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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Absol's Tragic Past

Ash woke up still in bed in Nina's quarters with his Arcanine lover looking directly at him while lying on her side. "Man, what a night." Ash said. "I agree. Well, I'm just going to check with Nurse Joy for something." Nina replied. "Okay, I better get back to my quarters. Marina might want to see me." Ash said. "Okay. See you later, sweetie." Nina said as she walked out of her quarters while Ash got dressed.

Nina walked into the medical center. Upon entering she saw only Ratchet walking around. "Hi Ratchet." Nina said as she entered. "Oh, hi Nina. What brings you here today?" Ratchet asked. "Is Nurse Joy here?" Nina asked. "She's still asleep. It is just six o'clock in the morning, you know." Ratchet said. "I just need a check up for something." Nina said. Ratchet nodded and turned towards some sort of machine and hooked Nina up to a machine. "Okay, let's see here." Ratchet said as he looked at the monitor.

After arriving on Earth, Ratchet had made a deal with the base's Nurse Joy. The deal was if she taught Ratchet medical skills and about biology for humans and Pokemon he would teach her everything she wanted to know about the Autobots. "Hmm. Your health is perfectly normal. You have no illnesses. But.....what is this?" Ratchet asked. "What is it?" Nina asked. "Give me a moment. I need to see Nurse Joy. I don't know all that much about these things just yet." Ratchet said. He walked over to a comm. device. After speaking into it, he waited a bit. Nurse Joy soon walked into the medical center. "So Ratchet, what is it that you wanted me to see?" Nurse Joy asked. "This is it." Ratchet said as he handed Nurse Joy something. After studying it for a moment, Nurse Joy then whispered something to Ratchet. "Nina, do you have a man in your life?" Nurse Joy asked. "Uh...kinda. Why do you ask?" Nina replied while blushing deeply. Both Ratchet and Nurse Joy smiled. "Well congratulations." Ratchet said. "Congratulations? Wait... You mean I'm pregnant?!" Nina asked in shock. They just nodded. "I think I'm gonna to tell him now." Nina said as she made her way out of the medical center.

Ash was walking towards his quarters when he ran into Nina. The humanoid Aracnine seemed very happy. "Ash, I've got some good news for you. But I'll wait until later to tell you and our friends." Nina said as she walked off. Ash watched her in confusion as she walked away. "I wonder why she's so happy? Must be something special." Ash said to himself.

Later that day. Ash was standing in his quarters along with Marina, Brock, Scorch, Blaze, Hector, Jasmine, Charizard, Absol, Pikachu, May, Max, Dawn, and Tabitha. Nina stood in front of them, still very happy. "Okay, now I know you're wondering why you are all here. And most likely wondering why the Autobots are listening in as well." Nina said. "You got that right. We're in the middle of fighting a war right now, you know." Ironhide's voice said over the comm. device. "Quiet, Ironhide. Or I'll make it so that your weapons won't work for a while." Ratchet said. Ironhide was heard grumbling. "Okay then. The news is that I'm pregnant." Nina said. "Really? Congratulations, Nina!" Scorch said along with several others. "So who's the father?" Ash asked. Nina playfully pointed at him and smiled, "You are!" "What?!" Everyone shouted. "Just listen. I talked to Marina and, well, she said it was okay with her as long I was with Ash one night only." Nina said. "Even so, I'm happy for you, Nina." Marina said.

A few days later. Ash, Absol, Marina and Pikachu walked through a forest in the Sinnoh region. They were all having a break from the Autobot base and the war. When they walked into a clearing, they saw something that creeped them out. Skeletons of what seemed to be Absol's were lying about the clearing. Absol seemed very sad as he walked slowly into the clearing. "Absol, what's wrong?" Ash asked. "These skeletons are of Absol. He has a reason to be sad." Marina replied. "It's not just that." Absol said, tears running down from his eyes. Ash was shocked at this. For the entire time he had known Absol, he never saw him cry before. "Then what is it?" Pikachu asked. "These skeletons were my family." Absol said as he cried harder. "I'm sorry, Absol." Ash said as he tried his best to comfort his friend. "These were my brothers and sisters. That big one over there was my father." Absol said through tears. Walking to a bush, Ash saw another Absol skeleton. "Who was this?" Ash asked. Absol sobbed even harder. "This was my mother." Absol said as he cried even more. "Absol, would it help if we buried their remains." Marina asked. Absol just nodded.

