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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 19

Chapter 19 The Daleks Attack

Everyone stood back as from what was left of Erebus's legs as they began to move around. The legs jumped upright, quivered for a few seconds and started to glow brighter and brighter, then a shape erupted out from the legs. First a head, followed by arms, then another set of arms and finally a torso. It was a prefect mirror outline of Erebus. But the glowing intensified and they all took another step back. The copy began to morph again. Her chest grew outwards into breasts, just the same size as Arciril and Selena's. Her stomach compacted and became slightly taut. Her head then began to change. The eyes opened and for a second, a hollow emptiness was there. Her eyes then flickered to life, they were red. The arms began to change. They weren't as big as Erebus's arms, they were humanoid arms and hands, they flexed and relaxed a few times as if the shape was testing them. Wings sprung out her back and stood tall for a while before folding and rested against her back, they were similar to the wings that Erebus had. Her tail, inch by inch as if someone was pulling it out of the spine appeared, it was the same length of Erebus's but was slightly thinner. The legs were the last to take its final shape, they were thinner then Erebus's and were humanoid. The glowing slowly faded away and standing there was a female version of Erebus. She was covered in the some coloured scales as Erebus and as a Giratina. She also had long white hair. She looked at all of them.
"Who...Who... are.. you all?" She asked it took her a while to find her voice.
"We are your sisters" Eternit� said as she pointed to herself, Arciril and Selena.
"And I guess I am your twin brother" Erebus grumbled.
"Meet Dad" Arciril said happily as she tried to push Ash towards the new Giratina.
Ash sighed as Arciril continued to try and push him but wasnt able to.
"Do you have a name?" Marina asked.
"I think my name is Nyx" Nyx said as Selena and Eternit� looked up.
"Welcome to the family, Nyx" Eternit� said.
"Lets get you back to the base" Ash said as he looked down at Arciril who was leaning against Ash's leg, out of breath.
"Wait" a voice said. Turning around Ash saw Tina and Karina walking forward.
"I want to come too" Karina said.
"I would join your team too. But it looks like you already got an Espeon" Tina said pointing to Eve with her paw.
"What? Oh no no no no. You got it all wrong I am an Eevee not an Espeon" Eve said as she turned back into an Eevee. Tina looked at her in shock.
"We will explain back at the base" Ash said.
A few weeks later the bioweapons had settled down quite nicely into the base. But at the moment it was night and Nina was having trouble getting Cinder to sleep.
Mana walked in and said "Having trouble putting him to sleep?"
Nina looked up and said "Yeah."
"Let me handle this Eirrath and her twin brother were hard to put to sleep but I know a song that will put him to sleep" Mana said.
"Ok, hope it works" Nina said.
Mana took a deep breath and began to sing in a beautiful voice:

"When daytime turns to night,
when the moon shines bright.
When you're tucked in tight,
everything will be alright.

Slip softly to that place,
where secret desires run free.
There come face to face,
with who you want to be, so.

Swim across the ocean blue,
fly a rocket to the moon;
You can change your life,
or you can change the world.

Take a chance, don't be afraid,
this life is yours;
Take a chance and then the best has yet to come.

Make a wish, it's up to you.
Find the strength inside,
Then watch your dreams come true.
You don't need a shooting star,
the magic's right there in your heart;
Close your eyes,
Believe and make a wish...

I've always hoped for happiness,
And finally fulfilled my wish;
Cause I just need to see you smile.

Make a wish, it's up to you.
Find the strength inside,
then watch your dreams come true.
You don't need a shooting star,
the magic's right there in your heart;
Close your eyes,
believe and make a wish... "

