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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Showdown on Skaro

Ash and his squad walked through the tunnels of the Dalek city.
"Wonder how long these halls and tunnels are" Ash said.
"No idea" Arciril said as she walked beside Ash, looking scared.
"You will be silent or you will be exterminated" a Dalek said, its domed head turned so the eyestalk was facing Ash. It then turned its domed head around to face a door. The plunger like robot arm went forward and pressed a circle panel next to the door. The door slid open to reveal a lift.
"You will step in one at a time with two Dalek guards" the Dalek said.
Ash stepped in first followed by two Daleks.
'I hope the others on Earth are doing better then we are' Ash thought as the lift started to go to the lower levels of the city.

"MAXIMUM EXTERMINATION!" Daleks shouted as they flew around firing their weapons at the buildings of the Autobot base. AA guns fired at the Daleks and their saucers.
Daleks glided forward on the ground shouting "Exterminate! Exterminate!"
Bumblebee picked up a Dalek and threw it into another. Both of them let out that metallic scream. Bumblebee brought his Plasma Cannon forward. But before he could fire it three Daleks opened fire on him. Bumblebee fell over his blue optics going out. Omega Supreme transformed from his rocket mode into robot mode and grabbed one of the Daleks saucers. He then threw it at another saucer causing the two to exploded on impact.
"The Daleks are trying to break into the command center" Jazz said.
Ironhide fired his cannons at the Daleks. The Autobots fought hard against the Daleks. But no matter how hard they tried, the Dalek attack just glided forward, their weapons firing. A Dalek saucer flew over head its weapons firing everywhere hitting all that it could of the base. A energy beam was fired from the base and slammed into the ship causing it to explode.
"What the slag was that?" Ironhide asked.
"That was my Beam Cannon. Wanted to test it out on a Dalek saucer" Bakuha said as she patted a large weapon resting on her shoulder.
The APL continued to hold off the Daleks.

On Skaro, Ash and his squad were on the lowest level of the city, still surrounded and guided to an unknown place by Daleks.
"Where are you taking us?" Arciril asked.
"Daleks don't answer question. Now silence or you will be exterminated" a Dalek said.
The Daleks stopped at a door at the end of the hall. The door opened up to a large room.
"You will enter" a Dalek said, making a gesture with his eyestalk while doing so.
The squad entered hands still above their heads. They turned and saw a large figure at one corner of the room surrounded by Daleks that had black domes. The large figure was like a Dalek but different. It had a cone like casing instead and lacked the robotic plunger arm and the gunstick. It looked defenceless, but still had the Eyestalk.
"What is that thing?" Nyx asked, pointing at the different Dalek.
"I am the Dalek Emperor" the large Dalek said.
"Then why have we been brought to you?" Selena asked.
"You are here to witness the destruction of the planet, Earth" the Dalek Emperor said.
"I don't think so" Ash said.
"You will explain yourself" the Emperor said.
Ash remained quiet, but gave a small, almost unnoticable nod at Erebus.
"Explain" the Emperor said again.
Erebus took a side-step towards the Dalek standing near him.
"Fine," Ash said, "You see, we knew you would of detected the transmission. That is why Optimus Prime and Megatron planned against you. This squad was sent here," Ash waved his hand at the group around him, "to take you out."
With that, Erebus had moved behind the nearest Dalek and pressed a Shadow Ball into it, causing it to explode.
"Exterminate them! Exterminate them all!" The Dalek Emperor shouted.
Selena picked up her gun that was on a tray that was being carried by a Dalek. She fired on another Dalek causing it to explode. Ash grabbed a Dalek by the robotic plunger like arm and threw it into a wall. The Dalek screamed before it hit the wall exploding.
The Dalek Emperor watched and said "All Daleks return to Skaro."

On Earth the attack on the Autobot base stopped as Daleks and their saucers began to leave.
"There are leaving Earth" Wheeljack said.
"But I got a feeling they are heading back to Skaro" Optimus said.

Back on Skaro the Daleks fought back against Ash's squad with the Dalek Emperor shouting out "Exterminate them!"
Blaze was hit by a Dalek death ray. The shiny humanoid Charizard glowed green as her skeleton was shown through her skin like so many others before her. She fell to the ground her tail flame had gone out.
"This is going no where and fast" Eternit� shouted.
"Yeah and I think the Daleks that were attacking Earth just arrived as well" Arciril said.
"This is not going good" Nyx said as Erebus nodded.
"Let me try something" Selena said. Her eyes began to glow. They stopped glowing and the entire planet began to shake.
"What did you do?" Eternit� asked her sister.
"I created a rift in space around this planet. But I think I made four unstable ones instead" Selena said.
"What does that mean?" Nyx shouted over the sounds of battle.
"It means this Planet is being torn apart" Erebus shouted.
In space the Dalek fleet that had just arrived tried to escape but the ships just fell into the rifts as large chunks of Skaro was being ripped into pieces and falling into the rifts.
"It would not be long till this entire Planet falls apart" Erebus said as the soldiers tried to keep their balance. A bright flash appeared to reveal the true Palkia. With a slicing motion of his claw, he created a tear in space.
"Get in all of you" he shouted. Not taking any chances they ran threw the tear.
Palkia followed them when it was then closed. At that point Skaro had fallen apart and the rifts closed on themselves leaving no remains of the planet.

A few hours later they had returned to Earth where Ash was met by his Pokemon, Nina, Cinder and Marina.
"Thank god your back" Marina said as Ash turned back into his Human form.
"What happened?" Nina asked.
"Skaro was destroyed, by rifts in space created by Selena" Arciril said pointing and smiling at her sister.
"Well Optimus, I am tried," Ash said as he let out a long yawn, "I will just go get some sleep." He turned to Bakuha who was in her robot mode and waved at her. She had been repaired during the battle and a new female Autobot stood next to her. Her name was Sky Rider and she was just brought online. Ash turned and left to his quarters to sleep.

Ash woke up a few hours later he felt different then normal. He moved his hand up to his face to try and rub them. But he saw he had a furry paw. He looked at his other hand it to was a paw covered in fur. He felt his head to fell two long ears. He then ran to a mirror and yelled out as he saw an Eevee looking back at him. "What the hell!?!?!?! I can't be an Eevee!?!?!?!" Ash said in horror as he backed away.

In another part of the world, in a forest. Cerberus along with the four other elite members of the Reaper looked at four figures on the ground. With a groan they all sat up. When the four Lucario looked at the Houndoom they back away.
"Relax, we are not going to hurt you" Cerberus said.
One Lucario who had a scar over one of his eyes, which was the result to an attack stood up and said "last one who said that to me, gave me this," tapping his eye.
"This has been revealed by that Houndoom there," Cerberus said pointing with a paw to the direction of a Houndoom laughing like a lunatic, "as the cracks between universes become stronger. Four Lucario who died painful deaths shall return to life in this universe. There they will seek help from Houndoom to kill the person that killed them and kill traitors of their clan."
The laughing Houndoom laughed harder.
"So tell us your names" Cerberus said.
The one eyed Lucario pointed to each one and said "Silent Fang. Titan. Hawkeye. And my name is Thanatos. And we are the Blackflame Four."
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