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Chapter 4 - The Rise Of The Flame Guardian

Chapter Four: The Rise Of The Flame Guardian.
Back in the burned forest, Glace was furious. "She knows we need her! She knows!" She screeched, walking up and down the black bark of a fallen tree. Dreamwave sat on the floor, playing with the orphaned Eevee.
"She'll be back." The Mew said, looking up at her with pretty eyes.
"And when she does, she's in so much trouble." The Glaceon yelled, as if Moonlight could hear her. Ever since she has started helping with the fire rescues, she had become more confident, but more bossy. The little Eevee turned around and shook her head, her large ears wobbling in the same fashion that Moonlight's did.
"No yell at Moonlight, Moonlight wasn't naughty." She whimpered, her voice young and childish. She was only a few days old, but a Pokemon of that age could speak reasonably well, and was eligible for evolution already. Glace was about to speak, but at the same time Moonlight found her way back to them. The Glaceon's eyes looked like fire, fire so hot that she might melt.
"Where were you?!" She shouted, jumping from the rock and walking closer to the Umbreon. She would of gone so close they touched, but she was quite a lot smaller than Moonlight and so would just seem stupid. The Umbreon didn't speak, just looked at the little Eevee. Being only young, the tiny fox ignored the cold look and smiled.
"You are no Guardian..." Moonlight mumbled, before noticing Glace. "What do you want, shrimp?" She asked, glaring.
"You were out for ages! We need your help, you can't just wonder out whenever you feel like it!" The small blue canine screwed up her face in anger, and glared back.
"Are you my mother? For if you are, I still won't listen to you." And with those words, the Umbreon turned and walked silently away from them. Dreamwave looked from Glace to Eevee, and called out.
"Moonlight! We need your opinion." She said, winking at the Eevee. Knowing Dreamwave's voice, Moonlight turned around.
"Well, Eevee is going to stay with us a-" The Mew was cut of by Moonlight, who retaliated with a strict, cold;
"But she has to, there's no where else she can go now!" Dreamwave protested, as Eevee began to cry.
"There is, and she will go there when I take her there tomorrow. She will stay and live there. She can't help it, its what she is." The Umbreon explained, as the Mew hugged the Eevee.

The next morning, Dreamwave washed and groomed the baby Eevee. Moonlight was forced to stand around for a good half an hour as they said their goodbyes, before Eevee climbed onto her back. Spreading her wings, she took the long, tedious flight path back to Mount Silver. When they arrived, Violent Storm was the sat in the exact same place as Moonlight had left her. She turned sharply around, her sapphire eyes falling on the Eevee.
"My God..." She whispered, as the flame in Eevee's eyes shone again. Moonlight smirked, and spoke in a tone that could just shout 'I told you so'.
"Spitting image, with the flame. She is, no doubt, the next." Storm nodded.
"Leave her to me." The blue canine plucked the fox from Moonlight's back and walked silently away with her. Before she could disappear from Moonlight's sight, she spoke without turning to look at the Umbreon. "The name?"
"Raging Flame." She replied, remembering her old friend. Storm nodded, and walked on, until both she and Raging Flame were out of sight. Thinking back, Moonlight remembered when she had become the Dark Guardian. She was scared, confused and lonely, and feeling like that had made her so cold.

