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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The Search for Marina

Squads have been searching the area near the Autobot base.
"Sir, we have not found Marina" a soldier said.
"Increase the search perimeter" Optimus said.
"Sir" the soldier said as he walked off.
"What about Skyspy, has it found anything?" Optimus asked.
"No sir" Wheeljack said.
Mana and Eirrath flew onto the base and walked into the command center.
"We didn't find her" Mana said.
Charizard and Blaze walked in. "We also couldn't find her" Blaze said.
Charizard looked sad and said "I can't see my trainer sad like this"
"I agree with you Charizard" Bakuha's voice was heard.
They turned to see Bakuha's head attached to the main computer. Her body had been damaged from the mortar the robots fired on her before. Since her head had been hooked up to the main computer she had started to show emotions. While her body was being repaired there was another thing that was being built. Ash had locked himself up where Bakuha's body was being repaired and where another Autobot was being built by Ash.
"We must continue the search and keep the TRDA busy" Optimus said.
Ash was sitting in the room that contained the two bodies. But he wanted to be left alone. Arciril, Nina, Cinder and Shadowfang were at a locked door, they couldn't get in.
"Mummy what is wrong with Daddy?" Cinder asked Nina.
"I am not sure" Nina said staring at the door, like she was trying to see through it.
"I wish there is something I could do for daddy" Arciril said.
"I am not sure what we can do" Nina said.
"Wait a minute. Marina is a Floatzel right?" Arciril asked.
"Yeah, that's right" Nina said.
"What if, she was changed back into a Buizel?" Arciril said.
"So they are out looking for a Floatzel, not a Buizel" Nina said.
"So they should look for a Buizel instead" Arciril said.
Nina went to a comm-link. "Optimus Prime. Contact the search team. Tell them to search for a Buizel instead of a Floatzel."
"Ok. I am ordering all search teams to look for a Buizel" Optimus said.
It had been several weeks since the Espeon Tina and the Flareon Karina had found a Buizel with no memory but remembers her name. At this moment Marina was swimming in a large river. She stopped when a humanoid Kyogre appeared in front of her. Mesmerised, she stopped and looked at the legendary pokemon that was floating in front of her. She swam forward to get a closer look, but it changed shape into a strange looking Floatzel. It then faded away leaving Marina very confused. She swarm up onto land and walked over to her friends Tina and Karina.
"Hey Marina what is wrong?" Tina asked.
Marina looked at the Espeon and said "Nothing just taught I saw something when I was going for a swim."
"So Marina do you remember anything at all yet besides your name?" Karina asked.
Marina looked at the Flareon and said "Just little bits and pieces."
"Like what?" Tina asked.
"Well there is a human. I think his name is Ash. And I think he might of been my friend or something" Marina said.
Tina and Karina just sat in silence as they went back to eating fruit and fish in front of them thinking over what Marina had just said.
Weeks have gone by, Ash had only came out to get food but remained holed up in the part of the base where he was contructing something. Bakuha who had a whole range of emotions now was trying to get him to come out.
"Ash is just being impossible to move" Bakuha's head said as she let out a sigh.
"He misses Marina. I know how he feels. It has been three million years since I last saw Elita One" Optimus said.
"Where would she be now?" Bakuha asked.
"I am not to sure. Her ship was shot down be Decepticons over some planet" Optimus said.
"Do you hope to find her some day?" Bakuha asked.
"Yes I do. I just know she is still online somewhere" Optimus said.
"How?" Bakuha asked.
Optimus stood up and turned around his chest opened up to reveal a glowing object in a case of gold. "This is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Through this I can tell if she was offline. But as of yet I have not sensed anything" Optimus said as he closed his chest again.
Bakuha let out a sigh, then turned around. While her head was not attached to her body she could still do stuff like turn around.
"Optimus got reports. Three Team Gaia bases have been attacked and destroyed by APL forces. Our forces are still battling TRDA forces and I don't believe this" Bakuha said still facing away.
"What? What is it?" Optimus asked.
Bakuha's head turned around "Better tell Arciril that she has guests" Bakuha said.

Few hours later. "I can't wait to see them. I wonder what they are like. I wonder if I will have sisters or brothers or both. This just very exciting" Arciril said.
"Yes we know" Scorch, Hector, Blaze, Nina and all of Ash's Pokemon groaned.
Several helicopters and transports landed on the helipads as soldiers carried wounded into the medical center of the base. Then they saw the large white bird like shape of the Valiant hover off the base with a airlock tunnel attached to a building. Arciril sighed in dissapointment.
