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Kanto North

Chapter 9: Leadership

Several days later, Theodore was awoken by the sound of his cell door opening. His plates had healed up with soft replacement tissue by this point and Abby now had a short set of claws again. Opening his eyes, he spotted Datan along with psychic trio of guards headed by Cassandra. Theo yawned, the nido rubbing over his still somewhat sore chest before sitting up.

"Good morning," said the farfetch'd in a somewhat upbeat tone. "It's nice to see the two of you heal up so quickly. Hardly missed a few days of work."

Theo gave the duck a small smirk. "Good morning. I'm guessing that you're going to be obstructing my inspection."

Datan shook his head while pulling a cigarette from his shirt pocket with one paw and his silver lighter out with the other. "No, but you'll be reporting that everything is fine no matter what you find."

"I figured as much."

The duck lit up, taking a long drag before he continued, motioning with the cig to the three psychics. "These three are going to be your new best friends: monitoring your activities during your time here. This is Grunt Agent Bernard," he motioned his hand to the slowking male before moving it to the golduck, "And this is Grunt Agent Brooke."

"Morning to you as well," Theo said with a smile as he watched Abby start to stir. "And hello, Cassie," he continued with a nod to the kadabra.

"Good morning, Inquisitor Theodore," replied Cassandra, only glancing her eyes to his for a second.

Abby slowly began to sit up with a yawn, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Was it really morning already? There was no way to tell in this constantly lit concrete cage. Oh well, it sounded like they were being let out of it at last. "Pleased to meet you as well, Bernard, Brooke and Cassandra," she said in an oddly cheery tone, which carried over as she looked to Datan with a smile for once, "So you're actually letting us out? Why not just keep us locked up and out of the way?"

"Boss' orders," he answered while exhaling a haze of smoke, "Theo wouldn't be leaving this cell if I had it my way." If he had his way, the nidoking would have his memories wiped by Cassie again on the way out to make sure he couldn't challenge his own reports. Hell, he would have just had him executed upon arrival.

Theo gave a shrug. "Doesn't make much of a difference to me."

Datan nodded a bit at that statement. "You're probably very used to this treatment. Anyway, I'll accompany you and your guards up to your office."

"Looks like Abigail and I will be doing a large amount of nothing during our time here," added Theodore with a small chuckle as he stood up, motioning with his tail for Abby to follow suit.

The group began to make their way down the hallway of the now entirely empty holding area, Datan taking the lead. The duck turned his head back to look the nido in the eyes. "Yep," he said, snuffing out his cigarette against a wall.

"Swear I've seen you somewhere before, Agent Datan," Theo remarked.

"Doubtful," he said, glancing to the zangoose before looking forward again. "I just remembered, Agent Abigail. I have managed to get you your own room if you're interested."

"Thank you, Agent Datan. But I'd rather not."

The duck's eyes narrowed a little bit in a hidden grin. "That's no problem for me." The nidoking picked up on the thinly veiled threat the farfetch'd made, but managed to just restrain himself from flicking his quills up.


After being shown their office space for a little while, the pair opted for their guards to escort them to their new living area. The nidoking flicked on the light switch to reveal that it was almost an exact duplicate of Sophia's living arrangements on base, minus Cassie's collections of books. The slowking and golduck took guard outside the door while Cassandra followed the two inside their new place. By this point, Datan had lost interest and left, having other important matters to attend to now that he was the temporary leader of Kanto North.

"Hm...nicer than I'd expect for a room in a fortress," commented Abby as she laid back on the couch, folding her arms behind her back, "Aren't they normally just one room?"

"Yeah," Theo says offhandedly, noticing their suitcases had been stacked in the far corner of the living area. "Better than a jail cell," he said while opening his to pull out a new white shirt. Throwing it on with a chuckle, he began to button it up as he took a seat on one of the sofa armrests, looking back to the lounging zangoose with a small smile.

