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Kanto North

Chapter 10: Remember


Alexei was just walking down the rows of servers to his office in the far back of the room. With a coffee cup in one paw, he opened the door and hit the switch. The lights in the bare-concrete room flickered a few times to reveal the desks were piled high with disk drives, spare laptops with a large pair of monitors in the corner with a heavy old beige keyboard being his prize possession. There was also a nonmorphic porygon sitting next to the displays, its eye shutters closed as it rested.

"Morning, Agent Zilog," he said, sounding a bit groggy, not bothering to groom his head fur as he set down in his chair, hitting a few keys to wake the monitors.

"Good morning, Agent Alexei," replied the porygon in a lightly electronic, vaguely masculine voice, head whirring to face him as its eye shutters opened up.

"Have I been given any orders for today?" he asked after sampling his coffee, setting the mug down on a CD coaster.

It gave a jerky nod. "Weekly dinner with Agent Datan remains scheduled for 5:00 PM, You've entrusted me with running file system checks today...I've found inconsistencies in security footage disc storage."

"I told you to ignore that and you keep bringing it up. I had authorization from the Executive." Rather, he forged the Executive's authorization.

"Understood, sir," Zilog replied with a flick of its eye shutters.

He heard a knock from down the dimly lit hallway and turned around in his chair to give a shout. "You can come in, it's not locked!" He felt the only lock he needed while he was in was his issued assault rifle, which he stored under the desk. This was the one place he felt a bit territorial over, being mostly his creation.

The far door opened slowly before Theo and Abby stepped in, Cassie following the pair from behind. The three glanced about before spotting Alexei down the hall. "Bit stuffy in here, don't you think?" Abby asked him with a small smile.

"No," he shot back, turning back to his desk. "What brings you to my cave?"

"Inspection of this important section of the headquarters," Theo answered, "With some other things."

"They're really letting you do your job?" asked Alexei, turning around again with a confused look, noticing he had a small white envelope in a paw.

Theo shook his head while pretending to carefully look over the rows of machines he passed by. "Of course not...troops would already be storming the place if they would let me."

The three found the office somewhat small as they stepped in, Cassie pausing to stand guard in the door frame. "Make this quick, Theo. The other two are not as sympathetic to your plight as I am."

The nido gave her and understanding nod before looking to Alexei. "I need you to find what you can on the murder of Thaddeus Grayquill," he ordered bluntly.

"Thad's been killed?" the absol said with a confused look.

"Yes. I suspect a Bloodquill did it," he said in the same dull voice while offering the absol the envelope. "Sister was sent these from an anonymous address-- something only higher ranking Team officers are allowed to do."

Alexei took it with curiosity, opening it and pulling out a couple of photos. On sight, he slid them back in and handed it back to Theo. "You didn't have to show me those," he said in disgust. "Looking up such stuff could draw a lot of red flags."

"You can do it cleanly," Theo said back, "After all, I know you were the one who deleted Abigail and Datan's records. Probably also the one who faked Rhombus' badge for Datan to use to get the Alph ruin papers."

The absol turned back to his desk, typing a bit while giving a few cautious glances to a camera in upper corner. Good, it was still being fed some of his generic working footage , timestamps faked. Turning back, he gave a slow nod to the accusations. "You're right, Theo. I had to do both."

"Capital offenses, there."

"It was all Datan's orders," answered Alexei, "I have a backups hidden away of the personnel records if you want them."

"I would, but let's not get sidetracked. I'd rather you spend time seeing what my branch is doing for the moment. If Bloodquills are involved, it will only be inconclusive lip service as a Grayquill no longer leads the branch."

"Okay. That won't be a problem."

"Thank you," he patted the absol's shoulder a little bit, "You seem a bit less shy than back when I was in the cell."

He smirked up to the nidoking standing over him. "I'm just glad you are not angry with me...or at least are not acting like you are."

