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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 24

Chapter 24 A Battle, A Birth and the Mightyena

"What do you choose?" Giovanni said.
They looked from Ash to the helicopter and then back to Ash. Finally Absol spoke.
"We choose nothing. We will get Ash back to the APL base!" He shouted.
"Oh? So unwise." Giovanni said.
A net of energy was fired from the gun-like device. But before it could reach them, a Dark Pulse flew over their heads and hit the net, sending it away. Everyone looked up to see Darkrai floating a few metres above them. Darkrai threw a Dark Void attack at the helicopter. But the helicopter flew up, dodging the attack. Darkrai sent a Dark Pulse attack at the helicopter again. The helicopter fired a missile at Darkrai at the same time Darkrai attacked. The two attacks collided in mid-air, and exploded. Darkrai floated there, as the Helicopter came up to the same level as Darkrai. Darkrai sent another Dark Void at the helicopter. The helicopter dodged again. And Darkrai threw another Dark Void at the helicopter.
He turned around and said "Get Ash back to the base Mewtwo."
Mewtwo appeared out of nowhere and teleported everyone back to the base, leaving Darkrai to handle the helicopter alone.
Mewtwo teleported them into the command centre of the APL, Optimus was shocked to see everyone appear out of nowhere but was more shocked to see Asbol alive.
"This is Ash. Now hurry she is in labor now" Absol said.
"Get Ratchet now!" Optimus shouted, "Hurry!"

"Whether or not this is someone's idea of a joke or some sort of sick experiment is beyond me." Ratchet said as he placed the Eevee on a bed. "Now tell me again how Ash got this way."
"Later," Absol said, "once Ash has delivered my kids then I'll explain what I know"
Ratchet stared at Absol, then at Ash, back at Absol, then back to Ash, mumbled something unintelligable, then went over to the cabinet and pulled out a towel and covered Ash's stomach and legs with it.
"Now we wait until Ash is ready to deliver," Ratchet said as he looked at Absol, "That could be anytime between now and a few hours."
But before Ratchet could finish, Ash let out a high pitched scream.
"Looks like its now" Ratchet said as he turned and walked over to Ash, Absol running next to him.
Ash screamed again. "My God this hurts so much! I feel like im about to rip in two!"
Absol stopped at the bedside and looked at Ash. "It's ok Ash. I'm here with you."
"Absol," Ash said tears starting to well up in her eyes, "make the pain stop. It hurts so much."
"It's ok Ash, it'll all be over soon." Absol said as he looked at Ash.
Ash screamed again.
"Come on Ash, you can do this." Absol said.
Ratchet leaned over Ash and said, "a little but more its almost out now."
Ash screamed again, but the sound of a baby crying soon made her stop.
"It's a boy," Ratchet said as he held out the small white Eevee to Absol, "have you thought of a name for him?"
"Yeah, we thought of..." Absol began but was cut short as Ash screamed again.
"Ash your done," Ratchet said, as he offered a towel from the cabinet to Absol so he could wrap the baby Eevee in it, "Absol is holding your child now."
"Ash is having twins Ratchet," Absol said. "that means theres still one more to come."
"No wonder Ash looked so big when he appeared." Ratchet said as he looked at Ash.
"She. Ash is a female for now." Absol said.
Ratchet stared at Absol. "Are you serious?"
Absol nodded. "For now, at least."
Ash screamed again. "Hey! I'm dieing over here!"
"Stop being so dramatic Ash, it's only a child birth," Nina said as she walked into the room, "don't you remember how hard it was for me?"
"Your almost there Ash." Ratchet said as he walked back over to Ash.
Ash screamed again.
"It's a girl," Ratchet said, as he held out the second white Eevee to Absol, "you are now the parents of twins."