"Can't argue with that," replied Abby before looking to Cassandra, who was standing guard by the side of the door. "You," the zangoose continued, "You're the one who I underestimated."

The kadabra let her eyes slowly drift to Abby's. "You're the one who blindly tried to attack me," she said back in a bland monotone, "Please don't do that again."

"I want a rematch."

"Maybe. But only once this all blows over and you two are released."

"Okay," Abby nodded before the three heard a knock at the door.

From the other side, they could hear Sophia "I am Doctor Grayquill," she said, the three finding that normally strong voice shaky, "I need to see Theo. Right now. Let me in."

"Let her in," said Cassie to the guards outside, her empathetic bond making the kadabra visibly tremble for a second. The door was almost thrown open as Sophia jogged into the living room, bending down a bit to embrace Theodore in a tight hug, eyes squeezing shut.

The nidoking gave a blank look until he noticed that his sister actually looked shaken and upset for once. "W-what's going on?"

"It's Father," Sophia said in softly, "He's...he's been murdered."

Theo's eyes remained wide as he just blinked at her for an awkwardly silent ten seconds. "Father...has been murdered?" He took a deep breath before he continued, "Wh-who did it?"

Hearing the first statement from Sophia, Abby slowly got up from the couch and looked to Cassie. "May I please leave these two alone?" The kadabra gave her a nod and the zangoose made her way out into the hallway.

As Abby got up, Sophia took her place next to her brother, still holding the smaller nidoking in her arms. "They don't know yet. It...looked so..." she choked up for a moment, raising a paw to rub at her eyes before regaining what composure she managed to keep, "Someone had the gall to send me a packet of photos."

Theodore continued to blink and slowly shake his head at what he was hearing. "He's really dead?" The nidoking slipped out of his sister's grasp, looking away and casting his head down for a second. "And they sent you pictures?" He wasn't even able to raise a hint of outrage at that, only able to stare down at the carpet. "It has to be related to team politics..."

"It is," sighed Sophia as she stated to calm down a little, still very misty-eyed "They wouldn't have sent me pictures otherwise. I'm the heiress to leadership in our family, which means the Team as a whole."

"Could be the Bloodquills," Theo suggested, "You remember what we saw when Gideon called out our aunt for somehow wronging him."

Sophia cringed at that and how casually callous he was in saying that. "Please don't bring that up...especially right now," she said while wrapping an arm over her brother's shoulder.

"'s just my line of work has made me a little cold on happenings like this," he apologized, ears folding a little as he felt the arm over his shoulders.

"That's okay, Theo," she said in a reassuring tone, facial expression softening again as she looked into his eyes. "After what you've been through, you deserve to be like you are. I can mourn his loss for the both of us."

"You shoulder so much. I also probably won't be allowed to attend the funeral," he said while motioning to Cassandra, "They're keeping me under close guard if you have not noticed."

"You won't be able to go," Cassandra confirmed, "I'm sorry."


Back at Indigo Plateau, Edward was in his second private meeting with Gideon Bloodquill. Sitting in a seat next to the nidoking was a male marrowak, the second in command of Gideon's operations. Across from the pair, the alakazam had his hands folded on the desktop, sitting completely upright and proper. "How are the results of my work with Lady Grayquill so far, Executive Bloodquill?"

The nidoking gave a small huff, ears fluttering a little bit, red around the edges. "Good...very good," he said after taking a deep breath. Edward could hear his tail swish across the carpet behind the desk, also noting that his Executive's coat was draped over the back of his seat.

"Are you all right?" asked Edward as he adjusted his lenses.

"Fine..." said Gideon, his eyes narrowing as he gave the psychic pokemon a fanged grin, "Ah...ha. It's working out great." The nidoking seemed to be rocking in his seat.

Edward blinked a couple of times before looking to the marrowak sitting next to Gideon. He didn't seem to notice his boss was acting strange. "I'm glad you're happy with the results. They have not left a moral fiber in my being unburned."

