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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Ash's Pokemon were adjusting to the fact that their trainer can now change into a Pokemon. Not just any Pokemon, but a humanoid Groudon the size of a full grown human. And it turns out he had gain some strength. During one test of strength he had nearly reduced Vapor to piles of scrap metal. Which led to Ash being yelled at by Ratchet for being so careless. However today he was just looking out at the ocean in human form. He was watching Nina in her humanoid Shadow Lugia form swimming around having the time of her life.
In another part of the base. Marina who was in her natural Floatzel form was talking to May, Dawn and Ash's mother.
"Well Marina. We have been thinking. You need an outfit for that new form of yours" Dawn said.
"What but I am a Pokemon I don't need any clothes. I got fur instead" Marina said.
"Yes, as a Floatzel. But in that Kyogre form of yours you don't" May said.
"But I am only using that form when in battle against the TRDA" Marina said.
"True, but if you decide to go out in public in your Kyogre form we may as well be prepared for that" Mrs Ketchum said.
"Okay" Marina sighed in defeat.
In Kanto. Megatron stood waiting for something. Giovanni was near him.
"What are you waiting for Megatron?" Giovanni asked looking up at the Decepticon.
"I am waiting for someone to respond to the bounty I placed on the heads of Ash and Marina" Megatron said without looking away.
Before Giovanni could say anything Soundwave's voice said "Receiving communications signal"
"Let's hear it" Megatron said.
"As you command Lord Megatron" Soundwave said.
"What is that you want now, Megatron?" a deep yet calm and overconfident voice said.
"I placed a bounty on the heads of a number of organic creatures here on Earth. I want you to take them out before any other bounty hunters do" Megatron said.
"And what payment will I get?" the voice said.
"The same as always" Megatron said.
"You got yourself a deal Megatron. Lockdown out" Lockdown said.
Later on in the city. After making sure they had gotten the right measurements for an outfit for Marina's Kyogre form Dawn, May, Marina and Mrs Ketchum were sitting having a lunch at a cafe.
"Amazing isn't it? That some places have not been touched by the war" May said. The others nodded. Hearing a noise, Marina heard a voice say, "watch where you are going next time?"
"Yeah well maybe if you weren't small" a male voice said.
"Hey I am a Floatzel. Not my fault that I am smaller then a human or an Autobot" the first voice said.
"Yeah well there is a Floatzel over there with its trainer. Maybe you should go and make friends with it" the male voice said.
Marina got up out of her seat and walked over to the noise.
"I maybe a Floatzel but if you notice I am taller then one" Marina said as she stood up to the man. The man was shocked when he saw that she reached his chest.
"But I don't have a trainer, I'm a wild Pokemon. But I am good friends with the Autobots. And my boyfriend will be mad if you did anything to me. So leave me and this Floatzel alone" Marina said. The man turned and left.
"Thank you. My name is Marian" the Floatzel said. Marina looked surprised.
"Say that name again" Marina said.
"My name is Marian" the Floatzel said.
"Why does that name sound familiar?" Marina said to herself rubbing her head.
"You ok?" Marian asked.
"Yeah my name is Marina" Marina said looking at the smaller Floatzel.
"Marina. Now that name sounds familiar" Marian said.
Marina laughed and said "Don't know what you mean. My boyfriend gave me the name."
Marian just gave Marina a strange look.
"Hey if you have no where to live you might as well come to the Autobot base with us" Marina said. Before another thing could be said the noise of a car was heard. Turning around they saw a muscle car come closer. Before it slammed into them it stopped and transformed into a large robot.
The robot took one step forward and looked down at them said "Hmm not much since you are an organic life form. But I think you will be a most interesting creature to torture" the robot said.
"What are you and who are you?" Marina asked.
"Name's Lockdown. I am a Decepticon Bounty Hunter. And I am here to collect the bounty on your head" Lockdown said.
"You have to catch me first" Marina shouted and turned to run. Before she could do so Lockdown's left hand turned into a chainsaw and slammed into the sidewalk leaving a fair sized hole in the ground.
