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Kanto North

Chapter 14: Challenge


Nothing. Unbelievable-- there was nothing wrong with any of his machines. Alexei had just spent the better part of the past week carefully looking through the whole of the base's computer systems. He physically examined most of the components, ran every test he possibly could and there was nothing wrong with his machines as far as he could tell. Hardware or software, it appeared to all be just fine. The absol was awake for days on end, looking even more bedraggled than he usually let himself get.

He was ordered to replace the cells he so rudely pulled from Zilog; Edward said it indeed was a violation of a pokemon's rights to do that. There was also nothing wrong with the porygon. Alexei was still leery, considering himself wise for never trusting true artificial intelligence. This was his domain; he would never let a machine usurp him. This was where he had power, as fleeting it felt with his transfer on the horizon.

But why was everything fine? There was something off here. If it was a ghost, the bases detectors would have picked it up. Outside network connections would have instantly closed if an attack was detected-- he closed them anyway for a few days.

He was hunched over his keyboard, typing various commands. Everything was fine. Maybe this mystery was best left to his replacement. In two weeks time he would be gone, so it would be prudent to start removing all of his insurance policies.

Something still seemed off about that-- why was it even possible for him to subvert almost all the base's systems in the first place? It was as if the place was wired to be easy to compromise. With a few commands, he could open every blast door, cut the power including the backup generators, lock down the armory and even disable the secondary backup generators along with the air purification systems.

Oh shit.

The absol's eyes went wide. Why wasn't he able to remove those changes? That is what happened.

Inform Edward? No, this could put his head on the chopping block for real. He would probably be safer when he was left this place. Wait it out-- this could be his replacement's problem.


Sophia was in Edward's office, sitting across from the alakazam. He was taking the time to slowly read over her letter of resignation. "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Sophia?" he asked, adjusting his glasses a little bit. "You'd be the third officer that I have lost in the past month. First being Datan, then Alexei and now possibly you."

"I've received an offer from the Indigo Division. It doesn't say so in that letter; I was instructed not to tell anyone," she answered.

"I see." The alakazam blinked a couple of times, setting the letter down. "What does Gideon want with you?"

"A child."

"A child? Are you serious?" Edward managed to avoid wincing. "Why? They are your family's historic enemy; Lady Grayquill could disow--" He paused that warning. That's right-- she would be doing whatever Gideon wanted. His figured powers would fade from her in a few more weeks, but he'd probably have her worked over entirely by then. Damn it.

"He said he is more or less holding Lady Grayquill hostage and hinted he may attack this place to get me if I do not cooperate." Sophia's voice was bleak. "I'm just as confused as you probably are; he said she was actually infatuated with him."

"I see." The alakazam managed to appear calm and collected. "If he really does have the Team's leader, there isn't anything I can do for you besides approve your resignation. In fact, I have to."

The nidoqueen nodded. "That is all I am requesting, Executive. Thank you for your time."

Edward set the letter down, looking up into the taller female's eyes. "You are welcome. It feels terrible to say that, considering the circumstances." The nidoqueen was unaware of just how sorry the alakazam was starting to feel over his cooperation with Gideon, starting to find the action outright monstrous in hindsight. First he wanted Lilith, now he wanted her daughter? "I'll have my answer to your resignation letter by the end of the week. It will most likely be approved, but I have to go through all the official paperwork."

She gave a nod before standing up from her chair. "Thank you again, Executive. I have to get back to my duties. Goodbye."

As Sophia left his office, the alakazam gave the paper another glance before pushing it to the side. He was close to his goal, but the casualties of his one compromise to another were growing. First Lilith, seven of his fellow executives following and now his love's daughter. Thaddeus before that, but not by his indirect hand. This project was the work of his life, though. No matter the costs, he would not give it up.

His son Theo was sired specifically to provide a mortal body for what dwelt in Alph, the abra blood in him made his hidden psychic potential potent enough to wake her.

His daughter Cassandra was something else entirely. Her powers were heightened through some of the Team's then controversial, now outright illegal augmentation surgeries at the cost of her potential lifespan. In a few years, she would easily surpass him, which made her an ideal host for what awaited deep inside Mt. Moon. If taken as its host, he hoped that would restore her full lifespan. Terra had left the Team in horrified disgust at what he had done to their girl. Edward found this delightfully myopic: she had no qualms over how he handled the other two children. Just her own.