"Wait here comes someone" Garnet said as she floated in the air pointing a claw at three new helicopters that just landed. Nine more were in the air. Off the first of the helicopters were soldiers. Behind them, stepped off the first one. Walking into view it was like a Giratina. His yellow eyes glanced around his new surroundings. His head was smaller then a normal Giratina. And looked slightly closer to a humans head. He stood on two feet which end in three large yellow claws. His legs were reverse jointed. He had a long tail sticking out from his tail bone. His two black wings had three red spikes on them, giving him a more menacing look. A blanket was wrapped around him. His two pairs of arms kept the blanket close to his body. The first pair was larger then the second set which was small. All four of his hands ended in three yellow claws. He also had golden bands around all 4 of his wrists.
The next looked like a Dialga. The Dialga stood upright on its two back legs. What should of been its front legs were humanoid arms and hands. It had large breasts, but smaller then Arciril's. On her chest was the diamond chest plate that the normal Dialga had. But it was positioned closer to her neck. It's size took up one third of her chest area and was white with a glowing blue center. Her body was covered head to toe in blue scales, with lighter parts that looked like the hands of a clock. Her face had similar features of a Dialga's, but more humanoid parts and she had sunken red eyes.
The next one looked like a Palkia, a normal one but different. It too had breasts. She stood like a human. Her neck was shorter and was bowed forward slightly, giving the impression that she always had her head in a surprised position. Her chest and stomach were covered in black scales, her arms were also covered in black scales. Her hands were like a Palkia's but more humanoid. Her wings were smaller and hanging from her back when not being used. On her shoulders were shield-like things which had what looked like a pearl in the middle of each one.
Arciril ran forward a smile on her face as she looked at them. The Diagla and Palkia ran up and gave her a hug and said "Sister!"
"My sisters. Welcome to your new home" Arciril said.
"Hello sis" the Giratina said in a deep growling voice walking up to Arciril.
"Brother" Arciril said as she went to hug him.
"Sorry, I am not the type of person that likes to be hugged" he said as he stepped back his hand out in a defensive way.
"So what are your names" Nina asked as she walked forward.
"We know our sister here was called XD-494, and is now called Arciril" the Giratina said.
"My name is Eternit�" the Dialga said.
"My name is Selena" the Palkia said.
"Just call me Erebus" the Giratina said.
Arciril looked at all of them bouncing on the spot, happy that she had been reunited with her family. But she soon stopped and looked down.
"What's wrong sis?" Eternit� asked.
"Its just that my dad is upset" Arciril said.
"Maybe we should see if we can cheer him up" Selena said.
"Really?" Arciril said.
"Of course if he is your dad in a way, he is our dad as well" Selena said.
They all stood outside the room where Ash had locked himself up in.
"Daddy. I got some people who want to meet you" Arciril said.
The door slid open to reveal Ash, who still looked depressed.
"Daddy say hello to Selena, Erebus and Eternit�. They wanted to meet their father" Arciril said.
"Meet their father?" Ash said looking confused.
"Yeah. They seem to think that you are their father, cause you are my father" Arciril said.
"But how is that possible?" Ash asked.
Erebus pushed his way forward and said "Let me explain. We have a telepathic link between the four of us as we were all created for one purpose. It's weak as of now since this is the first we've been together. But it will grow stronger in time. But the telepathic link is the reason why we see you as our father. It transfers from Arciril here, to us. In other words because of Arciril here it is imprinted to us somehow."
"Why are you upset?" Selena asked.
Ash looked at the humanoid Palkia and said "My girlfriend, my mate has gone missing."
"What did she look like?" Eternit� asked.
"She is a Floatzel" Ash said.
"But we think that she has some how changed back into a Buizel" Nina said.
"We will help then" Selena said. "Although some clothes would be nice" Eternit� said.

Later Erebus was wearing a black shirt with black pants and a black jacket. Eternit� wore a blue shirt that was tight on her body and blue pants. She was also wearing some gloves. Selena was wearing a white shirt and white pants. They along with Ash, Arciril and Ash's Pokemon were walking though woods. Ash looked up to see Charizard and Garnet flying around searching from the air. Ash sighed as they looked some more. Eve had turned to her Espeon form and was helping as well by using her psychic powers to scan the surrounding area.
"I hope we find her soon. I have a bad feeling something is going to happen" Ash said.
Tina, Karina and Marina were walking through the woods.
"You two have helped me so much with this. I mean when I get my memories back I hope I can repay you guys" Marina said.
"Don't worry I think you can repay us" Tina said. All of a sudden three nets came out of no where. Tina, Karina and Marina were caught in the nets. A group of men in suits walked out, with the leader walking towards the three.
"Who are you guys?" Tina asked telepathy.
Marina eyes went wide and said "You guys are from Sektor Sieben."
