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Chapter 30

Chapter 30
The Siege

10 years later. A figure was watching TV. A news reporter was saying "It has now been ten years since the Autobot-Decepticon war came to Earth. The war has been going as a stalemate for a few months now. But APL leaders think the Decepticons are ready for something big." The figure turned the TV off before standing up. Marina got up from her spot on the chair next to the chair Ash was sitting in.

The last 10 years were tough for Ash. He missed Absol dearly. He remembered the raid on Pallet Town when his mother was killed by Frenzy. During the ten years since, Arceus had accepted Ash as his son. Ash had found out he was in fact related to Laika, being her great, great, great, great grandson. The Blastoise named Dante that helped fight off the Headmaster had joined the Autobots to aid in their fight against the Decepticons. And another thing that happened in the ten years was Nightmare being destroyed and Soul Edge being sent into deep space aboard an unmanned rocket.

Ash walked out of his quarters of the base which was now completed with Laika by his side. Ash stopped when he heard a noise. He turned and saw his son Kaguya run over to him. Kaguya had evolved into an Umbreon, but the normally black fur was white. "Mum, do you know where Dad went?" Kaguya asked. "No, I have no idea where your father went, but I hope he's OK." Ash replied. "Ok. I might as well go see where Laikia went." Kaguya said. Ash watched as the white-furred Umbreon ran off looking for his sister. Ash turned and continued to walk around the base. He and Laika came to the mess hall where several Autobots, humans, and Pokémon were placing bets on who was going to scrap Waspinator in the next battle. After ten minutes, Ash and Laika reached the Command Center. Optimus Prime was there like most of the times watching out for any TRDA activity. "Optimus, any word on where that Autobot drone that saved Absol went?" Ash asked. "No, we have no idea where they are. It seems like they left the planet entirely." Optimus said. "Oh. Well, thanks anyway, Optimus. I'm sure some word will come soon." Ash said as he turned and walked out. "Poor Ash. To lose someone he loves twice is a big heartbreak." Optimus said.

When night had fallen. Outside the TRDA base, Megatron looked at everyone there. "Tonight, the Autobots will be defeated. Tonight, the Legendary Pokémon will be ours along with their energy. Tonight, the Decepticons win this war!" Megatron shouted. TRDA soldiers cheered. "The attack begins at midnight." Megatron ordered.

Ash awoke from a dream when he felt fur next to him. Turning, he saw Laika sleeping in his bed making sure he didn't get attacked and was always protected. A few minutes later and explosions were heard, causing the base to shake from impacts. Ash got up and ran to the window to see several missiles hitting the base at several places. Alarms went off all over the base as Jazz's voice came over the intercom. "We are under attack! I repeat, this is the big one! The Decepticons are attacking the base!" Jazz shouted. Laika's eyes snapped open as she looked at Ash. "Did I just hear that?" she asked. "Yeah. Decepticons are attacking the base now." Ash said as he ran to put his combat uniform on and grabbed Laika's armor. He quickly put it on as Nina and Marina ran in. "Quickly, get the squad together and hurry. We don't have much time!" Ash said. "Marina, get Arciril, Erebus, Nyx, Eternita, and Selena and tell them to get their weapons and prepare for the worst." Ash said as he turned to Marina. The Floatzel nodded and ran off. "Guess your role as Guardian is about to be put to the test." Ash said. "I will do my best during this battle to protect you. Not only are you the person that I trust the most in this universe. You are my great, great, great, great grandson. You are in a way my own flesh and blood." Laika said with a serious smirk. "Let's get going." Ash said as he turned and ran out of the quarters.

Autobots, humans and Pokémon were running around as the missiles continued to rain down on the base. Ash ran to the command center as more missiles fell on the base. "Decepticon troops have appeared on radar, sir." Ironhide said. "Looks like all of them, Optimus." Ultra Magnus added as he looked up from the radar screen. "Get everyone ready. We got no time to lose." Optimus ordered. "We're trying, but it's very late at night and the humans and Pokémon are normally sleeping at this time." Jazz said. "They must have decided to attack at this time when most of our troops are getting up and getting ready for battle." Optimus said. "Hmm, maybe they might think of this as a chance to win this war once and for all." Ironhide said. "Never mind the details right now. We got to prepare for battle and defend this base at all costs." Optimus said. "Yes, sir!" The Autobots said.