Alexei was born the carrier of The Creator. The alakazam had arranged a deal with Yeva. She was a high ranking KGB officer 30 years earlier, but new to the Team and still highly attractive, being of a very long-lived species. She was to seduce and bare the child of that old codger Faustus. It worked. For it, he secured her place as an Executive through Grayquill. This was a spot she took to extremely well, while he took the child. She had never forgiven him, being obstructed by Lady Grayquill in every attempt to get her child back. Grayquill said she felt awful about this, but kept her own promise to Edward.

Alexei was someone he wanted to keep tight controls on, though the absol was again slipping from his grasp with Datan's death. Only he and Faust actually knew what the absol was, even his mother didn't.

Three impressionable children, all shaped as carefully as he could. Too much effort was sunk into this. It didn't matter that Gideon's actions made blood stain the crimson R. It was painted from it in the first place; the Grayquills and Bloodquills were just glorified mob families, criminals fancying themselves as nobles. Eventually, they toppled the decadent, inbred monarchy to replace it with their own corrupt court. While had had a soft spot for Lilith, the alakazam's justifications were getting the better of him.

It was time to put the real leaders back in place. The Regional Lords could change reality-- they could create a paradise. As The Creator could, but every myth Cassie researched recently painted him as nothing but a self-indulgent beast who the Regional Lords saved the world from. Trying to wake him up through Datan was a horrible idea in hindsight, one of ignorance. He would never call them gods: gods do not exist. They are powerful being, surely, but not all powerful.

And how much did that duck manage to leak if he was a Bloodquill loyalist? He would need to have a talk with Theo.


The next day, Theo was sitting next to Edward in the Executive's living room on the couch, a cup of tea in his paws. "I was wondering when you would make the time to talk about something besides my official Inquisitorial inspection," Theo remarked, blowing over his tea.

"I've been waiting for the right time," the alakazam answered, sipping off his own cup before setting it down on the coffee table. "Times are changing as the face of the Team is."

Theo's tail tip flicked at that comment. "Yes. I'm assuming you mean Gideon's rampage? It's absurd-- it hasn't even been a month and he's managed to shake House Grayquill's power. He must have been at this for longer than that."

"That's not what I mean. That is not long term change we are due for, Theo. Only an annoying, bloody hiccup."

The spines of the nidoking's neck began to rise up for a second, but then fell flat again. "What do you mean by that?"

"When you visited Alph. There was something there. When you left, there was not," the alakazam began to give Theo a small smile. "But you didn't take it-- it took you."

Theo gave a slow blink. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"A promise. A promise to put the Lady of Johto back on her throne," Edward said coolly. "It is a promise I believe in. It is one that you were made for. One that I made you for, Theodore."

"Made me?"

"It's true. Ever wondered why you're so frail for a nidoking, while you are a more potent psychic than your sister Sophia? It's not because Datan forced you to evolve-- that was just very traumatic emotionally. It's because you are half abra."


"You are my son, Theo."

The nidoking dropped the cup, the green tea splashing all over his slacks and shirt. The cup bounced down to the carpeted floor. He did not even flinch from being soaked in the hot drink, only giving the alakazam a blank stare.

"It's true. But it's not an important detail now. You serve a higher power than the Team. I was the one who suggested to Thaddeus that your teammates could take a guard assignment at the Alph dig. I knew Thaddeus would initially decline to give you your title, but would offer my proposed assignment and you would jump at a chance to prove yourself to him. Once there, I used a bit of...encouragement to get you to walk into the ruins and wake the Lady up. Didn't anticipate you'd take Alexei with you, though. Or that you would run."

The nidoking, shirt damp and clinging a bit to his chest, actually gave a slow nod to that. "Very good. I thank you for that, though the trip to Correctional Facility Five was regrettable."

"I would never, ever have wished that on you. But you ran and Thaddeus stuck by his polices as best he could-- as much as his heart could bear to. He knew you were not his by blood, but he loved you nonetheless."

"So seeking to avenge him would not be misguided even with this revelation."

"There's much more you could demand Gideon's blood for. Your mother, for one. He has her. Your sister for another. He wants her. Now, there are still a few months before we can wake up the next Lord."

