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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Arrival of the Autobots

Ash, Marina, Pikachu, Absol, Shane and Eva had decided to wait at the Pokemon Center for Charizard to heal. They waited for a few days. During that time Eva and Jolt had caught up on lost time. When Nurse Joy came out of the room one day, Ash was overjoyed to see his Charizard walking behind her. The cut had indeed become a scar. Nurse Joy said that she was surprised that Charizard was still able to see out of the eye. Ash pulled out Charizard's Poke Ball and returned him.
"So Shane, wanna travel with us for a bit?" Ash asked. "Yeah. I mean it won't be fair on Jolt and Eva. I mean, look how happy they are." Shane said. Ash looked and saw Jolt and Eva seemed to be playing a game. Eva was in her Eevee form and was smiling as her older sister chased her around. "Yeah, it would be wrong to separate sisters that have just been reunited." Ash said. Shane nodded and then they all left after Jolt and Eva had stopped playing.

High above the Earth. An alien probe hovered above the planet. The probe was a recon drone of sort. It was on a mission. The probe scanned several parts of the Earth. A city called Goldenrod appeared on its sensors and it sent the information back to the life forms that had sent it. The aliens on the way to earth sent back info telling the probe to find several specific people and contact them. It located the people it had selected and began to try its best to contact them.

Ash had stopped when his Pokedex began to beep. Confused, he pulled it out and looked at it. On the screen a message flashed. It said 'Come to Goldenrod city in one months time.' Ash turned and looked at Shane, who had his Pokedex out as well, the same message on it. "Who do you think sent the message?" Ash asked. "Maybe it was the Autobots." Marina said. "Maybe, but we might as well get on our way there anyway." Shane said. Nodding, the friends began on the journey to the city.

A month later. Ash, Marina, Absol, Pikachu, Shane and Eva made it to Goldenrod city during the night. Their Pokedex went off again. This time the message said 'Go to top of nearest building.' After a few minutes, they were on the top of a seemingly random building. On the top there were also several familiar people. Ash recognized May, Max, Dawn, Brock, Lance, several elite four members, a few gym leaders and Misty. Marina and Misty's eyes met and they glared at each other. Absol took to a defensive position.
"So Ash, I see you're still traveling with that Floatzel. Is it still your girlfriend?" Misty asked with a bit of anger in her voice. "I have a name, you know. And I see you're still alive. I thought you would've killed yourself when you knew that Ash loves me and will never love you." Marina said with a growl. "Well, I will get Ash, no matter what." Misty gloated. "Ha, yeah right. Why don't you find someone else?" Marina asked. Both Marina and Misty had not gotten on well. Ever since Ash had told his friends and family that he was in love with Marina. Misty had even tried to kill Marina then. Ash pulled Marina away from Misty while May and Dawn pulled Misty away. "Look!" Max said pointing up to the sky.
Six shooting stars were seen heading for the earth. Everyone watched as the largest of them crashed into a field on the outskirts of the city. One crashed into the side of a shop. Another crashed into a swimming pool. Another crashed into a river. And the smallest crashed into an alley. The largest one had turned out to be a giant robot that ran to get away from human eyes. As several people gathered around where a large hole was in the shop, a green rescue vehicle drove away from the hole. A robot made its way through alleys until it came to a car shop where it seemed to scan one of the cars. The one that crash into a pool rose out of it and simply walked away. It too found a car and scanned it just before transforming into a car just like it before driving away. The one in the river had not come out yet. Several Pokemon went to the river, including a Latios! A green beam of light shot out and scanned all the Pokemon. Another robot scanned a yellow car before it transformed into the car and drove off. When the light disappeared, a Latios appeared from the river and flew away, turning itself invisible in the process. The largest of the robots was standing by an empty road. As a truck came by, it scanned it before changing into a truck. Once its disguise was set, it drove off.

