of light for bookkeeping and allowed various couriers to drop off messages. Things were slow at the moment, the humans had been strangely passive but he wasn't complaining so he was just cataloguing various things. At the same time he was trying to watch Guma and Buoysel's triplets. The three, Bella, Ziggy, and Ben, delighted in chasing each other around the room. It was good in that it kept them out of trouble. Bella and Ben were both Buizel but Ben had distinct yellow fur, and Ziggy was a Zigzagoon like her dad. Much to Guma's relief, none inherited his other more awkward trait but they were beginning to speak English.
Gardie and Saria had a daughter but they hadn't visited the capital so all they knew was she was a Chikorita with a few tufts of Growlithe fur. Farore had recently given birth to a young Ralts as well. The last of the children entered the room just now.
"Hey dad." The young Larvitar said as he closed the door.
"Hi Rouro." Mech answered without looking up from his work. Logically Rouro should have been a carbon copy of his mother but he defied this. His eyes were like his fathers, always changing, and he picked up English better then even the triplets. He seemed a bit telepathic as well but it was weak and he could only use it on other psychic beings.
"Is uncle Bob back yet?" He asked.
"No, and it's very troubling. He should have sent word by now." Mech said frowning.
"Maybe that's him!" Rouro suggested pointing to the bird winging its way toward the building.
"Oh, it's Nyctea." Mech said surprised. Nyctea the white Noctowl flew in through the open window and landed on the desk. "So, any important news?"
"Oh yeah!" Nyctea replied holding out her leg.
"From Bob?" Mech asked removing the message.
"No, but it is from an old friend." Nyctea said cryptically before flying out again.
"Curse that bird." Mech frowned again.
"What's it say?" Rouro asked. He tried peeking over the top of the desk but he couldn't read. He was learning but the handwriting was bad and upside down to him. Mech read it and his eyes widened as he read on. "What?" Rouro whined.
"This is huge!" Mech said to himself. "There's so much to get done first." He went to the window. "NYCTEA!" He shouted. The owl returned.
"Yes?" She sighed.
"Take this to Gardie. Quickly!" Mech explained scrawling out a quick note and tied it to her leg. As soon as he finished she flew off.
"Dad, what's going on?" Rouro asked.
"A few old friends are returning at last." Mech smiled. "I've got to find your mother."
"Aw!" Ziggy whined. Mech took Rouro aside for a moment.
"Look, your old enough. I need you to just keep them here and out of trouble for a few minutes. If you can do it, I'll talk to your mother about teaching you swordplay." Mech said.
"Got it!" Rouro nodded.
"Great. I'll be back as soon as I can!" Mech said running off.
"Oh yeah! Swordplay!" Rouro cheered. "Wait. He left me alone with two water types." He realized. The triplets seemed to come to the same realization and tackled him.

"San!" Mech called running into the garden to find his wife tending to the crops with a few others, mostly grass types, and young ones.
"Mech, what's the rush?" San asked standing up and brushing herself off.
"Look!" He said showing her the letter he had received.
"You know I can't read human." San said plainly.
"Its from Ganty! She says she's with Nabooru!"
"And Nabooru is..." San asked confused.
"Bob's Riolu!"
"She found Bob's pokémon?" San exclaimed.
"It sounds like they found her. Anyway, they're going to be here in a couple days! I've already sent a note to Gardie."
"Funny, they've been gone this whole time and now that Bob's missing they show up."
"Yeah, but it doesn't mean we can't give them a warm welcome. Once we find Bob, we'll be ready to try plan J."
"Are we ready for that?" San asked.
"I hope so."
"What's so exciting?" Farore asked as she and Erureido walked over arm in arm, carrying Rarutos, their three-month-old male Ralts.
"Bob's pokémon are back!" San answered.
"That's great!" Farore cheered.
"Should we be getting ready for plan J?" Erureido asked.
"Finally." Erureido sighed and they walked off.
"This is something I should have brought up sooner." Mech said awkwardly. "San you can't come with us. Not until the end anyway."
"What!?" San shouted. "After all we've been through you want to leave me behind? I thought you loved me!"
"San you know I love you. That's why you can't come. The day we got married I destroyed your pokéball. I didn't want something forcing you to be bound to me. It seemed wrong, you know."
"You...really did?" San said, her expression softening. "I didn't even realize it had happened. Can't you use another?"
"Well when I did that I swore I would never force you into one again even if you said it was okay. Ignoring that, which I won't, I don't have any more. I only had six to begin with."
"So I can't come?" San asked again quietly.
"For the most part no, we will be traveling through a lot of human towns. Once we know where we need to go, it doesn't matter at that point."
"Maybe Bob's pokémon will have some spares." San suggested.
"Won't work. They're registered to him and to reregister them to me, I'd need a pokédex but mine is gone."
"Well someone has to take care of the kids." San sighed.
"I'm sorry. This is my fault but it just felt wrong."
"I understand why you did it. I would have done the same." San said. "Say, weren't you supposed to be watching Bella, Ben and Ziggy?"
"I asked Rouro to watch them while I told you the news." Mech said. "Don't worry, I put the right carrot in front of his nose."
"And that would be?"
"I said I'd discuss teaching him swordplay with you." Mech admitted.
"What?" San cried. "I don't want our son all sliced up!"
"Don't worry, just because its' swordplay doesn't mean we have to use metal. I'm going to practice with sticks."
"Oh. That's a relief." San sighed again. "You'd better get back before they realize they out number and out type him."
"Good point." Mech agreed running off again.

