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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Time Off

All was calm on Earth at the moment. The APL and TRDA forces had agreed to a ceasefire to give their troops a little break. Ash was playing a game of go fish with Nina, Marina, Absol and Erebus.
"Got any threes?" Ash asked Erebus.
"Go fish." Erebus said, looking at the 3 of spades in his hand.
Ash shot his adopted son a look before picking up from the pile in the middle.
Selena and Eternita were in middle of playing a video game.
"Got the flag." Selena said as they played Call of Duty 4.
"Careful, there's a sniper looking right at you!" Eternita shouted.
"I see him." Selena said as she shot wildly in a direction she thought the sniper was hiding in, only to be shot in the back.
"Get the flag back, I'll hold off the others." Eternita said.
Ash looked up from the game to see Kaguya chasing a butterfly around. Every time it flew near him he would jump and take a swing at it, only to miss and land on his back.

Arciril walked in with some lunch she got from the mess hall of the base.
"I brought some lunch for you guys if you want any." Arciril said.
Raichu jumped up and took a bowl of apples off the tray and ran to where he was sitting before, sat down and started to eat. Erebus walked over to Raichu and took an apple out of the bowl. As he walked away, Raichu jumped up and zapped Erebus with a Thundershock. Erebus stopped in his tracks, spun around and made a slicing motion with his right arm. 3 dark lines appeared and cut the apple Raichu was still holding. Erebus turned around and walked back to his card game, while Raichu sorrowfully looked at his ruined apple.
"Even though you're now a Raichu, you still like apples." Ash said.
"I may be a Raichu now," the little rodent said while throwing away the apple Erebus ruined and grabbed another, "but that doesn't mean that I stopped liking apples." Raichu said as he took a bite out of the apple.

Charizard sat in a corner, lazily breathing fire out of his nostrils. Ash took a sandwich from the tray and began to eat it; he stopped playing the game to watch the others play as he really had no chance of winning either. Erebus ended up the winner.
"Well, I'm going to get some fresh air." Ash said as he got up and walked out of his quarters. Laika got up as well and followed. Absol watched both of them leave. She had a feeling something was not right.

On the outside of the base, "Um...why are you following me?" Ash asked Laika.
"I am your guardian. Like I was with Ashton, I never leave your side. Unless if you really need me to leave. Even then, good luck getting me to move." Laika said.
Ash took a deep breath of the sea air. "Never get tired of that smell, clears the head too." Ash said with a sigh.
"This world is strange. It is Earth, but different." Laika said.
"You most likely mean the war between the Autobots and Decepticons." Ash said.
Laika just shrugged as she looked around.
"Well, the war had started 9 million years ago on a distant planet called Cybertron. The Decepticons wanted everything possible, but the Autobots said 'No.' And this is the result. That is really all I can say in a brief history of the war." Ash explained.
Absol walked up the hill that Ash and Laika were standing on and asked, "Hey Ash, can you talk to me? Just the two of us?"
Ash nodded and said "Laika, can you leave us for a minute or so?"
Laika nodded and walked away to wait for Ash to call her back.
"I got to say one thing, Ash. What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Absol screamed.
"What?" Ash said, a bit startled by Absol's outburst.
"You just let a stranger become your guardian. That is my job." Absol said, her face growing more serious with each second.
"Look, she doesn't know anything about this world." Ash said.
Absol thought that over in her head and said "Look, maybe you are right and she really did come from another universe like Eve fell into ours. But still an albino Mightyena. Now that is strange."
"So what? Our love for each other is strange. Heck, I'm the mother of our kids. Can you please give her a chance?" Ash asked.
"Hmm. While I think she is an agent of the TRDA, I will give her a chance. However, if she causes any harm to our babies, I will rip her throat out." Absol said before she turned around and walked away back to the quarters.
"And they say mothers are more protective of their kids." a voice said. Ash saw as Laika walked back, Garnet flying next to her.
"Yeah. But I don't blame Absol for saying that. Though I guess I should have said that as I am the mother of them. Still, that is really strange." Ash said as Garnet floated in front of him.
"Yeah. Though you could always stay as a human or Groudon and say Absol gave birth to them." Garnet said.
"What are you? Insane? They are MY babies. I gave birth to them. There is no way I'm going to lie about that." Ash said, his voice slightly raised.
"Sorry about that, Ash. I didn't mean to get you angry." Garnet said. Ash just looked at the Latias, who was staring at the ground.
"Look, I forgive you, Garnet. I didn't mean to make you sad." Ash said as he kneeled down and lifted Garnet's head up so she was looking at him.
"Look, why don't I make it up to you? I'll have Optimus to have a room set aside and a garden made just like the one in Altomare. There's no roof so the sunlight can get in." Ash said.
Garnet looked up at her Trainer and then hugged him and said "Thank you."
"I think I should go visit my mother, introduce her to her new grandchildren." Ash said. Laika just looked around keeping an eye on their surroundings.

