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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The Vok's Experiment

Ash looked at himself in the mirror. He was truly an Eevee. He looked at himself over and over again. That was when he discovered something. He was an Eevee, but not a male. Ash was now a female Eevee. He, or rather She, began to freak out big time. "I can't be an Eevee or a female! It's impossible!" she shouted in horror. Before she could say anything else, she blacked out.

Ash awoke again. Only this time she was in a forest. "Man, who could've done this? And why?" Ash asked herself. She turned her head, still getting used to the fact she was a female Eevee. Ash turned her head and saw a lake nearby. Walking over to it, she saw her reflection was still that of an Eevee. Her eyes were also more feminine than she remembered. Ash closed her eyes, trying to see if she could focus on becoming a male human again. She opened her eyes only to see an Espeon staring back from the water. "Ok, that is odd. Maybe again..." Ash said.

She tried a number of times, but each time it was an evolved form of Eevee staring back, all of them female. "Guess I should see where I am." Ash said. Turning around, she saw several Pokémon and several humans on the ground. Running over to them, Ash saw an Arcanine, a shiny Eevee, a Magmortar, a Ninjask, and to her surprise, an Absol. One of the humans was a girl who looked around 15 years old. She was about 5'8". She had brown hair, teal eyes, blue jeans, and a short sleeve shirt with a picture of an Eevee chasing a butterfly and she was wearing blue and white sneakers. The next human was male. He appeared to be about 37 years old. He was about 5'11". He looked pretty fit. His muscles were not painfully obvious that they are there, though. He wore tabi. He was also wearing blue shorts, similar to the shorts a Lucario wears. He wore a light black vest over his chest and black fingerless gloves. He had black hair and red eyes, like a Lucario. The next human was a female. She looked to be about 18 years old. She had shoulder length blue hair and green eyes. She wore a flowing white dress, just like a Gardevoir's, and wore white heels. She seemed to be the same height as a Gardevoir. The next was a male who appeared to be about 13 years old and was about 5'2" He had white hair and blue eyes. He wore clothing similar to that of the male hero from G/S/C, which the people of that world knew nothing about, and had a butterfly pendant around his neck. The next was a female. She appeared to be about 28, and had black hair and yellow eyes. She wore a blue tee with a black jacket over it. Her pants were black as well. She wore black boots to finish. She was slim, but not like she never ate, standing at 5'9. The next human was a female as well. She looked just like Bianca from Altomare. Only differences are golden hair, blue eyes, and a teal triangle pendant. The last human was female as well. She seemed to be 15 years old. She was the same height as the girl with the Eevee on her shirt. She had silver mid-length hair and a grayish blue eye color. She wore a silver-like gray shirt with a shiny Eevee on the front of it. She also wore white pants and her shoes were also white.

Ash walked slowly up to them. They woke up and most of them freaked out instantly. The Magmortar and the Ninjask just had a shocked look on their faces. "Ok. What is going on?" the Arcanine asked. "I don't know, but I know I was dead." the Absol replied. The Magmortar said "I know I was an Autobot before this." "Same here." The Ninjask added. The Absol sniffed the air, catching a familiar scent. "My Trainer is nearby. But the smell is...strange." the Absol said. "What is your name?" Ash asked as she moved closer to the Absol. "My Trainer and friends only called me Absol. My Trainer's name is Ash." Absol explained. Ash looked shock yet with tears in her eyes. She ran forward and cried "Absol, you're back! You came back to life!" "I take it you're Ash?" Absol said with a skeptical look. Ash nodded her head. "But you're a female Eevee..." Absol said. "I know, but I am Ash." she said. As Ash turned to talk to the others to find out who is who, Absol caught a scent in the air that came from Ash. He blushed and knew that Ash may have just changed to an Eevee, but she was going through heat. 'I've got to keep and eye on her.' Absol thought.

A few hours later. Ash had found out the Arcanine was Nina, the Magmortar was Bakuha, the Ninjask was Sky Rider, and the shiny Eevee was Shane. The humans had turned out to be Eva, Sanj, Garde, Freely, Luxia, Mirage and Eve. They had settled down and were eating some fish they had caught in a nearby river. Bakuha and Sky Rider were trying to get the hang of eating and drinking as machines do not need nutrition. Ash had walked away to find some firewood. She looked around to find some twigs and sticks she could carry without hands. 'God, I wish I was human again and a male too. I feel funny...' she thought. She heard a sudden noise and saw a Mightyena. The Mightyena walked forward with a look of lust in his eyes. Ash backed away. "What's with that look you're giving me?" Absol jumped in and tackled the Mightyena down. The two of them stared at each other for a moment before the Mightyena walked away. Ash turned to Absol and asked "What did that Mightyena want with me?" Absol sighed and said "You're a female Eevee now. And you are in heat." "Is there any way around this?" Ash gulped, her eyes wide with fear. "Only two. One is to stay away from all male Pokémon for a week or two. The other is to mate with a male Pokemon. Should you choose the second choice, you will most likely get pregnant, but it will end your heat." Absol said. Ash thought this over and then said "Absol, you think you can mate with me just to end this heat?" Ash asked. Absol nodded and said "yes."

