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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Fight against the Headmaster

Ash, Sky Rider, Bakuha's head and Laika looked on as the Headmaster, now in control of Bakuha's body, went on a rampage.
"We got a problem. Some...thing has hijacked Bakuha's body and we need help. So Evac, tell Optimus we need some help." Ash said into a commlink.
"Of course. I will inform Prime now." The voice of Evac coming out of the commlink.
"Ok and get some one to bring all my Pokemon here as well." Ash said.
"AS you wish, my lord." Evac said as the comlink went dead.
"How are we going to get my body back." Bakuha said.
"We got to, somehow, get the Headmaster disconnected from your body." Ash said.
"Yeah, but I don't want my body damaged too badly. It is my body after all." Bakuha said.
"We may have no choice but to damage it." Ash said with a sigh.
"But who is going to make the first move?" Bakuha's head said.
"I will" Sky Rider said as she ran forward and transformed into a fighter jet and took off into the sky.

Flying around for a short time, Sky Rider decided the best way to get the Headmaster removed from Bahuka's body was to shoot the Headmaster itself. Finally she flew right at Bakuha's hijacked body. She fired two sidewinder missiles at the Headmaster's robot, which he was using to control Bakuha's body. Bakuha's body appeared to dodge the missiles, but the Headmaster used a move which made the missiles miss the target.
"Is that the best you got noob?" the Headmaster said as he made Bakuha's body raise the right arm.
Two cannons fired at Sky Rider as she flew around the city. The sound of vehicle engines and a helicopter were heard. Soon, a helicopter landed in the city, with several cars and two trucks sliding to a stop a few seconds later. The vehicles then transformed into their own robot form.
Ultra Magnus walked from the group and kneeled in front of Ash.
"What is going on?" Magnus asked.
"Someone named the Headmaster stole my body." Bakuha said as Sky Rider returned and transformed back into robot mode.
"We've got to try and get her body back, without causing it serious damage." Ash said. Magnus nodded and said "Alright, Evac try to distract the Headmaster."
Evac looked at Bahuka/Headmaster, who was smashing up all the buildings. But made no further movement.
"Did you hear me? I gave you an order." Magnus said.
"I only obey orders given to me by my lord." Evac said.
"And who is your lord?" Magnus said.
"I am. He was injuried by his fellow Decepticons when he was Blackout. I asked the Autobots to repair him and they did. He took on the name Evac. And he now sees and calls me Lord Ash. He also only takes orders from me." Ash said.
"Then tell him to do what I said." Magnus said as he watched Bahuka/Headmaster smash another building.
"Evac. Try to get the Headmaster separated from Bakuha's body without causing serious damage." Ash said.
"Of course my Lord" Evac said as he turned to face Bakuha's hijacked body.

But before he could move, a Hydro Pump attack came out of nowhere hitting Bakuha's body and sending it reeling backwards into a building. A Blastiose stepped onto the wreckage of a broken building. The Blastoise aimed his water cannons at Bahuka/Headmaster and shot out another Hydro Pump, Bahuka/Headmaster moved out of the way, but only to be tackled to the ground by Evac.
Ultra Magnus turned and said "Get the humans and Pokemon out of the way from those two." The Autobots nodded and, along with Ash and his Pokemon, began to get Humans and Pokemon out of the way.
Ultra Magnus looked at the Blastoise. "You there. Want to help them out as well?"
The Blastoise payed no attention to the autobot and stood there, looking at the two robots. Ash had gotten a human to run, when he looked back up at Evac battling the Headmaster, Evac grabbed hold of Bakuha's stolen body and threw it into a building.

"Hey, you big robot..thing." The Blastoise called out.
Bahuka/Headmaster stood up and looked at the Blastoise.
"Not you. You." The Blastoise pointed at Evac as he jumped off the wreckage and walked towards him. "Take a break. Let me handle this for a while."
Blastoise ran forward at Bahuka/Headmaster. When he was close enough, he jumped into the air, retreated into his shell and slammed into the body of Bahuka.
Bahuka/Headmaster seemed to float in midair before hitting the ground and sliding for a few metres. Blastoise started to charge again but Evac stepped in front of him.
"Thanks, but no thanks. My lord has asked me to fight. And I will not disobey my lord's orders."
The Headmaster got up and said "That is it noob, you are going down."
He made Bakuha's body run forward, grab Evac and threw him into a building near Ash and Laika. Debris from the building fell toward Laika who stood there, terror making her unable to react in time. She felt someone shove her. When she looked back, Laika saw Ash under some of the debris which only his head was visible. He screamed out in pain causing Absol, his Pokemon and Evac to look. Evac turned around as Scorponok was ejected from his back. Scorponok didn't need to be told what to do as he set to work to free Ash from the debris. Ash's Pokemon went to work as well. Evac turned back to see the Headmaster had Bakuha's Beam Pistol aimed right at where his spark was.
"This is the end of the road for you noob" the Headmaster said. The Blastoise charged again, jumped into the air, retreated into his shell and slammed into Bahuka/Headmaster.
"Today's your lucky day." The Blastoise's voice echoed out of the shell as he landed next to Evac. "Pretty sure he was about to kill you then."
The Blastoise came out of his shell. "This time, take a break. I'll handle this."
Evac ran to the debris that Ash was buried he began to remove the debris as well. The Blastoise walked over to Bahuka/Headmaster who was struggling to get back on its feet. He stood over the Headmaster, aimed the cannons at it, said "Jackpot." And fired. The Headmaster flew through the air and landed at the feet of Ultra Magnus.
While Magnus ripped the head open and pulled the human that called himself the Headmaster out.
"You are going away for a long time." Magnus said.
"You haven't seen the last of me noob." the Headmaster said as Magnus handed him to police officers who had just appeared.
The Blastoise turned and walked away.
"You owe me a pizza." He called out.
The Autobot field commander turned to see Ash slowly being lifted out of the debris. Evac transformed into helicopter mode and waited as Ash's Pokemon carried him on board. After Ash and his Pokemon were on board Evac took off heading toward the Autobot base.

A few hours later, Ash was lying in a bed in the medical bay. The Nurse Joy of the base turned to Ash's Pokemon.
"Ash has suffered several cracked ribs, his legs are broken and he also has some bruising. It should take several months to heal fully" the Nurse said as she went to check on other people.
Ash's Pokemon turned and all glared at Laika. Evac and Scorponok who was there as well turned and stared at Laika. The albino Mightyena looked around.
"This is your fault that Ash is like this." Charizard said pointing a claw at Laika.
"Yeah Ash is like this cause he tried to save you so this is your fault." Jolt said.
"I should end your life right here, right now." Absol said as she ran forward.
"Enough." Ash said weakly. He groaned as he turned to face his Pokemon.
"Don't blame Laika for me being in this bed. Blame the Headmaster. If he hadn't stolen Bakuha's body I wouldn't be here. So please leave her alone. I know that she is not an agent of the TRDA. So please just stop thinking that and leave her alone." Ash said. Ash's Pokemon looked at Laika and then Ash before nodding. They turned and left the room.
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