Ash and the others made their way to a large alley. They heard a truck noise as a truck appeared. More noises were heard from the other way. The truck which was closer now was a Petteril truck with blue and red flame designs on it. The other things that were coming turned out to be cars and Pokemon. One was a yellow Chevrolet Camaro. Another car was a silver Pontiac Solstice. A third car was a black GMC Topkick pick-up truck. A fourth car was a green Search and Rescue Hummer H2. The Pokemon were a Vaporeon, a Rapidash and a Latios. The truck stopped and began to transform into a large robot. The robot had a type of battle mask over the lower half of its face which slid back to reveal a mouth. When it stopped transforming, the others began to transform as well into robots. Everyone looked around in surprise as robots were all around them. The larger robot lowered itself down so its face was on the same level as everyone else's. "Are you the humans and Pokemon that our recon probe contacted?" the robot asked. "Yeah." Absol said as the others were still in shock. "My name is Optimus Prime. I am an Autobot from the planet Cybertron." the robot said. "But how did you learn to talk like us?" Brock asked. "We studied your satellites to learn your language." Optimus Prime explained.
"This is Jazz." Optimus said as he pointed to the silver robot. "This is my chief medical officer, Ratchet." Optimus said as he pointed toward the green robot. Ratchet seemed to have been doing something when he said "The human with the Pikachu seems to want mate with the Floatzel." Both Marina and Ash blushed and looked at the ground. "Bit too late. They have already mated." Absol said. This seemed to surprise Ratchet. Ash whispered to Absol, "Never say that in front of other people again."
"This is my weapon expert, Ironhide." Optimus said as he pointed towards the black robot. The robot had activated arm cannons. "This is Bumblebee." Optimus said, pointing to the yellow robot. The robot gave a metallic grunt. "What's wrong with him?" Max asked. "His vocal processor was damaged in battle." Ratchet said as he pulled out a device and a red beam shot out and seemed to try and fix what was damaged. "But I am still working on it." Ratchet said. "This is Mirage" Optimus said as he pointed to the robot that was a Latios. Shane gave a bit of a laugh before saying "I have a shiny Latias that is named Mirage as well."
"And these two are..." Optimus said. "RapidFire and Vapor" Ash said as he interrupted Optimus. The two Autobots nodded. "Why are you here?" Dawn asked. "We are here to save your planet and the species native to it." Optimus said. "Why are we in danger?" Lance asked. "Our race has been divided into two factions. There is the evil power-hungry Decepticons. And us, the peaceful Autobots." Optimus said. "And I guess the Decepticons are here as well?" Misty asked. "Yes they are." Jazz replied. "Our recon probe had scanned your planet. As it was scanning, it found out that the Decepticons had made an alliance with a group of humans that call themselves Team Rocket." Ironhide said. "Wait. I was attacked by a Decepticon that was part of the TRDA. He said it stands for the Team Rocket Decepticon alliance." Ash said. "Do you remember the Decepticon tell you what his name was?" Optimus asked. "No, he didn't. But he had a smaller robot that he called Frenzy. Me and Marina would be dead if it wasn't for RapidFire and Vapor." Ash said. Optimus stood up and looked at RapidFire and Vapor. "Is this true?" he asked. "Yes, they were being chased by Barricade and Frenzy." RapidFire said with a hint of anger in his voice. "You still haven't let it go, have you?" Mirage said as he looked at them. "What? What happened?" Absol asked. "They had attacked our research lab and destroyed all of our research." Vapor sighed. "I'd like to rewire their circuits for what they did." RapidFire grumbled. "My Charizard was attacked by a Decepticon called Starscream." Ash said. "Starscream? Starscream is here?" Ironhide erupted. "That's what my Charizard says. Who is Starscream?" Ash asked. Everyone looked back at the Autobots. "That walking pile of scrap metal is the second in command of the Decepticons." Ironhide said. "But you said your Charizard survived being attacked by Starscream?" Optimus said. "Yes, he did. But where he was training was attack by the Decepticons. He's the only survivor." Marina said. "I am very interested in meeting this Charizard. I mean, a creature made of flesh surviving an attack by Starscream is definitely worth meeting." Ratchet said. "Okay. I'm not too sure how he would handle being around you though." Ash said. "I'm pretty sure that he would mind, but I am also interested in meeting him. And Ironhide, put away your cannons. I don't want that Charizard to attack us just because you have your cannons out." Optimus said. With a grunt, Ironhide's cannons slid out of sight into his arms.
"Charizard, go." Ash said as he sent out Charizard. Charizard looked around at the robots. He noticed three were the same size or smaller than him but the others were larger. "Charizard, they're okay. They're friends." Ash said. Ratchet kneeled down until he was at eyelevel with Charizard. He noticed the scar and said "Is this where Starscream attacked you?" Charizard just nodded as he looked at the blue lights that were Ratchet's eyes. "Ummm, excuse me, but there is still a bit we need to know." Lance said. "Sorry. Our war had started over nine million years ago." Optimus said. "That's how long your war has been going on for?!" Max asked. "Yes. It has claimed countless lives. Not just Autobots and Decepticons, but lives of countless other worlds." Optimus said. "But that's not why they came here, is it?" Dawn asked. "No, it isn't. Our planet has run out of energy. In search of new energy sources, the Decepticons found Earth." Optimus said. "If the Decepticons want to succeed, they will drain all energy from the Earth, killing all life on it. They will also drain all energy from Pokemon, killing them in the process." Ratchet explained. "That is why we contacted you all. We hope through all of you that Humans and Pokemon can form an alliance with the Autobots." Optimus said. "But we can't help with that." Ash said. "You can. By convincing the Pokemon Leagues into forming the alliance." Jazz said. "They may listen to the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members that came here. But I can't be of any help." Ash said. The Autobots looked at each before looking back at Ash. "But you can. They have got to listen to The Chosen One of Lugia's legend." Optimus said. "How do you know about Lugia's legend?" Ash asked. "Our probe was also scanning information that might be useful to us. It picked up the legend and sent it back to us." Ironhide said. "So you know about the legend then?" Ash asked. "Yes, we do. But we know that what you heard of the legend is not all of it." Mirage said. "What do you mean?" Ash asked. "I am not sure if we are the right ones to tell you." Ratchet said.
"Unless the alliance is formed, there is nothing that will stop the Decepticons from sucking this planet dry." Ironhide said. "All of you are the only ones that can help form the alliance and save your planet." Optimus said. "Look, we can't make any promises but we can try." Lance said. All of them heard a squawking sound and looked up to see a large mechanical Fearow. "It's Laserbeak!" Ironhide shouted as his cannon appeared. The other Autobots pulled out their weapons and fired. The Fearow flew over them and fired a few shots before it flew off into the night. "We have to get you to the HQ of the Pokemon League right away." Optimus said. "Why and what was that?" Ash asked. "That was Laserbeak. He is one of the spy's that the Decepticons use. Since he now knows we are here, the Decepticons will know soon." Optimus said. "Once the Decepticons know of the plan they will try and stop us. Team Rocket will also try to stop us." Jazz said. "We have no time now. You must choose." Optimus said. "Okay, we'll give it a try." Ash said. "We got some cars, but we don't have enough to take us there." Brock said. "'We will transport some of you there." Ratchet said. "Okay. Let's go." Absol said. "Autobots, transform and roll out!" Optimus said as the Autobots transformed into cars or Pokemon.
Bumblebee drove up to Misty, Brock, Dawn, May and Max and opened the doors to let them in. Once they were in, the doors shut and Bumblebee went to one of the entrances to the alley and waited. Ratchet opened his doors and let Lance and a Gym Leader in. He joined Bumblebee at the alley end. Jazz drove up to Ash, Marina, Absol, Pikachu and Shane. "Get in quick." Jazz said. Nodding, they hopped into Jazz's car form and he joined the other two Autobots. Optimus opened his doors and let two more of the Gym Leaders in. Ironhide came up to Lt. Surge, who was also there, and opened his door. After Lt. Surge was in Ironhide, he allowed the few others into his back part of his vehicle mode. "Alright, let's get away from here before the Decepticons come." Ironhide said. RapidFire, Vapor and Mirage came up next to them. And with that, the Autobots then left the alley stopping only once to let the other Gym Leaders and Elite Four members into cars they had brought themselves. Afterwards they all took off with Mirage following while invisible.

