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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 23

Chapter 23 A surprise

Ash woke up when she felt the light of the sun touch her skin. She opened her eyes to see Absol curled around her protectively. Ash blushed, remembering what happened last night. Moving slowly as to not wake Absol, Ash got up. Walking though the woods, Absol's words were still running through her head, "it's true that I have always cared for you as a friend. But mating with you just to end your heat still doesn't feel like reason enough. Like humans, Pokémon mate for life. We mate out of love. And we are just friends."
She stopped when she saw a Dalek. Remembering to a few days ago when the Daleks had attacked the Earth. She did the only thing she could do as a Eevee. So she screamed and ran into a bush. She looked out after a few minutes, and when the Dalek did not follow her or shout out 'Exterminate' Ash walked out slowly from the bush to see that it was the shell of a Dalek. The dome head was gone, lying a few metres away, obscured by a bush and something organic was barely visible over the rim of the Dalek shell. Rustling was heard as Absol jumped out from a bush and walked over to Ash.
"What is it Ash?" Absol said looking down at his trainer and his mate. He saw Ash looking at the remains of a metal creature.
"What is that?" Absol asked, gesturing to the remains.
"It is called a Dalek. A few days ago they attacked Earth. Many fell in their onslaught including Scorch, Blaze, Vapor, Bumblebee and Bayleef" Ash said, tears in her eyes as she remembered all the friends she lost during the Dalek attack.
"These creatures caused nothing but trouble?" Absol asked.
Ash nodded and then jumped up onto a rock next to the Dalek, then climbed onto the plunger-like robotic arm.
"What are you doing?" Absol asked in concern as he watched Ash closely.
"During the attack I saw something inside the Daleks. But cause they were shooting at us I didn't have the chance to look at it properly" Ash said as she moved to the top and looked inside. A creature was lying there, curled up into a ball. It was dead, crushed by the damage done on the outside.
"So there is something inside" Ash said to herself.
She got up onto her two back paws and tried to get a better look. She lost her balance and fell backwards. She let up a cry as she fell, only to land on something soft. She turned and saw she landed on Absol's back.
"Thank you Absol" Ash said.
Absol turned his head to look at her and said "We are mates now. I have got to protect you at all costs" Absol said.
Ash nodded as Absol laid on the ground to let her off. He got back up and they turned and headed back to their friends.

In another part of space two heads of energy floated around in a circle.
One of them said "The experiment should be terminated. It has already gone off track"
"We can not terminate it just yet. But we can change several of them back to their original forms" the second said.
"Fine. It is being done now" the first one said.

When Ash and Absol got back they saw that most of their friends were gone.
"Who ever changed me into a female Eevee must of sent them back" Ash said.
Bakuha, Sky Rider, Eve were still there though.
"Where did the others go?" Eve asked.
"No idea" Ash said.
"Well I guess we should go back to the base. God knows how far that is from here" Absol said.
"Yeah. Well lets see if we can get back" Ash said as they turned and walked in what direction they thought was the way to the base.

A few weeks later, the Autobots had sent out search teams to find Ash and the others that went missing. Marina and Nina were, as always waiting for any sign of his return. But there was none so far.
Arciril looked at her siblings and said "I hope daddy comes back soon" Her brother and sisters nodded.

Ash, Absol, Bakuha, Sky Rider and Eve were waiting in a Pokemon Center, Ash looked slightly ill. Since Eve was still human she had agreed to pretend that the others were her Pokemon. For the last few weeks Ash had been throwing up in the mornings and turning extremely angry in the afternoons and only calmed down if the decided to either carry her, or rest for the night, but she did not know why this was happening to her. They waited for the news hoping it wasn't bad news. Nurse Joy walked out and approached Eve and said "The reason why your Eevee has been throwing up, is because she is pregnant with twins" Ash swore loudly, and then fainted.

Ash awoke several hours later to the feeling of being repeatedly poked on the head. She opened her eyes to see Absol and Sky Rider looking down at her. Absol had his paw up and was the one doing the poking.
"Absol, please stop that" Ash said pushing her mate's paw away.
"It is ok. She's back with us" Absol said.
"What happened?" Ash asked.
"You fainted when we found out you are pregnant" Sky Rider said.
"Oh yeah" Ash said rubbing the back of her head with a paw and then swore again.
"So what now?" Eve asked.
"We should stay here" Sky Rider said.
"I say we get back to the base as quick as possible" Bakuha said.
"Why? We are safe here" Sky Rider said.
"No. Out here, we are sitting targets. The Decepticons may track us down" Bakuha said.
"But traveling back to the base we will still be targets of the Decepticons" Sky Rider pointed out.
"True. But we must let Ash decide" Bakuha said.
Ash taught it over and said "We go to the base."
"You sure? You are pregnant with our kids. I don't want to see you get hurt" Absol said.
"I'll be fine. Ok then lets go" Ash said as she got up and walked to the front door.

At least two months had gone by and Ash was being carried on Absol's back as her legs could no longer reach the ground. Her belly was round and she had her paws on it feeling her babies move every now and then.
"I feel like my stomach is going to burst open soo" Ash said.
"I hope we can get there or rest. Cause my back is going to break soon" Absol said, he looked like his legs were about to collapse underneath him at any moment.
"We should be there in a day to a week at the most. Hopefully" Bakuha said.
A noise was heard as a massive helicopter with the TRDA symbol appeared. A hatch opened up to reveal Giovanni.
"You will surrender yourselves and all info you have of the APL now or you will die" Giovanni said through a loud speaker.
"Never! We will never hand infomation to you Giovanni" Bakuha shouted.
"I will just have to catch you" Giovanni said as he disappeared in the hatch. A gun looking device appeared and fired nets made of all sorts of things. Bahuka reached out and grabbed one as it went sailing past, missing its target by metres.
"Hey, look. It's part of the newspaper from 3 weeks ago." Bahuka said as she looked closely at the net. "Running out of materials are you?"
They turned and ran as the helicopter followed. They stopped running as soon as they got to a dead end, which was a drop off the edge of a cliff. They tried to run to other sides but nets were fired. They stood frozen as the gun took aim. Sky Rider had turnned to Ash and noticed that she is breathing hard, her head was rocking from side to side.
"Guys I think Ash has gone into labor" Sky Rider said.
Giovanni's voice was heard saying "Well then, I can offer something. You can either let her go through the pain of giving birth here without help and then I'll capture you all, or you will surrender yourselves now and she will have help from TRDA doctors and you give us the information we need. Your choice." Giovanni said, as they looked from Ash to the large helicopter.
Giovanni began to laugh.
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