The missiles had stopped falling on the Autobot base by now. But Decepticon jets flew around the base trying to pick off as many of the soldiers as possible. Ash watched as AA guns fired while trying to shoot down the enemy aircraft as they flew overhead firing everywhere. A jet fired near Ash. Laika turned and fired a Shadow Ball hitting the jet, but not doing much damage. Evac then turned and fired his Gatling gun, hitting the jet and causing it to crash at another part of the Autobot base. A laser bolt flew past Evac's head. The former Decepticon turned to see Decepticons and Team Rocket soldiers land and run to the soldiers who turned and opened fired on the incoming invaders. Barricade sent out Frenzy while Soundwave sent out Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage and Rumble into the battle. Starscream flew in and transformed into robot mode while five other F-22 Raptors flew in and transformed into robot mode. All of them looked like Starscream, aside from one which looked like Starscream if he was a female. Megatron flew over head before he transformed into robot mode and stood back watching the battle from safety behind the TRDA soldiers. "Wipe out every single Autobot. Leave no survivors. Level this entire base!" Megatron shouted as Shockwave moved beside his leader. "Shockwave, go in there and report to me how the battle is going." Megatron said as he looked down at Shockwave. The Decepticon nodded before running into the battle. "The Autobots will be defeated by the end of tonight." Megatron said as he watched and waited for Optimus Prime to appear. "Come, Prime. Come face your end!" Megatron shouted over the battle as he waited for Optimus to come out.

Rukaria ran forward with her main weapon, the Hyup Do, in hand. She stopped and slammed the blade right into the head of a Team Rocket grunt. The blind Lucario brought the weapon around, stabbing it right through the chest of another Team Rocket grunt. A Decepticon drone aimed a gun at Rukaria before firing a laser at her. Smoke from the impact filled the area where Rukaria was. The Decepticon drone then turned away. Rukaria jumped from the smoke with a silver sword that strongly resembled Soul Edge in hand. She plunged the great sword into the neck plating of the drone. "Never try to kill someone who is immortal, you walking pile of scrap metal. You'll only end up wasting your time." Rukaria said as she summoned a black Aura Sphere and sent it into the head of the Decepticon drone. The drone fell over with a big hole in its head. Rukaria jumped off and noticed the Hyup Do lying on the ground a few meters away. "Rukaria, behind you!" Malevolence said. "I may be blind, but I can still see with my Aura, Malevolence." Rukaria said to the sword in her hand. She brought her left paw around with the spike going right into an eye of the Team Rocket grunt. The grunt screamed in pain as Rukaria brought her paw back and launched a black Aura Sphere to the grunt's face. After that she ran and grabbed the Hyup Do before turning around and joining the battle again.

Ironhide picked up a steel pole and slammed it into Waspinator as he flew close. Ratchet jumped from a building and began using his saw to slice Waspintor's two wings off. Ash ran while firing a gun he had at several enemy soldiers while Laika ran next to him, her armor deflecting several bullets. The albino Mightyena sent several Shadow Balls into enemy soldiers. Megatron saw Ash and growled. "Soundwave. I want you to intercept that human's commlink. Draw him away from the main battle." Megatron commanded. "As you command, Lord Megatron." Soundwave said as he began to intercept the commlink. Megatron turned to four Lucario standing afar near the troop transports. "Frenzy and Ravage will go with you. Take that human Ash out. But bring the albino Mightyena to me alive. I know a collector on another planet who will want her alive." Megatron ordered. "We will do this, Megatron." a one-eyed Lucario said. "Good. Now get going." Megatron commanded as the four Lucario nodded and ran off, followed by Frenzy and Ravage.

