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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 29

A man walked down a busy street. He wore a brimmed hat and a long trenchcoat that dragged along the ground. He had his hands buried in his pockets, was slightly hunched over and walked faster then normal. He turned down a street, walked past a few houses and stopped at a large old fashioned house that looked like it would fall over at any minute. A large neon sign sat above the large wooden doors that read 'Devil May Cry'. The 'e' flickered. The man pushed open the door and stepped inside. A Blastoise sat behind a desk, his feet on the desk and a book covering his face. Empty pizza boxes were scattered around the room. The man approached the desk and kicked it. The Blastoise awoke with a start, the book still covering his face.
"We're closed." He replied.
"I'm looking for Dante. I have a job for him." The man replied, he pulled an envelope out of his right pocket and placed it on the desk.
"You found him, but it's my day off. I don't work on my days off." Dante said, the book sliding off his face onto the floor.
The man took no notice of what Dante said and kept going.
"We are after the item inside that envelope. We will pay you up front and the rest on delivery of the item."
"I told you, I don't work on my days off." Dante said as he got up.
"How does 1 million sound? and an extra 2 million upon delivery?" The man replied lifting his face up a little so one eye was one Dante.
Dante thought for a moment. "Fine. I'll do it. What am I supposed to be getting for you?"
The man stopped at the door. "Open the envelope and find out." He said as he opened the door, stepped outside and shut the door.
Dante looked at the large brown envelope on the desk. He picked it up ripped one end open and tipped the contents out. A cheque for 1 million dollars, a photo and a letter fell out. Dante picked up the cheque and placed it in the desk drawer. He then picked up the photo and the letter. The photo showed a large sword. The letter read:
" Name: Soul Edge.
Location: Mt. Coronet.
Upon delivery of this item you will receive your payment. Bring it to the usual location. Beware we have recieved word that other people may be after the sword as well."
Dante walked to the fire place in the corner of the room and threw the photo and letter into the fire. He watched it smoulder and burn. "Let's rock!" He said as he walked out of the room.

Ash along with Absol and Laika stood in the command center of the Autobot base. The Autobots were making plans as soon as they found out that not just TRDA forces, but Sector Seven forces and a pack of Houndoom with four Lucario were making their way to Mt. Coronet.
"A big battle is about to happen. I know it." Absol said.
Ash asked "How do you know?"
"Because before a battle I get this feeling that my soul is on fire. And the feeling I am getting now I think this is a big battle." Absol said.
"Alright we are going to need a large force to take out these groups and to prevent whatever they are after from falling into their hands." Optimus Prime said.
"Yes sir." several Autobots said.
"It's time we transform and roll out." Optimus said.