Ash turned away from Absol and raised her tail. But as Absol approached her, he began to have second thoughts. "Wait. This doesn't...feel right." Ash turned to Absol and asked, "What doesn't feel right?" Absol looked away, "It's true that I have always cared for you as a friend. But mating with you just to end your heat still doesn't feel like reason enough. Like humans, Pokémon mate for life. We mate out of love. And we are just friends." Ash then walked up to Absol and gave him a slight nudge, "So this isn't right?" Absol nodded and turned to face Ash, "Yes. As much as I'd like to help you, I...I....." Absol stopped as he was now nose-to-nose with Ash.

The two friends stared at each other for a moment, their eyes never blinking. Ash thought to herself, 'He's right. I always loved Absol as a friend, but not like this. But what's this feeling? I know it's wrong. I'm a guy, not a girl. But this right... I want...' Absol also thought to himself, ';Pokémon mate for life and only out of love. Mating with Ash solely to end his heat would be wrong. And he is my friend, not my lover. But still..... As he is now... We can actually...' Before either had any idea what was happening, they had joined lips. They slowly closed their eyes and pressed into the kiss, their tongues tenderly touching each other. After several seconds, they broke the kiss and gazed into each other's eyes while blushing deeply. Ash then spoke, "Absol, mate me."

Ash turned around and raised her tail, slightly wiggling her hips while giving Absol a sly smile. Absol blushed in embarrassment, but gasped as Ash's pheromones took effect, causing his member to stand erect between his hindquarters. Ash stared in surprise. It was different from the one she used to have. It was more pointed and was a deep red. Absol then looked ahead at Ash's moist womanhood. Finding the urge too strong to resist, he succumbed and approached his Trainer. He lowered his nose to Ash's womanhood and took a deep whiff of her nectar. He then took a taste, causing Ash to gasp and shudder with pleasure as Absol's tongue caressed her lips. Now desperate for release, the male stood over his much smaller Trainer and slowly eased his way into Ash. He then gave a sharp thrust, shattering Ash's hymen.

Ash yelped from the sudden pain she felt inside her. But she remembered when she mated with Nina when she was still human. It was inevitable. And when Absol began to thrust into her in a steady rhythm, the pain quickly disappeared. The pleasure she was feeling was vastly different from what she felt as a male. She felt an indescribable fullness with every thrust Absol made; making her wish this would never end.

Absol panted as he mated his Trainer, now completely unaware of the risk they were taking. Her warm folds of flesh embraced his member with each thrust, gripping it tightly when he tried to pull out. After a few minutes, he could feel a knot beginning to swell at the base of his manhood. He knew he was getting close. And before long, it became too large for him to pull out. But Ash did not mind. She was screaming in pleasure at the sheer fullness she felt. Together, they threw their heads back and roared as they achieved orgasm, Ash's womanhood convulsing around Absol's member while he fired his hot sperm into her womb.

As she felt the warm fluid wash over the walls of her womb, Ash felt the burning sensation quickly disappear. "I think it worked. I don't feel the burning anymore." Ash sighed as she fell flat on the ground. She found that a female orgasm was different from a male's. It took longer for the exhaustion to subside and the euphoria was unlike anything she had ever felt before. As Absol's knot shrank, he slipped out of Ash and fell on his side, panting from exhaustion.

With what little strength she had, Ash crawled over to Absol and rested herself against his belly. She nestled her head against his neck and sighed, "Now I know what it was like for Nina." Absol simply grunted. Ash then asked, "Absol?" The tired Pokémon replied, "Yes?" Ash then cooed, "I don't regret what we did. It feels like I really did the right thing." She then looked up at Absol's red eyes, "Even if I return to being human again, I'll always love you." Absol gave his Trainer a warm smile and rubbed his nose against hers, "I will always love you too. I will never leave your side again." Forgetting about their companions back at camp, Ash and Absol fell into a peaceful sleep. Absol had his legs curled around Ash much like a protective embrace, keeping his lover safe from the outside world.
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