A while later. Ash stood over the newly made graves. Absol just looked at them still very sad, but a bit happier now that his family had finally been laid to rest. Absol turned to Ash and said "My family perished when we were attacked by a pack of Houndoom."

Flashback several years again. A family of Absol were playing while two older Absol watched. Out of nowhere, a pack of Houndoom jumped into the clearing. "Move out of this area or you will die!" the leader of the pack of Houndoom said. "Why should we?! This area is our home." the male Absol said as he got up. "Fine. Kill them!" The Houndoom shouted. The Absol family tried to run while the pack attacked. The male Absol attempted to protect his family. He charged at the Houndoom, only to be hit by Flamethrower attacks. He went down hard. "Daddy!" one of the smaller Absol shouted. A Houndoom appeared behind the small Absol. Its jaws came down and snapped shut on the Absol's neck. Blood poured from the neck as the small Absol's struggles stopped. The other Absol tried to escape, but were stopped as the Houndoom pack attempted to surround them. The female Absol was protecting another small Absol that was barely a year old. They ran to a bush. The female Absol was tackled by the lead Houndoom. She turned and fought against him. But the Houndoom's jaw grabbed one of her legs, snapping it. The female Absol cried in pain as she collapsed behind the bush. The Houndoom then launched a Flamethrower at point blank range. The small Absol cried as he watched his mother die. The lead Houndoom grabbed the Absol by the leg and threw him away. "Well we can't let a free lunch now, can we?" the lead Houndoom said. The others laughed. End flashback

Ash sat there in shock as Absol finished speaking. "Please don't make me say that again. It's too depressing." Absol said. "I can't say I blame you for being sad." Pikachu said. Absol just looked at the ground. "Well look who it is. That runt Absol that got away." a sinister voice said. Turning around, Ash saw a Houndoom walk out of a bush. Absol growled as he said "You. You were the one that killed my mother and father!" "Yes I was. I warned them to leave, but they didn't." The Houndoom said. Before he went on, Absol tackled him head on. The Houndoom found himself on his back looking at an enraged Absol. "I will make you pay for the suffering and the loneliness I went through before I met my Trainer." Absol said in a deadly voice. The Houndoom knocked Absol off him. "I will fight you sometime, but not now." the Houndoom said before he ran off. "Coward!" Absol shouted after him.

Ash looked as the Houndoom ran off. "Absol, calm down!" Marina said as she tried to calm Absol. "We'll get him later, but for now let's go to the nearest Pokemon Center." Ash said. Absol looked up at Ash and said "That's a good idea. I'm sure that Nurse Joy there will be happy to see me again" "Again? What do you mean?" Pikachu asked. "After the incident, I was left wandering on my own." Absol explained.

Several years again. The young Absol limped slowly though the forest, blood oozing down from the wound on his leg. He stopped, too weak from hunger and the wound slowing him down. He collapsed and curled up against a tree. He cried in pain as he leaned against the tree.

Not far away, a Nurse Joy from the nearby Pokemon Center was taking a walk. She stopped when she heard a faint noise. Knowing from the sound she knew it was an injured Pokemon that sounded very young. She ran until she found a small Absol lying against a tree. She then noticed the wound on the leg and how frightened it seemed of her. "It's okay. I am not going to hurt you. I just want to help you." the Nurse said. The Absol seemed to calm down a bit and the Nurse picked him up. "I will heal that wound of yours." Nurse Joy said before she took the small Absol to the Pokemon Center. End Flashback.