The next morning Ash woke up to find out that he was once again a human male. The only thing that stopped him from jumping out of bed and cheering as loudly as he could was when he turned and saw Absol, still by the bed as before. But something was different now. Absol was a little bit slimmer. When Ash saw his Pokemon eyes open he notice they were more feminine then last night.
"Ash what is wrong?" Absol said in the voice of a caring but protective woman, the opposite of what it was yesterday.
"Absol. I am human again and you are a female now" Ash said.
Absol stood up, walked over to the bench and looked in a bowl of water. It only took a moment for the fact to sink in.
"So I am a female now. Good, cause it would make us being mates less creepy." Absol said.
Ash looked down at Absol and said "True. But if you were the one that gave birth, and not me. Our children would be Absol and not Eevee with white fur."
Ash looked at a bed next to him where his and Absol's kids were asleep. The twins were so cute.
"Laikia and Kaguya. My children. Our children" Ash said as he picked them up. They snuggled closer to his body.
"Seems they know their mother" Absol said with a bit of a giggle in her voice.
"But how?" Ash asked.
"I think. Because they came from your body, since you were the one who gave birth to them. Then you are the mother." Ratchet said as he walked in.
Ash nodded and saw his children open their eyes for the first time. He noticed that they had red eyes like Absol which matched the fur in a way. Arciril came in and ran to hug Ash.
"Dad you are back!" Arciril said as she took a running leap at Ash.
Ash managed to catch the Arceus bioweapon an arms length away, held her in mid-air and said "Be careful of the babies."
"Who are they?" Arciril asked as her brother and sisters entered with Marina, Cinder and Nina.
"These are Laikia and Kaguya. There my children. I gave birth to them last night" Ash said.
Everyone looked at him. "What I can turn into, is a female Eevee" Ash said.
He changed into an Eevee and was once again female. Absol had returned to a male. But when Ash changed back to a human Absol changed back to a female.
"It seems that when ever you change gender, Absol changes to the other gender that you are not at the time" Ratchet said.

As they tried to figure it out the two heads watched.
"The experiment is over" the first one said.
"Yes. For now anyway" the second said.
"What do you mean?" the first said.
"The barriers are getting weak. We can not fix them. So we must experiment more to try and stop them. With the Doctor's small visit it has shown how weak it is" the second said.
"Wait something is trying to push threw the barriers" the first said.
"What is it?" the second head said. "Not known as of yet. Trying to keep the barriers up" the first said.
"Too late it slipped trough. State of the barriers?" the second one said.
"Getting weaker" the first said.
The two heads floated to other groups of heads.

"Optimus sir! We got another large amount of energy that has appeared. It is next to an area that Ash has taken his family to" Jazz said.
"Contact him and tell him to see what it is" Optimus said.
"Yes sir" Jazz said.

On a hill looking over a forest, a lone Houndoom stood there.
"All that I have foreseen is coming true. Soon they will come trough the barriers. But I foreseen the end so I know what will happen. I must push all events to follow the right path" the Houndoom said.
He turned around and began laughing like a lunatic.