"We've been through hell together, Alex," he said warmly, "You know all the secrets I keep."

Some the nidoking didn't even know himself the absol thought to himself while giving a little glance of his eyes to Cassie. "Okay. Just...let me get to doing my thing now. I'm sure you need to get with the rest of your guards before they suspect anything."

"Yes, time to go," Cassie said, stepping to the side to let the other two out. She followed them from behind as they exited Alexei's area of the base.

"Do you actually trust him?" asked Abby once they reached the hallway again.

"Not at all," Theo said. "But I'd like to. I can't wait to see what your records say."


"Why are you leading me here, sir?"

"You'll see, " said Gideon with an impish grin as he guided the marowak and Grayquill into his personal room, though a pair of large oak double doors. The far wall was mostly one massive plate glass window, sides flanked with fine red curtains, morning sun shining over Mt. Moon in the distance. The rest was equally as elegant, expensive couch against one wall, a book case to the side with his bed and dressers at the opposite wall, the floor tiled with marble.

The marowak had never seen this room before, only his boss' living room. This was probably one of the most overdone living areas of any mountain fortress in the Team. "So...may I ask what you want, sir?"

The nidoking fluttered his ears a bit, unfastening his coat while he motioned to Grayquill with his muzzle, "Over to the couch for the moment, Lilith," he ordered while hanging his coat on a hook next to the door. It was amazing to call that bitch by her first name for once.

"Yes, Lord Bloodquill," she said in a meek tone, eyes averted before pacing over to the couch and sitting down properly.

The male nido then turned his attention to his second, smirking slightly. "What do you think, Shako?"

The skull mask concealed all but the nervous glance of his eyes to the side. "Uh...with all respect...uhm, I'd rather not, sir."

Gideon gave a sideways glance to the nidoqueen and she began to strip down. "Oh...not with me. I'm just going to be directing the scene."

"Wha--" he looked to Grayquill, unable to help but blush a bit under his mask. Still, this was disgusting to Shako. It was one thing to have to watch his boss indulge himself and another to have to participate in it. The second, thankfully, being rare with the lack of prisoners lately.

"I'll help you start," Gideon said, unfastening the first button of the marowak's shirt before he sat down at the edge of his bed, tail sliding under to push out a fair sized metal box form underneath. He flipped it open with his tail tip as he watched the marowak male begin to undress. "Wonder what's under that mask of yours..."

"I have no mask," the marowak said in a more sure tone, glancing back to his boss while he kicked his uniform to the side.

"I see," leaned down and reached into the box. "Shako...on all fours. Now."

He obeyed his superior, making sure to hike his rump up and flag his tail. He still blinked in confusion a few times as he did. Didn't the boss just say he was just going to be watching? The marowak's answer arrived soon enough, looking over his shoulder to watch Gideon pull a sizable strap-on and bottle of lube from the box, gulping as it seemed a bit bigger than the nidoking's own malehood.

"Catch, Lilith!" he exclaimed while tossing both to the nidoqueen across the room. She easily caught each, setting the latter down as she unquestioningly began to fasten the false member. "Shouldn't be a mystery where to go from here, pet," Gideon beamed, starting to unfasten his pants as he watched Grayquill slowly pace behind Shako, false shaft bouncing with each step.

"Uh...sir. With respect..." he turned his head back to spot the large, gray scaled nidoqueen looming over him, who was lubing up the toy. "Doesn't this go counter to demonstrating power?"

Gideon shook his head while he began to lightly stroke over his sheath, cock tip starting to slide out. "No...she's still above you," he said in a content hiss, other paw slipping down to fondle his balls, "Now prep the bitch a bit." His large ears fluttered as he watched Lilith begin to sink down to her knees.