Ash ran down a corridor with Laika beside him. The smaller battles had broken off from the main battle and Ash was heading to where he believed one of the skirmishes had broken up. Both he and Laika were unaware that they were being followed. "Silent Fang, knock the Mightyena out." Thanatos ordered. Silent Fang nodded before he dashed forward. Ash heard a thud and turned to see Laika on the floor unconscious. He turned to see Frenzy and Ravage blocking off an escape route. He turned again and saw four Lucario blocking the other way. "Frenzy, kill this human at once!" Ravage demanded as Frenzy nodded and opened fired. The bullets drilled into Ash's body as Frenzy targeted vital organs. Just to make sure Ash was dead or dying, Frenzy fired two blades from his chest, one of them slicing Ash's robotic arm off. The second went right into Ash's heart.

The impalement of Ash's heart was instantly fatal as he fell backwards. Silent Fang cackled, "Too quick. It's no fun unless they suffer." He then turned to Ravage, "Are you sure I can't kill that wolf too?" Ravage grumbled, "No, you can't. Megatron specifically ordered us to capture her alive." Thanatos slowly approached Ash's corpse and kneeled next to him. "Seems dead. But just to be sure..." He then plunged his fist into him. "Yeah. He's dead. Too bad he's not the same one." But before he could pull his fist away, Ash's left hand lashed out and grabbed him by the wrist as his corpse was engulfed in flames. Thanatos struggled to pull free, but he soon began to panic, "No... No, not this again!"

Ash's corpse slowly began to sit up as blood oozed from his mouth. As his eyes opened, they glowed a hellish red as he gritted his teeth in rage. Thanatos turned towards his clan members and screamed, "Titan, destroy him now!" The hulking Lucario formed his mighty Aura Axe and ran towards Ash before leaping and bringing his axe down hard. The instant it struck, there was a loud crash as a crater formed from the force of the impact. Thanatos jumped away the instant the blade struck as he felt Ash release his grip on him. Thanatos panted, "Too close. Thought he was gonna get me again." But as the dust began to clear, Titan gagged as he found that he had narrowly missed Ash as he had moved sideways a little to evade the strike. He then kicked the Lucario away with a blow to the chin.

Hawkeye gulped, "There's no way... Is this the same one from before?!" Ravage shouted, "What about him?! He's supposed to be dead, right?!" Ash slowly walked out of the crater as flames enshrouded his body. The blade that was embedded in his chest quickly melted as the wounds began to close. He then dropped to all threes as the flames began to intensify. Flames began to extend past his severed right arm as the flames became too intense to see through. The flames began to form an aura around him that vaguely resembled a wolf. After a moment, the flames began to fade as Ash's body seemed to mutate. When the flames vanished, Ravage cocked his head to one side, "What the..... Is he a human or not?" Standing before them was what seemed to be a Mightyena. But the normally gray fur was a fiery red. His right foreleg was also composed entirely of flames, but it seemed solid. The red and yellow eyes of the wolf glared at the six foes as Ash growled, "Time for the hunt to begin."

Ravage shouted, "Frenzy, what're you waiting for?! Take him down and make sure he stays down this time!" The Decepticon replied by launching another circular blade from his chest. But before the blade could strike Ash, he snapped at it and caught the blade in his jaws like a Frisbee. He then bit down hard and shattered the thin blade. "You're first." The Mightyena made a dash towards the Decepticon while it opened fire with its duel machine guns. But as the Mightyena gained speed, an aura of flames enshrouded him and seemed to protect him as the bullets melted before they could even touch him. A moment later, the wolf blazed right through Frenzy with a Flare Blitz, blowing him to pieces.

Ravage was speechless as he watched a lowly human obliterate a Decepticon with a single blow. Frenzy's pieces fell about the battlefield while his head landed nearby. Ash then walked up to him and glared down at the face of the one who stole the life of his mother. As he raised his burning right forepaw, Ash growled, "This is for Mom!" He then brought his paw down hard, partially melting Frenzy's head as it was crushed. Ash then glared at Ravage and snarled, "Now I'll get you back for taking my arm."

