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The Twilight Army by darkmoonlight08


Chapter 3 - Death

Chapter Three: Death.
Glace struggled to open her pretty ice blue eyes. Her vision was fuzzy, but as she looked around she could still tell the shapes. Her friend lay next to her, wrapped up in the same blanket. Her eyes were tightly closed, but Glace could feel the Mews warmth. She looked out, to where the sky seemed a purple shade, and so it was probably dusk. They seemed to be on a cliff, with a small town extending below them. There were two shapes looking down at this town, and as the Glaceon's vision came into focus she could see that the smaller of the two was an Umbreon - yet not a normal one. Large wings spread from her back like an albatross' might, and the rings on her sides, the band on her tail and the bands on her ears were all red. Next to the Umbreon sat a hiker, a large, broad man with an equally large backpack beside him. He was laughing, and Glace realised the Umbreon was speaking in human language. Getting up slowly, the ice Pokemon walked slowly closer, and the large man turned around to look at her. He had a chubby face, with rosy cheeks and a kind expression. Smiling widely, he reached out an also chubby hand and stroked the Glaceon happily. She almost purred, but noticed the cold, hard stare of the Umbreon. Her eyes, though any glare is quite scary, were more terrifying than the rest of her. The Glaceon was only young, and so a creature with a crimson eye and a jet black one would be enough to thoroughly scare her. She stepped back and hit something, which turned out to be Dreamwave, and flung herself at the Mew for a hug. The hiker smiled wider - something probably not possible for any normal human - and chuckled.

The three Pokemon then left, and as the hiker waved goodbye to them, Moonlight looked at Glace.
"Who's the shrimp?" She asked Dreamwave, a scowl appearing on the little Glaceon's face. The Mew chuckled, before introducing them.
"Moonlight, this is Glace. Glace, this is Dark Moonlight." Glace smiled, but the black canine instead threw her ears back. Something was screaming, and whatever it was, was close by. Dreamwave heard it too, but Glace decided to chase a run away leaf instead. Spreading out her wings, Moonlight soared into the sky, scanning the scene underneath her with the black eye. Dreamwave lifted Glace with her psychic power, and flew after the Umbreon.

The sound was coming from a cluster of fir trees, which was strangely familiar to Moonlight. Hovering over the dense forest, the black canine scanned the area for the source of the noise. Below them Rukario, Nightwish and Blissey held their ears in pain. Near them, a little green bush seemed to be wailing. Stepping closer, the large Lucario bent down and parted the leaves, revealing the cause of the racket. Inside was a small pink Pokemon that looked like a small jelly. It looked up, smiling broadly at them. Blissey wondered up to it, arms outstretched. As she touched the Pokemon, who was only young, it screwed up its face and started to cry.
"Sqeeeeeeeshy!!" It screeched, tears flooding down its screwed up face. Rukario stepped back, the wails forcing him away. For such a small Pokemon, it really did make a lot of noise. Blissey smiled, walking closer to the Ditto and picking it up in her arms. Cradling it close, she rocked back and forth and hummed a sweet lullaby. The small Pokemon ceased to cry and shut its eyes, falling into a deep, happy sleep. The four Pokemon relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, until darkness fell. Blissey put 'Squeeshy', as the Ditto was nicknamed, into a small straw bed. The pink Pokemon snuggled down happily, and slept on. Blissey sat for a while, caring for the young Pokemon and tidying the small den that they were in. Outside, Nightwish and Rukario were unaware of the events about to happen. In the dense forest, two dark shapes moved cautiously around. They stepped carefully, whispering to each other in hushed voices. As they stepped into a clearing, they could be seen clearly. One was a tall Arcanine, an orange dog Pokemon with black, jagged stripes much like a tiger. It had a mane like a lion with an equally bushy tail and sharp, silver claws. With it was another dog Pokemon, a tall black hound with bones across its back and neck. On its head perched two horns, and its tail was long and pointed at the tip. They looked around, sniffing the air. Arcanine turned to the other Pokemon, a Houndoom, and spoke. "Where are they?" He asked, his voice sharp, but gentle in the quiet night air.
"I smell them close - but where I can't decide." The hound replied, shaking his broad head. Arcanine growled, answering sharply in a frustrated voice.
"Well, find out, fool!" He shouted. As it happened, Rukario was only on the other side of a few trees. Hearing the voice, he sprang up and ventured into the forest. Appearing it the same clearing as the other Pokemon, he growled. They smirked, looking at each other and nodding. Without a single word spoken, they shot two huge fireballs at the Lucario. With his age, his strength failed him, and he was flung onto the ground. Leaves and grass burnt beneath him, and his eyes slowly lost their glow. His frail body ignited, and the Lucario was gone. The fire, however, was not. It spread through the forest, burning the great firs and making the Pokemon flee for their lives. Shrieks echoed around in the smoky, burning wasteland. Many bodies fell, either burning or being crushed. Small families lost each other, the smallest and the weakest going up in flames as the Lucario had done. The Arcanine and the Houndoom ran, disappearing into the thick smoke, leaving the fiery mess they had created behind them.