Placing a paw on each of his softly scaled cheeks, the nidoqueen slowly parted them to reveal his puckered ring. She pressed her muzzle close and gave a light blow over it before her broad tongue lapped out at it. Shako twitched a bit at the feeling, claw tips pressing against the hard tiles while he gave a small, fake gasp to put on the show for his boss. Feeling it continue to circle and press against him for another minute, his sheath couldn't help but swell a bit as his blush deepened under the mask.

"Mnh...there's a couple more Grayquills I'd like to add eventually," Gideon huffed, the edges of his ears going deep red as he became fully aroused. "Theo broke so easily under my boy besides that one thing, wouldn't even have to have his mind fucked like his mom or sis would."

The nidoqueen gave her last lick and began to stand, climbing over the smaller marowak male's back, resting her paws atop his as she tried to awkwardly position her hips, the slick dildo smearing around his rump a bit. This was going to be painfully awkward for him, not that Gideon cared in the slightest.

As the head of the false shaft found his opening, Shako began to grit his teeth with a low growl in the back of his throat. Slowly, the tip began to part the puckered ring, the feeling somewhat painful for him, claws scraping against the marble tiles as evidence. The nidoqueen was clearly unfamiliar with this, just pushing into the poor marowak without a single pause. All this time, the nidoqueen's facial expression did not change the slightest; the psychic charm upon Grayquill left her very aware, but unable to resist her assigned master's orders.

"Good," Gideon encouraged in a gruff, nearing feral tone, starting to stroke himself off at the show his servants were putting on.

Shako gave a whine as Lilith hilted her full length into him, which turned to a loud yelp of shock as she began to thrust. The motions were jerky and very unsubtle, not giving the marowak male a moment to get used to her. Shuddering and whimpering, he slowly turned his head back to the boss, finding that the nido male only seemed to be more excited, his ears perking back up.

Taking a few deep breaths, he tried to relax himself a bit more. After couple more moments, he began to get used to the toy, the motions becoming more fluid as he let one paw slide down to his sheath, teasing over it until the pink head of his cock emerged again, jerking lightly as the nidoqueen continued her almost mechanical motions into him. The sooner his boss got off, the sooner this would be over.

Gideon gave a half smirk as he felt his sack tighten up in his fondling paw, the other pushing his cock forward as he began to stroke over it harder, a few drops of clear pre splattering onto the tiles below, the nidoking giving a low churr as he watched his servants through narrowed eyes. "Nrii. Harder...Lilith," he ordered in a low growl, clear evidence his cruel lower instincts had seized his mind, hoping to see his second scream in pain.

She obeyed. Shako gave another loud cry as she slammed in and out of his stretched hole, only just short of actually threatening to hurt the marowak. However, it was a cry tinged with the slightest bit of pleasure, the intruding toy tweaking his prostate enough to force the lizard pokemon to his climax, pumping his thick seed onto the floor below him. Behind, he heard a window-rattling roar, looking back to see Gideon thrown over the edge, spewing thick lines of his own cum onto the floor alike, just a few feet short of hitting either of the pair.

Gideon gave a couple of huffs as his orgasm died down, shaft still drolling a bit onto the floor as he gazed over to his pets. "Nriiiii! You...clean now. Niii," he demanded in a snarl, the feral-minded nidos back quills prickling up.

The nidoqueen pulled out from Shako unceremoniously, promptly moving onto all fours and starting to lap up the mess in front of Gideon, making sure to keep her vision below his, even in a brainwashed state knowing to look to his eyes would mean punishment. Shako followed suit, carefully licking his cum up from the otherwise clean tiles.

"Nidonri. There's meeting one. Get ready," his voice was starting to return to normal, quills folding down as it did.


Far off in Sinnoh, there was a small wooden shack hardly a few hundred feet below Spear Pillar on one of the many narrow, snow covered trails encircling Mt. Cornonet. In side was a lone absol male, his muzzle grayed in his advanced age of 130 and dressed only in a humble brown cloth habit. He was at the small table in the corner of the shack, over a pair of pair of long paper scrolls, ink brush in hand as he carefully inscribed unown symbols on them in the dim light of an oil lamp.