"Who?" Karina asked.
"I don't know the idea came out of my mind like that" Marina asked.
"We are no longer Sektor Sieben. We are now Sector Seven" the leader said.
Before the man could do anything Ash and the group with him burst from the woods into the clearing.
"You!" the leader said.
"I see Sektor Sieben returns" Ash said.
"We are now Sector Seven" the leader said looking angry for saying the same thing again.
"Who cares, you tried to kill Marina once before I will not let you do it again" Ash said.
"I don't care. Because of you two the Transformers brought their war here" the lead man said.
"The Transformers would of always came here. Even if me and Marina never met" Ash said.
"Fine. You will die now" the lead man said.
Ash was grabbed from behind as Erebus pulled him back. "If you want to fight him, you will have to came through me first" Erebus said.
"Fine. Kill the others" the leader said.
And so a fight broke out.
"So how do you want to do this? Hand-to-Hand or with weapons?" the Leader said as he surveyed the fight area.
"Pick one. It doesn't matter to me" Erebus growled.
"Very well then" the leader said as he pulled two swords out of his jacket. "Catch" and he threw a sword at Erebus.
Erebus caught the sword with his right hand and raised it just in time to block the attack of the Leader.
"Hmm this will be interesting. Your a quick one, I'll give you that." the Leader said as he pushed against Erebus trying to get a good foothold on him.
"Good. All the more fun I get to have" Erebus said as he pushed the Leader back a few feet, then ran at him scraping the tip of the sword along the ground, preparing to slash upwards.
The Leader was able to dodge the attack just in time. Erebus turned around and swung his sword at the Leaders chest. A loud clang was heard as steel hit steel. They both jumped back and looked at each other.
"So who is going to give in first?" the Leader said, "or should it be qho is going to die first?"
"That would be you" Erebus growled as he ran at the Leader.
The Leader got into a defensive position and blocked Erebus's attack, but Erebus attacked and then spun around and attacked again. The Leader was caught offguard, but managed to dodge the second attack, but he was hit on the arm with the flat of Erebus's sword.
"I said before that you were quick and you proved right. But are you quick enough for this?" the Leader said as he swung at Erebus.
Erebus parried the attack but the Leader kicked out 1 of Erebus's legs. Caught unaware by the attack, Erebus stumbled back.
"And now, this is were you die" the Leader said as he delivered a fatal blow to Erebus's midsection, slicing him clean in two. A brief look of horror crossed Erebus's face as a scream was let loose.
As the fight raged, Ash had gotten over to the nets and cut them open. A agent appeared behind him and lifted a branch up. Garnet swooped down and tackled the agent.
"Retreat, we have done enough here" the leader shouted from the part of the forest were he fought against Erebus.
They turned around and ran as Evac appeared. While Arciril, Selena and Eternit� ran toward were Erebus fought the Leader.
Ash had knelt down in front of Marina and said "Marina, it's me Ash, do you remember me?"
"Sorry only bits and pieces of my memory have come back to me. I don't remember you" Marina said.
Ash looked sad and said "Well, I know this doesn't help, but I can help you regain your memory"
"You can really do that?" Marina asked.
"Yes I can. I would do anything to help you. Because I love you" Ash said reaching out a touching Marinas head.
Marina stood there as her mind was suddenly overwhelmed with memories flooding back at once.
"I have one thing to say" Marina said.
Ash looked at the Buizel and asked "What is it?"
She moved fast and took his hat off his head. "I got your hat" She giggled and ran off. Ash laughed when he noticed that she remembered but he stopped and turned around.
"Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." Erebus was saying as Selena and Arciril crouched down next to him, a bubbling ball was coming out of his stomach, slowly taking shape.
Soon, Erebus had regrown his legs and was now standing up against with Arciril and Selena helping him keep his balance.
"You ok Erebus?" Ash asked.
"Yeah, I should be ok" Erebus said, moving his legs to make sure they were fully mobile.
"What about those legs that were sliced off you" Ash said pointing to the legs.
"I am not to sure. Stand back I'll destroy them, just so no one can clone me" Erebus said as he raised his hand a small glowing ball appeared on his hand. But before he could finish, they saw the legs start to twitch and glow as a shape began growing from them. They watched in shock as this happened right before their eyes.
Meanwhile on a far away planet, several metallic creatures glided around a room.
"New solar system has been discovered" one said in a metallic voice.
"Bioscan the worlds for life forms" another said in the same voice.
"Large amounts of life forms found on the third planet in the new solar system" another said in the same voice.
"Send the fleet there. We must Exterminate all life forms on that planet" the first one said.
"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate" the creatures began to chant over and over again.
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