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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 9 A New Member (Get your head out of the gutter)

"So you can understand us?" the Charizard asked. It had finally caved was showing them the way to the leader.
"Yes. It's a long story, one that not even I understand, but I do and I'm doing what I can with this gift."
"It's not often a human goes through the trouble of learning our language. It is a nice change to see one so young do that."
"I didn't learn it, I just sort of know it. Everything just sounds like English to me. I don't know how it happened, but I'm not complaining."
"Ready yourself, we are approaching our cave." It said, as the crested the ridge. Before them was the opening of an immense cave. Inside, by the glow of hundreds of flaming tails the Charizards could be seen. The adults sheltered the Charmeleon and Charmander from harm. A large one stepped towards them.
"What are you doing bringing this human here? You should be killed for such an offence." The large one said
"I lead him here because he wishes to speak to the Alpha about why we have evicted the Geodude from here." Replied the guide
"I don't care why he is here. No human is allowed here."
"Back off. I ordered him to show me the way," Mech interrupted. "This isn't his fault. If you try to kill him, I'll kill you instead."
"I had to!" the guide said "He understands us!"
"I can tell by his response. I will ask the Alpha. You shall wait out here." The large one ordered.
"Hey can you put me away, all these fire breathing lizards make me a little nervous, being a plant and all." Subomi said quietly. He had been so quiet Mech had forgotten he was there. He put Subomi away in his pokéball and returned it to its clip. Suddenly a loud thump echoed through the cave. It was followed by more, as a gigantic Charizard emerged from the cave. While the others were five to 6 feet tall, this one stood a jaw-dropping 10 feet tall. The flame on it's tail was like a bon fire, and seemed quite young for its size. It moved out of the cave and lowered its snout towards Mech. It sniffed him for a few times before raising its head back up.
"I hear you understand pokémon. Is this true? For if you are lying, I shall throw you from the cliff myself." Threatened the Alpha
"No need for throwing me off of things, sir." Mech said kneeling on one knee to show respect "I understand you perfectly."
"Good. Now why have you come to our territory against all sane reason?"
"Well because you moved in the Geodude moved down and are attacking people. To stop them I need to move you and I'm here to figure out how to do that."
"That is a very complex question despite its apparent simplicity. See we are a nomadic tribe, we move from place to place. Though this place suits us well and we have stayed longer then normal. We like it here and have no intention of leaving ever." The Alpha explained.
"Father, what's going on?" piped up a small Charmander in the cave. He stumbled out before being blocked by the Alpha.
"Hitokage, what are you doing out? Get back inside now!" he ordered.
"But I want to know what's going on! I'm always left out of these things but if I'm going to be the leader someday, I need to see how it is done!" explained the young Charmander.
"No! You are still to young and foolish. This discussion is over anyway, now get back inside."
"Yes dad." The young one sighed, walking back, dragging its feet.
"My son." The Alpha said turning back to Mech "He is eager to take over after I pass, but he is also weak and a coward. He is a disgrace to my bloodline. Now then I am doing something I shouldn't, giving you a chance to leave before I kill you."
"Nothing is going to convince you to leave huh?"
"No way at all?" Mech said pressing the issue.
"There is only one way one may challenge the Alpha but you could never do it" The guide said "You must defeat the Alpha in a one on one fight."
"I bet San can handle him easily." Mech said holding up his friend.
"I doubt it could but that is mute. You and you alone must fight." The guide stated
"What?" Mech said suddenly worried.
"You are the one who wants to challenge his decision so you must fight. No substitutes or exceptions." The guide explained "But no normal human would last a second against any one of us let alone the strongest of us all!"
"Good thing I'm not normal." Mech said removing his backpack and sweatshirt. "Am I allowed a weapon?" he asked holding the knife up.
"Normally no, but since it's normally Charizard versus Charizard or at least a pokémon challenger, I will allow it since you lack any special abilities. It's not like a weak knife like that will hurt me." The Alpha taunted.
"Where do we fight?"
"Right here. Clear the arena!" The Alpha ordered. "Go on, you can go first!" He said tauntingly. Mech tapped into his newfound power and charged forward with all the speed he could muster. The fire lizard readied to counter when Mech faded to the right, and hit the Alpha from the side, slicing a gash down its side. "Easy shot!" He shouted "Now its my turn! Slash!" He roared slashing his claws at Mech, charging at him. Claw meet metal as Mech blocked and dodged the attacks. Finally Mech saw his chance and stabbed forward hitting the dragon in the arm. The dragon roared and backhanded Mech and sent him reeling. "I've had enough, Flamethrower!" shouted the dragon, breathing white hot flames and Mech who rolled out of the way and jumped into the air at his opponent. Mech brought the knife down to deal the final blow when the Alpha caught his knife. Mech hung limply while gripping the handle. With one swift motion the dragon clenched his claws and snapped the blade in two. Mech stared in horror as his only weapon fell to the ground in pieces. "This battle is over. Now leave. If you are seen here again you will be killed on sight." The alpha ordered.
"It's not even close to being over!" shouted Mech, leaping back and grabbing one of the boulders nearby.
"Don't bother, not even we can lift those." Stated the Alpha.
"Good thing I'm not you!" retorted Mech as the boulder started to rise off the ground. "How bout this!?" Mech yelled, throwing the boulder in an improve rock throw. The Charizard simply countered by destroying the rock with a rock smash. After that he spread his wings and flew at Mech who jumped out of the way. The Alpha turned around and charged again, but Mech was ready. A feeling like the other day surged through him, but he didn't lose control. He shouted "THUNDER PUNCH!", feeling the electricity ripple through his arm again. He raised his fist and connected with the nose of the oncoming dragon. The attack hit the fire/flying type like a truck and the Alpha crumpled to the ground. The others who had circled around them as if watching a sport even gasped in astonishment. The familiar wave of fatigue hit and Mech fell to his knees. The large one from before came over with a stupefied look on his face. He looked first at their leader then at the human barely conscious from the attack.
"The human has won the battle! His word is now our law!" shouted the large one before Mech passed out