"I always collect and deliver the bounty on time" Lockdown said. Bringing the chainsaw up Lockdown was about to attack again when he stopped. Sticking out of his back was something like a large version of a ninja star. Turning around Lockdown and Marina saw a robot standing his arm still in a thrown position.
"Turning your back on the enemy Lockdown, overconfidence will destroy you1" the new robot said as he walked into view.
"It has been a millennia since someone was brave enough to use a sneak attack on me" Lockdown said.
"Well it want be the last" the robot said. He was tall was covered in black with a few yellow strips appear on him. And on his chest he had the Autobot symbol.
"What is your name?" Lockdown said.
"The names Prowl. And I am a Autobot Ninja" the new Autobot said.
"Well you may have something I would like to have" Lockdown said as he walked up to Prowl chainsaw spinning.
"Well now. I have met your kind in battle alot. You Decepticons are always overconfident with everything" Prowl said.
"We are overconfident because we will win this war" Lockdown shouted.
"Organic creatures like these Humans and Pokemon are creatures that will most likely help us win this war against the Decepticons" Prowl said.
With that Lockdown lunged forward. Bring his chainsaw around he aimed for Prowl's midsection. But it passed right threw. Then what was then clear, the hologram Prowl flickered and disappeared. Lockdown looked around. He felt something hard connect to the back of his head. Turning around he saw Prowl who now had a black battle mask covering everything but not his optics.
"Come on Autobrat show me what you got" Lockdown said. Prowl ran forward. Lockdown started to swing his chainsaw arm around trying to slice Prowl. But the Autobot Ninja proved to be too quick and jumped, ducked or avoided each swing. Prowl kicked Lockdown's arm up and began to land punch after punch on the Bounty Hunter, each hitting harder then the last. Lockdown grabbed Prowl and threw the Autobot as hard as he could into a building. The ninja straightened himself in the air and using his legs, once they touched the side of the building, he launched himself back at Lockdown. While doing so Prowl pulled out what looked like energon versions of Kunai. The Autobot Ninja threw them, then rightened himself into a landing position. The Bounty Hunter dodged them and ran after Prowl. The streets, along with the buildings were being cleared the moment the battle had started. Prowl jumped up again with two shuriken in hand. The Autobot threw them at Lockdown. But the Decepticon Bounty Hunter brought his chainsaw arm up again and deflected the two shuriken. Prowl landed on the ground. Spotting a pole nearby, the Autobot ninja picked it up. He ran forward with the pole in hand dodging the swings of the chainsaw. While avoiding the attacks that Lockdown threw at Prowl, Prowl was landing hits on Lockdown. The Decepticon brought his chainsaw around slicing the pole in two, then with another attack, Lockdown swung causing Prowl to jump out of the way as the chainsaw came close to his head. Prowl jumped back a few times putting some distance between himself and Lockdown. When he was far enough he transformed into a motorcycle. He took off down the street with Lockdown following him in robot mode. Turning around Prowl headed straight to Lockdown. The Bounty Hunter stopped and brought his chainsaw arm up, ready for another attack.
"Have your logic circuits crossed or something" Lockdown said. Prowl drove right by him and transformed into robot mode. Still running at the same speed he was going at in motorcycle mode, Prowl ran up a building. He ran up to the top and began jumping from building to building. The Autobot Ninja began throwing Kunai and Shuriken at Lockdown. The Decepticon Bounty Hunter dodged and deflected the weapons being thrown at him. On his other arm a laser appeared. He began to fire trying to bring down Prowl. Prowl dodged all of them but as he threw another Shuriken at Lockdown, a direct hit from one of the laser bolts hit him in the chest. Prowl fell off the building and landed heavily on the street. Struggling to get back on his feet Lockdown walked over to Prowl, unaware of the two figures that remained in the streets. One of them threw several large axes at Lockdown. The Bounty Hunter brought the chainsaw up, gloating that he was the victor and was preparing to deliver one last blow to Prowl. But an axe came close to chopping the arm off Lockdown and embedded itself in the wall next to Lockdown. Turning around the Decepticon Bounty Hunter shouted "Your not on my list!" at the new robot standing behind him, before turning back to Prowl. The new one was a Weaville Autobot.
