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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Counter-attack against the Daleks

Ash and his squad were still being pinned down by a Dalek death squad.
"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!" the Daleks shouted as they fired a blast of deadly energy over and over at the squad defending Professor Oak's lab.
"This is going nowhere and fast" Marina said as a soldier next to her was brought down by Dalek fire. His body glowed green and his skeleton was seen through his skin, like someone had put him under an x-ray, and then he died.
A Dalek aimed its gunstick at Ash. "Exterminate!" it shouted and then fired.
Ash dived out of the way just in time and rolled when he hit the ground. Getting into a crouching position he turned to see the green laser hit his Bayleef in the back, her body arched forward, then she fell to the ground. Several more soldiers were brought down. Getting up Ash turned the Energon Cannon he had on a Dalek and aimed not at the body, but up at the eyestalk. He fired and was surprised with the result. The blast hit the eyestalk and the Dalek exploded letting out a metallic scream. The fire and the smoke disappeared and what was left was half a Dalek with something organic looking inside.
"That is it. Aim for the eyestalks!" Ash shouted.
Erebus clenched his right hand into a fist and dark energy began to form around it. He opened his hand and placed on his palm was a Shadow Ball, growing bigger with every passing moment. After a he seconds he threw it at a nearby Dalek's eyestalk. The Dalek exploded and let out a metallic scream like the one before did.
Nyx saw what Erebus did and thought 'If my brother can do that, maybe I can to. I mean, we are the same species' She put down her guns and brought up her four arms. Doing the same motion Erebus did, all four of her hands had a ball of energy. She then sent the Shadow Balls at four different Daleks. They exploded, letting out that horrible metallic scream of theirs. Soldiers began to fire and soon the Dalek death squad was taken out.
"Get on the comm link. Tell all soldiers to open fire on the Dalek eyestalk" Ash said. A soldier nodded and did so.
"I hope we can hold the Daleks off" Ash said.

All over the planet, soldiers began to fire on the Dalek eyestalks. But even with that weakness discovered, the Daleks still were tough. Optimus looked at a screen to see several Dalek saucers flying over a city, it's energy beams shooting all over the place, hitting buildings and the streets.
"Optimus. Report from Ash's squad. Dalek death squad taken out. But they suffered some losses, one was Scorch" Ironhide said.
"Optimus sir we got a fix on the Dalek home world. It is called Skaro. We can send a ship there and take out the Daleks once and for all" Wheeljack said.
"But how? The Daleks shot down the Valiant" Jazz said.
"We can still get there" Bakuha said.
"How?" Optimus asked.
"Well we can use a type of Warp Gate or Space Bridge to send a couple of squads there and take the Daleks at their heart" Wheeljack said.
"But how? The Dalek home world is far away" Bakuha said as she brought up a screen of the galaxy on the main computer screen.
On one side was the Earth, and at another part of the galaxy was the planet Skaro.
"We got to take a squad there. To take out the Daleks" Ironhide said.
"I agree, but who?" Optimus said.
Ash walked into the room and said "I will take a squad there."
"You sure?" Optimus said.
"Yes. If it means to protect my friends and family from the Daleks. I will go there my self" Ash said, a look of determination on his face as he looked from Autobot to Autobot.
"There is a Dalek device located on the forest close to the base. One of our scouts found it a few hours ago during a recon mission and reported the location back to us" Wheeljack said.
"Yes but there are at least two Dalek death squads there. He also reported that back as well" Ironhide said.
"We will need extra soldiers, just to get us to this device" Ash said.
"We will send you with three groups of Sentinels" Optimus said.
"Optimus, we are getting a message from the Decepticons" Bakuha said.
"What do they want during this attack?" Optimus asked.
"We want to help Prime" the voice of Megatron said.
"Help? How?" Optimus asked.
"We want to send a few squads of our Centurions to help. We know you are planning to attack that Dalek device" Megatron said.
"How do you know?" Optimus asked.
"I know you Prime. I know you would of detected this device and planned on attacking it" Megatron said.
"You got it right so far. We plan on sending a squad to the Dalek home planet, Skaro" Optimus said.
"We can not spare many troops, but we will send them to keep the Daleks busy" Megatron said.
"Ok but we must act quickly then" Optimus said.
"Yes. The Daleks might of figured it out and try to stop us" Megatron said.
Optimus turned around. "Ash are you sure that you want to go?"
"Yes I am sure" Ash said.
"Even though you most likely never come back or see Cinder or Nina again" Optimus said.
"I know but if the Daleks are not defeated I will never see them again" Ash said.
"A good point. Gather as much of your squad and additional men. Along with weapons and ammo" Optimus said.
"Yes sir" Ash said as he walked off.