In the TRDA base, it was quiet. The Decepticons were recharging and the humans were sleeping. Soundwave was sitting at a work table with metal, wires and all sorts of mechanical parts covering its surface. Soundwave was building a new Ravage. Starscream, in his quarters, looked over plans he had in overthrowing Megatron.
The Decepticon Leader was in the control room looking at a screen.
Giovanni walked in. "What is that you want, Megatron?" Giovanni asked.
"I have become interested with the idea of using Pokémon as soldiers. I have been watching what you humans call Pokémon Battles." Megatron said.
"They are used mostly for entertainment and stuff like that for us humans." Giovanni said.
"Teach me." Megatron said.
"What?" Giovanni said in total surprise.
"You are a former Gym Leader. So teach me." Megatron said.
"Alright, fine. Not going to be easy, but I will." Giovanni said as he started with the basics of Pokémon training.

Ash walked to Pallet Town, hoping that the town had been repaired after the Dalek attack. Ash was carrying Kaguya and Laikia in his arms. Laika walked beside him while Absol walked on the other side, frequently glancing over at Laika.
"Let me guess, this place reminds you of something." Ash asked Laika.
"It reminds me of the town I lived in with Ashton. It was called Green Mile." Laika said.
"Well I'm sure a lot of things will remind you of where you're from." Ash said.
They walked until Ash saw his house. "Well Kaguya and Laikia, it's time to meet your grandmother." Ash said. The two white Eevee looked up at him with their red eyes. Ash just felt his heart melt when he saw this. (Man..... So cute.)
"Now I really know how Nina feels when she's around Cinder." Ash said.
They approached the front door which Laika walked up to it and head butted it, a resounding thud followed.
"Just a second." A voice called out. Footsteps could be heard getting louder as they approached the door. A click was heard and the door swung open.
"Ash! How've you been?" Delia said, hugging her son.
"I've been good." Ash said as he walked into his house, Laika and Absol following.
"I've been very worried about you. This war has been nothing but trouble. I wish the Transformers never even came to Earth." Delia said as she shut the door.
"Mom, I got something to tell you." Ash said.
"What is it?" Delia asked her son.
Ash looked a bit worried and said "These two are Kaguya and Laikia" He then held the two white Eevee out.
"They are my children. I gave birth to them." Ash said with a blush.
"What's the date today?" Ash's mother asked him.
"September 3rd. Why?" Ash replied.
"Oh. OK. I was just expecting you to start laughing and say 'Ha ha. April Fools, Mom," Delia said. "Well, a lot of things have happened. If it wasn't for the fact there are giant transforming alien robots on the Earth fighting their war, I wouldn't believe you are telling the truth, but I guess you are telling the truth."

A while later back at the Autobot base, Ash had just returned. Ash was surprised to see Arceus was waiting to speak to him.
"Arceus, why do you want to see me?" Ash asked.
"I just want to see what makes you the Chosen One." Arceus said.
"So what does that mean?" Ash asked, getting more confused.
"It means I want to hang around and watch you for a little while." Arceus replied.
"Whatever. But right now I want to go and talk to Marina." Ash said as he walked away, trying to find the Buizel.
Ash hadn't gotten far when he saw Marina. "Marina!" Ash yelled.
Marina turned and saw Ash. The moment she saw him she got a sad look on her face before jumping into the ocean, swimming away from the base. Ash ran and jumped into the ocean as well, changing into a Vaporeon at the same time. Ash dove underwater and began to swim as fast as she could after Marina. After a while, Ash had caught up to her.
"Marina, wait up!" Ash shouted.
"Why?" Marina asked. The Buizel stopped as Ash stopped in front of her.
"I want to talk to you." Ash said as she went to face Marina. "Why are you acting like this?" Ash asked.
"You got children with Nina and Absol. I'm thinking you don't love me anymore." Marina said.
Ash sighed, "Marina, I love you. Sure, I love Absol and Nina as well. But not as much as I love you." Marina had tears in her eyes and hugged Ash. "Never forget those words." Ash hugged her back. Together, they both swam back to the base.

That night, Ash was having a pleasant dream. He was dreaming of flowers, sunshine and rainbows, but then it turned into a nightmare. A few seconds into this dream, he saw that buildings were destroyed, the ground was scorched black and the sky was filled with smoke and was burning red. He looked around and saw bodies, human, Pokémon, and machine alike. He saw many which he knew and many that he did not. He stopped when his foot hit something. Ash looked down to see the lifeless body of Marina, her cold dead eyes looking up into the sky.
Ash bolted upright, sweating and breathing hard. He slowly lowered himself back onto the bed, wondering if, whether or not, it was all just a dream and not something more.
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