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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Sacrifice leading to Love

It has been a few weeks since Nina, Scorch, Blaze, Hector and Jasmine joined the Autobots and the Pokémon Leagues in their war with the TRDA. Over those few weeks they have been trained in various fields of combat. Nina had learned to use firearms. Scorch was trained in using and recognizing different versions of explosives but could use firearms as well. Blaze, being the silent type, was a very good marksman and had taken the sniper role of the group of her friends. Hector had been trained by humans in hand-to-hand combat, but was still trained to use firearms like everyone else. Jasmine had proven to be graceful in battle and could dodge enemy fire while firing on the enemy at the same time. Right now they were playing card games with Ash, Marina, Jolt, Charizard, Absol and Pikachu. "Ash, we need you and your friends at the command center right away." Ironhide said over a communication device. "Alright. We're on our way now, Ironhide." Ash replied. Getting up, they left the room and headed for the command center.

When Ash's platoon got to the command center they saw several generals, all Autobots that were stationed at Earth at the moment. "Group Captain Ash Ketchum reporting, sirs." Ash said with a salute. Optimus looked at him and said "Now Ash, you know you don't have to do that." "Sorry, Optimus." Ash said while scratching his head. "So what's going on?" Marina asked. "We have reports that Mauville City is under attack by TRDA forces." Optimus explained. "There are several human platoons there now trying to hold off the attack" Ratchet said. "We plan on sending reinforcements to help repel the TRDA." Optimus added. "All Autobots will be taking part in the battle." Jazz said. "Is Starscream going to be there?" Charizard asked. "We think there is a strong possibility he will be." Hot Shot said as he entered the room. "Good. I want some payback for him giving me this scar." Charizard growled. "Now remember. Our main objective is to hold off the TRDA forces." Ironhide said. "Alright. It's time for us to roll out!" Optimus said as they all left the room.

Mauville City was half in ruins. Humans and Pokémon were exchanging fire with TRDA soldiers. "Mangeton, use Zap Cannon on Shockwave!" Watson shouted as his Pokémon sent a large ball of electricity at Shockwave. The Electivire Decepticon laughed and said "Is that the best you can do, earthling?!" He then transformed into his Pokémon form and sent a powerful Thunderbolt attack back at them. The two attacks hit head-on, causing an electrical explosion. The soldiers began to fall back. "They are retreating. The city is ours!" Shockwave shouted. "I don't think so, Shockwave." A voice replied. A car appeared out of no where and knocked the Decepticon off his feet. The car transformed to reveal that it was Wheeljack. "So the Scientist of the Autobots is here, huh?" Shockwave said. "Not just me." Wheeljack said. Soon Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz, Bumblebee, Hot Shot, RapidFire, Vapor, Mirage and Optimus Prime appeared with several squads of soldiers. "Autobots, attack!" Optimus shouted. "Decepticons, attack!" Shockwave commanded.

And so the battle continued. Nina fired her modified handgun at several Team Rocket soldiers. Blaze took a higher position and fired several shots from her sniper rifle. Scorch hid in the right place and began to throw explosives at Decepticons. Hector used hand-to-hand combat against several Team Rocket soldiers with his elbow blades while Jasmine fired on them as she provided aid to Hector. Ash hid behind a half destroyed wall as several soldiers fired at him. Getting up, he returned fire along with his squad. All of them ran from the wall as RapidFire threw Barricade as hard as he could into a ruined building and ran after him. The roar of jet engines were heard as Starscream appeared. Transforming into his robot mode, Starscream fired a machine gun on his right arm at the human soldiers. Charizard roared as he flew forward, but Starscream grabbed him and threw Charizard into the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Hot Shot, who was in his Absol form, ran up and transformed into robot mode and tackled Starscream to the ground. Charizard got up and joined Hot Shot in fighting Starscream.