He felt a slight vibration in his horn, dotting the center of what he was working on before lifting a paw to it. It was slight, indicating no major concern. He was about to return to his work until he heard a crunch of footsteps in snow outside his door, followed by a knock. Setting it down, he got up and pulled it open to see an alakazam female in a heavy blue jacket with a golden G emblem on the right side, several silver rings decorating her mustache.

"Hello again," he said with a small bow of his head before motioning inward with a paw. "You're always welcome to come in if you want, Terra."

"Thank you, Faust," she responded while stepping inside, the absol closing the door behind her before offering her his seat as he set himself down on an old mattress on the floor. "Still obsessed with these ruins, it seems."

"It's my home. I was born here, I will die here and I feel no need go anywhere else in the meanwhile," he said, smiling slightly as he looked up into her eyes. "Life is good."

"And home to three others and a deceased forth." She began to look over his artwork in curiosity. "If the myths you've told me have a basis in reality. It's why I separated from my husband to found Team Galactic."

"Oh yes. To create a better world, right?"

She nodded. "The pain of our species unique from the feral pokemon: the Primal Curse that the Regional Lords inflicted after they were overthrown by our heroic ancestors. The murderers of the Creator. Not to forget the cruelties we inflict upon each other on a daily basis, depraved acts to show power with no other reason for it. My former husband isn't above the last."

"The Creator did not die, but it no longer calls this place home."

"How do you know that, Faust," she scooted the chair up close to the absol.

"Hasn't for a bit over two decades."

"How?" she brought her face in a bit closer. "Could you please tell me why?"

"Easy," said Faust as his smile grew, "I was the one who surrendered that shard of my essence to a wonderful woman who once was pilgrimaging here."

"Your essence?" Terra's face went blank. "You mean to say' were The Creator."

Faust shook his head. "No, no. But a servant: a retainer of its wounded soul. As my father before me and his mother before him...all the way back to the Regional Lord's betrayal, hidden outside of fate to remain free of the Lady of Johto's strings."

"Thank you for informing me of that," Terra said while adjusting one of the rings on her mustache. "Is there any chance Edward would know this?"

The absol shrugged. "He might have a suspicion of it-- he is a wise fellow and my son's mother said she entrusted his eduction with him. Haven't seen any of those three since."

"About twenty years ago?"


"That's when he took my daughter as well."


"Hm, this Datan is part of what's wrong with the Team," remarked Theo as he read through a thick packet of papers, leaning back against Abby's side as she was glancing though what few files existed on Thaddeus' murder. "Glad Alexei got the profiles and investigation documents for us, gives you something to do as well."

"Kinda vague so far," the zangoose replied, "Apparently he was still alive for a few hours after he was found on the grounds of Mt. Silver Academy, but was comatose and died shortly from his wounds. Sounds like he was a very tough man, or he was killed nearby."

"Really, now?" Theo turned his head toward her and downward to the papers in her paws. "The Indigo Headquarters is the closest, led by Executive Bloodquill." He turned back to his own papers, "I'll read them myself later. Almost done reading up on Datan."

Once again, Cassandra was the one guarding the inside door, the other two posted outside. "That's not all there is to know about Datan."

"Hm?" the nidoking looked up to her, "What do you mean?"

"Things you know that you don't know. And it is my fault," she answered, the kadabra sounding a little ashamed.

"Missing memories?" He cocked an eye ridge, "Inflicted by you? Why?" Was that why the seat next to Thaddeus was fogged out in his dream?

She took a step forward, "For his safety and your happiness. If I restore them, you may regret it."

"If he is not guilty of violating Team law, he has nothing to fear from me. Memory tampering is a real offense, though." He gave a sigh. "While I'm powerless under your guard, I'd like you to restore them. As a friend...please."

