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Kanto North

Chapter 15: Goodbyes


By evening of the next night, Theo and Abby were in a hotel suite in Celadon. The nidoking was sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxers, one paw extended out with the inky black void of a shadow ball floating in inch above an open palm. It winked out of existence a moment later, being replaced with crackling electricity, arcing between his claw tips. It too faded in a few seconds.

Theo then began to faintly glow with a white aura, his eyes taking a similar light. He could sense the presence of others and their general locations, but their thoughts were outside of his reach without direct physical contact. Seemed his powers were almost all in order. The last, earth power, was a bit too uncontrolled to test in a closed environment such as this. Then there was a fifth. He eyed another strip of paper on his nightstand, more unown glyphs written on it. But he spent most of the afternoon making it, so he would have to just count on the Lady favoring him. Fate was on his side; she said he would not die in battle tomorrow.

The glow of his hidden psychic power faded away as he saw the door open. Abby stepped in, a towel wrapped around her. "It's getting late," she remarked. "You are to meet him at the Celadon Headquarters's training room tomorrow. I will be witnessing along with all of House Grayquill, minus Sophia as her medical duties demand her. One Shako will be witnessing with all of House Bloodquill. I will be acting as your second, performing an inspection of the combat area and attempt to make sure your opponent keeps the fight 'civil'."

He nodded a little bit. "Why did you volunteer for that? That means Gideon could set sights on you. I won't order you to stop, but a member of my House would be a safer second."

"I'm a soldier, Theo," she responded plainly, "And you are my superior. I have an obligation to you. You worry to much about me, anyway. Now, Shako will be serving as Gideon's second. You have both arranged for this to be a duel until one party submits."

"I won't and Gideon is far too proud to."

"A fight to the death by any other name."

"What would you do in my situation?"

"I'd just shoot him," she said while glancing to the side. "You've got every reason in the world to go after him, but I know it won't end well for you."

The nido flopped back on the mattress, smiling up to the zangoose as he did so. "You also worry too much about me, dear. Let's just get some sleep."

The zangoose let her red eyes meet his. "Not yet."

"Oh?" the nido's ears folded down a bit.

She pulled the towel off and pounced up on the bed, playfully pinning his arms to the mattress as she smirked down at him. "Theo, this could be your, or even our, last night," that serious tone did not fade from her voice, "I'm going to make it worthwhile, and you're going to help."

"Oh my...yes, ma'am." the nidoking went a little red around the edges of his green inner ears.


Just a room over, Gideon was getting ready for bed as well. Just before his head hit the pillow, he heard a few muffled growls and moans from behind the wall, his very keen hearing picking it up. It was Theodore and what sounded like some woman, probably that zangoose who used to serve under Datan. He pushed an ear up to the wall in curiosity while reaching downward with a paw.

The duel was taking place at Celadon Headquarters even, where Lilith used to command. If he wanted, he could have them detained on arrival. But if the fool really felt he could stand up to him in a real fight, then Gideon would show him how misguided his pride was.

More importantly, if he could manage it, the nido would have both of them by the end of tomorrow. A slowly growing harem was certainly a fair reward for the one who would unite his factionalized nation. It was just more satisfying for Gideon to conquer his few worthy enemies as opposed to destroying them outright.


A half hour before noon the next morning, two identical armor-plated black sedans arrived at Celadon Headquarters. It was a large office building that had replaced the game corner decades ago, though the basement bunker remained. This was Team Rocket's main administrative center and Grayquill's branch. Parking next to each other in the building's garage, Theo and Abby stepped out from their car with Gideon and Lilith emerging from the other along with Shako.

The disparity between the two nidokings was apparent. Gideon easily stood a foot over Theodore, his frame appearing much thicker, even under the trappings of his Executive's coat. They both gave a small nod to each other.

"Gideon," Theo raised a paw for a second in greeting, giving the older nidoking a frigid tone with a matching look.

"Theodore," he responded. His voice sounded warmer, but there seemed to be a predatory glint to his eye as he addressed the smaller nidoking.

The door at the far end opened and a kangaskhan also in an officer's greatcoat with a rhydon female and gardevoir male dressed in standard soldier fatigues on each side of her stepped in. "Good day," the kangaskhan greeted as the three made their way over to the arrivals. "We will escort you to the training room. Those witnessing are already there and waiting."

"Good," Gideon gave Theo a smug smirk. "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Theo? You know you could give a proper apology for your foolish challenge and I would forgive you."

Theo's expression did not change. "Let's just get this over with."

The larger nido male looked to Lilith. "Lady Grayquill, you don't want to see your Theo hurt, do you?" She just shook her head at his question.

"Mother, why don't you fight him again?"

She gave her son a hollow gaze. "You really have no idea what you're getting yourself into, Theodore. Please...stop this."