"Hey dad." Rouro smiled as Mech returned to the study. He was sitting triumphantly on the triplets.
"I see you kept them under control though you took babysitting too literally."
"I did what I had to. Now you have to teach me to sword fight!" Rouro pointed out.
"That I do. And that I shall once these three are at home. We can't watch them and practice."

"Dad you promised!" Rouro whined.
"Son, I know but you can't do this without a sword." Mech answered. He was searching the kindling pile in the fortress for two straight sticks to practice with. Finally he selected two and led Rouro through the maze of halls to a secluded but large room. He tossed the stick to his son who fumbled it.
"This isn't a sword!" Rouro complained.
"Yeah but you have to work up to swords. It's the same thing you are just wielding wood instead of steel. You don't want us all chopped up do you? Before you can use a sword you have to know how and this is a good a method as any."
"This is lame!" Rouro whined again picking the stick up anyway. Immediately he received a rap to the side. "Hey!"
"First rule of combat, never take your eyes off your opponent." Mech explained. He wasn't swinging the weapon hard, just enough so Rouro would know it despite being made of rock. Rouro made a clumsy overhead swing but Mech effortlessly knocked it aside. "Don't over exaggerate your movements. They betray your intentions." Trying to encourage him, Mech made a slow slash to the side but Rouro knocked it away. "That's it!"
They kept it up for a few minutes before Rouro gave up, throwing the stick away. "You said you'd teach me to use a sword!" he protested.
"So if you had a sword, how differently would you fight if you had a sword in hand instead of a stick." Mech asked. "The weapon is different but the tactic is the same. The only real difference is one is heavier. Even knights would have to learn the basics before they can actually use a sword. This way you learn how to use a sword, then when you get one, you'll know how to use it so if you find yourself in a fix, anything long and slender can be useful. If you see a sword as only a sharpened piece of steel then you will be closing yourself off. A warrior must be versatile and be able to deal with anything even with the fewest resources." Mech said. "Let's do a little more tomorrow."
"Okay." Rouro agreed. "How about teaching me some awesome psychic moves?"
"Rouro you know your powers aren't strong enough." Mech said shaking his head. "I'm sure in a few years they'll be strong enough for you to practice telekinesis."
"This sucks." Rouro groaned.
"Well-" Mech started, but a tap at the window silenced him. "Who could it be now?" He wondered walking over and opening it.
"Message from Ven!" chirped the Pidgey on the sill.
"Thanks." Mech said taking the letter. He read it and sent the Pidgey on its way. "Great. Bob's been captured near Mt. Coronet. We'll have to mount a rescue after Nabooru gets here. Well it's pretty late. Time for young Larvitars to go to bed."

"Hello Gardie, Saria!" Mech greeted as the pair approached the fort. It had been a few years since they had meet in person and they had a lot of catching up to do. Gardie was apparently showing off his half-breed nature, his ears had become fully canine like, and bearing the marks on his arms along with tufts of fur on his elbows and knees. Saria looked quite happy with a young Chikorita on her back.
"Hey Mech!" Gardie waved.
"Hi San!" Saria added.
"It's good to see you!" Gardie said. "You know Saria. And this is Jessica." He said holding up the little Chikorita. She looked fairly normal but had a Growlithe like collar of fur and tail.
"Hi there." San said.
"Is this your son?" Saria asked.
"Yup. This is my little Rouro." San smiled.
"Mom!" Rouro protested.
"Did anyone else come with you?" Mech asked.
"Everyone. They're on their way. They should be here in time." Gardie explained, "So that's my old team and Ven's. What about yours?"
"San, Subomi, Plusun, Erureido, Farore, Guma, Buoysel, and all the kids are around here already. I've sent word to Darunia and Ruto. According to Nabooru's letter, she should be here soon. Oh. Here comes Darunia and Ruto."
"I can't see them." Gardie said looking up. "Right. Psychic powers." He said answering his own question.
"Hey Darunia." Mech said without turning when the giant lizard landed behind him.
"Hey everyone." Darunia said. He pulled off Ruto's pokéball (which he still kept) and let her out.
"Hi! Did we miss them?" Ruto asked
"Nope. They're almost here." Mech stated
"Okay, that's a little annoying." Gardie commented.
"I can't help it. I just naturally sense living beings around me. Well it's been a while so it could be any Lucario, but I can also sense Ganty. And another human that I don't know." Mech shrugged. "Come on, let's go meet them."
"Jess, go play with Rouro." Saria said, shrugging her off her back.

