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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 15

Chapter 15 The Battle for the Soul Dew

It has been several weeks since Thundercracker and Skywarp had joined the Autobots. And in those weeks Cinder had said his first word which was "Daddy". A lot of people had gotten used to seeing Thundercracker and Skywarp walking around the base with blue optics now, instead of red and having the Autobot symbol. Several soldiers had been cracking jokes about Bakuha as well during the weeks. Ash was sitting in the mess hall of the Autobot base watching Flora, Jolt, Luna playing a game of tag with Cinder. Ash sat there watching them when he noticed Absol looking sad.
"Absol, what's wrong?" Ash asked his friend.
"My time is coming soon. I can feel it" Absol said. Ash sighed.
In the Decepticon base.
"What is it Soundwave?" Megatron asked as he and Giovanni walked in.
"Laserbeak and Buzzsaw have detected a large amount of energy" Soundwave said.
"Where is it?" Megatron asked.
"A town called Altomare" Soundwave said.
"I am sure that Altomare has no large amount of energy" Giovanni said.
"Are you sure Giovanni?" Megatron asked, the Decepticon leader looking restless.
"Well there is something there called the Soul Dew" Giovanni said.
"Then get a strike force we shall go and claim that energy source in the Altomare. Decepticons will not be defeated this time" Megatron said.
"As you command Lord Megatron" Soundwave said.
In the Autobot base.
"Optimus a source of energy has been found in the town called Altomare" Jazz said.
"Altomare huh. What could be there?" Optimus said.
"Optimus I have been to Altomare. The only thing there is something called the Soul Dew" Ash said. Optimus thought it over before he gave the order for a strike team to go and defend the town.
Hours later, the Autobots were hidden in vehicle mode while Ash and several soldiers walked around. Ash was sure where the Decepticons may go first so he went to where the Soul Dew was hidden. Several minutes of walking Ash, Marina, Raichu and Absol walked into the garden. The moment they entered Ash was tackled to the ground by a red and white blur. Looking he saw Latias was hugging him tightly.
"Latias please get off" Ash said. Latias let go and floated back a bit. Ash got up and dusted himself down.
"Latias, good to see you again" Ash said. Latias nodded as she smiled.
"I am here cause something or someone is here to steal the Soul Dew" Ash said.
Latias said "But how Team Rocket should not know where it is. What is the point of me talking to you. I know you don't understand a word I say."
"But I can understand what you say. And it is not Team Rocket. Them and their alien allies known as the Decepticons are here for the Soul Dew" Ash said. Latias moved back a bit with a look of horror on her face.
"Stay here I got to go and keep an eye out for them" Ash said as he walked away. Latias looked sad as he walked away.
A little bit later, Ash walked down a street.
"Man, it has been a hour and the TRDA is not even here" Ash said. A whine filled the air as a F-22 Raptor and a MH-53 helicopter appeared firing missiles. Followed by a large silver colored alien jet, Megatron transformed into robot mode landing on a street. The other Decepticons appeared standing near the other buildings.
"Decepticons attack! Claim that energy source for the glory of the Decepticons!" Megatron shouted. Optimus Prime and the other Autobots came out of hiding and transformed to robot mode.
"Not so fast Megatron. You can't take that energy source" Optimus said. With that the town of Altomare turned into a battle field. Barricade ran forward before being tackled by Mirage. The two transformers grappled with each other trying to get the right time to land blows on the other. Blackout turned around before a large robotic scorpion detached itself from his back and landed on the ground. The scorpion then began to fire at the Autobots. Ash and Marina hid as Laserbeak and Buzzsaw flew over head firing at them.
"Lets show those bird brains that we will not be killed so easily" Marina said. Ash nodded as a glow covered both of them and they grew and changed. When the light went away Ash was a humanoid Groundon and Marina was a humanoid Kyogre. Turning around Ash launched a Solar Beam, while Marina let loose a Hyper Beam. The two attacks hit the two Decepticon spies bring them crashing into a building hard. Ash turned to Marina and smiled.