"I do. Your will looks to have been undone," Theo managed to retain his calm.

"Fine then," Gideon's eyes lazily drifted over to Abby, that grin broadening a little bit as he did. "Haven't seen you in a long time. Datan's girl, right?"

"No longer," she answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

The kangaskhan spoke up again. "If you all would follow us, please. We need to get this duel underway."


Another half hour passed. Abby and Shako had each spent the time looking over the training room. It was very similar to Kanto North's, though it appeared to be more finished, having polished metal plated walls as opposed to bare concrete. Another key difference was skylights, the noon sun beaming down into the large room. At each end there were large panels of blast-resistant glass set up, several rows of folding chairs set behind each for the observers. As far as either could tell, there was nothing off about the room.

Once they finished, most members of both House Grayquill and Bloodquill stepped in, all taking their seats in a dignified manner, though warily gazing across the room to each other. The Grayquills gave Lilith in particular odd stares as she sat down on the other side, all shocked at her hide having returned to its natural blue hue.

The kangaskhan stepped in from the main doors, taking her spot at the center of the far wall before the fighters arrived from locker room doors on their family's respective sides. Each was dressed only in a pair of black shorts. The contrast between the two became even even more apparent now. While Theodore's stature was more impressive in comparison to most other species, he was absolutely scrawny for a nidoking and Gideon was often considered to be beyond the peak of natural nidoian potential.

Nevertheless, Theo unflinchingly took his side of the battle ground as Gideon took his. Abby and Shako moved to stand behind their side's protective glass.

The older nidoking still was giving him that odd, lustful stare from earlier, a half grin completing the effect. "Theo. This is your last chance to stand down and apologize for your arrogance."

"It is you who would need to apologize. If your sins against my family were not already unforgivable," Theo replied dryly.

Gideon shrugged, that look on his face remaining. "If that's how you feel, then there is no stopping this."

"Enough," the kangaskhan said. "The rules of this duel are that any combat tactics are valid. This fight will last until one party submits to the other or one is incapacitated. In five seconds, you may begin. One. Two. Three. Four. Five." At that moment, she raised a paw and with it her protect ability due to the dangerously open spot she was standing in.

Lilith, do you remember all the scars you gave me when you stole my family's victory? I'm going to give them to your son. Every single one. I was even about as old as he is right now. Then I'm going to take him like I've taken you. Like I will take your daughter. This is my retribution. Never ignore a wounded enemy.

Theo began a charge across the room toward his hated enemy, raising his claws as he channeled up his hidden power, that misty white glow surrounding him as Gideon just stood in place. Right as he was a foot away, the light condensed into four glowing orbs each instantly sinking into his right fist as it swung at the larger nido's face.

In that fraction of a second, Gideon seemed to blur in Theo's eyes while he felt something strike the back of his head. His whole body instantly smashed down into the concrete floor. Gideon was standing over him, letting his leg lower from the kick before he casually loped to Theo's side and delivered another impossibly swift kick to his gut to send the smaller nido barreling across the floor, his back quills shattering into many purple shards.

"You should know I'm going easy on you," Gideon said, chuckling a little.

That cheap shot. Every one of my quills was broken. Took months to heal. You bitch. My family did the work to get the Team where it is. Then you challenge me to a fight. You somehow manage to win and all the glory goes to your side.

Abby cringed at the sight, just having keen enough eyesight to catch most of the big nido's motions. He was fast. Faster than her. More to her horror, it looked entirely natural. That was not any kind of special attack. This was him going *easy*?

Gideon was bearing down on Theo again as the smaller nido's roll slowed. However, as he came to a stop on his back, he managed to catch Gideon in the gut with a hard kick from both his legs. As the other nidoking stumbled for a moment, it provided the needed time for Theo to leap back to his feet. This time, a yellowish glow began to radiate from Theodore, the floor beneath the fighters starting to ripple a little bit as Gideon regained his footing.

Earth power. In another second, it exploded; chunks of concrete mingled with dirt erupted upward in a violent plume. Both leaped back, Theodore avoiding his own blast entirely while a few of the jagged shards shallowly cut into Gideon's lower legs, one piece of shattered steel rebar chipping his right shoulder plate before he landed.

The air was now filled with heavy grayish brown dust, obscuring everyone's vision. The onlookers could see two shaded figures stalking about in the haze, tracking each other by the sound of their footsteps. What they couldn't see is Theo reach back, pulling out a slip of paper that was just held in place by the elastic band of his shorts. With it between two of his claws, a faint pink light appeared in the band of tattoos on his arm. It was time to end this; Gideon's fate was to die. A silvery string shot out from the paper, only to evaporate a second later. He even sensed it connect with Gideon, but then suddenly fail. What?