"Name's Downhill" the new Autobot said.
"I don't care about you. But that axe of yours will be a good additions for my collection" Lockdown said turning to the new autobot.
"You will never get this axe off me" Downhill said.
"Well your friend is down and out. So it is just you and me" Lockdown said.
"No, I'm not out yet" Prowl said getting to his feet. A Hyper Beam missed Lockdown who ducked just in time. Turning around Downhill, Prowl and Lockdown saw Marina in her Legendary form. She was covered head to toe in armor made by what looked like crystal or ice. It also had the looks of Samurai armor.
"I maybe a Decepticon but even I know when I am beat" Lockdown said before he transformed and drove off.
"Thank you. But who are you?" Prowl asked.
"My name is Marina" Marina said that as she changed back to her normal Floatzel form. With that they started to clear the rubble with the help of nearby humans.

"Where's Ash!" Nina shouted as she lay on the bed her face turning redder and redder with each passing minute "Someone find him. Now!".
Ratchet came into the room. "Ash is on his way now Nina, but please stop yelling and remain calm. You could hurt the baby."
"How can I hurt it when it's still inside me?" Nina shouted, a look of pain and frustration on her face.
Nina and Ratchet were inside the medical room, Nina was only minutes from delivering the baby but she was not listening to Ratchet and kept screaming out that see wanted to see Ash. Ash came running into the room.
"What happened Nina? Why do you want to see me? Are you hurt?" Ash asked as he gently grabbed her hand.
"Your baby is almost here, but you weren't" Nina said the look growing more and more serious.. Ash looked away from her but then looked back.
"I'm sorry, I was outside practising some attacks that I learnt. I had no idea that you were about to give birth."
Ratchet walked over to Ash and leaned down and mumbled in his ear. "Good thing you got here when you did Ash, Nina could of injured herself or the baby. Then you would of been in trouble."
Nina screamed out in pain.
"Whats going on? Are you alright Nina?" Ash looked back at Nina still holding her hand, then looked at Ratchet. "Ratchet, what's happening to Nina?"
Ratchet leaned down and looked at Nina "She's giving birth"
Ash looked back at Nina "It's ok, I'm here Nina, everything will be ok." Ash gently stroked her hair, trying to keep her calm.
Nina screamed out again, "I'd like to see you do this sometime Ash, So then I can tell you everything will be ok when your crying out in pain." an angry look on her face.
"Sorry, I'm only trying to keep you calm like Ratchet said" Ash said still stroking her hair. Nina screamed out once more.
The sound of a baby crying was heard "It's a boy" Ratchet said. Holding up the newborn child and wrapping him in a towel.
"See. Now that wasnt so bad after all?" Ash said looking at Nina. Nina gave Ash a very angry look before turning at Ratchet.
"Can I hold him Ratchet?" Nina asked, starting to calm down.
"Of course, he is your child" Ratchet said, handing the baby to Nina. As Ratchet did that the baby sneezed, shooting a small jet of flame out his nose and burning the edge of the towel he was wrapped in. "Have you thought of a name for him?"
"I like Cinder, cause he just burnt that towel" Nina said as show held up what was left of the towel Ratchet had wrapped Cinder in, which fell tho pieces.
Ratchet laughed as he walked over to the medical cabinet. "Here let me get another towel."
"What do you think Ash? Do you like the name Cinder?" Nina said looking at Ash, who was still by her side.
"Yeah, I like it." Ash gently patted the baby in Nina's arms. "Cinder. I like it"

In another dimerson a Darkrai was seen floating. "Finally my energy has been recharged. Now they will feel the wrath of Unicron" Unicron shouted as he began to move.
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