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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The Fires of Passion

A few days later. Ash was let out of the medical center after the medics made sure that his new arm functioned properly. The new arm could turn into a blaster as well as function as a human arm. He was walking back from the firing range to his quarters after testing his new gear. He walked by Nina who was walking to the firing range for a few rounds herself. As they passed, Ash felt Nina's tail brush against him. Ash froze from the sudden feel of her fur and looked back as the humanoid Arcanine walked away. She seemed to act a bit differently around him than anyone else. Every time they walked down a hallway, Ash would fell her tail brush against him. Shrugging his shoulders, Ash walked into his quarters. "So Ash, how was target practice?" Absol asked. "It's going good. Ironhide has been great with the help." Ash said. "Well it seems you've gotten used to it." Marina said with a smile. "Yeah. Took awhile, but it'll come in handy when in battle." Ash said as he looked at his new arm. "So what should we do now?" Charizard asked. "I'm not sure. Something fun to past the time, maybe?" Marina said. "I guess something to improve accuracy?" Pikachu said. "Laser Tag!!" Ash, Charizard and Marina shouted. "Yeah, let's see if anyone else wants to play." Pikachu said. Nodding, Ash pulled out a device and spoke into it. Several voices, even a few Autobots, had answered. "A few Autobots will meet you there in our hologram forms." Optimus said. "Okay. See you there." Ash replied.

After a few minutes Ash, Marina, Charizard and Pikachu waited. They were soon joined by Brock, Max, May, Dawn, Misty, Blaze, Scorch, Hector, Jasmine and Nina. They were then joined by the hologram forms of Optimus, Bumblebee and Ironhide. Vapor, the smallest Autobot on Earth so far, was there as well. "Okay, so you all know the rules of this game?" Ash asked. "Yes we do." Scorch said. "Let's just get started. I wanna shoot something!" Ironhide said. "I agree with Ironhide. Let's just get started." Blaze said to everyone's surprise. "I guess this is one of those rare times that Blaze talks?" Charizard asked Nina, who just nodded. "Alright everybody, it's everyone for themselves!" Ash said. Nodding, they ran into the arena that was built solely for Laser Tag.

Jazz walked into the command center. "So how is everyone doing in that Laser Tag game?" he asked Hot Shot. The Absol Autobot turned from one of the screens. "They seem to be having fun." Hot Shot said. "Laser Tag. It's a useful game, isn't it?" Jazz asked. "Yes it is. Not only are they having fun. This will help hone their skills in battles against the TRDA." Ratchet said who was checking other screens. The Autobots just went on with their duties.

Ash hid behind a barrier. He was being careful as to not to give his position away to the others, mainly the Autobots and Blaze. Ash thought to himself, knowing that the Sniper had taken a high place. He heard a noise and turned to face it. He saw a few loose rocks falling. Ash's robotic right arm turned into a weapon which had its mode change to a safe setting. Ash fired a few shots. A few more shots were fired back. Hiding behind a boulder Ash tried to think who it could be hiding there. Looking out, he saw a figure move and fired. The figure fell down and Ash ran over. It was Scorch that he had shot. "Sorry about that Scorch, if you got hurt." Ash said. "No, not really, but you should go. You have other prey out there." Scorch replied with good sportsmanship. Ash nodded and got up before taking cover. He heard noises and went to see what it was while trying to stay out of sight. He saw Vapor, Jasmine, Brock and he spotted Blaze on a high place. Right now Vapor, Jasmine and Brock were trying to hit Blaze, who was also trying to get them. Ash moved his robotic arm forward and fired a shot, getting the device on Blaze. "Hey Ash, eliminate Blaze. Let's get em!" Ironhide said as his hologram form appeared and the fun continued.

A while later. Ash was sitting in the dinner hall of the base. He and Marina had their own kitchen in their quarters but Ash wanted to spend some time with the other Pokemon and humans of the base. He was sitting at a table with Scorch, Blaze, Hector, Jasmine and Marina. But out of nowhere, Ash felt something on his head. Looking up he saw Nina was resting her breasts on his head, which was snugly nestled between them. "Uh...Nina, can you please not do that? You' creeping me out." Ash asked. Nina silently nodded and took a seat at the table. Brock had taken notice of this odd behavior. 'Nina seems to flirt with Ash pretty often. I'm pretty sure she has a crush for him. Lucky guy.' Brock thought.