He heard an angered roar, followed by loud crack and saw a bright yellow light zipping toward him in the dust. Theo threw himself to the side, just avoiding a hyper beam which vaporized all the dust in its path, burrowing a few inches into the steel and concrete wall with a round hole several feet in diameter as he rolled to the side. However, the strip was crumpled and sullied with his life saving dodge and with it went his only real chance against the monster, the ink evaporating at the light left his arm symbols.

Before he could even get up again, Gideon was behind him with impossible speed. Feeling a pair of arms wrap around him from out of the haze, he was effortlessly pulled up as another tail wrapped around to bind his own tight. He felt the larger nido male's breath roll over the back of his neck, followed by a couple of light nibbles at this right ear. He tried to kick up his hidden psychic powers again, only to feel a chill flow through his body as he realized a purplish-gray light was covering Gideon, his dark-type hidden power canceling out Theo's psychic, also being what probably blocked his attempt to kill the other nidoking a few seconds earlier.

"Got you," the crowd could hear the silhouette of Gideon softly croon as it looked to be embracing Theo. This was followed by a few crunches and a loud roar from Theo.

"One," he said in that same playful tone.

Another couple of wet crunching noises. Abby drew her claws for a second, but just managed to restrain herself, averting her eyes from what little she could see.

"Two," Gideon started to sound even more excited.

A tearing sound, accompanied by a more hoarse scream.

"And three," he said in almost a moan.

That's the number, Lilith. But I've yet to maim his pride enough.

The crowd saw the smaller shape crumple to the floor.

"Medic!" Gideon gleefully bellowed while kneeling down to pick up a small tab of paper from the floor. Uncrumpling it, he found it blank. Interesting.

"The match is over," the kangaskhan announced as the nearly blinding dust finally began to settle a bit. "Gideon is the winner."

As we said, you did not die on the field of honor, mortal.

Why do you let this happen, mistress?

It amuses us.

Gideon saw his beaten opponent weakly looking up at him as his blood slowly pooled on the floor. "You belong to me," he whispered low enough that only Theo could hear it, raising the paper strip in front of Theo's eyes, now soaked in blood from the larger nidoking's claws. "I have an idea of what you are, tricks like this won't work. Not even so-called gods will stifle my goals."


By the end of next week, Alexei's few possessions were packed and ready to go. At the moment, he was in the main meeting hall with Edward. Zilog the porygon was sitting on the table, its chest plate popped open with a cable running across the table to a morphic porygon body that was sitting. It was dressed up in an officer's greatcoat and much smoother-looking, no hard edges. The body looked to be covered in some flexible, soft material as opposed to metal, the cable being plugged into the side of its neck.

Alexei was standing, looking over the cable carefully. "I can't believe that this...machine is going be replacing me. You're taking the most important part of any system out: an actual person to oversee it."

"That's a rather bigoted statement, Agent Alexei," Edward said, sitting in his seat the far end of the table. "Agent Zilog has shown competent performance in the past before being transferred here. In fact, I think you've been cutting his work."

The absol nodded. "That's right. I do not trust machines to lead other machines without someone to regulate it all along the way. That doesn't make me a bigot, just cautious."

Edward pushed his lenses up his muzzle a little more. "Well, if that's how you feel, there isn't much I can do to change it. I am confident that with his upgrade, Agent Zilog will be able to be a satisfactory replacement for you."

"Well, if you really want to put your fate into robotic hands. I have no stake in this place anymore."

The alakazam gave him a few confused blinks. "Your position is not that vital, Alexei. You just manage databases and communications."

If only he knew. But the absol wanted to be out of this place and it still didn't feel to important to him besides being a possible threat to his security. "You're right, Zilog will be an acceptable replacement."

With that, the new porygon2 body gave a few low hums as it started up, its head turning smoothly to face Alexei. "Good morning, Agent Alexei." It had a very natural sounding, somewhat light male voice. A significant change from the electronic drone of its last body. It turned to Edward, "And good morning to you as well, sir."

"Nice to see you're awake, Agent Zilog," Edward responded. "Are you ready for the responsibilities of your promotion?"

"Yes, sir," it chirped.

"First duty will be to put that old shell of yours into storage," the alakazam nodded to the paperweight of a porygon body sitting on the table. He then turned back to Alexei, "You have one last night here. Turn in your gun and keys. You will be escorted out by guards at noon tomorrow after swearing everything you've seen here to secrecy."

"Understood, sir," Alexei answered, eying Zilog up a bit as he saw the porygon2 pull the cable out from its neck, the soft plasticity tissue moving to cover the port up again. His vision then drifted to that empty shell on the table, cautiously staring at it for a moment. A soulless body that was not truly dead-- there was something deeply unsettling about that despite spirits without bodies being mundane. Then again, could Zilog even be considered a spirit? The absol had no idea, but was content to consider it just a program.


