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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 5

Chapter 5

New Allies

It has been a few months since the Autobots had come to Earth. Over the months a lot had happened. The Pokemon League and the Autobots had been in several battles with the TRDA. Two new Autobots had joined. The Autobots were named Wheeljack and Hot Shot. Wheeljack transformed into a car while Hot Shot transformed into an Absol. At the moment though, Ash and Marina were in middle of a battle. Ash had fought in many different battles and had become the leader of his own platoon. Marina was also in his group. Several other humans were part of his group as well. Tabitha was placed in it when Team Magma and Team Aqua joined the alliance between the Autobots and the Pokemon Leagues of the Earth.

Right now Ash and his group were in middle of a battle with the TRDA. "They've got us pinned down!" Tabitha shouted. "Okay, we gotta find a way out of this!" Marina said as she fired her specially modified gun at a few Team Rocket grunts. "Marina and I will run for more cover over there. Provide cover fire. When we're there, we will provide cover fire for you guys as well." Ash said. Nodding, the soldiers took position as Ash and Marina ran for cover. They ran while firing their guns as well. When they got to the place they were running to, they took cover. They fired at several Team Rocket grunts and Decepticons. Two more soldiers ran to the cover spot while the others provided cover fire. Soon all the soldiers were hiding behind a ruined building waiting for armored transports to take them away from the battle zone. They had been losing this battle and a retreat was ordered. Soon the sound of two helicopters was heard as they appeared and landed. "Move to the helicopters NOW!" Ash shouted as his group moved to the helicopters while firing on the advancing TRDA soldiers. Once they were onboard the helicopters, they took off leaving the battlefield behind.

A few hours later. The helicopters flew over the ocean as they headed toward the Autobot base on New Island. While it was still under construction, the base had already covered half the island. Humans and Pokemon waited on the helipads when the helicopters landed. As soon as the soldiers left, the helicopters took off again. Ash and Marina walked into the command center of the base. Optimus Prime was there with Bumblebee, Jazz and Ironhide. "Ash, have you got any word from Shane yet?" Optimus said. "No, I haven't." Ash said. Shane had gone off to warn his friends about the TRDA. Jolt looked down with a sad look. Ash knew she didn't really want to be separated from her sister again. "Hey Jolt, I'm sure they'll be back soon." Ash said. She looked up at her Trainer and friend and said "I know, but I just can't help worrying about her." Ash still was glad that Wheeljack made translators so he could understand Jolt, Pikachu and Charizard. Other humans have been given translators as well. "Well Optimus, I'm going to my quarters. It you need anything, just call." Ash said. Optimus nodded and went back to looking at a screen.

Ash walked down the hallways, which were quite large so the Autobots could move around them as well. He came to a human-sized door and he and Marina walked in. Abosl was asleep on the floor while Charizard was sleeping in a corner. Ash and Marina sat down on the bed in their room and watched TV. "We really need to get a couch so we can watch TV in the living part of our quarters here." Marina said. "Well, when we get a chance, we'll get a couch right away." Ash said.

A few hours went by. "Ash, Marina. Please report to the command center." Ratchet was heard over the intercom. Getting up off the bed, Ash and Marina walked to the command center. When they got there, Ash asked "What is it, Optimus?" "We have detected an Energon-collecting machine. We have also detected several dozen Pokemon are there as well." Jazz explained. "So you want us to go there, destroy the Energon-collecting machine, and free the Pokemon from the TRDA?" Ash asked. "Yes. You and your platoon will be joined by several others. Also Mirage, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Jazz and Bumblebee will accompany you as well." Optimus said. "Okay. I'll get my group ready. We should leave as soon as we're set." Ash said as he and Marina left the room to get geared up.