But Brock wasn't the only one to notice Nina's flirting. The Autobots had taken note and were talking about Nina and her flirting with Ash, although the genderless robots were a bit confused by this action. "Do you think that this is some type of courtship ritual?" Ratchet asked. "I believe humans call it flirting." Optimus said. "Humans and Pokemon are interesting creatures." Wheeljack added. "What do you mean?" Hot Shot asked. "I mean humans and Pokemon are organic creatures that make more of their kind inside their own bodies." Wheeljack explained. "I agree. They are very interesting. But as for now we must keep a look out for the other Autobots and keep track of TRDA movements." Optimus said. The other Autobots nodded in unison.

Marina stood looking out at the ocean. She could see building work going on to complete the remainder of the base. She suddenly heard someone approaching her. Turning around she saw it was only Nina. "Oh, just you Nina?" Marina said as she looked back out at the ocean. "Sure is peaceful out here, isn't it?" Nina asked. "Yeah it is." Marina sighed. "I just noticed something. You seem a little bit taller then a normal Floatzel." Nina said. "Well I guess I am a bit of a strange looking Floatzel, huh?" Marina replied. "So how long do you think the war will last?" Nina asked as she leaned on the railing. "I don't know. And I know you're not here to talk about the war. There's something else, isn't there?" Marina asked in suspicion. "Yes, there is. I need to ask you something." Nina sighed. Marina looked at the humanoid Arcanine. "Really? What is it?" Marina asked. "I'm scared that you will say no." Nina replied. "Well you have to tell me what it is first. I can't read minds." Marina said. "Well I've had a crush on Ash for some time now and I was wondering if you could........." Nina then whispered into Marina's ear. "What?!" Marina yelled. "Please! Just for one night!" Nina begged, even dropping to her knees. Marina thought this over, occasionally looking back at Nina, who looked as if she was about to break into tears. She asked, "It's not just a crush. You truly love him, don't you?" Nina sobbed, ".....yes." Marina sighed and continued to think Nina's plea over. A moment of silence went by, only being interrupted by the sounds of the ocean and construction work. "Okay. But for one night only." Marina said. "Thank you, Marina. But how are we gonna get Ash to come to my quarters?" Nina asked while wiping away a tear. "You just leave that to me." Marina said with a compassionate smile.

Hours later. Ash walked into Nina's quarters after he was told by Marina that Nina wanted to see him in private. "Hey, Nina. You in here?" Ash asked as he opened the door. He heard a voice said "Yes, I'm here. But where?" "Oh come on, Nina. Marina said you wanted to tell me something important." Ash grumbled. "Yeah, but close the door first." Nina said. Ash turned around and closed and locked the door. But just as he turned around, Nina appeared and gave Ash a kiss. Shocked, he gasped, "What are you doing?! If Marina finds out..." But Nina cut him off and spoke, "Marina knows and she said it is alright if we can be together for one night only. So please. Just this once?" Ash stood silent as he looked up and down Nina's body. Although he did not notice at first, she was completely nude. His gaze then trailed up into Nina's eyes. As they shared each other's gazes, Ash felt a special feeling in his heart that he had felt before when he met Nina for the first time. Only this time it was rapidly growing. "Okay then." Ash said as he kissed Nina, coming to an understanding that he treasured the Arcanine just as much as he treasured Marina.

Nina surprised Ash by picking him up in her arms. Ash gulped, "Buff women make me nervous." Nina giggled, "Well I am taller than you. It's only natural that I would have more muscle mass than you." She then set him down on her bed. "Now just stay put for a moment. OK?" Nina then began to tenderly remove Ash's clothes, starting with his shoes. Once his socks were off, she tenderly massaged his feet. Ash blushed, "Your hands feel different from a human woman's." Nina looked up at him with a smirk, "That's because they don't have fur." She then ran the back of her hand along the bottom of his foot. Ash's face turned weird as he tried to not laugh.