Ash and his family walked near the area where the energy had been picked up.
"Wonder what it is this time?" Ash said. He had a type of back pack on that held his two babies, Kaguya kept trying to bite Laikia's ear but wasnt able to.
"Not sure. But I think it came from another universe just like I arrived here" Eve said.
"Yeah I got that feeling too" Ash said.
As they walked they saw a Mightyena sitting in a small clearing. It looked as though it was waiting for something. But what they also saw was not a normal female Mightyena, as she had snow white fur. The Mightyena looked around and stopped when she saw Ash. She walked over and looked Ash up and down, and even sniffed his leg.
The Mightyena then said "Ashton you still live."
"Ashton? Who is Ashton?" Ash asked.
"You look like Ashton. So you must be him" the Mightyena said.
"Ash, it seems like this Mightyena thinks you are someone else" Absol said as she walked to Ash's side.
"Cassandra? Who were revived too?" the Mightyena asked.
"My name is Absol. I don't know a Cassandra" Absol said.
"You look like her and sound like her" the Mightyena said.
"I am sorry but I maybe a female Absol now. But I am, in my mind and soul, a male as I was born a male" Absol said.
The Mightyena looked surprised. Before they could say or do anything the ground shook. Above them appeared Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave and three squads of Decepticon drones.
"You again" Megatron shouted the moment he saw Ash.
"Absol, get the children away now" Ash said as he handed the babies to Absol.
Absol nodded and ran off with them to hide them. Ash pulled his Poke-balls off his belt and sent his Pokemon into battle. The Albino Mightyena just stared as more of the giant creatures appeared from the direction that Ash had come from.
'What is going on and what are these things? Last time I know there were no giant steel golems any where on Earth" she thought to herself.
Bakuha and Sky Rider were leading a group of Autobot drones.
"Megatron! You Decepticons just want to get your hands on any sort of energy" Sky Rider said.
"That is because that energy belongs to the Decepticon empire and not to you weak Autobots" Soundwave said.
"We will show you that we are not weak" Ash said his voice getting lower as he changed to Groudon form.
The Mightyena looked on and tought 'He can't be Ashton. Yet he looks like him. But Ashton could never turn into a Pokemon.'
"Ravage Eject. Operation: Warfare" Soundwave said.
The albino Mightyena watched as Soundwave's chest opened and a metal rectangle thing came out. She was surprised when it changed to a metal version of a Mightyena. Ravage growled and charged forward at Ash. Ash swung his robotic arm at Ravage, hitting him hard. Ravage landed on the ground, slid for a few metres, then ran forward. The Decepticon spy jumped up and landed on Ash knocking him down. Ash grabbed Ravage by the neck and held him there as the robotic Mightyena snapped at his face. Ash struggled to keep the Decepticon from gettin any closer to him, but then a Shadow Ball slammed into the side of Ravage. The Decepticon turned and saw the albino Mightyena standing there. Before Ravage could do anything, Ash threw him aside. Ravage quickly jumped up and attacked Ash, but Ash was ready. He swung as hard as he could with his right arm at Ravage's head. A loud metallic thunk was heard as the blow connected. Ravage stumbled, the recoil from the blow causing him to sway, but then Ash quickly followed up with another heavy downward blow to Ravage's back. Ravage dropped to the ground. Ash walked to the back of Ravage and grabbed him by the tail. He tightened his grip on the robotic Mightyena's tail, almost crushing it, before lifting him up and slamming him into the ground over and over again. Ash then threw him as hard as he could into a tree. The damaged Decepticon tried to lift his head. Ash pushed a button on his arm and took a small bomb from the open slot and said "I been waiting a long time for this. Now die Ravage" He walked over to the Decepticon, leaned down wrenched open his jaws, jammed the small explosive into them, and then quickly slammed his jaw shut with enough force to push his lower jaw into the top of his mouth.
"Consider ourselves even now, Ravage" Ash said as he walked away from the defeated robot.
Ravage tried desperately to open his mouth and spit out the explosive but failed. A large explosion soon occupied the space that Ravage once was.
Soundwave turned to see the very little remains of Ravage fall on the ground.
"Ravage!" Soundwave shouted. He ran over and picked up the remains of Ravage. Megatron saw this and noticed the battle was not going in his favor.
"Decepticons, retreat!" Megatron shouted as they turned and fleed. Absol came back with the babies.
"I covered their ears and eyes so they couldn't hear or see the battle" Absol said as she handed the babies over to Ash.
"It is ok babies. I will not let anything happen to you." Ash said after returning to his human form.
Absol turned to the Mightyena.
"So what about you?" She asked.
"It seems you need help. But I was only good as a personal guard for my former master, Ashton" the Mightyena said.
"I guess you can fulfill that role again for me, you have already done it once today" Ash said.
"Thank you. It is the only thing I can do well" the Mightyena.
"My name is Ash by the way, what is yours?" Ash asked.
"My name is Laika" The female albino Mightyena said
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