"Here we are. It has been 13 years since I last stayed here." Absol said. "Wait... You're 13 years old?" Ash asked. "No. I am 15 years old, really." Absol said. "That's hard to believe. You act older than you are. Almost like an old man." Ash said. "I guess I do. Anyway, we are here." Absol said. They walked into the Pokemon Center. "Nurse Joy. I know you might not remember me, but I remember you. I was the Absol you looked after for about a year." Absol said. "Of course I remember you. I see you also found yourself a Trainer." Nurse Joy said. "Yes. I'm Absol's trainer. I've been taking care of him. I mean, he's a kind Absol who didn't want to fight me." Ash said. "Really? Will you tell me how you caught him?" the Nurse asked.

Several months earlier. Ash, Dawn, Brock and Marina had set up camp. It was night and Ash could not get to sleep. Getting up, he went for a walk. After 20 minutes of walking, Ash heard a noise and turned to see an Absol walking from a bush. Ash and the Absol just looked at each other. After a moment of silence, a grumbling sound was heard. The Absol looked embarrassed at that. "You must be hungry. Just give me a second." Ash said as he ran back to the camp. Running back after he got what he wanted, he saw the Absol was still there. Ash had some Pokemon food with him. "Here you go." Ash said as he handed the food over to the Absol. The Absol sniffed the food before he began to eat. "I have to go now. You take care, all right?" Ash said. The Absol watched him walk away. After a bit of waiting, the Absol followed. When he stopped, he saw the clearing where Ash and his group had set up camp. Walking into it, he saw a female Buizel sleeping in a sleeping bag next to the human who had given him the food. The Absol walked over and curled up and went to sleep next to Ash. End Flashback.

"And that's how he found me." Absol said while looking up at Ash. "Nurse Joy, this place seems kinda empty. Don't you get victims of the war here?" Marina asked. "No. Thankfully, the war has not come here yet. We may have not got much, but we do have some Evolution Stones here. And the forest has a number of Pokemon living in there as well, along with Trainers passing by now and then." the Nurse said. After a moment a noise was heard and then something speaking in an alien language. Turning around, Ash saw Frenzy and Rumble standing there. "Thanks for the info. Lord Megatron and Giovanni will be pleased to hear this news." Rumble said. "I don't think so, Rumble." Ash said before pulling out a blaster and tossing another one to Marina. "We'd love to stay here and fight. But we have other business to attend to." Rumble said before he transformed into a cassette and slid inside a cassette player that no one had noticed. The cassette player transformed into a large purple robot. "Soundwave!" Ash said in anger. Before anyone could do anything, Barricade drove up and Soundwave transformed back into the tape player as Frenzy grabbed him and hopped inside Barricade. Ash and Marina fired several shots at the retreating form of Barricade. "We gotta contact HQ right now." Absol said. "Already on it" Marina replied as she pulled out a comm. device. "What is it?" the voice of Hot Shot. "We got a problem. Decepticons have found out about a forest full of Pokemon and that it has Trainers come through it. And the Pokemon Center has stones that help Pokemon evolve." Marina said. "Do you think that it is a likely target for attack by the TRDA?" Hot Shot asked. "Yes, it would seem so." Marina answered. "Hmm, they might send a strike force there." Ironhide was heard saying. "Then we will send a strike force too then." Optimus said. "Wait there. Autobots and soldiers will be there to back you up." Hot Shot said. "Okay, we'll wait." Marina agreed. "Nurse Joy, can you contact the nearest town? We may need help from the police there." Ash said. "Okay, I'll do that." Nurse Joy said with a nod. "Absol, Marina, we need to see if they are any Trainers here." Ash said. "Okay Ash." Absol and Marina said together.