Blissey and Nightwish ran too, away from their now burning home. In Blissey's arms, Squeeshy clung to her short fur. Tears streamed down the Pokemons faces, the fire gaining on them. From the air, Moonlight observed the spreading fire, the glow reflecting in her eyes. Fire fascinated her, and the pain and suffering of the fleeing Pokemon amused her even more. Swooping down lower, the black Pokemon studied the dying firs, the destroyed bodies and the broken, grief struck survivors. The fire was doused by some humans, dressed in yellow outfits with powerful Water Guns. Once the ground had cooled, Dreamwave, Glace and Moonlight landed and looked around. While the Mew and the Glaceon ran to help others, struggling with whatever they had, Moonlight looked around. She walked slowly through the forest, stepping carefully. As she entered a small area with no burnt trees in it, she sat on the ground. She sat for a few minutes, looking around at the sad looking wasteland. From behind her, she felt the stare of two eyes. Turning, all she saw was a burnt old tree stump. Only, she wished it had been just that - a tree. The black eye scanned the 'tree', looking at its build and familiar features. That eye wasn't normal, it could see past things that nothing unnatural could. The Umbreon stared in horror as the pupil-less eye formed the image of the Lucario that she had met in the same forest. He stared up at her, his face full of horror and pain. Moonlight stepped back, to be greeted only by the burnt tree trunks behind her. For the first time in a while, the black canine was scared. Wheeling frantically around, she ran over the burnt, deserted ground. When she found Glace again, she was trying to clean the wounds of a tiny little Pokemon. It looked only a few hours old, but it still managed to survive. The little Glaceon was using her tongue to clean off the blood burns on the creature's fur. Looking closer, Moonlight realised it was a timid looking Eevee. The furry collar around its neck was burnt, and its paws were cracked and dry. It opened its small black eyes and looked up at the approaching black canine. The small Pokemons stare seemed to look straight into the Umbreon, and as Moonlight stared back, she saw a faint glow in the pupil of the fox. It danced around, as if a tiny flame was flaring out into the darkness around it. Moonlight broke eye contact, and turned to Glace.
"Where are its parents? It is not your job to take care of such a runt." Her voice was harsher, colder than normal. The light blue canine, only young herself, turned back to her friend.
"Her parents are dead, and yes, it is my job, because I know what its like to be alone in the world. And, Moonlight, if you have a problem, please take your authority elsewhere." Moonlight could only stare as Glace picked up the small Eevee and walked away, the small bundle hanging helplessly from her teeth. Dreamwave, who had been quietly watching from a distance, flew to the Umbreon's side.
"She's stressed." She said, looking for an excuse that might make the look of sheer hate in the black dogs eyes fade. Moonlight shook her head, her large ears wobbling from side to side.
"Who isn't?" She asked, sighing. The Mew shrugged, and flew away silently. That night, and long into the next day, the three Pokemon helped the others caught up in the fire. Even Moonlight helped out with some things, like moving fallen trees or rocks. All the time she worked though, the flame of the orphaned Eevee's eyes flashed in her mind. When Dreamwave and Glace had their attention on something else, Moonlight flew up into the air. It was late afternoon, and the sun was setting in the golden sky. She flew over the rocky mountains of Hoenn, until Johto came into sight.

Slightly bigger than Hoenn, Moonlight had been raised on Mount Silver of Johto. It was to there that she flew, and the sun was almost completely set by the time she landed gracefully on the rocky peak. Unlike Mount Pyre, Mount Silver was a lot more barren. There was no decoration, only a few rocks and a dying tree. With the canine's arrival, another Pokemon stepped into the little remaining light. It was a gentle looking Vaporeon, much like Moonlight in build but a pretty sea blue shade of colour. Her eyes sparkled like water, and her tail was shaped like a dolphins fin. Around her neck, she had a light ruff, which looked like it was made of simple fish scales. On her back, two huge wings spread out, each sparkling like they were powdered with glitter. Seeing that the new arrival was only the Umbreon, she sat down and pulled up a delicate paw, licking it gently. As the black canine looked around, she noticed they were the only two there. Growling in frustration, she looked back to the Vaporeon, whose eyes were fixed on her.
"You are?" She asked, dropping her paw to the floor. The Umbreon approached her, examining the sparkling wings.
"Dark Moonlight, Dark Guardian." She replied warily. The Vaporeon chuckled.
"You don't know me, do you? My name is Violent Storm, I'm the new Water Guardian." She replied, still not looking at Moonlight.
"And Raging Wave?" Asked the Umbreon, concern rising in her voice.
"Dead, I'm afraid." Replied Violent Storm, sighing.
"Then would you know where Raging Flame is?" Storm turned and fully faced the Umbreon now, like the very name struck fear into her bones.
"The Fire Guardian?" She asked; her voice thin and shaky.
"Yes, the Flareon, the Fire Guardian." Moonlight said, her voice now becoming agitated. The Vaporeon scowled.
"Dead." She replied, not happy about the other Pokemon's tone. The Pokemon of question, Raging Flame the Fire Guardian, had been a good friend of Moonlight's. Sighing, she sat down.

"It was a few weeks ago now. Flame and Wave were going head on, the last battle needed apart from you. They fought well, both with huge armies, until Wave had Flame cornered. She shot some kind of super Surf at him and his remaining soldiers. They all died, apart from one. It was a Charizard, like Pidgeot is to you. This Charizard knew some electric moves though, and shot a Thunderbolt at Wave. She was killed, and her army fled. Then, the Charizard died from exhaustion." The Vaporeon explained, the Umbreon listening intently the whole way through. When Storm finished, Moonlight stood up.
"I know where the next Flame Guardian is. But, I think we should leave it for a while. It was recently orphaned, and was born only yesterday. I'll bring it when ready. Tell the rest that." She said, spreading her wings to take off. Before she could, however, Storm spoke.
"Are you sure? It's not like they trust you, Moonlight."
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