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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 31

Chapter 31
A New Invasion

Laika opened her eyes to see she was in the medical bay of the APL base. "How did I get here?" she asked. "I brought you here after one of those Lucario knocked you out." Ash's voice replied. Laika turned and saw the black and red Mightyena that was Ash. While she didn't show it, Laika was quite surprised. "What happened to you?" Laika asked. "Well Frenzy, Ravage and the Blackflame 4 attacked us. I think I was killed by Frenzy. But I was brought back to life by the Eternal Flame in my soul. Which you said that I would have since I'm the great-great-great-great grandson of you and Ashton. And I guess the Mightyena DNA in me made me take this form. To tell you the truth, this form feels right to me. Well, all my forms, even my female ones, feel right to me. But this along with my natural human form just feels natural." Ash said as he looked over his new body. "But what happened to the Decepticons?" Laika asked. "They retreated when Starscream and his clones betrayed Megatron." Ash explained.

Laika turned when she heard someone enter the room. Ash turned as well. Nina and Marina stopped when they saw Laika there with a red and black Mightyena. "Laika, where's Ash and who is this?" Marina asked. "Marina, it's me. I just discovered my Mightyena heritage" Ash said. At this, Nina ran forward and gave Ash a big hug, her fluffy tail wagging like mad. "Ash, you look even more handsome as a wolf. But even as a human, I guess you were still handsome." Nina said with a smile. "Yeah. Well, I've got three lovely women who love me. Even though I haven't seen Absol in 10 years..." Ash said with tears in his eyes. "Ash, I have good news. When I was being healed after the battle, Ratchet told me something. I'm pregnant with twins." Marina said. "Oh man..... That IS great news. Our family has come even closer now. Even though she is not here..." Ash said as tears almost began to pour from his eyes. They all knew who he was talking about and didn't say anything further.

A few weeks went by as Ash and his family was happy. The Decepticon attacks had come to a stop. But Ash was worried that something would happen soon. One day, Autobots began looking at screens in the command center as a large strange energy reading was being picked up from the depths of space. "What is it? What is this strange energy reading?" Optimus Prime said as he moved from computer to computer looking at the screens. Ash had taken notice of the strange happenings as the ground began to shake a little. Then in the sky, what looked like a large rip appeared. Ash and his family got up as they watched the rift open. Lightning flashed from the edges as it continued to open. Then once it was wide enough, a large swarm of metal orbs began to pour from the gap. Ash and Marina looked up in fright. "The metal orbs... They have come!" Marina shouted. "Everyone, back into the base. Garnet, go to the command center. Tell Optimus to raise shields at once!" Ash shouted as his Latias turned and flew toward the command center. The orbs began to descend on major centers. A large orb stopped in the air and said in an almost evil childlike voice, "Remove 1/10 of the population of this planet." At that moment, the orbs began to fire lasers at humans and Pokémon as cities were reduced to ghost towns in seconds. Ash watched in fear from a window as the swarm continued its attack not only on this universe, but two others as well. He then knew that they would stop the orbs, no matter the cost.
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