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Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Christmas

A few months had gone by since the battle against the Headmaster. Ash was recovering slowly with Absol, Laika and Arceus by his side, they rarely ever left the room. Altough he had convince them to leave at one point when Evac and Bakuha visited him. Since it was now December, Christmas was around the corner. Evac and Bakuha left one day in their hologram forms. They had gone to different shops and even gone to the Hoenn region to get two Pokemon. Ash could now move a bit, but still in a little pain, he would sit up and wrap the things Bakuha and Evac got.
"What is Lord Ash doing?" Evac asked as he turned to Bakuha.
"I am not sure. It is some holiday the humans and Pokemon celebrate. That is really all I know." Bakuha said.
"But you were built by a human. Lord Ash for that matter. You should know more about them." Evac said.
"Sorry I prefer to learn about my own race first. I may be built by a human, but I am a Transformer." Bakuha said.
"How are the two new arrivals in this universe doing?" Evac asked.
"They seem to be getting use to their surroundings." Bakuha said.
"Both of those Lucario are strange tough aren't they?" Evac said.
Bakuha nodded and said "Yeah that Lucario-human hybrid looks different. Long black hair, dark brown eyes like Ash's eyes."
Evac interrupted and said "I guess because her father is a version of Ash from her home universe much like Mana and Eirrath. But it was funny when she taught that Lord Ash was her own father."
"Yeah. Altough if that other Lucario didn't step in I think she would of strangled Ash to death with that hug." Bakuha said.
"And the way Lord Ash reacted when she kissed him and called him daddy was funny." Evac said as he burst out of laughing at the thought of what happened. Bakuha chuckled as well.
"But that other Lucario remember how she reacted when she saw Arceus" Evac said.
"Yeah she was terrified of him." Bakuha said.
"Yeah. I have no idea why she is so scared of him." Evac said.
"Yeah. Although she also seemed very scared of humans. She is one strange Lucario. Then there is that sword of hers. I mean it talks and it has an eye near the hilt. It is like that sword is alive" Bakuha said. Evac nodded as the two Autobots turned and walked to another part of the base.

Ash turned to see one of the two Lucario that fell through into this universe. She had said her name was Sapphire Ketchum. She had been learning medical things from the base's Nurse Joy and from Ratchet. She also helping with getting supplies to the base. She had explained much of her history and family to Ash. When she had mentioned Ashton traveling with her family it caught Laika's attention. Laika was now waiting for the day she knew would come and she would see her love again. Ash turned and saw the other Lucario walk in as Sapphire left.
"He is not around now is he?" she asked.
"You mean Arceus? No he isn't. No idea where he is" Ash said.
The Lucario entered. She was different from a normal Lucario. The blue fur of a Lucario was gray for her. The normally tan torso was a blood red. She had a red blindfold covering her eyes.
"Can I ask you something Rukaria?" Ash said. The strangely colored Lucario nodded.
"How come you don't look like a normal Lucario and what is with the blindfold?" Ash asked, mainly because Rukaria kept to herself most of the time. Ash taught that her fear of humans prevented her from telling.
"I guess I could tell. But please I don't want any humans in here besides you. As you already know they scare me." Rukaria said.
"Ok." was all Ash could say.
"The reason I look like this is because I have been cursed to live forever." Rukaria said.
"I am sorry to hear that." Ash said.
"And for why I have the blindfold on." Rukaria said as she reached up and took her blindfold off. Her eyes were closed but when she opened Ash saw that she was blind.
"As you can see I am blind. I lost my vision when I was cursed. I see by my Aura now. I didn't even deserved to be cursed." Rukaria said.
"Yes, you did." Arceus said as he appeared out of no where. Rukaria screamed and cowered in a corner, shaking in fear.
"I learned my lesson. Please just lift this curse off me." Rukaria said in fear.
"Why should I after what you helped do?" Arceus said.
"I was young and stupid. I lived for 300 years since then. I must of done something during those 300 years to have this curse lifted." Rukaria said.
"No you have not done anything to have that curse lifted" Arceus said. Rukaria left the room still shaking in fear.
"What did she do?" Ash asked Arceus.
"She did an unspeakable crime against the legendaries when she was in her home universe. A crime that she had to be punished for it in the hardest way possible. And that is to live forever." Arceus said.
"How can living forever be counted as a punishment?" Ash said.
"You continue to live while the people you care and love for all around you die, while you forever walk to Earth. She will never know the freedom in death. I know but it is for her to learn her lesson fully and do something that shows me that I can lift the curse off her for good." Arceus said before disappearing.

