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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Revenge of the Chaos-Bringer:

Ash woke up to a see his newborn son looking at him.
"Morning Cinder" Ash said to the Growlithe. The Growlithe just barked. Ash sighed, knowing that it would take his son awhile to speak English. Nina woke up as well.
"Morning Ash" Nina said looking at Ash.
"Morning" Ash said. Cinder at this point started jumping around.
"I think he wants to play" Nina said.
Ash yawned and said "Well maybe after breakfast and we show him to everyone" Ash said.
"Yeah that is a good idea" Nina said.
A couple of hours later, Ash and Nina stood in front of the room where they had called their friends to wait. Holding Cinder they walked into the room.
"Hey everyone this is our son Cinder" Ash said. All of their friends ran forward while the Autobots looked at the small Growlithe that Ash had in his hands.
"He is so small" Ironhide said keeling down.
"That's because he's a new born. New borns are small. But they do grow when they get older" Ratchet said.
Cinder looked at everyone with wide eyes and barked playfully while wagging his tail.
"Why isn't the translator working for him?" Jazz asked.
"Because he is still young and he hasn't learnt how to talk" Ash said.
"You humans and Pokemon are very intersting creatures" Ironhide said as he stood up and looked at the other Autobots.
"Yeah I agree Ironhide" Optimus said.
"I'm going to Pallet Town to see my mother. I think she should see her new grandson" Ash said.
"Yeah we haven't seen your mother in a long time" Absol said.
"I just hope she recognizes me" Raichu said.
Charizard looked down at his friend and said "Ten dollars says she doesn't recongize you" Raichu looked up at Charizard and said "Deal."
A while later, Ash along with Raichu, Absol, Nina, Marina and the hologram form of Bakuha stood in front of Ash's home. Taking a deep breathe Ash walked up to the front door. He opened up the door and walked inside.
"I'm home" Ash said. Mimey and Delia come into the hallway.
"Good to see you Ash. I was very worried about you. I thought I would never see you again because of the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons" Delia said hugging her son.
"Well alot of things have changed since I left. This for one" Ash said taking the glove off his right hand and pulling the sleeve of his shirt up. Ash saw the look of shock mixed with horror on his mothers face when she saw the robotic arm.
"A Decepticon named Ravage did that to me" Ash said.
Marina stepped up and said "His entire right arm was lost because of Ravage"
Delia looked at the two other women standing next to Ash. "Who are you two?" she asked.
"This is Nina and this is Bakuha" Ash said gesturing to each in turn.
"Nice to meet you two" Delia said.
"And this here is Cinder. He is your grandson" Ash said. Delia just fainted. But Marina caught her before she hit the floor.
"I hope that wasn't much of a shock" Ash said.
Delia woke up to see Ash looking at her with a worried look.
"Sorry if that was too much of a shock for you" Ash said.
"But he is a Growlithe how can Marina be his mother?" Delia asked her son.
Nina stepped up and said "I am Cinder's mother."
Before Delia can say anything Marina said "I let her know she could spend one night with Ash" Marina said.
Delia just sat there thinking. She eventually spoke after a few minutes.
"What is his name?" she asked.
"His name is Cinder" Ash said. He put his son on the floor where he started running around.
"He is like a full baby Growlithe" Nina said. Delia, Ash and Marina nodded as they watched him run around while Bakuha stood at the front door.
"Well why is she here with you?" Delia asked her son.
"She's an Autobot in hologram form. I created her with the help of the other Autobots" Ash said.
Before Delia said anything Ash's comm link went off.
"Ash we are detecting huge amounts of energy in Goldenrod city. We need you to go there with Nina, Marina and Bakuha. Autobots will meet you there" Ratchet said.
"Ok we will head over there now" Ash said.
"Mrs Ketchum can you look after Cinder until we get back?" Nina asked.
"Of course" Delia said as Ash, Marina, Nina and Bakuha walked out the door.
A while later. The Aubotots and the Decepticons stood facing a portal.
"What is it?" Jazz asked.
"I think it is a portal to another universe" Optimus said.
