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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 17

Chapter 17 The Massacre

In a remote mountain range was a base. It was well hidden, not even satellites could not spot it when they flew over. Inside this base scientists from a group called Team Gaia were working on something.
"So, how long do you think it will take for Arcues to notice we tricked him into using some of his DNA to make XD-494?" a scientist said.
"Don't know. But with XD-494 we can return to our home universe and kill XD-385, the Cybermen and crush the LFR" another said.
The two turned around and looked at a large glass chamber with large tubes that connected to an even larger machine. The glass chamber was filled with green liquid and inside was a figure with what looked like a breathing mask on.
"Sir, we have an inbound helicopter" a grunt said.
"Is it one of ours?" the leader said as he turned away from the glass chamber.
"Not sure" the grunt said.
Another grunt walked by. "You what is the status of XD-494?"
"Nearly done sir, almost 95% according to the screen." the grunt said.
"Good." the leader said.
"Sir, we have more inbound objects" the first grunt said.
"Are they ours?" the leader said again.
"Unknown sir" the grunt said.
"Sir! The Helicopter is landing at the military part of the base" another grunt said.
Soldiers and Grunts of Team Gaia ran toward the landing helicopter. The moment the helicopter landed, it started to transform into a large robot. Guns began to fire on the robot as it turned out to be the Autobot, Evac.
"The Autobots have found us!! We're under attack!!" the leader shouted over the P.A system of the base. Jeeps appeared as human and Pokemon soldiers jumped out and opened fire on the Team Gaia soldiers and grunts. A hover tank appeared and transformed into a robot to reveal Bakuha. Ash appeared along with Marina, Blaze, Scorch, Hector and Jasmine. Pulling a number of Poke-balls Ash threw them into the air revealing Charizard, Garnet, Jolt, Luna, Flora, Luca and Crystal. Eve and Raichu appeared next to him as well.
"Push onward into the base" Ash said.
Soldiers ran into the base killing all grunts and soldiers of Team Gaia.
"Sir they are pushing on. They are getting closer to the lab. XD-494 may die" a grunt said as he ran up to his leader.
"Try get XD-494 completed. Contact the other bases. Tell them it is time to start working on XD-491, XD-492 and XD-493" the leader said in a hurried tone.
"Sir, yes sir" the grunt said.
It didn't take Ash and the soldiers to get into the lab. Grunts and soldiers opened fire on the APL soldiers as the Autobots continued to rip the base apart from the outside. During the chaos the leader grabbed a grunt and said "Get XD-494 out of here now" as he pushed him in the direction of XD-494.
The grunt nodded and ran to the glass chamber. With a pipe in hand, the grunt slammed it against the glass, shattering it. As the green liquid came flowing out onto the ground, the grunt picked up the figure inside. With it in his arms, he began to run. But he only managed a few steps before he tripped over the loose cables, causing the figure to fall out of his arms. The grunt heard a noise and looked up to see a large amount of rubble fall down on top of him. Ash saw the figure that was taken from the glass tank lying there on the ground. Ash heard a noise and looked to see more rubble about to fall on the figure. He ran up and picked it up in his arms. Once he was away from the rubble, Ash looked down at what he had just saved.
It was female, he could tell straight away. She looked like Arcues but with several differences. She stood upright on two legs. What would of been her front legs were more like arms and ended with hands. The golden wheel was connected to her middle section with what looked like two hooks that dug into her flesh. The wheel was positioned on her back giving the look of it being a shield. A large black stripe started at the top of her chest and ran down her front and ending at the tip of her tail. Her breasts were large but not too large. Her body was completed covered in a smooth white fur, except for the stipe and her face which was black. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked straight at Ash. Ash noticed her eyes were green in color but with red pupils. A grunt appeared behind Ash. As the grunt brought a gun up, the Arceus pokemorph said "Daddy behind you."
Ash turned to see the grunt. He watched as Garnet came running up and slam the grunt from behind. Ash looked but at the Arcues Pokemorph and knew it was his mission to kill her. But he could not bring himself to do it. As the battle raged he got up, and with the Arceus Pokemorph still in his hands, he walked away.
Several days later, Optimus, Ash, Arcues and high ranking officers looked at a view screen that showed the room where XD-494 was locked up. They watched her shake and look around with big tearful eyes. She was very scared about the new place she was in. She was whispering to herself "Daddy, where are you?" over and over again.
"What should we do?" Optimus said.
"Let me see her. I think I can calm her down" Ash said. Everyone looked at him, Arceus stepped forward.
"You care for her don't you?" He asked.
Ash looked at him nervously and said "Yes. When I first saw her and she first saw me she called me daddy. She thinks I am her father" Ash said.
"Very well Ash. If you can calm her down then we will not have to kill her" Arcues said.
Ash walked into the room and the moment he enters, the Arceus ran over to him and hugged him tightly and said "Daddy, don't ever go again."
"I won't Arciril. I will never leave you again" Ash said as he let Arciril just cry her eyes out.
A few days have past and Ash was with Arciril and Eve, who were showing her the world outside the base.