"This time I will not take your arm. I'll take your head! No pathetic human can harm a Decepticon!" Ravage said as he pulled out a blaster. "You got one thing wrong, Ravage. I am not a full-blooded human." Ash growled. "But how did you seem human until you became a Pokémon? This doesn't make any sense." Hawkeye asked. "I have Mightyena blood flowing through my veins. I am part human, part Mightyena. I got the Mightyena blood from my great, great, great, great grandmother Laika. That Mightyena one of you knocked out." Ash growled. Before any of his five remaining enemies could do anything, Ash sent a Flamethrower right at Ravage. The Decepticon brought up an arm as the flames engulfed his body. Ash stopped and was about to turn to one of the Lucario when Ravage ran out of the flames unharmed. While he ran toward Ash, the Decepticon transformed into his Mightyena mode. "So you want us to settle this as Mightyena?" Ash asked as he glared at the robotic Mightyena before him. "I will take you out for good, fleshling! No organic destroys a Decepticon and lives!" Ravage shouted as he charged forward. "Bring it on, you overgrown tin can!" Ash said as he dashed towards his prey. The two collided with each other head-on. Ravage turned and was expecting Ash to cry out in pain. But he was stunned when the wolf that Ash was now stood up with no problem. 'Impossible. Anything made of flesh and bone would have been injured by that. What is he?!' Ravage taught. Ash turned and ran forward again. Only this time he used Double Team in the process. Ravage took a few steps back until he was in the middle of a circle of Ash mirages. Ravage's internal targeting computer began to short circuit as it tried to pinpoint the right one by scanning all of the mirages at once. Smoke began to come from Ravage as his targeting system died. Ravage turned just to see Ash send a Flamethrower at him. He managed to jump out of the way and turn only to see Ash charge at him and used Flare Blitz. The attack tore Ravage in two. The defeated Decepticon fell to the ground in two pieces. Ash turned from the nearly offline Decepticon and faced the Blackflame 4.

Thanatos shuddered as cold sweat trickled down his face. "There's no mistake. He's just like the last one..."Each member of the Blackflame Four shuddered as they recalled the moment when each of them was slaughtered by another host of the Eternal Flame. Hawkeye gulped as he clutched his chest, "I can still remember when he ripped my heart out..." Thanatos was especially frightened as he remembered when he was torn to shreds. The Alpha male ordered, "Calm down.... Although that kid was a host to this...Eternal Flame, the one before us is not the same. Remember, we have trained to counter that power. Have we not?" The other three Lucario nodded in unison. Thanatos explained, "We know the kind of power this one has. And if we are careful, we may be able to survive this battle. And since he is a Mightyena, he is part of the Dark type. We still have an advantage." Just then, Ash made a dash for the Blackflame Four. Thanatos shouted, "Now, let's show him the fruits of our training!"

As Ash neared the Lucario, they scattered in four directions. He paused for a moment to decide which one to pursue, but soon saw a flash of blue coming from Hawkeye's direction. When the Aura Bolt struck him, Ash was engulfed in a burst of white smoke. Hawkeye growled, "Pulled a Substitute... Pretty advanced move, I must admit... Wait...WHAT?!" Hawkeye had no time to react as he was blasted pointblank from behind with a Fire Blast. The heavily-scorched Lucario collapsed with third-degree burns all over his backside. As he gazed up at Ash, Hawkeye began to shudder as Ash prepared to launch a Flamethrower at his face. "No, please! Don't!"