"You...ah," the nidoking arched his back in his chair for a moment as his eyes lidded. Panting and licking over his muzzle a bit, he continued. "You have none in the first place, Edward."

"What do you mean?"

As he said that, Gideon rolled back in his chair. The alakazam could see Gideon's softening shaft, glistening with saliva as an entirely nude Grayquill crawled out from underneath the desk. She stood up in the corner with her head down.

"You wouldn't have done this if you did," the nidoking said flatly.

Edward shook his head, eyes closing for a second after seeing her crawl out. "Really, Gideon? Is this show necessary?" the alakazam said, wanting to disbelieve what he just saw.

"Laying claim to my prize and showing my power," he said with a dismissive shrug.

So decadent and unfitting of a Team Executive. "Why can't you leave at least one thing to those reeducation branch monsters?"

Buttoning his slacks back up, Gideon's smile grew broader while he turned his head to Grayquill. His tail slipped under the desk to flick her uniform out and at the nidoqueen. "Get dressed, whore."

Edward kept his eyes averted as she started to do so, folding his paws on the table. "Well, Gideon?"

He continued to eye his new pet while she slipped her underwear up. "I need to do this to make sure she remains mine. Even if you decide to release the bindings you put on her mind, Edward," he explained while lazily looking back to the guest in his office. "She knows what's going on, and it will be all she will know by the time I tire of her."

"I would not do that," said the alakazam, one of his eyes twitching a bit at the sight of what his work had actually done, "I have given you my word."

"And I hope you keep it. Now, I am unofficially the leader of the Team and I have a very strong grip on the Inquisitorial branch and there's more to be done."

"You want more from me?"

Gideon shook his head. "No, I'm very pleased for the moment. I'm going to approve that new budget of yours, with an extra couple million to spare," he glanced his eyes back to his whore dressing in the corner.

"Thank you," said Edward dryly, "Is there anything else?"

Gideon continued to watch Grayquill as he answered. "Yes. I'll just say there are some other Executives that piss me off as well. That's what else needs to be done."

"What?" Edward shook his head, "That's something I am not helping you with."

"Again...I don't expect you to. Just warning you in advance. When you own most of their trusted seconds, it becomes hard not to act."

"Why do you tell me this?"

Gideon tilted his head a bit. "You're all at my mercy at the moment."


"It's only midweek," remarked Alexei, slowly drawing off of a beer, "Are you sure we should be out messing around?" The absol had agreed to accompany Fractal to the bar again, the pair sitting at their table, this time without Datan.

The ampharos shrugged. "It's not like Datan's here this time. We'll be fine."

"I guess that's true," agreed the absol as he took another small gulp, "Why did you want me to leave base with you?"

"Haven't seen you in a few days and sometimes it's nice to spend some time outside of the cave? Also heard that Theo and his friend were released, so I figured you'd like to take a breather," he playfully bumped his tail against one of Alexei's legs. "What's you relation to that guy, anyway?"

"Not giving me much of a breather with that question," he looked down to his bottle, "Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself instead, Fractal. We've known each other for a year now and all I, kind of know is your bedroom habits."

Fractal craned his head in close. "What would you like to know?"

"You're a torturer. Why?"

"Officially, it is Interrogation Expert," the electric pokemorph said with a smirk, "Not all of us get to be what we want when we grow up. You should know that, being groomed for a job since birth."

Alexei looked to the side. "Enh...just trying to show the disgust a good person would have. Former Enforcement member. Would that be a safe guess?"

"Yep. Putting down rebellion and hunting down traitors." He cautiously rubbed his tail against his friend's inner leg.

"Wish I knew earlier...and could you please stop doing that."

The ampharos slid his tail back. "Sorry. I can understand why you'd be upset with my line of work."

He shook his head. "You really wouldn't," the absol ran a claw tip over the edge of his broken head scythe, "I still respect you as a friend and fellow Agent, but anything beyond that is...going to be impossible, Fractal."