Mech awoke in the cave. He looked around and found he was surrounded by red and orange fire lizards. He briefly wondered what had happened but remembered the fight. He was leaning up when he noticed his clothes were missing.
"Where are my cloths?" He asked. Sanagirasu came up holding his pack.
"Sorry, they were really scorched during the fight. You do have some spare, right?" she said, blushing a bit.
"Uh yeah. Say, shouldn't you be in your pokéball?"
"I was but I figured out how to get out. Here's your pack." She said handing it to him. He got out another set of cloths. When he was decent he asked what had happened after he passed out. "Well not much. We brought you in the cave with the former Alpha. I came out and noticed to scorches. We've been waiting for you to come to since. It's only been a couple of hours." She explained.
"Did you say former Alpha?" Mech asked confused.
"When you beat him, you took his position as the leader! Humans can only dream of that kind of honor. Nothing like this has ever happened, but it is our law." Said their former guide.
"Wha? I didn't want that! I'm not a leader; I just wanted you to stop attacking the Geodude!" Mech said exasperated.
"Your word is not our law. If you don't want us to attack them, we won't. The Alpha has total say over what we do and since that's you, well you can guess what that means" The guide responded.
"If I can then I say you can't attack the Geodude without a very good reason, like they attack you. I'll have to speak to the Geodude to work things out but I think we can work this out. I'll be back soon" Mech said starting to walk out of the cave.
"I shall fly you down sire." Said the large one stomping over.
"No need." Said a voice near the entrance. Mech and the large Charizard turned towards the voice and were surprised to see the queen Golem standing there, a vanguard of Graveler and Geodude behind her. "The Geodude I had guide you didn't totally run off and he saw how you beat that Charizard so he came back and told me. When I heard I came right up here."
"So how can we solve this?" Mech asked.
"Well we don't really use this cave. We were already planning to move into a new cave we were making further along the ridge. The Charizard can have this cave, it's too small for us now and too ill suited. They can have it if they agree to allow us to stay here too." She said
"Well I am their leader now so did everyone get that? The new deal is you have to let them build their new cave and not fight with them without a proper reason. Got it?" Mech said addressing the Charizards. They agreed. Suddenly a moan came from the depth of the cave. Mech rushed in to see the source. He found where it emanated from; the former Alpha. He was finally conscious.
"Heh, didn't think a human could beat me." He said. "Well that was quite the fight. I am honored to have fought you. So what do you intend to do now that you've taken my place?" he asked.
"I intend to give it back with my new rules in place."
"You went through all that, beat one of the strongest Charizards in Sinnoh, became leader of over five hundred Charizards, Charmeleon, and Charmander, only to give it up! Why?" he asked dumb struck
"I did what I came to do. Not that that's done, I have nothing left here. Plus I already have something I have to do and this isn't it. All you have to do is promise to leave my rules in place." Mech said.
"Alright. It must something important for you to turn all this down. I shall do it." agreed the Alpha. He was still too weak to get up.

"You must leave?" asked Golem. Mech turned. He was ready to leave, and his pokémon were away in their pokéballs.
"I have to. My path leads elsewhere."
"Well thank you for helping us." Golem said.
"Yes. You are destined for something great. Just beware; your strength will only get you so far." Stated the Alpha.
"Dad! Your better!" called Hitokage, running forward.
"Hello son." Sighed the Alpha. "Mechsrule, I have a small request of you."
"What?" asked Mech.
"You are a great fighter; please take my son along with you. Teach him how to fight so he may return here ready to take my place."
"Dad! You want me go with this human?" cried the small Charmander.
"This human defeated me. You could learn a lot from him." The Alpha said turning to the young one.
"But I don't want to! I like it here. Can't you teach me?" Hitokage whined.
"This is not your decision. Only Mechsrule can make that decision. Will you have him on your team?" The Alpha asked.
"Sure, I would be honored to have your son travel with me." Mech said, unclipping an empty ball. "Come on, it'll only take a minute." He said waving Hitokage over. The Alpha nudged him over and Mech tapped the ball to his forehead. He vanished in a flash of white. The ball stopped shaking after a moment and when it did Mech returned it to its clip on his backpack strap. "Well, I must be going. The people will be happy to know it is safe to pass through the cave." Both groups waved farewell as Mech made his lone trek down the mountainside.
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