Frenzy ran towards RapidFire, who was still fighting Barricade. Vapor fired several shots at Frenzy. The Decpeticon turned around and ran for Vapor. Optimus fired several blasts from his blaster at multiple Decepticons and Team Rocket soldiers. A whine was heard as a sliver alien jet appeared and transformed into a large silver robot. "Prime." it said. "Megatron." Optimus replied as he turned around. Megatron then charged at him. Optimus brought his fist under Megatron's head. The Decepticon leader's right hand turned into a mace and he used it to knock Optimus down. Getting up, Optimus' left hand disappeared into his arm as the blade of a sword emerged. "You're last century's model, Megatron. It's time to send you to the scrapheap!" Optimus said. Megatron laughed as he said "You will be the one sent to the scrapheap, Prime." Megatron brought his mace around, but Optimus blocked it with his sword blade. "You have destroyed countless lives because of your lust for power." Optimus said as his blade continued to hit Megatron's mace. "That is because everything stands in my way." Megatron said. "I can't let you kill the humans and Pokémon of this world!" Optimus yelled. Megatron grabbed him. "Then you will die along with them." Megatron said as he threw Optimus away. "Join them in extinction!" Megatron shouted as he brought his arms forward, which turned into his Fusion Cannon. Optimus got up just as Megatron opened fire. The blast hit Optimus and sent him flying into a building. Optimus groaned as he got back up and fired his own blaster at Megatron. Ash watched as the two leaders fought each other.

A Seviper appeared out of nowhere. It then transformed into a robot with the TRDA symbol on it. A Zangoose then jumped up from the rumble and transformed into a robot with the Autobot symbol. "So Quickclaw, you've come to this planet as well. Now the fun can begin all over again." the Seviper robot said. "I don't think so, Viper. We're going to end this rivalry right now." Quickclaw replied. And the two began to duel. "We need to get to another part of the battlefield, Ash." Marina said. "I know. Move to another area!" Ash shouted as his squad moved. Soundwave saw them and said "Ravage. Eject!" A tape of sorts ejected from Soundwave's chest and transformed into a large robotic Mightyena. Ravage looked back at Soundwave. The larger purple Decepticon looked down at him and said "Operation: Hunt down and Destroy." Soundwave pointed in the direction that Ash and his squad had moved to. The robot Mightyena nodded and ran off in that direction.

Ash moved slowly through the ruins. His squad stopped as they heard a growling sound. Turning around, they saw a robotic Mightyena snarling at them. It growled and jumped off the pile of rubble, bringing a soldier down. It turned around and tackled Nina to the ground before jumping off her. The humanoid Arcanine looked on in fear as the Mightyena looked at her in the eyes. It then ran forward, maw open. Nina closed her eyes, but didn't feel anything after a few seconds. Opening her eyes, she saw the ground had blood on it. Looking up, she saw Ash on the ground, the robot Mightyena's jaws on his right arm. Ash yelled in pain as the Mightyena's jaws tightened. Nina heard the sickening sound of bones breaking. Marina was watching in horror as the robot Mighyena sank its fangs into Ash near his shoulder. Bumblebee appeared and his hand turned into a plasma gun and he fired. No one had time to react as the blast closed in. The Mightyena went flying off Ash. But he still had Ash's arm in his mouth. The force had torn Ash's arm from its socket! As the other Autobots appeared, the Mightyena ran off with Ash's right arm still in his mouth. Ash continued to yell in pain, only louder now. "Medic!" Marina shouted, tears forming in her eyes. Nina was also crying. A Medic ran over to them and began to check Ash.

Ash's friends came over and were in shock at what they were seeing. All of them were speechless with horror and grief. The Medic finished checking and said "He's going to die from blood loss soon if with don't get him back to HQ." Ratchet transformed into his search and rescue vehicle mode. "I'll take him there as fast as I can." Ratchet said. "Ratchet, I want to stay with him. Please." Marina begged. "Yeah, me too." Nina said. "Okay, get in." Ratchet replied, opening the doors. Once Marin and Nina were sitting up front and Ash and the Medic were in the back, he drove off while being followed by Ironhide and Wheeljack.

Several hours later. Scorch, Blaze, Hector, Jasmine, Tabitha, and Ash's friends and squad were waiting outside the medical bay of the base. Marina and Nina both looked worried. Soon the base's Nurse Joy walked out. "We managed to save Ash from dying from loss of blood. But his entire right arm was severed and we had to replace it with a robotic one." Nurse Joy said. "Can we see him?" Absol asked. "You may, although he is still recovering and can't be let out until we know the new arm works properly." Nurse Joy sighed. Nina, Marina and Ash's friends walked in. They saw the robotic arm. "Ash, are you alright?" Nina asked. The boy weakly looked up at them and spoke, "Yeah, although I know I have to stay in this place for a bit." "Alright, Ash needs his rest. Even though you haven't been here long, it is time for you to leave." Nurse Joy said to his guests.

A while later. Nina was in her quarters thinking to herself. 'The poor dear..... I never thought I would ever feel this way about a guy. I wonder if Ash knows I have a crush on him. If he doesn't, I'll have to figure out a way to get my point across.' Nina thought to herself.
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