Mana stopped to see Cinder asleep and Nina looking at her.
"You have a good singing voice" Nina said.
Mana blushed a deep red through her scales.
"Thanks." Mana said.
In the command system Ironhide and Bakuha were on night shift.
"Primus this job gets boring at times" Ironhide said.
"Tell me about it" Bakuha said.
Suddenly a blip appeared on a radar screen.
"What was that?" Bakuha said.
"Most likely a bit of space junk" Ironhide said.
"No, more blips are being picked up. They look like spaceships" Bakuha said.
"How many?" Ironhide asked jumping up.
"200 ships heading toward the Earth. The fleet seems like an attack fleet" Bakuha said. Before any of them could say anything a voice was heard over the P.A system.
"Life forms on the planet Earth. Surrender yourselves to the Daleks. All of those that disobey this order will be exterminated. Obey this order and your lives will be spared for the time being. Daleks need slave labour. You will become prisoners and slaves to the Daleks or you will be exterminated" a metallic voice of a Dalek said.
"What should we do?" Ironhide asked.
Optimus walked in and said "Open up that channel. I want to talk to the Daleks."
Nodding Bakuha went to work and the channeled opened up. "Dalek fleet. This is Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots. We will not be prisoners or slaves to you. But I feel like we can talk out a treaty" Optimus said.
"We don't form treaties Optimus Prime. And you have declared hostile actions against us. Therefore you will be exterminated. Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!" the Dalek said.
"Cut the channel" Optimus said. Bakuha nodded and did so.
"Optimus sir. The fleet is on the way here, they were parked around Mars. Now there are heading here" Ironhide said.
"Red Alert! All hands to battle stations. Put the entire Earth on Red Alert. We are now at war with the Daleks" Optimus said as alarms began to go off.
On the bridge of the command Dalek ship one of the metallic voices called out "Alert all weapons on the Earth have been primed" as the ships handed for the Earth. "Exterminate all the life forms."
"We obey!" several Daleks said.
Soldiers ran around getting weapons ready. Ash and his group ran to the weapon storage. Nyx picked up one blaster rifle with her first pair of arms. Her second pair picked up two blaster pistols.
"Four arms are better then two. Mainly because I can hold one rifle and two hand guns" Nyx said.
"Give me that Energon blaster" Erebus shouted as Selena picked up what he was pointing to and threw it to him.
"That Energon cannon give it to me" Ash said as he turned to his humanoid Groundon form. Marina turned and said "I may be a Buizel but I can still do this." With that she began to glow and turned to a humanoid version of the legendary pokemon Kyogre.
She picked up a heavy blaster and said "Lock and Load."
"Ash hurry up. Dalek saucers are entering the atmosphere" Optimus said.
"Right, almost done" Ash said. Arciril had a sword and a gun hanging from her belt. The golden wheel that was on her back was now on her left arm. The hooks digging into the flesh on her arm.
"We sent the Valiant to try and hold the Daleks off as long as we can" Optimus said.
"Ok" Ash said.
The white bird like shape of the Valiant flew toward the Daleks, all its weapons firing like mad. Daleks began to swarm over the Valiant.
"MAXIMUM EXTERMINATION" Daleks shouted as they fired their Bluish white energy weapons at the ship. The Valiant flew on as Daleks continued to swarm around it.
In the Autobot command center. Autobots ran around the command center.
"Optimus! The Daleks just shot down the Valiant!" Jazz shouted. A crash was heard outside.
"Sir! They are targeting bases" Ironhide said.
"Goldenrod city is under heavy Dalek attack! So is Saffron City!" Evac shouted.
"We got Daleks landing in Jubilife city, Celadon city and others" Ironhide shouted.
"Ash get to Professor Oak's lab. Defend it at all costs" Optimus said.
Ash had arrived at the lab when the Daleks attacked. They resembled man-sized pepper shakers, with a single mechanical eyestalk in a rotating dome, a gunstalk containing a directed energy weapon and a telescoping robot arm. They had earbulbs on either side of the dome head.
"Exterminate all life forms! Exterminate! Exterminate!" The Daleks shouted.
Ash held the cannon and fired on a Dalek. But the blast impacted on the Dalek force field. All of Ash's squad opened fired on the Dalek squad that was gliding forward. Scorch fired his own gun at the Daleks.
"Exterminate!" A Dalek shouted as its gunstick pointed right at him and fired a energy blast which hit Scorch. His body glowed green and for a split second, his skeleton was visible as he flew to the ground. Ash and his squad continued to fire like mad as the Daleks moved forward.
"Optimus, several Dalek saucers are heading for the woods and town on the mainland close to the base" Wheeljack said.
"Dear Primus, there seems like nothing can stop them" Optimus said.
Deep in the base of the TRDA. Decepticons and Team Rocket grunts fired on the Daleks as they entered the base.
"This planet's defense are pathetic. Soon this planet will be ours. The Daleks are now the masters of Earth" the lead Dalek said from the Command Ship.
"Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth!" the several thousand Daleks said
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