A few hours later. A group of a dozen Trainers, 20 police officers, a few squads of soldiers including Ash and Ironhide, Jazz, Bumblebee, Mirage and Ratchet waited for the Decepticons. "It's not like the Decepticons to keep us waiting." Jazz said. "I don't know. Remember on that one planet?" Ironhide said. "Please don't remind me of that. I want to forget that massacre." Jazz groaned. "We all do. But we can't change what happened" Mirage said as he looked sad. "They're coming!" A soldier shouted. Turning around, they saw a police car, a jet, a tow truck, a tank, a Zapdos and a Xatu along with SUVs filled with Team Rocket grunts. The vehicles and Pokemon except for the SUVs transformed into robot modes. Soundwave, who was with them, pressed a button on his shoulder. His chest opened and ejected several cassettes. "Rumble, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage. Eject. Operation: Warfare." Soundwave said in his monotone voice. A robot appeared along with a mechanical Mightyena, a robotic Fearow and a robotic version of a Shiny Fearow appeared. "Autobots, attack!" Ironhide shouted. "Decepticons, attack." Soundwave said. Then the battle began. Bumblebee ran forward before he began to grapple with Barricade. Mirage had transformed into his Latios mode and began to engage Skywarp in combat in the sky. Ironhide and Soundwave began to their fists as soon as their weapons were knocked out of their hands. Ratchet fought against Thundercracker. Ratchet's left hand had changed into a saw and he was using it to try and slice Thundercracker up. "Why do I have to fight an Autobot medic?!" Thundercracker shouted over the sounds of battle. Frenzy and Rumble looked at each other and nodded before running into the Pokemon Center. "Marina, Absol we gotta stop Frenzy and Rumble!" Ash shouted as he fired his blaster a few times, hitting a rocket grunt and Laserbeak. Marina and Absol turned from the fighting to see Rumble and Frenzy run inside. "Okay." Marina said as they turned and ran towards the building. Ravage and Buzzsaw got in their way before they reached the building. Ratchet turned and fired several shots from his gun, hitting the two Decepticon spies. "Thanks, Ratchet!" Ash said with a wave. "No problem. Now get in there and stop Rumble and Frenzy!" Ratchet shouted as he turned his attention back to the battle.

Inside the Pokemon Center. Rumble and Frenzy had grabbed as much of the stones as they could and began to run out. Ash and Marina appeared and fired on them. Taking cover, the two Decepticons returned fire. "Those two organic creatures have got us pinned down, Frenzy." Rumble said. Frenzy turned and said something in Cybertronian. "Go out through one of the windows of these rooms. Good idea, Frenzy." Rumble said. With that, they ran into a room. Ash and Marina ran up towards the room that the Decepticons ran into. They saw the smashed window. "We gotta stop them!" Marina said. Both of them turned and ran down the hallway to the front doors. The battle continued to wage outside. Running outside, Ash and Marina fired upon all enemy troops. "Ash! Help!" Pikachu shouted. Turning around Ash saw the jet Decepticon holding Pikachu in one hand while holding a Thunderstone in the other hand. "Don't you dare! Do you know what you're doing?!" Ash screamed. Jessie and James, who were in the battle, turned and saw the jet Decepticon holding Pikachu and the Thunderstone. "Dreadwing, what are you doing?! Our mission was to take all Pokemon and the stones. Then take them back to HQ!" Jessie said. "That was the mission YOU got from Giovanni. The mission I got from Megatron was to force this Pikachu to evolve." Dreadwing replied before he held the Thunderstone near Pikachu.