"Okay, but this is mostly for Sophia's sake." The kadabra female gave a short nod as she paced over to him, sitting down and placing an index finger on each of his temples. Looking deep into the nido's eyes, hers flared up with a bright blue light, Theo's breathing slowing as he began to fall under her power.

What a cute pair of traitors.

Isn't it great, your own family consigned you to this. Real conviction there.

Why are you crying? Alexei doesn't.

Stop crying.

Good. You like this.


What are those tattoos for?

A promise.

I'm getting sick of this. They don't want you permanently wounded.

What are they for?

A promise.

He's told me that for a month now. Please try harder, you damn hypno.

What are they for?

A promise.

Cassie dear, your father would be disappointed in your poor performance here.

To who?

I cannot tell you that.

Why not? I have half a mind to shoot Alexei right here, right now if you do not tell me.

I cannot tell you that.

Just tell him Theo. Please, I'm sick of violating your mind.

I cannot tell him that.

Do you know what it is? I think you do.

If Theo won't say, I won't.

Only cost him his horn, probably concussed to hell. Won't be waking up today, that's for sure.

Fuck him. You're enjoying it right? He does not seem to care too much. Your sis is such an understanding doc, Theo dear. She's so proud of you.

This is my master. We're going to have fun with you and Alex.

Wanna tell me what those tattoos are for now?


But do you enjoy this?


I've got this moonstone here, just for you.

Not ready? Too bad.

Guess you weren't ready to evolve.

Theo. Stand up to him.

You take it as much as me.

But I don't take it to heart, it's a show I put on. You do.

You're scarier than he is.

Brother, you're a Grayquill!

I'm stronger than you.

You're a fool.


Cassie-- help!

Fuck, that was close.

After Cassandra took her hands from his head, the nidoking remained catatonic for a few seconds, eyes staring blankly into hers. With a few blinks, he slowly opened his muzzle. "Cassie, mind paying a little visit to Agent Datan's room with me," he said in a soft tone, sitting up and off of Abby's side.

The zangoose placed a paw on his shoulder. "Uhm...Theo, are you okay?"

His eyes slid over to meet hers. "I'm fine, Abby dear. I know what I need to do now."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't."



Datan was just settling down to go to bed, having tended to his leeks. Pulling out a last smoke for the night, he lit up and kicked his feet up against his table. Hearing a knock at his door, the duck grumbled and walked over, opening it to see Theo with Cassie standing behind him. "What do you want?" asked the farfetch'd.

Plucking the cigarette from the ducks bill, he promptly ground it right into Datan's eye. As the farfetch'd tried to reach for his eye with a howl of pain, he was kicked flat in the chest by the nidoking, knocking the wind from the bird as he stumbled and fell back to bash his head against the edge of a metal chair.

Theodore did not let up on the stunned monster. Taking a few short steps in, his thick tail wrapped around Datan's lower right leg, the purple appendage snapping it effortlessly, sound echoing off the concrete walls with the wail of the duck as the nidoking just moved onto the next. Crunch. Then an arm, then the other. Datan's screams became hoarse, growing fainter in the outside hall. Not a single guard was on duty in this section besides Cassie, who looked just as uncaring as Theo did.

Having finished with his limbs, the duck's white shirt slowly become red around the edges as the nidoking just began to smack him in the chest with his tail, stopping after he heard a couple of cracks and proceeding to slap him back and forth a bit gentler, the duck's nostrils dripping blood. Theo's tail swished back as he raised a paw to prepare a shadow ball, his shadow on the floor taking that inky blackness and flowing up into his paw to produce a perfectly dark orb. Letting it float there, he watched the duck. Datan's one good eye was open wide as he shook his head frantically, breath raspy as a soft whine left the back of his throat.

The nidoking flicked it, the orb burning a circle in the cloth and searing into his flesh, leaving a twisted purple burn as the duck could only give a silent scream at this point.

"Get my sister," ordered Theo in the same monotone as he watched his tormentor pass out.
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