Just before he could incinerate Hawkeye, Ash yelped as something nicked his hindquarters. He then looked around and saw a barely visible blur blazing around the battlefield. He tried blasting his Flamethrower attack to a spot ahead of where the blur would enter, but it simply ran through it and out of the flames. A voice cackled, "What's wrong?! Can't burn me?! As long as I'm moving this fast, your flames can't catch onto me!" Ash recognized the voice of Silent Fang. He then ran straight towards Ash with his Aura Sickles ready, "This time, the only one who's gonna lose their head is YOU!!!" But he failed to notice that the ground underneath him was growing hotter by the second. Just before he could reach Ash, Silent Fang was engulfed by a deadly Eruption as the ground under him exploded with volcanic force. As the flames shot upwards, Silent Fang was blown clear of the blast while being terribly burned. As soon as he hit the ground, the assassin began screaming in agony as he could not endure the pain. Ash raised an eyebrow, "What the...? He's crying like a baby?"

Ash looked to his left and narrowly evaded an Aura Sphere launched by Titan. As the hulking Lucario held his mighty Aura Axe, he shouted, "Hawkeye is no longer your concern! I am!" Ash growled, "Fine." He then made a dash towards him as Titan stood firm. But when Ash rammed him with a Flare Blitz, Titan did not budge as he took the attack head-on. Just then, Ash's ears detected swift footsteps approaching him from behind. Knowing that Thanatos was about to strike him, Ash raised his head and shot forth a Lava Plume from his mouth. Thanatos quickly stopped his assault and jumped back, but Titan was not built for speed and was covered by the searing liquid. When the lava quickly hardened, Ash saw that Titan was unconscious with third-degree burns all over him.

Ash then turned around and tried to spot Thanatos, but he seemed to be nowhere to be found. But he then felt a strange presence and looked upwards. Hovering above the battlefield was Thanatos with a massive collection of his Aura in both hands. He shouted, "Titan, forgive me!" With that, the leader of the Blackflame Four launched the dreaded Aura Cannon straight down at Ash. But Ash saw that Titan would also be caught in the blast and stood directly over him. He then let out a roar as a massive Sacred Fire surrounded the two of them. With Titan directly under Ash, the flames did not touch him.

The massive wave of Aura slammed into the spiraling vortex of flames, but was held at bay. Thanatos screamed, "I...WILL...NOT...BE...DENIED AGAIN!!!" He dumped more of his Aura into the attack as it tried to penetrate Ash's defenses. But no matter how hard he tried, the Aura Cannon could not pierce the wall of flames. After a moment, the attack ceased as Thanatos fell to the ground in a heap. "This is the first time...I have ever run out of strength in THIS manner..." Ash then slowly approached the crippled Alpha male and stood before him. When Thanatos tried to move, he growled, "Unreal... I knew the Aura Cannon is taxing...but THIS?!" He could not make any part of his body move. He could only gaze up at Ash as a sphere of fire formed in his open mouth for a Blast Burn. Thanatos growled, "I swear, you only got lucky. Once I'm back on my feet, I'll make every last one of your family suff..." But he was cut off as Ash blasted him pointblank with the deadly Fire type attack. Once Thanatos was silent, Ash ran over to Laika and managed to get her on his back. He then ran off in search of a way back inside the base to get her to the medical bay.

Megatron watched as he saw Optimus Prime appear to join the battle. "Now it is time to end this." Megatron said as he jumped up into the air and transformed into his alien jet mode. Optimus blasted an enemy drone with his blaster. The Autobot leader turned to see Megatron in jet mode fly close to the ground and slammed into him. Megatron then transformed into robot mode. "It's just you and me now, Megatron." Optimus said. "No. It's just me, Prime." Megatron said. "At the end of this day, one shall stand while one shall fall." Optimus said as he ran forward. Megatron brought his fist around colliding with Optimus's face. "Why do you throw your life so recklessly?" Megatron asked. "That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron." Optimus replied as he delivered a punch to Megatron. "NO! I will crush you with my bare hands!" Megatron shouted as he brought his hand around as it changed into his mace. Optimus's right hand went into his arm as his sword blade came out. Megatron ran forward, bringing his mace around hitting Optimus square in the chest. Optimus brought his sword, slicing the mace off Megatron's arm. "Do you give up now, Megatron?" Optimus said. "No chance. I still have my trump card." Megatron said as he pulled a very familiar looking sword out of a subspace pocket.