"You are correct. It is a portal to the universe I was trapped in" a voice said.
"Oh no not him again" Ash groaned. A large Darkrai appeared.
"Unicron! We will take you offline for good this time" Megatron shouted.
Weapons were drawn and armor plating slid into place. Ash, Marina and Nina changed into their Legendary forms.
"You will not win this time!" Unicron shouted as he transformed into robot mode. Starscream who was still in his F-22 Raptor mode flew down from high up firing missiles and laser blasts at Unicron. Transforming into robot mode Starscream continued to fire missiles and lasers at Unicron. Jazz, Hot Shot, Bumblebee and Wheeljack drove forward and transformed into robot mode all firing their weapons at Unicron. The other Transformers fired on Unicron. Unaffected by the weapons fire Unicron charged forward. Hot Shot and Bumblebee had very little time to react as Unicron took them out with ease. Skywarp and Thundercracker flew in to take out Unicron. But two swings from Unicron's mace sent them hurling into buildings. Prowl jumped up and threw two shuriken at Unicron. But the Chaos-Bringer knocked both of them away and brought Prowl to the ground. The Autobot Ninja looked up as Unicron's mace came down. A laser blast hit the mace with great force reeling back to Unicrons side. Opitmus stood there, his sword ready. He charged forward and Unicron brought his arm up to block the sword blade and with a large kick, he sent Optimus flying. Megatron fired his Fusion Cannon again and again at Unicron. But the Chaos-Bringer ran forward and hit Megatron with his mace. Ash jumped forward but was hit by the Megatron who was stumbling back from the force of Unicron's attack. Bakuha ran forward her beam claymore in hand. She swung the weapon, only to be blocked by Unicron's mace. The two of them continued to clash their weapons over and over, but Unicron turned and hit her hard with the mace. Transforming into Darkrai mode, Unicron sent a Dark Pulse to the Transformers, Humans and Pokemon and then prepared to send another. But a Roar of Time hit Unicron hard before he could attack again. Turning around the Chaos-Bringer saw a large Dialga.
"Primus! So you have come to defend these worthless creatures?" Unicron asked.
"Not only that but to finish off what we started off at the beginning of the Multiverse" the Dialga said. Everyone watched as the Dialga began to transform into a robot. Holding a lance that was the tail and a shield formed by the glowing orb on his chest, the robot stood ready. Unicron charged forward while the other robot charged as well. The two began to fight. Primus blocked the swings from Unicron's mace and tried to hit him with his lance, while Unicron was dodging the lance and trying to hit Primus. The Chaos-bringer manage to land a direct hit knocking Primus's shield and lance out of his hands. Turning around Primus lunged forward at Unicron. The Chaos-bringer was slammed hard into a building which collapsed around the two battling transformers. As the dust cleared, Megatron and Optimus watched as Primus lifted Unicron up and slammed him into the ground. One of Unicron's feet swung around tripping Primus. Ash stood up to see Nina, Marina and Bakuha move to the battling transformers.
"Stop! We will have to just watch. It's their fight now" Ash said. They all just watched as the two exchanged blow after blow with each other. Primus managed to pick up his lance and struck Unicron, severely injuring him in the process. The Chaos-bringer took several steps back.
Pulling the lance out Unicron said "I must retreat for now."
He then transformed into Darkrai form and disappeared. Primus transformed into his Dialga and disappeared as well. Optimus turned to see that the Decepticons had left the city. Ash then heard two noises. Turning around he saw the remains of two buildings move as two hands appeared. They watched as the forms of Thundercracker and Skywarp pulled themselves out of the rubble and fell over.
Walking over to them Ratchet said "These two will go offline if we don't repair them" Optimus nodded knowing what they had to do.
Later at the Autobot base. Ratchet and Wheeljack stood back as the two Decepticons they repaired come back online.
"Great we been captured by the Autobots" Thundercracker said.
"You have not been captured. We found you and repaired you two. The option is yours if you want to stay? Or to leave?" Optimus said. "We can't go back to the Decepticons. We will have to join you guys" Skywarp said. And with that the Autobots began to welcome the new soldiers.
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