Inside TRDA headquarters. A large robot waited near the entrance. The Fearow that was spying on the Autobots and their human contacts transformed into a cassette and slid into a compartment on the large robots chest. "Laserbeak returns, Lord Megatron." the robot said in a monotone voice. "Soundwave, play back Laserbeak's findings." Megatron ordered. "As you command, Lord Megatron." Soundwave said before he transformed into a tape deck. After being hooked up to a monitor, Giovanni and Megatron watched as Laserbeak's recording was played back.
"This is bad news, isn't it Megatron?" Giovanni said. "Yes, it is." Megatron said. After thinking for a moment, Megatron opened a communication device and said "Barricade, where are you and Frenzy now?" Barricade's voice was heard saying "We're in some human city known as Blackthorn city." "Well the Autobots are here. They are heading towards the major Pokemon League HQ. I want you to intercept them at once." Megatron said. "It will be done, Lord Megatron." Barricade said before his communication device turned off. "Demolisher, get in here now!" Megatron shouted. In no time, a Decepticon who could transform into a tank stood in front of Megatron and Giovanni. "Yes Megatron, what is that you want done?" Demolisher asked. "I want you to join up with Barricade and attack the Autobots." Megatron said. "It will be done, Lord Megatron." the tank Decepticon said before he transformed and headed for the base entrance.
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