When Christmas day had come around Ash was at his quarters on the base. He was allowed to move a bit and he was cleared by Ratchet to go to his house for the day. He saw Kaguya and Laikia playing with a ball Ash had given them for Christmas. Erebus was given a scythe, a gift from Rukaria, and was giving it a few test swings. Laika looked at two boxes in front of her. One was small, the other was big. Ash helped her unwrap the first one to reveal black set of armour.
"I was thinking since you are now in this war, you may need armour." Ash said. When the smaller box was opened Laika looked at a gold necklace with a diamond hanging off it.
"And something from me that has nothing to do with battle" Ash said.
James and Jessie opened presents Ash had given them. It was two Poke-balls. Confused on what was in them the two former Team Rocket members sent the Pokemon inside out. Tears came to their eyes as they recognized their old friends Arbok and Wheezing.

After the Christmas lunch, Ash sat and watched everything that was happening. He saw Kaguya and Laikia play with Absol. Ash had gotten a few books on the Autobots and a book about Cybertron from Optimus Prime. Laika was sitting next to Ash, her eyes and ears darting back and forth trying to pick up any hostiles that might attack. Ash sighed as he watched his kids play with Absol.
Ash turned to Arcues and said "It is times like this I forget that there is a war going on."
"Even times of war can have moments of peace." Arceus said as he looked at Ash and then back to look at Ash's kids playing watching as Cinder joined in.
"True. It is just I wish my kids would not of have to grow up knowing about the war." Ash said getting a sad look for a moment.
"If we can end this war soon they will not have to witness it. No child deserves to become a witness to the hell that is war." Arceus said never taking his sight off the kids playing with Absol.
"You seem to know a lot Arceus. But I am not to sure if you know this isn't even our war." Ash said.
"True. This war should have nothing to do with this world." Arceus said.
Kaguya came over and said "Mummy can you play with us?"
"Not right now. Why don't you go play with your dad a bit more." Ash said.
"Ok" Kaguya said as the white Eevee ran back toward Absol.
"Must be confusing now that you are male" Arceus said.
"No I have gotten used to them calling me 'Mummy'. I still got two kids that see me as their father" Ash said as he laughed a bit when Kaguya and Laikia jumped on top of Absol.
"Must be enjoyable to have children of your own." Arceus said.
"Don't you have children Arceus?" Ash asked.
"Never..." Arceus said with a sad sigh.
"But didn't you create the Universe?" Ash asked getting a bit more confused.
"To a degree. I created the vast space that would contain it. Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina did the rest. Until recently I had been slumbering in a seperate realm waiting for when I may be needed again" Arceus said.
"Then what woke you up? Was it the war or something else?" Ash asked.
"Perhaps. I cannot say for certain." Arceus said.
"Guess it will be revealed later. But still I can't believe you don't really have any children." Ash said as he watched Absol struggle to move as her kids kept running around her and on her back.
"The life of a god is always hard. I am the only one of my kind." Arceus said in a sad tone.
"I don't think your the only one of your kind" Ash said.
"I am. I am the first and last of my kind. I am what everything originated from. I am the only Arceus that has ever existed. And I always will be." Arceus said now staring off into space.
"Hard to believe that. But I guess I know what you mean. I am a good father and mother. But I never had the love of a father." Ash said as he remembered his one wish that he wish to come true one day was to have a father to look out for him and love him.
"We're not that far off from each other. I have never had the privelege of having a child of my own." Arceus said.
"Maybe there is a way to fill that spot" Ash said while thinking.
"How so?" Arceus asked as he looked back down to Ash.
"Just a crazy thought here but maybe you could be my father and I could be your son" Ash said.
Arceus looked at him in surprised and said "Your offer is intriguing. However after the countless years of watching over the universe, nothing can change the fact that I will always be the only Arceus. But I will think about your offer."

Meanwhile deep in the TRDA base. Giovanni walked in to see Megatron looking at a screen with pictures on it. All of the same thing a sword of different shapes and sizes but with an eye near the hilt.
"What is it Megatron?" Giovanni asked.
"As soon as this Christmas thing is over I want men to search this planet for this sword." Megatron said pointing at the pictures on the screen.
"What is it and what do you want it for" Giovanni asked.
"It is a sword of great power. And I am hoping to use it against the Autobots. The Decepticons shall have this sword. The sword known as Soul Edge shall belong to the Decepticon empire." Megatron shouted with a fist raised in the air.
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