Several hours later Ash, Absol and Laika along with several soldiers approached Mt. Coronet. Laika was wearing her black armor as she looked at the other soldiers and then back to Ash keeping her eyes on him.
Ash turned and then sniffed the air. "Hey, does anyone smell that?" Ash asked.
"Smell what?" a soldier said.
"Fear. I think it is coming from one of you guys." Ash said.
A young soldier looked a bit scared. "Are you scared?" Ash asked.
"Yeah this is my first battle against TRDA. I just got out of training." the soldier said. "Well I can tell you are scared. For some odd reason I can smell it on you." Ash said.
Laika turned and looked at Ash with a confused look.
"But hey, you should be alright. In my squad I like to think we are a pack of Houndoom or Mightyena's. And of cause I am the Alpha of the pack." Ash said. Laika just looked getting a bit more confused on what Ash was saying.
"But hey. Stick by me and remember your training and you most likely, will get out alive." Ash said before he gave the soldier a smile revealing his teeth.
Laika saw that Ash's canine teeth were a bit large then those of a normal human. Gunfire was heard along with several explosions.
"Lets go." Ash shouted as the soldiers piled out of the transport and opened fired on those firing on them. Ash had just gotten out of the transport when it exploded into a fireball. Grabbing binoculars Ash looked to the center of the battlefield to see a sword stuck in the ground by its blade.
"There is a sword in the middle of the battlefield. It has an eye near its hilt" Ash said. Laika turned and said "Let me look trough those" Ash passed the binoculars to Laika and held them before her eyes.
"Soul Edge" she said as she backed away a bit.
"What is Soul Edge?" Ash asked.
"Soul Edge is an evil soul sucking demon sword." Rukaria said as she kneeled next to them.
A figure walked up to Soul Edge. Ash looked through the Binoculars at the figure. "Someone is near the sword." He said. "And it just grabbed it."
The figure grabbed the sword, pulled it out of the ground and raised it into the air. He was dressed in an old suit of armour that was a pale blue in colour. His right arm was disfigured and resembled a monsters arm, it had 2 large fingers and a thumb and was a brown colour. Large spikes came out of this arm every couple of centimetres. His left was normal and held Soul Edge. His torso was a large mouth. A row of large, sharp teeth opened to reveal a glowing purple orb. His legs were normal but ended with feet that had 2 toes and a back facing toes on each foot.
"NOW....GIVE ME YOUR SOULS!" He shouted.
Rukaria used her Aura to feel the Aura coming off the figure
"We are all doomed." She said.
"Why?" Ash asked.
"Because. That's Nightmare. The Guardian of Soul Edge." Rukaria repiled.

Nightmare looked around the battlefield. Everyone had gathered around the hill that he stood on.
"Offer yourselves to the unending darkness!" He shouted.

"Lets go!" Ash shouted. The soldiers next to him yelled as they jumped up and began running to other bits of wreckage. Ash watched as a soldier next to him was brought down with a bullet to the head. The soldiers battling turned to see the APL forces run forward. Megatron turned to see the APL run forward and let a growl before shouting something out in Cybertronian. Decepticons turned and ran toward the Autobots as they opened fired. Ash turned into his Groudon form. Ash saw Erebus jump down his scythe swinging around slicing into any TRDA soldier, Sector Seven agent or Houndoom that got in the way. Arciril had the golden wheel as a shield again as she sliced through the enemy ranks with her own sword. Nyx, Eternita and Selena charged in bringing down any enemy that got in the way. Rukaria jumped down swinging Malevolence around. She pulled a small dagger from underneath her fur and slashed the neck of a Sector Seven agent before Malevolence to slice the head off a Houndoom that took jumped at her. Ash slammed his robotic arm into a Houndoom.
Soundwave saw Ash and then said "Ravage eject. Operation: Revenge."
Ash turned around to see a robotic Mightyena appear. "Ravage, but I killed you." Ash said in shock as Laika and Absol took defensive stances near Ash.
"You killed the first one. I am a new more improved version of Ravage." Ravage said before changing into a humanoid robot mode.
"I don't care. You are still the one that ripped my arm out." Ash said before he ran forward and began to grapple with Ravage.
Both Absol and Laika jumped at Ravage. The Decepticon was able to knock Absol aside but was unable to dodge Laika who hit him with her armoured tail. Ravage turned around and brought up a fist, hitting Laika. Ash jumped up and knocked into Ravage bringing the Decepticon down to the ground. Ash got to his feet before lifting Ravage up as well and began to punch him hard.