Pikachu began to glow as the Thunderstone was neared his body. The entire battlefield was filled with silence. Ironhide, who was trying to rip off Soundwave's head, stopped and looked while Soundwave stopped struggling and watched. Mirage and Skywarp had stopped in midair to watch as well. Bumblebee, whom had his plasma cannon pointed at Barricade's face, turned and watched with one arm forcing Barricade into being still. Ratchet, who had sliced an arm off Thundercracker, turned and watched as well. Even those in both Autobot and TRDA HQ watched. Ash just thought 'Come on Pikachu, you can fight it.' Then the light died down and in Dreadwing's hand was not a Pikachu, but a Raichu. "Jessie?" James asked as he turned to Jessie. "Now James!" Jessie shouted as they turned around and opened fired on Dreadwing and the tow truck Decepticon. Everyone looked on in shock as the normally cowardly Jessie and James opened fired on the two Decepticons. They targeted the torsos and weapons. The tow truck Decepticon who was called Longarm fell over when both of his legs were blown off. Dreadwings left arm was blown off as well as some of his armor. The Decepticons were about to attack again, but were stopped. Turning around, they saw more vehicles approaching them fast. "Decepticons and all Team Rocket soldiers, retreat!" Soundwave shouted. The TRDA soldiers ran into the forest. Barricade carried Longarm as they all ran. The Autobots and humans ran into the forest as well in pursuit. Dreadwing stopped when he got to the middle of the forest. Raising his remaining arm he activated his flamethrower burn all the trees next to him. "I hope all of you burn along with this forest!" Dreadwing shouted as he ran, using his flamethrower every now and then. Optimus Prime, who had arrived, transformed into robot mode. "Leave them. We've got to stop this fire!" Optimus shouted. Nodding, everyone did what they could to put out the fire. Ash and Marina decided to try and put out the fire in one part of the forest. Raichu, who had overcome his shock, had decided to help out as well. With Marina using Water Gun, Ash and Raichu began to throw dirt to try and put the fire out. Ash heard a Pokemon cry out over the roar and crackle of the flames. Turning to the noise, he saw a Leafeon surround in a circle of fire. "Marina, over here!" Ash shouted out. Turning around, Marina began to use Water Gun again. Ash saw the fire get closer to the Leafeon. Without even thinking, Ash grabbed a Poke Ball, activated it, and then threw it. The Poke Ball hit the Leafeon, who was then sucked in it. When a clear path was made, Ash ran in and grabbed the Poke Ball and ran out while tossing it back and forth to each hand as it was now quite hot. The Humans, Pokemon and Autobots continued doing their best to put out the fire.

A few hours later. The fire had been put out, but half the forest had been burned down. "This is terrible. So many Pokemon have no homes now and so many have died." Marina said as a small tear fell from her eye as she looked over the forest. "Yeah, it is terrible. But what about you two?" Optimus said as he looked at Jessie and James. "Well, because of this we might have been labeled as traitors." James said. "True. I don't think we can go anywhere now." Jessie said. "No, we'll accept you into the Autobot Pokemon League Alliance" Optimus said. "You will really do that for us?!" James asked. "Of course." Optimus said with a nod.

Meanwhile in the TRDA HQ. In the medical section of the TRDA base. Dreadwing and Longaram lied on medical tables as a Decepticon medic walked around them. "While it seems Longarm got more damage, Dreadwing seems to have suffered the most damage. His spark would need to be placed into a new body." the medic said. "Do it then." Megatron said. "In a few hours, he will be a new Decepticon." the medic said as he went to work.

Several hours later. The newly built robot looked at his new body. "I don't think Dreadwing fits you now. You need a new name." Barricade said. The robot found out he could transform from robot mode to a jet and a tank. "I think I shall be called Blitzwing." Blitzwing said as he looked at his arms and the rest of his body. "Megatron, Giovanni. I think you should come and see this!" a Team Rocket grunt shouted. Walking into the command center, they were taken to a large screen. Six Decepticon symbols were seen flashing while heading for Earth. "What does this mean, Megatron?" Giovanni asked. Megatron smiled and said "This means the Construticons are coming to Earth."

Meanwhile in a remote part of the world. "My collection has finally been rebuilt after that mishap in the Orange Islands." a man said as he walked around looking at priceless looking artifacts. "And with my new and improved ship; not only will I add the Legendaries to my collection, but I will add the Chosen One and that Floatzel he is in love with. And the Autobots and Decepticons will be added as well." he said as he sat in a chair. "They will soon learn that Lawrence III will stop at nothing to add them to his collection." Lawrence III said as the chair began to rise into the command center of the ship.
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