"OK, enough footsies. Moving on." Nina spoke as she gripped Ash's pants. She slowly slid them off, savoring the moment. She then slid off his underwear. Ash blushed a bit as this was the first time any woman had looked at his manhood. Nina just stared at his member for a moment before taking it between her hands, fondling it gently. "So soft. And is this fur right here?" She touched the black pubic hair just above the base. "Nope, doesn't have the feel of fur." Just then, Ash gasped and shuddered as Nina caressed his member in just the right way. She felt it harden slightly and let go to see it stiffen. "Looks like I hit a pleasure point. But first..." Nina crawled up to Ash and looked him in the eye. "I want to make sure there's nothing in our way." She then grabbed Ash by the shirt and slid him out of it. A moment passed before he was just as nude as Nina.

"There. Now nothing will come between us." Nina murred as she stroked Ash's face. At that point, Ash surprised Nina and pulled her forward, sealing his lips around hers. Although surprised, Nina sighed and continued to kiss her crush, her large furry breasts pressing against his bare chest. But after a moment of passionate kissing, Nina broke the kiss at a sudden feeling between her legs. When she looked back, she saw that Ash's member was now standing even further up and a trickle of pre ejaculatory fluid was oozing down it. Nina looked back at Ash with an amorous gaze, "So you do want me?" Ash gulped, "Uh, it's your decision. I won't stop you." Nina purred, "Just what I wanted to hear." She crawled backwards a bit before positioning her womanhood at the tip of Ash's manhood. As she slowly lowered herself, she whispered, "I love you."

Ash gasped as he felt the warm passage take in his member. But Nina suddenly pulled out and brought herself down hard, a gasp of discomfort escaping her lips. Ash noticed and asked, "You OK? It sounded like it hurt." As if to answer that, a small trickle of blood oozed down his shaft. But Nina panted, "Don't worry. I'm a virgin, so this has to happen. There's always a little pain for every girl's first time." Nina then held herself up with her arms while looking down at Ash. While she lowered herself up and down on his member, Ash slightly bucked his hips forward in rhythm with her. Nina began to sweat heavily with Ash as they reveled in the pleasure they were feeling. Nina then asked, "I'm surprised you're not groaning. Is this not your first time?" Ash panted, "Nope. I did it with Marina once when she was still a Buizel. Maybe my body's gotten more tolerant of this stuff."

Several minutes passed as the two lovers continued to work towards their climax. Nina moaned, "Fast...faster....." She closed her eyes as an orgasm rocked her body, a gush of fluid soaking Ash's groin area. Despite being her very first, Nina continued her rhythmic hip movements. Ash panted, "I feel something..... I think it's getting close." Nina replied, "No, try to hold it in as long as you can. The longer you resist, the more enjoyable it will become." Having some experience with the orgasm, Ash thought he understood how to do it. Over time, he felt the muscles of his member tightening. And just after that, he felt an odd sensation going from his groin to the backs of his thighs. It was then that he felt like something was trying to come out of his member. He tried to hold back, but could not do so for anymore than ten seconds. With a gasp, his manhood shot a torrent of sperm into Nina's waiting womb. The force must have been great as the Arcanine gasped from the sheer volume of the seed that was now filling her.

Ash panted in exhaustion. "That always leaves me not wanting to move. Can't even sit up..." Nina sighed in pleasure as she raised herself off of Ash's spent member, a few drops of their juices dripping from her vagina's lips. After taking a moment to compose herself, she thought she heard snoring and turned to see Ash fast asleep. A sly smirk crossed her lips as she reached for something under the bed. "You're not getting off that easy." She removed the lid from a bottle of icy cold water that she had been storing in a freezer. She then dumped the contents onto Ash's torso.

"GAH!!! THAT'S COLD!!!" Ash yelled as he awoke from his nap, sitting up in bed while looking around frantically. He then looked at Nina, who was laughing hard. "Was that you?" When asked, Nina giggled, "Sorry, but I had to wake you up somehow." Ash groaned, "But why?" Nina smiled, "Since this is the only time you and I will ever spend the evening together, I want to get as much out of you as possible. So don't bail out on me now." Ash yawned, "But I'm bushed. I can't...GRAH!!! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Nina had dumped all remaining water from the bottle onto Ash's manhood. "That's not cool....." Ash brought his hands down to it and shuddered, "So cold..." Nina then leaned down to it and moved his hands away, "I know how we can warm this little guy up." She then took it into her mouth and began to suck. Ash gasped in unexpected pleasure, "This is new. Really different." He could feel warmth returning to his member as Nina caressed it with her tongue. Once she removed her mouth after just 30 seconds, Ash's member stood ready again.