Mana jumped on a Decepticon Drone before using her energy sword to cut the metal and rip out some wires causing the sparkless drone to fall to the ground. Mana was taken by surprise when she turned around to see the Decepticon Frenzy firing machine guns at her. Two CD like blades were fired from Frenzy's chest. One sliced through her armor and skin before hitting her heart while the other hit her left lung. Mana gasped, as she tried to struggle to hold onto life, but she fell over to the ground and stopped moving for good.
Megatron reached the center of the battlefield and was standing before Nightmare. "Give me the sword. I want its power as my own."
Optimus Prime ran forward and knocked him away.
"Prime!" Megatron shouted as he charged forward. Megatron and Optimus collided head on.
"I will not let you get a hold of that sword Megatron." Optimus said as he gave Megatron an uppercut.
"You are just a pest Prime. A pest that stands between me and ultimate power!" Megatron shouted.
With that he brought his arms together forming his Fusion Cannon. He fired on Optimus sending him flying near the edge of a slop. Megatron turned back to Nightmare again when two Shadow Balls and a Solar Beam hit him in the back. Turning around Megatron saw Ash, Laika and Absol. The Decepticon leader was angry when he saw the human that at this point became a thorn in his side. Megatron brought his mace around and slammed it into the ground causing a number of rocks to land near them. Weaken from the fighting before Ash, Laika and Absol could only watch in horror as Megatron walked towards Nightmare.
"Now give me the sword." Megatron said.
Nightmare's eyes flashed red for a brief moment before he ran at Megatron. He swung Soul Edge at Megatron, a flash of fire trailed the sword as Megatron fell back.
"You are unworthy." Nightmare said. "Anyone else dare challenge the wielder of Soul Edge?"

Absol looked up at Nightmare very angry. Her eyes had fire in them as her entire body was engulfed in flames.
"I don't believe it." Laika said as she looked at Absol. Ash looked at Laika and then back at Absol to see that she was in no pain.
"She has the Eternal Flame in her soul." Laika said.
Absol ran forward, the Eternal Flame increasing her speed as she let loose a Flamethrower at Nightmare. Nightmare brought Soul Edge up, watching as the flames went in different directions. Nightmare brought his sword around, the fire engulfing Soul Edge. He spun around and swung the sword up. Hitting Absol in the chest, a deep red line followed the trail of the sword.
"Now give me your soul." Nightmare said as he clenched his right arm as it began to glow.
Absol began to glow blue, the same colour as Nightmare's arm. Her face turned into a look of pain and horror. A Autobot drone ran forward kicking Nightmare. The drone turned and picked up Absol and Mana's dead body. "I will look after them" the Autobot drone said before it transformed into a jet and flew off.
Nightmare plunged the sword into the ground, and clenched his right arm again. It began to glow along with all the fallen soldiers on the battlefield.
"Yes. Give me your souls." Nightmare said.
When he had absorbed all the souls of the soldiers he pulled Soul Edge out of the ground. Looked at the survivors, then turned and walked away. He only took a few steps before he stopped and sniffed the air.
"I smell another strong soul." Nightmare said as he looked back at the survivors. "Yours." He pointed at Ash.
"If you want it. Come and take it from me." Ash said as he turned into a Groudon.
Nightmare laughed and charged at Ash. Ash dodged the attack only the be hit in the chest by Nightmare's right arm. One of the spikes impaled Ash's shoulder. Ash cried out then fell to the ground.
"No. Your soul is weak and won't satisfy my hunger." Nightmare said as he turned around and walked away.

Ash was back at the Autobot base, lying on a hospital bed, everyone had gathered around him.
"He has lost alot of blood and requires a transfusion immediently if he will have any chance of surviving. But he has a rare blood type so ill need blood from everyone to see if we have a donor." Ratchet said.
Everyone lined up as Ratchet began to take samples of everyones blood. He stopped at Laika.
"Arm out." He said.
Laika placed her right leg out. Ratchet stabbed a needle into her elbow joint. Laika grimmaced in pain.
"That will do." Ratchet said.
After Ratchet had taken samples of everyone he went back and looked at all the blood one by one. He stopped at Laika's.
"We're lucky." He said. "Laika is a match. But I don't understand, it's more of a perfect match. I think they're related."
Ratchet walked over to Ash holding Laika's blood sample. He pushed a button on the side of the bed and a little opening appeared. He placed the blood inside the opening and pushed the button again.
"Now, lets all leave him alone for a while. He needs to recover." Ratchet said as he pushed everyone out the door.
The door slamed shut and everyone looked at Laika.
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