Dreamwave had been sitting alone since Moonlight had left, and as Glace finished off with the forest rescue group, she sat next to her friend. In the short time she had known her, she had grown close to the young fox. As a familiar black shape landed near her, the Mew still didn't look up. With her head rested miserably on her paws, she simply acknowledged Moonlight with a small sigh. "Get over it, Mew." The Umbreon said coldly. "She's fine, and you'll probably see her again sometime. However, I helped you. Now, you'll help me." She murmured, as her eyes both turned a savage violet. The pupils disappeared completely, as pain seared through the Mews veins. On her head, several thick black lines spread down from her ear, stopping at her cheek. Her paws and the tips of her tail turned black as well, and her eyes changed to the same violet Moonlight's were shining. Screeching as the pain overwhelmed her, Dreamwave's power was drained completely, to be replaced only seconds later with a new power, a darker, more enigmatic power. Glace ran to her side as Moonlight's eyes broke off the strange light, and returned to the normal colours. Dreamwave fell to the still ash-covered floor, unconscious. The paws of the Glaceon lifted her, hugging gently. As the now violet eyes of the Mew opened, Moonlight spoke. Her voice had changed again, like she had just felt a release of adrenaline that she needed. "Shadow Pokemon are my specialty. The power of a Shadow Pokemon is increased to around level seventy, unless the Pokemon had already breached that level. Also, physical changes occur, like the markings on your body. The eye colour changes depending on power, and I made you, Dreamwave, one of the most powerful I've done. The psychic power within you has gone, completely, and so you are now branded the Dark type. You may argue all you wish, but this is irreversible, and we had a deal. If, say, you assist help of a psychic God to return to normal, I will kill Glace." The Pokemon stated this as though it were rules of a game, all the while looking straight into the Shadow Mew's eyes. Nodding meekly, the Mew smiled.
"Why do you need me like this?" She asked, her voice still thin, the pitch having changed entirely from being happy and high, to more serious.
"You'll see, you'll see." Moonlight replied, with what might have been a smile, had Glace not interrupted.
"We wanna know!" She shouted, jumping in front of the Mew.
"Shut up and find me a Mightyena named Nightwish and a Blissey, idiot." Moonlight snapped, forcing Glace to back down.
"I know them, they were in rescue camp a few hours ago..." She mumbled, proving that she was extremely immature.
"Then find them, damn you!" Moonlight yelled, and Glace scampered off into the forest.
"Moonlight... a Shadow Pokemon... my mother once told me... they're Demon, immortal, aren't they?"
"Some, not all. You, you are. But don't worry. You can stick with me." Moonlight said, her voice becoming warmer as she walked after Glace. A smile crept across Dreamwave's face as she followed, her tail whipping the air happily.

Back in the forest rescue camp, Pokemon were sitting around, chatting to each other. Amongst them, Glace had found Nightwish and Blissey. She led them to Moonlight, who was inspecting the mass of Pokemon who had lost their homes. She wasn't a material soul, but Mount Pyre meant a lot to her. "Dark Moonlight?" Blissey snuffled, her face tear stained and blotchy.
"Yes, my name is Dark Moonlight, and this is Dreamwave. The runt is Glace, and you are to follow us." She ordered, her voice now cold once more.
"Why should we?" Asked Nightwish stubbornly.
"Because, idiot, Rukario is dead, I want to know why, and I need a favour." At this remark, Nightwish growled angrily. "You knew it already, you sensed it!" Shouted Moonlight, as the two glared at each other.
"Favour?" Asked Nightwish through her clenched teeth, still snarling viciously.
"You'll see."

The sudden air of mystery about the Umbreon unnerved Nightwish greatly, but she didn't complain. After a short discussion with Blissey - who was very much in favour of going with Moonlight, as they now didn't have Rukario as protection. Nightwish argued that she was plenty strong enough, but she was fighting a losing battle. The group of now five Pokemon moved out, and ground rules of living were set out.
"I don't want to be sent to my room. Ever." Glace said loudly, her ego still huge from the great job she did with forest rescue.
"I don't want annoying children telling the adults what they can and can't do." Moonlight retaliated, pushing the Glaceon over.
"I don't want any arguing!" Shouted Dreamwave, as Moonlight and Glace started to lash out at each other with their paws.
"I'd like some lunch..." Murmured Blissey, clutching her stomach.
"Wouldn't we all..." Dreamwave agreed sadly. Moonlight and Glace gave up pointless fighting, and walked in silence. They walked the rest of the day, without rest. Blissey was lagging behind, Moonlight right at the front with Dreamwave, and the others in the middle. None of them spoke, until Blissey stopped dead in her tracks. She screamed, and turned around, falling flat on her face. Nightwish ran to her side, and Moonlight chuckled.
"Is she going to die? Please?" The Umbreon asked, and Dreamwave laughed quietly behind her paw.
"Squeeshy!" The Blissey shouted, getting up and running on her chubby legs. Moonlight exchanged looks with Dreamwave, before Nightwish started to explain.
"Squeeshy is a Ditto we adopted, but she's still in the forest!" She said, before she turned and ran after Blissey.
"Are they going for parents of the year or something?" Moonlight whispered to Dreamwave, who couldn't help but giggle. As the other Pokemon ran into the distance, Moonlight, Dreamwave and Glace lay down and rested. By the time the shapes reappeared on the horizon, night had fallen. Glace was fast asleep, and Moonlight and Dreamwave were sitting in silence. Blissey was covered in sweat, but had defiantly lost weight. Nightwish was panting as well, and Moonlight couldn't help but roll over laughing.
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