He then said in a deep voice "Lets go help the others" Marina nodded as they ran off. Absol and Raichu stared down at Ravage and Frenzy.
"Absol lets take these guys down" Raichu said.
Absol nodded before letting a Shadow Ball go at Frenzy. Raichu let loose a large Thunder attack against Ravage. The two Decepticons charged forward. Shockwave blocked blow after blow that was being delivered by Jazz.
"Is this the best you can do Autobrat" Shockwave said.
"No I can do this" Jazz said before crashing head first into the Decepticon. The force caused the Decepticon to go flying into a building. Standing up Shockwave charged knocking Jazz into water. The two sank to the bottom still fighting each other. Rumble jumped in front of Ash, but Ash threw a punch that sent Rumble into a nearby building. Marina stepped forward with her sword that looked like a samurai sword made of crystal in her hand. She charged after Rumble. Ash looked up to see Optimus getting thrown away by Megatron. The Decepticon leader began to head in one direction.
"He is going after the Soul Dew" Ash shouted. Nodding Ash and Marina ran towards where the Soul Dew was. They ran around the legs of Bakuha and Soundwave as they fought each other. After several minutes of running Ash and Marina ran to the Soul Dew area of Altomare.
"Megatron must not know where it is. Or Optimus is beating the crap out of him" Marina said. Latias appeared with a scared look on her face.
"Latias. Get Bianca and her grandfather and hide. This place will become a battlefield soon" Ash said.
Latias nodded and flew away. Grabbing his Poke-balls Ash sent Luna, Flora, Charizard out as Raichu and Absol joined him.
"Get ready" Ash said. The trees were then ripped out of the ground as Megatron looked down at them.
"You weak creatures are always standing in my way" He shouted.
"We are not weak. We maybe made of flesh and bone and not metal. But we are not weak. And we can prove it" Marina shouted.
"You will die by my hand!" Megatron shouted. Bringing his arms forward turning them into his Fusion Cannon.
"Run!" Ash shouted as Megatron fired. Charizard flew up and let loose a Flamethrower right at Megatron. The Decepticon leader moved his Fusion Cannon trying to hit Charizard. But this was the right timing as Ash, Marina, Flora, Luna, Raichu and Absol attacked. Megatron turned to them but was hit from the side as several Mist Ball attacks hit him. Looking up Ash saw Latias flying from the place she was hiding.
"Latias what are you doing?" Ash asked as Latias floated next to him.
"My home is under attack. I can't just sit back and let this happen" Latias said as she glared at Megatron. Soundwave turned to see his leader having trouble. He turned to aid Megatron but was tackled by Bakuha destroying several buildings at the same time. Absol ran up a tree and jumped from the top sending several Shadow Balls at Megatron. Turning around Megatron swung his mace and hit Absol hard sending him flying into a building. Ash launched another Solar Beam at Megatron. An Ice Beam and a Aurora Beam hit the Decepticon leader. Turning Ash saw a Glaceon and a Vaporeon appear launching attacks at Megatron. As Megatron reached down to pick up the Soul Dew while ignoring all attacks on him. Optimus knocked him down.
"Good work Ash now keep the Soul Dew safe" Optimus shouted. Transforming into alien jet form Megatron flew to where Blackout was and transformed into robot mode.
"Blackout why haven't you come to help me" Megatron asked, grabbing Blackout. Before Blackout could answer Megatron saw a group of kids hiding.
"Blackout, kill those kids" Megatron said. Blackout looked at them and at Megatron.
"But Megatron sir. They are kids" Blackout said.
"I don't care they are humans kill them" Megatron ordered.
"NO!!" Blackout shouted. The battle stopped as everyone looked at them.
"Why are you disobeying orders" Megatron said in anger.
"Because they are unarmed humans. They don't deserve to die" Blackout said.
"Very well Blackout if that is how you feel. Decepticons open fire on Blackout" Megatron shouted.
All Decepticons turned and began to fire on Blackout. Scorponok turned and fired missiles at the Decepticons. Blackout was doing his best to fire on them but he was brought down. Megatron looked down at the former Decepticon and said "You can die from the damage you received."