A while later. Ash was in a helicopter as it flew over a forest where the Energon-collecting machine was set up. They knew that Trainers had been kidnapped too and taken there so they could watch their Pokemon being slowly tortured to death. As soon as the helicopters landed in a clearing, the soldiers hopped out as the Autobots drove up to them. "Okay, here is what we'll do. I will take my team and destroy the Energon- collecting machine. The others try to get the Trainers and Pokemon out of here. We will rescue the Trainers and Pokemon that are next in line for the Energon-collecting machine." Ash said. The other soldiers nodded. Moving slowly from the clearing they moved towards another clearing. Sounds of crying and screams of terror were heard, making Ash cringe. Ash and his platoon moved away from the others. They went to the other side of the clearing where they saw the large machine. They watched as a Pokemon went in. A few moments later, a Decepticon reached in and pulled the lifeless body of the Pokemon out. Out of another part of the machine, large cubes of solidified energy appeared. Decepticons picked them up and took them to a transport.
Ash and his group watched as what looked like a female humanoid Arcanine was moved forward toward the machine. Ash waited until the other groups began the attack. Soldiers began to fire on the Team Rocket grunts and the Decepticons. Ash saw this chance and ran forward. The battle waged as humans and Pokemon fled. Ash ran up to the machine, shoved a Team Rocket grunt away and grabbed the humanoid Arcanine and pulled her away. Ash noticed a few other Pokemon followed as he pulled the Arcanine away. A Electivire appeared. It then transformed into a robot with the TRDA symbol on it. "I am Shockwave. I can not let you mess around with the TRDA, kid." The guard spoke. Jazz appeared and tackled Shockwave. "Come on, Shockwave. Why don't you pick on someone your own size for once?" Jazz said. Shockwave jumped up and began to attack Jazz. Ash was about to continue to drag the female Arcanine away from the battlefield when he noticed a Pokemon from the group had picked up the legs. The Pokemon was a female humanoid Shiny Charizard. "Thanks." Ash said. The Charizard nodded and said in English "No need for thanks. You're helping my friend to get away from this hellhole." This shocked Ash as he wasn't wearing the translator.
"Get them out of here!" Jazz shouted as Shockwave threw him to the ground. "Right, let's go." Ash said as he and the humanoid Charizard moved as fast as they could. Once out of the clearing, Ash picked up a radio and said "We've got a wounded humanoid Arcanine here. Need a stretcher and a medic now." In a few minutes, two soldiers carrying a stretcher and a Nurse Joy appeared. As Nurse Joy examined the humanoid Arcanine, the soldiers kept watch in case a Team Rocket grunt or a Decepticon came their way. Ash looked at the group of Pokemon that had come. There was that female humanoid Shiny Charizard, a Typhlosion, a Gallade, and a female Gardevoir. "Are you her friends?" Marina asked who appeared as the rest of Ash's platoon appeared. They nodded as they looked at their friend. Nurse Joy got up and said "She seems fine, but I need to run a few more tests back at the Autobot base to be sure." "We're coming too." the Typhlosion said. The others nodded. Nurse Joy just looked at them and nodded as well. Soon the soldiers made their way back to the clearing with the helicopters. A few extras were there to pick up the survivors. Ash, Marina, Nurse Joy and the group of Pokemon got into one helicopter as soon as the stretcher was on.

A while later. The helicopters landed on the helipads. Medical teams rushed out and helped the injured Trainers and Pokemon off the helicopters. One of the first things that were built of the base was the infirmary. The Arcanine was taken there straight away. Ash, Marina and the group of Pokemon waited outside. After awhile, Nurse Joy came out while being followed by the humanoid Arcanine. "The Arcanine is just fine." Nurse Joy said before she walked back in to help the others.
"Hi, I'm Ash and this is Marina." Ash said as he held out his hand. The Arcanine grabbed his hand and shook it. "Thank you for saving me." the Arcanine said in English. "No problem. What's your name?" Ash said. "I am Nina and these are my friends." The Arcanine explained. "My name is Scorch." the Typhlosion said. "I am Hector." the Gallade said. "My name is Jasmine." the Gardevoir said. The Shiny Charizard remained silent. "Her name is Blaze. She only talks when she sees it as necessary." Nina said. "Where did you learn to talk English?" Marina asked. "We also could talk English very well. It's second nature to us." Scorch said. "So what are you going to do now?" Ash asked. "Our friends and family were killed by those things." Nina said with a frown. "They were called Decepticons. Humans, Pokemon and our allies the Autobots, are at war with them. The Decepticons are allies with Team Rocket. So we're at war with Team Rocket too." Marina said. "Then we will join you in your fight against them." Nina said.
"Why do you what to join us in the fight against the TRDA?" a voice said. Turning around, they all saw Optimus Prime walk in. "Who are you?" Scorch asked the large red and blue robot. "This is a friend of mine. Meet Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots." Ash said "Our family and friends were killed. We would like to fight against those that murdered them." Hector said. "Okay. We shall assign you some quarters." Optimus said. "Thank you, Optimus Prime." Jasmine said. With that, they were shown to their private quarters as tomorrow they were to begin training to fight in the war.
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