If the nidoking still had a cup to drop, it would have dropped again. All his spikes flicked up, some piercing into the back of Edward's couch as they did.

"If you want to seek revenge in the interim, that is your choice. I'm on your side. Just, be careful in taking it. Don't expect a deus ex machina: the Regional Lords don't care for mortal strife."

"I'm well aware. I exist to serve her; I would be a fool demand anything."


A day later at Indigo Division Headquarters, Executive Gideon was in his own living area with Lilith Grayquill. Like his bedchamber, it was an ornate room, the walls adorned with expensive paintings, several bookcases and a liquor cabinet at one wall with a marble-tiled floor.

The large nidoking had the nidoqueen bent over his living room table, which creaked with every hard buck of his hips. He chewed lightly on the nido fem's ear, red eyes staring down into her gray. The nidoking was without a shirt for once, revealing that his chest plates were covered in many long scars, one making a jagged line all the way along his belly to his lower back.

By now, the traditional gray dye in the nidoqueen's hide had entirely faded away and with it any pride she may have once held. Edward's manipulation had actually broke after a few days of absence, but she was imprisoned in Gideon's headquarters and under constant watch. There was no chance for escape.

"You're enjoying this, right? Nido." Gideon asked her in a gentle whisper, creating dissonance to his savage thrusts into her.

"Yes, Lord Bloodquill," she managed to gasp out, her claws wanting to dig into the table. That would anger him, so she resisted it as best she could.

"Good," he gave Lilith a wry grin. "Nrii! Sophia will be joining you pretty soon. We could all do some new stuff together."

That possibility almost made the nidoqueen shudder. But she resisted, not wanting to provoke the unstable Gideon. "You could, Lord Bloodquill. I'm not one to question you."

There was a knock at the oak double doors. The nidoking just continued to lick around the edge one of one of Lillith's ears for a second more before he spoke. "Come in," he ordered plainly between a pleasured growl.

The door slowly opened and Shako the marowak cautiously stepped in. Once again, that skull mask hid his expression well enough at the sight. He had a letter in one of his paws. "Executive," he said in an awkward voice, "Um...I have a letter for you. It's from Inquisitor Theodore Grayquill."

Gideon did not even slow his pace, continuing to pound away at Lilith, large tail lashing wildly behind him. The nidoqueen pretended to ignore what she just heard, giving a few light, well-faked moans. "Theo, huh? Hand it over, Shako."

"Yes, Exectutive," the marowak did his best to avoid that lashing tail, only to get struck in the calve with it. Yelping, he hopped to the side, but still managed to hand his boss the letter before stepping back to crouch down and rub the sore leg.

The nidoking just ignored Shako, unfolded the paper, he only slowed his motions a bit as he read over it. That wry smirk became a fanged grin. "Nriii! Seems Sophia can't keep her mouth shut. Wonderful." He hadn't seen Theo since he spent a day with Datan at Facility Five. He was going to miss that farfetch'd; he had similar tastes. Another funeral to attend.

Gideon gave a roar, slamming down hard into Lilith, some of his cum dripping onto the floor as the letter slipped from his paws. The nidoqueen kept that blank expression on her face as he planted his bestial seed in her. idiot.

Gideon licked over the nidoqueen's ear again, watching Shako limp out of the room. This was wonderful, all of his plans were just working out without a single problem so far.


It was three days later. With Edward's approval, Cassandra was freed from her duties of guarding the nidoking. Theo was getting ready for a short trip, packing one suitcase in his living room with what Abby needed to bring already packed and ready to go. As he closed it, he heard the zangoose step out from the shower down the hall, rubbing her fur down with a towel as she stepped in. "You're really going to be fighting Executive Gideon? I have seen that man, he's a true monster and you can't even beat me in a fight."

"His insult to my family is unforgivable," Theo replied in a frigid monotone, matching the one he had before his savage assault on Datan. "He has kidnapped my family's head, Abby. Now he's set his sights on my sister. He's murdered my father and will do the same to both of them eventually. I may not succeed, but I need to at least try to stop him."

"This is senseless. You will die."