"Figures. They go off to have all the fun and we have to stay behind." Jessica whined to Rouro after the adults left.
"This always happens. Mom and dad always have to leave to go to some meeting or whatever. Let's go see if the rest are around." Rouro said walking off the find the other four kids. "I'm Rouro by the way."
"Jess. Who else is here?
"Ben, Ziggy, Bella, and Rarutos." Rouro counted off. "Ben, Ziggy and Bella should be in the courtyard, but Rarutos could be anywhere."
"Cool." Jess smiled. "You know, its funny." She said after a while.
"What?" Rouro asked.
"Most boys in at home are so shy around us girls, but you're not."
"I'm eight! Besides there's a lot of girls around here and not so many boys. I got use to it long ago."
"Huh. I was thinking it was because we're so similar."
"Right, we both have a half human parent. So can you speak human too?"
"No. I haven't really tried, but I know I can't."
"Well here's courtyard." Rouro announced. "Hey! Ben! Bella! Ziggy!"
"Hey!" Ben said bounding over followed by his sisters and slowly by a baby Ralts.
"Jessica, this is Bella, Ben, Ziggy, and Rarutos." Rouro said pointing to the four.
"Hi." Jess said. "Call me Jess."
"So what's up today?" Rouro asked.
"We're going to raid the kitchens." Ziggy said.
"We should go see Ganty! I know the best spot to see!" Rouro suggested. The rest agreed and followed him.

"Here they are." Mech announced. Out of the trees, Ganty emerged followed by Kyukon, her winged Ninetails. Behind her was a young Lucario. Some pokémon were working in the farms around the fortress, turned and stared. It was earned because behind them a human walked out, or limped out on crutches.
"Mech. It's good to see you guys again." Ganty said walking up to them.
"Why am I getting so many stares?" The Lucario asked in English.
"That must be you Nabooru. How many Riolu do I know that can speak English." Mech said. "Though it seems things have changed"
"Mech?" she blinked. "What did I miss?" She wondered.
"A lot can happen in eight years." Mech said.
"It's been more like ten for me. Hey, where's my dad?" She asked looking around.
"Um, last night I received this report. Take a look." Mech said handing her the paper.
"I can't read." Nabooru protested.
"Let me see." The other human said. Nabooru handed him the paper. "It says this guy Bob has been captured and is in the Mt. Coronet base."
"This is so unfair!" Nabooru cried.
"Actually we were waiting for you to show up so we could mount a mission. I can't divert our actual forces. Even if he is my best friend, I can't risk thousands of lives, but if a small group were to sneak in there, I can't do anything to stop them. So now that we're here, we can free him!"
"I'll do it." Nabooru said. "I owe him everything and I'm going to save him. You guys with me?" She asked pulling out five pokéballs and released Bob's other pokémon.
"All the way." Naetoru said. "Hey Mech."
"And while you're there, we'll enact our own plan to get us all home." Mech said.
"What is it?" Shio asked.
"You'll find out when it gets done. We can't risk too many people knowing." Mech said. "And who is this?"
"Me?" Asked the new human. "I'm Private Colin Wright."
"He's my son." Ganty explained.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Mechsrule." Mech said shaking Colin's hand.
"I am Sanagirasu. We are..." San struggled in English. "Marry?"
"Close enough. We'll defiantly have to work on tenses when we have the time." Mech answered.
"I'm confused." Colin said. "I was surprised enough when Nabooru started talking but a Tyranitar?"
"I learning to talk human." San answered. "How was that?"
"Honestly? Perfect, no, but then again few humans practice perfect English. And it's still great. You got the point across and that's what matters." Mech said. "And if you can see them, the gang on the roof that think I don't know they're there, includes our son."
"Well I'd love to spend time catching up, but I've got a father to save." Nabooru said before turning and walking off in the general direction of human territory. Colin turned to follow. "Why are you coming?"
"As much as I'd hate to admit it, I feel like I owe you. You saved my life and I don't like being in debt even if it's like that. I figure if I help you with this, we'll be even." Colin said.
"I don't need your help."
"Nabooru, I was stationed at this base. I know it well. You don't. If you go in there you'll be killed because there's a lot of troops there. I can get you in there and most likely to the dungeons and maybe even out. After that, it'll be up to you to get back here."
"Deal." Nabooru nodded. The pair walked off, Colin leading now.
"It's good to see him warming up to her." Ganty said. "He's come along way from the toddler who used to chase Kyukon around."
"Excuse me." Mech said turning and shouted "Show's over guys. Clear off now."
"Who-" Gardie asked.
"The kids are on the roof, watching. It's pretty good I can differentiate friend and foe, but I'm around them so often I get use to their presence. Now we'd better find you a room."
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