"Let's do it in a more feral manner." Nina said as she got down on all fours, presenting her rear to Ash. The boy blushed, "Uh...I'll try." He then got on his knees and aligned his manhood with Nina's womanhood. He slowly pushed in, prompting a moan of pleasure from the Arcanine. Ash then began to thrust in and out at a slower rhythm than before, thinking that the next orgasm would be more satisfying the longer he took to achieve it. Nina moaned, "The way you're being so tender...taking your time..... If I didn't know better, I'd think you do this stuff for a living!" Ash grunted, "Gimme a break! Maybe I'm just a natural!" Nina sighed, "Maybe so. You really do well in everything you try."

Ash began to wonder that something was wrong after around 20 minutes passed. Nina had already experienced two orgasms and was trying to reach a third while Ash just could not seem to bring himself to an orgasm of his own. "Nina, I don't think I can do this while kneeling." Nina panted, "Of course you can. It might take longer, but it will be all the more enjoyable. Just keep at it." Ash was so uncomfortable at the time; he failed to notice the sensations in his groin. "I don't know. I think humans just can't.....OH MAN!!!" Ash groaned in surprise as he let loose with a powerful orgasm that he did not expect. Nina shuddered in ecstasy as she felt the torrent of seed surge into her. It was far stronger than the last one.

Ash pulled out and fell on his back. "Where'd that come from? Didn't feel it coming at all." Nina also had a hard time not falling over. "Amazing.....even better than the first. Huh?" She noticed that Ash was on the verge of passing out again. Reaching under the bed, Nina pulled out another bottle of freezing water and splashed the whole load onto Ash. "DARN IT!!! CUT THAT OUT!!!" Ash shook his hair to get the water off after fully coming to his senses. Nina giggled, "Sorry, but we're not done quite yet."

Ash sighed, "Nina, I know it feels good for you, but this stuff really wears me out." Nina smiled, "I think I have a way to get around that. Can you rest against the back of the bed?" Ash nodded and crawled to the back before sitting down while leaning against it. "OK, what now?" Nina crawled over to him and gently licked his manhood until it was standing straight again. "Now then, just leave the rest to me." She then had Ash stick his legs straight out from him. She then kneeled in front of him with her legs outside his. "Here I go." Nina then held onto Ash as she began to lower herself onto his waiting member. Ash shivered in delight and grabbed Nina by her hips to help her maintain balance. Nina gasped, "You're so sweet, Ash.....and so sexy too!" Ash hardly paid any attention to her as they continued to make love.

Several minutes went by and Ash noticed the sensations coming on quicker than before. "Nina...I think I have a minute left...mmph?!" Ash was cut off as Nina closed her mouth around his and slid her tongue into his mouth. Ash was soon overwhelmed by her charm and began to kiss her back as his eyes closed. Nina then threw her arms around him and held him close without breaking her rhythm. A moment later, Nina stopped bucking her hips as she felt Ash's manhood beginning to throb and sank herself to the hilt onto his member. They moaned in pleasure as Nina's womanhood pulsed from an orgasm while Ash shot his load into her for the third time. Once their orgasms had subsided, they broke the kiss and held each other in a tender embrace.

Nina was finally overcome with exhaustion as she fell onto her back with Ash resting on top of her. They panted together in sheer pleasure and fulfillment. Nina giggled, "Third time's the charm, right?" Ash sighed, "Yeah. Throw all the water you want. I'm done for tonight." Nina held his head to her chest, "You did great, Ash. I never dreamed that my first time would be this lovely." Ash panted, "Glad I could help. I just hope Marina won't be too jealous." Nina replied, "She said we could do it just this once. I don't think she'll mind this...time....hooo....." Nina let out a yawn as she drifted of to sleep. Ash was close behind as he fell asleep where he lay as well.

As the moon shone over the base, Marina looked out at the ocean. "I hope Nina got the most out of tonight." She then began to head off to bed. "She really seems to love Ash, but I can't let him go forever. I just hope she can settle with just tonight."
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