He gave the zangoose woman a growl before returning to his calm voice. "All my life. All my life I've been pushed around by assholes like Gideon. It tuns out my whole life has been just one cog in one man's plot to reshape the world. This is something I'm sure you understand, Abby."

She took a step back as he growled, her red eyes blinking a few times. "Uhm...okay. If that's your view, then there's nothing I can do to change it. Of course, you know I might step in if things get out of hand for you."

"Please don't."


That evening, Alexei was at the bar in Cerulean along with Fractal, Theo and Abby. All four were sitting at that corner table."You're going to fight Gideon?" the absol asked Theo, sounding a little surprised. He took a gulp off his glass of beer. "You confuse me greatly, Theo. On one paw, you break under pressure. On the other, you seek fights and lose for it."

The nidoking sounded a little livelier by this point, being a few drinks back. "Oh yeah. I face him in two days time; this could be the last time I see you, Alex." He poured some more rum from a bottle at the table into his empty glass. "Have my final drinks...say goodbye to friends. It's funny...I'm a puppet with more strings than I thought I had. With more puppet masters pulling them."

"Don't focus on that," the absol responded. "Try to enjoy your time here. I order you to."

"You can't do that," the nidoking said after laughing a little. "If there is one person I outrank, it's you."

Alexei then looked to the zangoose "You're name is Abigail, right?"

She nodded, there was only a glass of water in her paws. Drinking was something Datan forced her to do, so the zangoose was disgusted with alcohol in general. "Yes. I've told you that once before," she gave him a small smirk with a more cutting tone, "And you're Alexei?"

"And that's what I've said," he responded with a chuckle.

"And I'm Fractal," the ampharos spoke up with a giggle, motioning a paw to Theo. "And that's Theo. There, now we're all acquainted again."

Theo shook his head a little bit after taking a sip from his glass. "That was pathetic, Fractal. Was I supposed to laugh? I mean...I'm a ways back now and that wasn't funny." He then smiled and patted the ampharos on the shoulder and cracked a tiny smile.

"Oh you." Fractal's ears folded down a bit.

"How's your promotion coming along?" asked the nido, tilting his head a little bit after managing to finish half of his glass.

The ampharos blinked a few times. Wow, this guy drinks like a fish-- worse than the night out with Datan. Then again, it took a lot for poison types to feel even a slight buzz. "It's going. I was officially approved as Edward's new second last week. More annoying paperwork and more sitting at a desk. Overall, it's a headache with my other duties. I can't wait for the funding to arrive so we can fully staff our headquarters."

"I wish you luck. This is certainly a more interesting than it appears to be on the surface." With that vague thought, he managed to polish off the glass and start pouring himself another. "Yep...possibly my last few days on this Earth."

"I asked you earlier, I will try again. Please don't fight Gideon, Theo," Abby said, placing a paw on his shoulder.

He brushed the paw off. "I sent him the challenge. If I don't show up, he's going to go out looking for me. It's stupid, I agree. But I can't just sit and do nothing while he violates my family. Normally this would be my sister's duty, but she has sworn to abstain from violence and I respect her oath. This leaves it my obligation."

She blinked a few times after he rebuffed her paw. "You highborn have some pretty stupid rules."

"Yes we do." He drew of his freshly poured glass.

Alexei spoke up again. I've got a question for you, Theo. "Say you manage to beat Gideon. Would you be able to go all the way and actually end him?"

This made Theo look down for a moment before he gave the absol an uncertain look. "I hope so."


Some hours later, the nidoking was asleep and back at his room in Kanto North. Abby was at his side, being woken as he began to twitch and wiggle. The nidoking's eyes opened wide as he sat up, causing the top half of the sheets to flip away from the pair in the process. Abby reached for a lamp on her nightstand, clicking it on. "What's going on?" she asked, yawning after she did.

The nidoking was absolutely beaming as he looked to her. There was not a hint of his drunkenness as he spoke. "Fate is on my side, dear. It was said that I will not die on the field of honor."

"What?" she rubbed her eyes a bit. "Was this one of those dreams Alexei was talking about?"

His smile did not fade at her question. "I will be just fine. Goodnight." With that, he pulled the sheets back over them. The zangoose gave him a confused look for a few more seconds before turning the light off. He was still entirely wasted. That was a good enough explanation for her.
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