"Fine with me, Alexei," Fractal said while easing his head back, managing to keep his smile the whole time, "I still have your back against Duckyface if you want me to."

The absol swished the bottle slightly as he responded. "That will be something I need to find the strength to deal with myself."

"Okay..." the ampharos said blankly, "if that's how you feel things should be." Such a strange absol. "Can I ask you why?"

"My dignity demands it."

"Does that mean you're actually going to call him out?" asked Fractal, sounding a bit surprised.



Theodore the nidorino, dressed up in a bland gray prisoner's uniform, was standing in the center of the Head Justice's courtroom again, looking upward to his stone-faced father. A dense gray haze was to the large nidoking's left and Rhombus the arcanine to his right. To Theo's side was Slate the sandshrew, dressed in the same uniform. The pair of them kept their heads down.

"Traitors Theodore and Slate," Thaddeus boomed, "You have been found guilty of deserting the Team. Needless to say, I am highly displeased by this behavior in members of my branch. Theodore, would you please step forward."

"Yes, Head Justice," the nidorino responded in an exhausted tone, his movements stiff and sore, the uniform covering the bruises and cuts an interrogation officer inflicted on him last night.

"You are hereby sentenced to corrective treatment," the nidoking said while nodding to the hazed figure to his side, "You will be transferred to Facility Five, which is headed by..." Thaddeus trailed off into something incomprehensible.

"I understand, Head Justice," the exhausted Theo acknowledged, then paced back to Slate's side.

"Traitor Slate, please step forward," said Thaddeus, the sandshrew immediately obeying. "Because you do not have the protection of a high birth within the team, I would normally have to sentence you to death." Theo's eyes opened and his chest fluttered as he looked to Slate, the sandmouse also having a wide-eyed look at this.

"That's why you asked for me, Head Justice?" Rhombus asked, looking him in the eyes.

Thaddeus nodded slowly. "Yes. I am going to rule that in Slate's case it was a matter of being ill-prepared for full responsibilities. I'm sure you will correct that problem."

"I will, Head Justice."

He looked back to the sandshrew. "Traitor Slate, your life now belongs to Investigator Rhombus."

"Thank you, Head Justice," said Slate humbly as he stepped back beside Theo, the nidorino visibly breathing a sigh of relief before lowering his head again. Lucky, he always seemed to be her favorite.

"Mortal," said the dense fog, a feathered hand motioning out of it to the nidorino. Immediately, Theo glanced up, noticing the other three in the room were frozen in place, a softly glinting silver string darting out from the fog into his heart.

"Yes, mistress?" he asked, lowering his head, but keeping his eyes up as the haze cleared to reveal the xatu was standing there.

"You are rightfully angry, we can feel it," she said, stepping out from behind the bench. "We consider that to be an improvement over fear...dwelling on your past is becoming a positive thing."

The nidorino nodded slowly. "Yes, mistress," he admitted, "I never got a chance to redeem myself in his eyes. And I never will now."

"That's correct," she said, standing a few paces from him, "Free our brother and you will have your vengeance on the one who has wronged you."

"May I ask who it is? The one who murdered my father."

The bird shook her head. "We do not know," she raised her hands, the infinite numbers of silver threads dangling in them, "We are connected to only your destiny, mortal. When we reclaim our throne in creation, we'll provide you the answer if we promote you to our Chosen."

"Understood. Please, tell me what will be required to free your brother, mistress."

"Patience is the first. The mortals you associate with seem suspicious of you, be especially cautious of the one we found entirely outside of fate...the absol," she said while looking down to the threads for a moment, "The second is the zangoose female. We've decided she shall host our brother. The third is caution, the same reason as the first. We were angry last time-- you are a worthy tool of our cause and one we'd hate to lose."

The nidorino gave a small nod. "Thank you. I shall do as you instruct."

"As expected. We may reward you on our next visit." With that said, the xatu began to make her way from the courtroom.
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