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Chapter 32

Chapter 32
Bonds of the Aurora

It had been a few weeks since the Invasion of the metal orbs, which were now being called the Toclafane, began their invasion. During those weeks Ash had met a version of himself from one of the many other universes. This caused confusion between both of the Ash's families, but with help of the Autobots the two versions of Ash now went by codenames. Marina suggested to her Ash to go by the codename Terra and the other Ash by Phoenix. The other Ash had a family of Lucario, who Sapphire and Rukaria were happy to see. Terra was able to finally meet his great-great-great-great grandfather Ashton. Laika spent a lot of time with Ashton while catching up on old times. Phoenix and his family were surprised when they first saw the Transformers, but had sort of grown used to the large robots that could change their form at will.

Laika was walking down the hallway of the underwater part of the Autobot base as they moved their personnel underwater to avoid the Toclafane. She debated in her mind, her duty to protect Terra and her staying by the side of her lover. Ashton, who was always with the midget Lugia, Chiara. Chiara had developed an interest with the Transformers, their history and their home planet of Cybertron. "Laika, is something wrong?" Ashton asked as he saw the albino Mightyena seemed to be lost in thought. "I am having trouble thinking if I should stick to my duties and protect our great-great-great-great grandson or be with you again." Laika said. "What does your heart tell you?" Ashton asked. "Terra. I want to be with him because I feel he needs my protection more then you do." Laika replied. "Then I say go on with your current duties." Ashton said. Laika nodded her head and said "I will see you later then." She then turned and went back to find Terra. "You know, I haven't seen Aurora today." Ashton said as he turned to Chiara. "I think she wanted to see what was different on this Earth when our own Earth." Chiara explained.

Aurora ran across the ocean from the part of the Autobot base that was on the island. She was careful to not to alert the Toclafane to her movements. She wanted to see what Pallet Town in this universe looked like. And to see why Terra doesn't want to talk about his mother. After running for awhile, she saw Pallet Town. But was shocked to see it in complete ruins. After reaching land, she took a look around. She then thought that Terra must have lost his mother when the invasion began. Aurora turned and headed back towards the Autobot base.

Later that day. Terra sat down at a large window of the underwater part of the base. He watched water Pokémon swim by. Although he did not show it on the outside, on the inside he still mourned his mother. He turned when he heard a noise and saw Aurora walking towards him. The Suicune took a seat next to him and they both stared out at the water Pokémon. Aurora broke the silence by saying "So you have three women who have their eyes on you? How did it come to be?" "Well I met Marina when she was bleeding to death and I took her to a Pokémon Center thereafter I began to protect her and we fell in love. Nina, I saved her from the Decepticons. She got a crush on me when I got in between her and Ravage, which cost me my arm. As for Absol, when I first met her she was a male. After some strange thing I ended up as a female Eevee. And we mated and I gave birth to Absol's kids. But when I am a male, Absol is female. When I am a female, Absol is a male. Our love is strange, wouldn't you say?" Terra asked. "Yes, that is a strange love. But many viewed my love of Ashton as strange too." Aurora said. "Well I guess you had a more peaceful time to celebrate your love. The love I have with my lovers has been hard with the war against Team Rocket and the Decepticons. And now with this invasion, I fear I will never have a time of peace now." Terra said with a sigh. "It can't last forever. This war will end eventually. No war lasts forever." Aurora said. "Yeah, but at least you and Ashton have not faced Megatron or Unicron yet. But so many victims have had their lives taken away during the war." Terra said. "Perhaps not, but we did have to face great evils that would probably rival them. You know of Soul Edge, do you not?" Aurora asked. "I know Soul Edge. It's the sword Megatron uses in battle after he made a deal with it." Terra said. "But you know not of the horror it is truly capable of." Aurora said. "Even so, I don't want to know the horror that thing is capable of. Laika told me of the battle between Ashton and Soul Edge." Terra said. "Yes, but they were still soundly defeated. And since they could be destroyed, then so too can these creatures from the stars." Aurora said. "Yeah, I have seen many Decepticon soldiers fall to human weapons and Pokémon attacks. But at least you didn't have a loved one fall to them." Terra said. "True, but I did come close. Twice." Aurora said. "What do you mean twice?" Terra asked. "Once was when I nearly lost him to Soul Edge. Another was when I nearly lost him forever, body and soul, to the Reaper itself. And, of course, when I lost him to his mortality 500 years ago, while I could not join him." Aurora said. "At least you got to see him again. The loved one I lost I will never see again. When they died, it left a hole in my heart I've been trying to fix. But nothing helps." Terra said with tears starting to build up. "Then perhaps you need someone to fill that void." Aurora suggested. "But I don't know who. It would not be easy to take my mother's place." Terra said. "I have experience as a mother. I would gladly take that role if you would have me." Aurora said. "Would you really do that?" Terra asked. "If you will have me, I shall." Aurora said. "Yeah, I would like you to be my new mother." Terra said. "It would be my pleasure, dear." Aurora said with a smile. She then gave her new son a tender nuzzle.

For a few days, Terra spent his time playing with his new mother. Aurora had explained to Ashton what she had come up with and he didn't do anything to stop her. Arceus watched his son play with Aurora. After thinking for a while, Arceus had come up with an idea. He appeared before Terra and Aurora one day and said "Terra, I have seen how happy you are with Aurora. So I have come to you to give you a gift. This gift would allow you to be even closer with Aurora. I will give you the ability to change into a Suicune." Arceus said. "I would like to have this gift." Terra said with some excitement. "Then I will give it to you." Arceus said.

Terra was overtaken by a bright light as if he was evolving. He felt the familiar feel of his jaws and face becoming longer and being forced down on all fours. When he felt his tail form, it seemed to split in two at the base as it grew longer. As the light receded, Terra found that he was much taller than any of his other Pokémon forms.

Terra stood as a Suicune when the transformation was complete. Terra looked over his new form and found out he was a female. "Guess all Suicune are female, huh?" Terra said as she looked over her new body. Terra did notice that her mane was black, almost like a storm cloud. "Thank you, Dad." Terra said with a beautiful smile. Arceus nodded before he disappeared. "Well, I guess this means I can also call you my little girl." Aurora said with a giggle. Terra looked embarrassed at that comment as her face turned red with a blush.

Later that night. Aurora was sleeping in the same quarters as Terra. She awoke in the middle of the night to see Terra tossing and turning. "Mom, run! The Decepticons are attacking the town! Just run! No, one of them is in the house! Mom run! Frenzy, get away from my mother! No, Mom, NO!" Terra shouted as tears came down his face. Aurora tried to wake Terra up. Terra awoke crying and shaking. "I miss her. Why did she have to die?" Terra said as he hugged Aurora. "It's ok. Your real mother may be gone, but you have me to watch over you now. I will do my best to look after you, dear." Aurora said. She then began to sing a simple lullaby as Terra drifted off to sleep.
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