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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Formation of the Alliance

The Autobots drove down a highway as fast as they could. RapidFire and Vapor ran beside the highway while Mirage flew beside them while invisible. Ash, Marina, Absol, Shane and Pikachu just sat in Jazz's car mode. During the trip, the Autobots had explained to them more about their homeworld and their race.

"So Optimus, how did the war between the Autobots and Decepticons start anyway?" Max's voice was heard over the communication device that Bumblebee had. Ash leaned forward a bit to listen in. "Our war started Nine million years ago. It started when a group of Transformers decided to run things their own way. This group became the Decepticons. They crushed all that stood in their way. But a small, yet brave group stood up to them. This group became the Autobots. As the years went by, Transformers began joining both sides. Those that wanted power joined the Decepticons. Those that were brave enough joined the Autobots and our struggle to prevent the universe from falling into the hands of the Decepticons." Optimus explained. Ash leaned back as he began thinking about some things.

As the others talked with the Autobots, Ash was deep in thought. Going through his mind were some things like what was going to happen in the future. One thought came up and that was about him and Marina starting a family when this crisis against the Decepticons was over. "Hey Marina, may I ask you something?" Ash asked. "Yeah. What do you want to ask?" Marina asked, looking at her boyfriend. "I was thinking that maybe some time in the future that we could settle done and start up a family?" Ash asked. "WHAT?! Don't you dare say yes, Marina! If you do, I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Misty's voice shouted over the intercom. "Jazz, could you please tone out Misty's voice?" Marina asked. "Uh... Sure thing." Jazz said as Misty's complaining became too quiet to here.

"So Marina, what do you say?" Ash asked. Marina blushed and replied,"Yeah. I wouldn't mind having kids." Ash smiled before hearing the siren. Looking out the back window, Ash saw a police car and a tank driving down the highway. "Oh great. It's Barricade!" Ash groaned. Ironhide, who had no human passengers, slowed down while Ratchet and Optimus drove up to the side of Bumblebee and Jazz. The tank transformed into a large robot that had the symbol of the TRDA on its chest. Ironhide turned around and transformed. He then tackled the tank robot and the two began to fight. The humans drove their cars away as fast as they could. Ironhide picked up the robot and threw him right off the highway. Ironhide then fired his cannons a few times at the Decepticon. "Get out of here! I can take care of him!" Ironhide shouted. The other Autobots drove on. Barricade drove up but Ironhide kicked him, who was still in his police car mode. Firing more missiles at Barricade, Ironhide picked the Decepticon up and threw him. Turning around, Ironhide transformed and went after the other Autobots while the two Decepticons clambered to their feet, a bit dizzy from the fall.

A few days later. The Autobots had been driving nonstop, only letting the humans and Pokemon to occasionally stretch their legs and tend to their bodily functions. Ironhide had joined back up with them. Ash stretched his legs as he got out of Jazz's car mode. He sent out Charizard and Jolt. Charizard looked around quickly as if on the lookout for Starscream. Jolt turned around and began chasing Eva playfully. Dawn and Brock were keeping Misty busy by striking up a conversation while Ash and Marina talked to each other. "So Marina, where do you think we're going to live when this's all over?" Ash asked. "I would say a house by a river, the ocean or with a pool. We Water types need things like those." Marina said. "I was thinking of a house with a pool myself." Ash said. Marina thought this over and said "Okay, but it would have to be a big pool. Maybe the size of a large pond." Ash laughed a bit at that. "Well I guess that's what I get for falling in love with a Water type Pokemon." Ash joked. "Yep, we do love to swim." Marina giggled. "It's time we got going." Optimus said. They all walked back and hopped into the car forms of the Autobots and headed for the Pokemon League HQ.

After several hours of driving. They had finally made it to the Pokemon League HQ. "You've got to hurry." Optimus said. Ash nodded as they ran up the stairs. Thanks to Lance and the Elite Four members, they got in fast without being stopped by security. They all stood in front of the man in charge of the Pokemon League. After explaining about the TRDA and the Autobots, the man laughed a bit. "Do you honestly think that a race of alien transforming robots have come to earth? And one of these so called factions has teamed up with Team Rocket and the others are here to save us?" the man said with a chuckle. "Yes, it's all true." Ash said. "And if you want proof, then come outside and we will prove it to you." Brock said. Getting up, the man followed them outside.

After walking for a good ten minutes into a group of tall trees, the man saw a truck, a rescue vehicle and two cars and a pickup truck vehicle in a clearing. Along with a Rapidash, a Vaporeon, and a Latios. Before he could say anything, they all began to transform into robots. Optimus knelt down and introduced himself and the other Autobots to the startled boss. After talking with them, the man from the Pokemon League went back to the HQ. A while later he came back with some other men with a piece of paper. "We will have to ask you to leave for a bit." a man said. Nodding, Ash and the others walked away while the Autobots stayed behind. It took at least an hour before the men from the Pokemon League came out of the trees. "We have agreed to let the Autobots have a base here on Earth. We have also agreed to form an alliance with them to take on the TRDA." the man said. "So what're you going to do now?" Ash asked. "We are going to tell the public about the TRDA. It's for the best that the entire world is aware of this threat." the man said.

Ash was spending time in a Pokemon Center with his friends. They watched the news when it came on. The man who signed the alliance with the Autobots appeared. "Ladies and Gentlemen. I have important news. We're facing war against a faction of a technological civilization far superior to our own. Our enemy can transform into any vehicle or Pokemon at will. They could be anywhere! But I do have good news as well. Another faction from the same race has come to Earth to help us in our fight against this new enemy. As an agreement with the faction that is helping us, who are called the Autobots, we have agreed to allow them to set up a base here. The faction we are going to war with are known as the Decepticons, and they have formed an alliance with the criminal syndicate Team Rocket. But we promise we will fight them until the war is over. And hopefully it will end in our favor." the man said before the screen went back to the news reporter.

Several hours later. Ash and the others were on a boat with the Autobots heading towards an island. "This island has a lot of scrap metal on it. It would be perfect to build a base here." Optimus said. "They will send more scrap metal when they find some." Ironhide said. "They will also send a lot of humans and Pokemon to help with building before more Autobots come" Ratchet said. The island, which was previously known as New Island, appeared on the horizon. Ash knew that the world had changed as the Transformers war had come to Earth. 'Two parts of the legend have come true. The metal orb's invasion will happen soon.' Absol thought to himself.
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