"What the... Soul Edge! But we sent it into deep space. How did you get your hands on it?!" Optimus demanded. "I went after it a few months ago. My scanners picked its huge amount of energy and I made a deal with it when I found it." Megatron explained. "And what was this deal?" Optimus asked. "That he would offer me souls if I work for him and the Decepticon Empire." Soul Edge replied. "Now, Prime, it is time for you to die!" Megatron shouted. He brought Soul Edge around as Optimus blocked it with his own sword blade.

In another part of the base. RapidFire brought a pole around, hitting Barricade. The Decepticon pulled out his weapon and fired on the Rapidash Autobot. RapidFire jumped out of the laser barrage and fired his own gun at the Decepticon police car. "Your partner Vapor fell during the Dalek attack on this planet, right? I'll succeed where the Daleks failed." Barricade said as he fired again. "No, Barricade. You were the one the Daleks should've finished off during their attack." RapidFire said. He pulled out a bomb and threw it at Barricade. The bomb landed on Barricade's chest and stuck to it. "This is the end for you, Barricade." RapidFire said. The Decepticon ran forward and grabbed RapidFire before he could get away. "If I am going to the Pit, I miht as well take you with me!" Barricade gloated. The bomb then exploded, taking the Autobot and the Decepticon out forever.

Starscream and his clones watched Megatron and Optimus fight from a safe distance. "You should strike at Megatron when the time is right." Starscream said. "Us against Megatron? Are you insane?! I think I just sprang an oil leak!" one of the clones replied. "With I at your lead, Megatron with fall to me, the original Starscream." the Decepticon jet said. They watched as Megatron and Optimus continued to duel each other. "Attack!" Starscream ordered. The Decepticon jets activated the jet engines on their backs. Once in the air they all aimed their weapons at Megatron and fired on him.

The Decepticon leader turned and saw Starscream and his clones firing at him. "Starscream, you traitorous pile of scrap metal! I will take you and your clones offline for good!" Megatron shouted as he turned and ran toward Starscream and his clones. Starscream and his clones flew around firing, as Megatron swung Soul Edge around trying to get one of them. "Optimus Prime. Now is you chance to open fire on Megatron!" Starscream said. Optimus aimed his blaster and fired, hitting Megatron square in the back. Megatron fell to the ground, smoke coming from where the blast from Optimus Prime's weapon struck him. Megatron looked up to see the battle. It was not going well for the Decepticons. He saw Devastator being backed up to a wall as Autobot drones and Omega Supreme fired on him. The large Decepticon aircraft carrier Tidal Wave was taking heavy fire from Bakuha and Sky Rider, who flew around him firing missiles and lasers at the large Decepticon. Megatron saw the four Lucario being carried away by Longarm and Biltzwing. They looked as if they were at death's door. Rumble was seen running away with Ravage, whose body was half reduced to scrap metal. "Decepticons and Team Rocket soldiers, retreat. The battle is a failure..." Megatron commanded as the TRDA forces began to pull out. "You may have won this battle, Prime, but you will never win the war." Megatron said as he took to the air. "And you, Starscream. You and your clones are now exiled from the ranks of the Decepticons!" Megatron shouted before he transformed and flew off. AA guns on the Autobot base began to fire to hit one of the retreating troop transports and Decepticons.

"Starscream, why did you help me?" Optimus asked. "Megatron is a stupid leader. I have been thinking for some time to join your side. But I am still a Decepticon, same with my clones. And we would like for you to refer to us as Decepticons." Starscream replied as his clones nodded. "Fine. You will be shown to your quarters and you will be placed under surveillance just to be sure you don't betray us like you did Megatron." Optimus said. "Fair enough, Prime." Starscream nodded. "Now my first order to you is to help with the clean up and repairs to the base." Optimus said. The Starscreams nodded and walked away to help with several Autobot drones following them.
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