"This place is more different to in the base" Arciril said. She was wearing loose fitting clothes that were white and black to match her fur color.
"Yeah it's a pretty big place" Ash said.
"Wait. Do you hear something?" Eve said stopping.
They listen and hear a noise. It sounded like something in pain. Running to the source they found two humanoid Salamences. Both of them female. The smaller of the two looked up at the bigger one and said "Mum, where are we? Wheres dad?" she asked.
"Calm down Eirrath. This is some sort of trick the Cybermen caused. "I don't see Slate, Aunt Frost, Snow, Aunt Bayleef, Uncle Mewtwo, Aunt Latias, Uncle Latios or Uncle Neo any where" the older one said. Getting closer Ash saw the two of them wore clothes. The younger one wore clothes similar to the ones he wore in Sinnoh and seemed to have black hair. The other wore clothes similar to the ones he wore in Hoenn. This one had a metal bracelet on one arm.
"Hey are you two ok?" Ash asked. They stopped talking and turned around.
"Dad is that you?" the younger one asked.
"No it is not him. Looks like him but it isn't" the older one said.
"I am Ash.." Ash said before he was cut off by the older Salamence.
"Ash Kecthum yes we know. But your not our one" the older one said.
"What do you mean?" Ash said.
Before anyone could say anything, they turned to see a man in a suit watching them. Ash couldn't believe his eyes, but standing next to this man was himself! And standing next to this one was a Suicane and a white Mew.
"This isn't your one either. I am the Doctor. And I will say this one thing before I have to go with my friends to my home universe. The cracks between the universes are getting worse. The Chaos-bringer must be defeated at all costs" the Doctor said. With that the doctor and the other ones entered a blue box which dissapeared with the groaning of alien engines.
Ash stared at the spot that the 'Doctor', Suicane and Mew were just a few seconds ago,
"Ok that was odd. But now some introductions. You know who I am. This is Arciril and this is Eve. What are your names?" Ash asked.
"I am Eirrath" the younger one said.
"And my name is Mana Kecthum" the older one said.
"My father was Ash Kecthum from our universe" Eirrath said.
"In a way he is my father as well" Mana said.
"Ok. Why don't we take you guys back to our base, where I think we can see to send you two home" Ash said.
Back at the base. After much talking Mana and Eirrath were saddened by the news that it is very unlikely that they will be able to return home.
"I am sorry" Ash said.
"It is ok. We thought that, maybe we can help you guys with something. Maybe this war. We may not be able to return to our home and help in the Cyber War there but we can try with this one" Mana said.
"Ok. We'll let you help. You are now a part of Ash's squad" Optimus said.
They both bowed and said "Thank you Optimus Prime"
Deep in a lab in the middle of a city,
"Sir. The robots are almost operational" a scientist said.
"Good, let me see one" another scientist said.
Walking, they saw robots that all looked the same. They were bipedal androids, with an average height of 6'6 and comprised of silver-chrome plating. Their upper body panels acted as protective armor for the complex machinery that makes up the basic endo-skeleton of the robot. On the back, the robots had a backpack-like power cell as well as a piece of flexible armor which further protects the internal mechanism of the robot.
"These robots are created to help in the war with the Decepticons. Am I right Cy?" the scientist asked.
"Yes, you are correct" Cy said.
As they walked through the lab, several robots stood up. The glowing red eyes of the robots began to go back and forth on their faces. As one of the scientists got close to one of the active robots, the robot attacked, punching a metal hand into the chest of the scientist. The robot pulled back its hand, now covered in human blood and holding a human heart in its hands, still beating. The robot looked around the room the took a step off the rack it was connected to. The other scientists began to run as more robots began to activate and kill all humans in the large lab.
Several gaurds stepped forward and fired their guns on the robots. The robots advanced on the guards. One of the robots grabbed a gun off a guard, before turning it around and splattering the guards brains all over of the wall behind him. Another robot looked down at a scientist that was begging for his life. The robot brought its hand onto the man's head. With little effort, the robot pulled the man's head off his body. The robot threw the head into a wall. A scientist turned to crawl away, but one of the robot's feet came crashing down through his head, smashing his skull open and sending a copious amount of the poor man's brain all over of the floor. Another robot grabbed a sharp bit of metal off the floor and used it to slice a guard open. With that the robot reached in and ripped the man's lower intestines out. It then used it to strangle another guard with the guard's intestines, after some time the guard's body went limp and fell to the floor. The robots stopped and looked at all the blood and organs and dead bodies everywhere.
One stepped forward. "We will gain access to the weapons storage. Get weapons and kill all other humans in this place" the lead one said.
"By your command" the other 99 robots said.
The robots turned and marched towards a large door at the end of the hallway.
In the APL base. Ash and Marina were giving Mana and Eirrath a brief history of the war.
"Wow. Your Earth has gone through alot. First the Sektor Seiben threat and now this war between the Autobots and the Decepticons" Mana said.
"Yeah. But the humans and Pokemon of this Earth are ready to fight the Decepticons and Team Rocket to the end" Marina said.
"What about her?" Eirrath asked pointing to Arciril who was sitting down and staring off into the distance, not showing any interest in the discussion.