With that Megatron ordered a retreat and the TRDA forces. Once they had left soldiers began to look through the rumble that had once been Altomare. Ash and Marina turned to Latias, the Glaceon and the Vaporeon and said "Thank you for helping us"
"No need to thank us" the Glaceon said. "Yeah. We heard about the war and want to help repel the Decepticon threat. But we have no trainer" the Vaporeon said as she looked at the ground.
"How would you two like to be my Pokemon" Ash said.
The two girls looked up and said "Ok".
"Marina I would like to talk to Latias alone" Ash said as he walked away with Latias floating next to him. A few minutes of walking, they stopped.
"Listen Latias I want to know, plain and simple. Do you have a crush on me?" Ash asked. Latias blushed and said "Yes."
"But you do know Marina is my girlfriend right?" Ash asked. Latias nodded.
"Latias I like you a lot. But Marina is my girlfriend. And you will always have a special place in my heart" Ash said.
Latias blushed even more and she asked "May I join your team?"
Ash smiled and said "Of course."
At that moment Raichu came running around the corner and said "Ash come quickly. Its Absol he is badly hurt."
A look of horror came across his face as he followed Raichu. They saw Absol half buried under rubble. Running forward Ash and his Pokemon removed the rubble. Absol's white fur was stained with blood.
"Ratchet get over here now!" Ash shouted.
In a few seconds the Autobot medic had put a Stasis field around Absol.
"That should be able to keep him in good health and not lose any blood til we get him back to the base" Ratchet said.
Ash still worried about his friend went and see what he could do to help. Then he remembered Blackout. Running to where the Decepticon fell he saw Blackout try to get up back fell down again.
"Optimus. Blackout is still alive" Ash said. Optimus, Wheeljack, Bakuha, Ironhide and Ratchet walked over.
"Then let me help speed up his death with my new Solar Cannons" Bakuha said.
"No. Optimus, he must be repaired" Ash said.
"Why?" the Autobot asked.
"He didn't kill those kids even though Megatron told him too. If we repair him then maybe he might join the Autobots" Ash said.
"Ok get Blackout and Scorponok to the base along with Ash's Absol as fast as you can" Optimus said.
Mirage stepped forward. "Optimus sir. I would like to stay here and help rebuild this town and protect the Soul Dew."
"Very well" Optimus said as the Autobots began to help move most of the rubble.
A few hours later. In the medical centre of the Autobot base Absol was laying on a table. Machines were checking his life signs.
"I am not long for this world" Absol said.
"Don't say that Absol" Ash said as he stood in his human form by the table.
"You know I am dieing. It was good serving and training under you Ash" Absol said.
"Same" Ash said.
"Ash, don't be sad. I will always be with you in spirit. And I shall say with my final breath, one thing" Absol said.
"What is that?" Ash asked.
"The group of Houndoom that attacked my family were part of the Reaper pack. There are five members to this group. Cerberus the leader, Bloodbath, Vulcan, Zephyr and one that is a nutcase that so far I have not learnt his name. Ask the Nurse Joy that raised me for the first two years she should know more then me" Absol said.
"I will" Ash said.
"Just promise me one thing Ash. Win this war against the TRDA" Absol said.
"I promise Absol" Ash said.
He watched with tears in his eyes as Absol's breathing stopped and the machines had a very long beep coming from them. Picking up Absol, Ash walked out knowing where he would want to be buried.
A couple hours later, Ash had just finished burying Absol. He stood up after making a crude headstone. Walking away, Ash heard a noise. Pulling a few bushes aside he found a female baby Absol that looked a few hours old. It looked at him with a scared look. Ash reached down and picked it up. Pulling some Pokemon food out he held some in his left hand as he held the Absol with his right. The Absol sniffed the food and ate it.
"I will take care of you" Ash said. The Absol looked up at him mouth open. And he saw the tip of one fang was black.
"I will look after you, Shadowfang" He said as he took the Absol back to the Autobot base.
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