"Alert! Alert! Transmission between two bases has been detected" a Dalek said.
"Locate the source of the transmissions. Find and exterminate" the lead Dalek said.
"Source has been found. One is the base of the TRDA. It is already under Dalek attack. The other belongs to the APL" another Dalek said.
"Then send Dalek attack squads there. Exterminate the Autobots! Crush all resistance!" the lead Dalek shouted.
"We obey" the Daleks said.

Ash and his squad walked through the forest where the Dalek device was located. Groups of sparkless drone Autobots and Decepticons marched along side of them. They moved quickly toward the device. A few Dalek saucers flew over head along with dozens of Daleks flying along side them.
"They must be heading for the base" Mana said.
"Yeah we've got to hurry up and get to the Dalek home world and stop this attack at its source" Ash said.
Arciril walked besides Ash, while Erebus walked at the back of the group, constantly looking around.
"How do we know the Daleks aren't around?" Selena asked.
"Cause they shout out 'Exterminate'" Nyx pointed out.
"Good point" Selena said.
"Wait. We are near" Ash said as they looked from a group of bushes to see Daleks around their device.
"Send in the drones first" Ash said.
The Autobot and Decepticon drones ready their weapons and fired on the Daleks.
"Exterminate!" The Daleks shouted as they turned around and opened fire. Ash and his squad ran to the device as the battle between the Daleks and the drones went on. Erebus, Nyx and Eternit� took up defensive positions.
"Get into that device, we can cover for you guys" Eternit� said as she pointed the gun to the Daleks. The squad began to run threw the device. When the last of the soldiers ran through Erebus, Nyx and Eternit� followed.
The soldiers all fell onto the ground. They began to pick themselves up.
"Ok lets not go through that thing again, I thought I was going to be crushed before I got here" Eirrath groaned. Shane, Mana, Erebus, Nyx, Arciril and the other bioweapons nodded. They looked around to see they were in a room, barely visible in the dim light they saw two Daleks in there as well. Two soldiers fired on the Daleks causing them to exploded when it hit their eyestalks. They let out their dying metallic screams as the fire and smoke died down.
"Get that door open" Ash said pointing at a door.
"Yes sir" soldiers said as they made their way to the door. As the soldiers work to get the door open the rest of the squad took up positions to blast any Dalek on the other side. However when the door was opened and light filled the room, they saw no Daleks there. Ash quickly looked around the room, They obviously weren't on Earth, the room's design was too alien. They moved slowly towards another room. Once they entered the room, they were surrounded by Daleks.
"You will lower your weapons or you will be exterminated" a Dalek said.
Ash looked at the squad, nodded, slowly extended his arm and dropped his weapon, then put his hands behind his head. The others did the same as well.
"You will come with us" the Dalek said before it and a few other Daleks glided out of the room with the squad walking behind them, the rest of the Daleks joined the back of the group.
Back on Earth the Autobot base was under Dalek attack. Daleks had landed and were battling humans, pokemon and Autobots. Vapor was hit by a Dalek death ray. The Vaporeon Autobot fell over as the Daleks continued to fire at the APL soldiers.
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