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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Arrivals

Ash was currently playing a game of tag with all of his Pokémon in a wide open area just outside the base. Charizard, Laika, Arceus, Eternita, Selena, Erebus and Nyx all sat with their backs to the wall of the base. Bakuha watched from the doorway with Sky Rider. In the control room, Optimus was sending a message.
"This is a message to all Autobots out there among the stars. The war has come to a planet called Earth. This is Optimus Prime calling all Autobots to Earth. We may have a chance of ending this war, on this planet." Optimus said, as the message was transmitted all over the galaxy to any Autobot that was listening.

On a faraway planet, a female Autobot was walking around the remains of a ship that had been her home ever since she was shot down by Decepticons 3 million years ago. Her only companion on the planet was a Cybertronian Pokémon. The Deoxys named Nova has helped her by gathering Energon, enough to keep her online. There used to be a family of Deoxys that helped her out, but during the 3 million years since the crash, most of them have passed away. Nova is the last surviving member of that family and continues what they started.
"What is this?" the Autobot asked as the ship's commlink came online.
"This thing hasn't worked since I crashed here." the Autobot said as she stepped over to the part of the ship.
"This is Optimus Prime. Calling all Autobots to the planet Earth. It is under Decepticon attack. We may be able to finally win the war after so many years of fighting." the transmission then cut off.
"Well, looks like we've got to get this ship operational again." the female Autobot said as she looked at the Deoxys, who nodded.

On Earth, Ash was sitting on a cliff overlooking the bay just outside the Autobot base. The cool sea breeze brushed against the smooth purple fur of his Espeon form, causing him to involuntarily shiver. He looked over his shoulder and saw Kaguya and Laikia curled up underneath a tree, both asleep. Laikia must have been dreaming, because every now and then she would kick her leg out and hit Kaguya in the shoulder. Absol was lying next to a bush, pretending to be asleep but he kept opening his eyes every couple of seconds and watched Ash. Laika was sitting with her back to Ash, keeping a sharp eye out for any sign of danger. Her ears were always moving around, trying to pick up any sound out of the ordinary.
'Hmm, I'm making sure Ash is always out of harms way but Laika seems to take the role of Guardian very seriously. Still can't be too sure if she really is a TRDA spy or not.' Absol thought to himself.
Ash looked at her front right leg and saw that it was still robotic. She punched the ground with her robotic arm, leaving a small crater from the impact. She then brought her arm up to her face and looked at the part she hit the ground with. Only a small trace of dirt was there. 'Ravage,' Ash thought to herself as she set her arm back down and continued looking across the bay, 'Even though I paid you back double, I still can't forget what you did to me.'
A small rustling sound was heard from behind Ash. Laika didn't move or made a sound that would indicate a hostile nearby, so Ash stayed put.
The rustling sound was heard again.
"Laika. What's that noise?" Ash asked.
"It's nothing, Ash." Laika replied.
That is when Ash heard a small voice.
"Mama!" the voice said with a small bark.
Turning her head, Ash saw Kaguya awake and sitting up "Mama!" he said again.
Absol was shocked to hear this and turned to see Kaguya stand up and speak once again. "Mama!"
"He's talking... Kaguya is talking." Ash said as she got up.
Ash had tears in her eyes as Laikia said "Mama!" with the same bark as Kaguya.
Absol looked at them and said "I can't believe they are already talking."
Two flashes appeared in the sky as what looked like two meteors appeared.
"What are those?" Absol asked.
"Reinforcements?" Ash said.
"Reckon the Autobots know about this?" Absol said.
Ash used her left paw to open a part on her robotic leg.
"Optimus, we just saw what could be two Transformers entering Earths atmosphere." Ash said into a commlink.
"Yes, we detected them as well." the metallic voice of Optimus coming out of the small speaker in Ash's arm. "One is an Autobot and the other is a Decepticon. We are going to send a team to bring the Autobot here. But we have no idea who it is."
"It is odd how the Transformers chose this planet out of every single one in the Universe to try and end their war on." Arceus said as he appeared by Ash's side, a habit he had taken to for a while now.
Ash looked at Arceus, no longer jumping in fear every time the Legendary would appear without warning, and said "Yeah. But as far as I know, the Decepticons want to drain energy from the Earth and the Pokémon."
"That is so wrong. Pokémon should not be killed for reasons like that. This planet should not suffer either." Arceus said.
"True." Ash said with a nod.

At a crash site, several Decepticons and Team Rocket grunts had already surrounded the crater. A Decepticon emerged. It had taken the form of a Ninjask.
"Waspinator was not expecting welcome party. Waspinator is glad to have people welcome him." The machine said.
"Shut up." Shockwave said.
"Come with us. Megatron wants to give you a brief detail on what we are doing here on this planet." Starscream said.

Autobots were gathering around a different crater. A blue and white robot that looked similar to Optimus Prime climbed out. "Ultra Magnus, sir. Welcome to Earth." Ironhide said.
"Come with me. Optimus Prime is waiting." Jazz said as he transformed and drove off towards the Autobot base.
Magnus didn't move.
"Sir." Jazz added.
"Better." Magnus said as he started to follow Jazz.
Ironhide and the other Autobots followed.

A few hours later, Ash was walking down the streets of a city that Bakuha and Sky Rider were patrolling. Laika was near him as she always was. Ash brought up a question.
"Laika, I'm curious, but you don't show any emotions or talk that much. Why?"
Laika then said, "I had been abused and neglected throughout the first 18 or so years of my life. You may think that people would treat a rare albino Mightyena like me with great care. But no, my masters only barely kept me alive solely for the purpose of owning me. By the time I met Ashton, my emotions had been all but destroyed. But through him, I found love, even though I hated him at first. We even had a child, but I still feel a need to remain cautious around those I do not know well, as I do not trust them."
"You have a pretty rough past. I can't even think why those people that owned you before Ashton would do that to you. I mean you're really beautiful." Ash said.
Laika stared at Ash with a shocked expression and asked "You think I am beautiful?"
"Yeah. I mean your white fur is really beautiful like snow and your red eyes give you an exotic look." Ash said.
"You are the second human to say I am beautiful. The first was Ashton." Laika said.
"Well, I'm going shopping for things. I might just get you a surprise. But since you're with me, I might as well give it to you right away." Ash said.
They walked into a shopping center as Ash began to look for something. After an hour or so, Ash had bought some tools. They walked until something caught Ash's eye. Both Ash and Laika walked into a jewelry shop.
"Why are we here?" Laika asked.
"Just wait and see." Ash replied.
After a few minutes Ash and Laika walked out with a small box in Ash's hand.
"You can't see what's in the box. It's a present for someone." Ash said.
As they walked outside, they were unaware of someone spying on Bakuha and Sky Rider. As the two Autobot sisters walked the streets looking for any sign that the Decepticons would break the ceasefire, all of a sudden a cable shot out of the ground and hit Bakuha in the chest. An electrical surge went through the cable and into Bakuha's body causing her to fall over. Ash watched as the Autobot fell backwards and crashed into the ground. A large purple metal object flew past Ash and stopped above Bakuha's body. A laser shot out the underside of the object and began cutting her head off. Ash began to run towards Bahuka's fallen body, but the moment Bakuha's head was no longer attached to her body, the object landed in the empty spot where Bahuka's head previously was. The moment the object connected to Bakuha's body it stood up as who or whatever was in the object took control. Bahuka's severed head looked up and said "Who or what are you?"
"The name is Henry Masterson, but you can call me the Headmaster." the parasite said as he began to laugh as Ash watched as Bakuha's hijacked body began to go on a rampage.
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