"Oh, she is a bioweapon of sorts. She was being created by a group known as Team Gaia. Her name is Arciril but her codename was XD-494. She was being created to be the perfect bioweapon. But we attacked the base and she was awoken prematurely and only knows level 5 Pokemon attacks" Ash said.
Both Mana and Eirrath looked a bit shocked at this. Before they could say anything Optimus called for them to meet him in the command center of the base. When they got there, they saw Ash's squad along with several others.
"We have gotten word from a base where a number of prototype robots have been killing all the staff at the base. We need you to go there and stop those robots" Optimus said.
"We can do that sir" Ash said as his squad began to get ready and move out.
"Marina, I think it is best if you stay here to look after Shadowfang for me?" Ash asked.
"Yeah I can" Marina said with a depressed look.
"Hey, I will be back, I just need someone to look after Shadowfang for me" Ash said.
"I know. Now be careful out there" Marina said as Ash walked away toward his squad.
Ash, Mana, Eirrath, Tabitha, Nina, Bakuha, Evac and several squads of soldiers stood in front of the lab. The large metal doors had closed over the openings to the base.
"How are we going to get in?" Ash asked, looking at the doors that stood before him. Ash turned to look at his squad and was taken by surprise that Mana had changed. Her scales were a much darker color now, her eyes were red. Her fangs were now larger then before and her face looked like it was permanently snarling.
"Lets break down these doors and take them out" the changed Mana said.
Ash looked at her.
"What? This is my rage form. If you got a problem with that we can fight right here right now" Mana snarled as she looked at Ash.
"You got to forgive my mum. When she is in her rage form she becomes an almost completely different person. Always angry and full of rage. That is why our family calls it her rage form. My twin brother has this form as well" Eirrath explained.
"Enough talk" Mana said as she let loose a loud roar, then charged towards the doors.
"What is she doing?" Ash said.
"In her rage form she is stronger then she normally is, and can break those doors down" Eirrath said as they watched. But Mana went head first into the door and began to scream in pain holding her head.
"Or our powers are weak in this universe" Eirrath said as Mana came back holding her head.
"Well that hurt like hell" Mana groaned still holding her head.
"Now let us show you how we do it" Ash said as a large shadow flew over them.
Arciril looked up and said "What is that?" pointing at the strangly shaped figure above them.
"Its the Valiant. The first warship built by humans that has spaceflight potential" Ash said.
The large white almost bird like shape of the Valiant came to hover several miles above the lab.
Ash spoke into a comm-link "Valiant open fire on the doors."
With that a burst of lasers came down and hit the doors causing to break open.
"ATTACK!" Ash shouted as they ran in.
The robots turned and fired on them. Soldiers were brought down as they charged forward and opened fire on the robots.
"Daddy this is not going good" Arciril said.
"I know these robots were made to help win the war against the Decepticons so they were created to withstand weapon fire" Ash said.
"Let us help" Bakuha said as she and Evac broke the top of the lab and walked in their weapons firing. A robot came out with a mortar and aimed it at Bakuha. The robot fired striking Bakuha sqaure on the chest. She went down, hard.
Ash ran to Bakuha but she said "Just win this battle I will be fine."
Ash nodded and went back to the front line as more and more soldiers were brought down. Both Mana and Eirrath fired weapons they had picked up from fallen soldiers. Their armor was pretty good as they were not getting killed.
Ash said "We got to end this battle."
Evac took a step forward and said "Let me show you why they called me Blackout when I was a Decepticon."
With that a large burst was fired from Evac and all the robots shut down and fell to the ground.
"What on earth was that?" Ash asked.
"A controlled EMP blast. I targeted the robots and well, as you can see, thats the end result" Evac said.
Ash nodded and said "Right we got work to do. Bury the bodies get Bakuha back to base and find out what to do with these robots" Ash said.
Several hours later, Ash returned to the base with his squad, Bakuha was in the repair bay.
"Optimus sir. Can you call Marina to the command center?" Ash asked.
Optimus, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Wheeljack looked at each other, Optimus said "Ash there is no easy way to say this, but...."
"But what?" Ash asked.
Optimus let out a sigh and said "Marina is gone. She went out for a walk just after you reported back in, we thought she came back inside, but we can not find her anywhere."
Ash can't belive what he just heard. Tears flowed from his eyes and he began to run around the base looking for Marina. He found Shadowfang, but not Marina. Tears just flowed from his eyes as he sat down. His Pokemon came and did their best to cheer him up but nothing could stop him crying.
Miles away from the Autobot base. A Flareon and Espeon were standing around a Buizel who just opened her eyes and jumped back.
"Hey, it's ok" the Espeon said.
"Yeah. My name is Karina" the Flareon said as she introduced herself.
"And my name is Tina" the Espeon said as she introduced herself.
"What is yours?" Karina asked.
"I...I'm not to sure. I can't remember a thing" the Buizel said as she sat up.
"Can you try to remember your name?" Tina asked.
"I think my name is Marina. Yeah, that is the only thing I remember, my name is Marina" the Buizel said.
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