Alexei woke up in Fractal's bed the next morning. The windowless room was dimly lit, the lights activating on a timer. With an arm wrapped around his friend, the absol was snugged to tight to the ampharos' side. He gave the long-necked pokemorph a small lick on the cheek, which made Fractal stir a little bit, eyes cracking open a few seconds later to meet Alexei's.

"Morning," Fractal said after yawning a little bit, returning the lick as he let a paw ruffle the absol's head fur a little more. "This is probably the last time I'll see you until I get some leave."

The absol gave a light purring sound at at the paw on his head. "Yeah. I'll be looking forward to it." He sat up, brushing some of his head fur from his face. "I it odd, I'm going to be doing the job that I was originally trained to do. You know, Inquisitorial and Intelligence branch work."

"A change of pace," the ampharos said, still sounding a little sleepy as he sat up.

"Though the new Bloodquill regime may make things different. I'm a little worried over that, with my connections to House Grayquill," he let his arm slide over the ampharos' shoulder as also sat up and leaned back against the headboard with him. "Theo left a week ago. All official reports I've read said that he died of wounds from a duel with Gideon and that his second, one Lieutenant Agent Abigail, was found shot to death in an alley day later, having eviscerated several members of a local street gang that probably saw her as an easy target. Lady Grayquill is missing entirely."

Fractal just blinked a few times, any of the friendly waking atmosphere shattered for the him. " you believe any of that's true?"

Alexei shrugged. "Doesn't feel important to me, but I thought you'd like to know what I'm up to and what has been happening. And I only believe half of that is true."

"Half of it?"

"It's absurd enough to be false, but simultaneously absurd enough to be true," Alexei answered before getting up to slip his slacks up. "But it could be entirely wrong. It's around ten, right?"

The ampharos looked to an alarm clock on his nightstand. "Uhm, yes. But before you go. Our night, you didn't really care about it, did you?"

"I care that you enjoyed it," the absol answered as he slipped his shirt on, buttoning it up slowly. "It was just my way of saying goodbye to a really good friend."

The ampharos raised an eye ridge at that statement. "Hah...I see. I did. So I guess that means you did?"

"Yeah. Now, I need to get ready to go. In another few hours, I'm no longer going to be welcome here. Goodbye," with a wave, the absol made his way to the door.


Officer's coat folded over one arm with a suitcase of clothes in the other, Alexei was making his exit from the Northern Kanto Division's headquarters, followed by two soldiers, a male vaporeon and a female raticate. Walking down the long entrance hall, each of the heavy doors opened with perfect timing to his pace.

Once outside, he walked through the base's main yard, watching a couple of trucks unloading supplies at another entrance a good couple hundred yards away. Once outside the perimeter fence, he spotted a black car parked, Rhombus the large arcanine female and Slate the sandslash standing at the side of it as they waited for him. The soldiers stopped at the guard gate, carefully watching as the absol walked over to the car.

The arcanine flashed Alexei a large smile. "My, my. Haven't seen you in a year. Ready to go?" She looked to be in her late thirties to early forties, easily a foot taller than the absol and significantly more built underneath the black pinstriped suit she was wearing.

"Yes, ma'am," the absol answered, bowing his head for a moment.

"You're going to behave yourself, right?" She saw him give a small nod. "Good, because I don't know what you did to Datan, but you won't be able to pull it on me, kiddo."

"I wouldn't consider harming you, ma'am," he answered softly.


Within a few more weeks, spring had at last arrived in Kanto. Sophia had done all of the necessary paperwork to transfer to the Indigo Rocket Division, spending most of her days tending to Theo's wounds along with the rest of her duties as a doctor there.

He would still be bedridden for at least a month, possibly more if Gideon kept paying him visits every few nights. One thing he loved to taunt Theodore with the was fact that it was his blood that was donated to save his life. In some ways, this was worse than her residency at Correctional Facility Five: they would let up when they managed to get somebody hospitalized.

While he was horrible on her brother, he unsettlingly nice to the nidoqueen. Gideon hadn't so much as made a single move on her in the weeks she was there. Not a groping touch and not even a lewd comment. He also kept his distance from that zangoose Abigail, though it was probably because she was gone most of the time, being deployed on missions by the Executive. And she always returned, preceded with news of some poor soul having met their end the day before she got back. She would tell Sophia Theo was the only reason she stuck around. Such a violent life that zangoose led, Sophia felt sorry for her.

Those two were both dead by all official accounts, though you would never know that if you talked with them. Lilith was officially reported as having vanished, though the only place she disappeared to was Gideon's bedchambers every night. She was officially the head of her family now, though that entailed working with Gideon on the external threats to the team, creating more excuses for the nidoking to hold her close at paw. Gideon was the official, he could make up any narrative he wanted.

Soon, it happened. One morning, Sophia woke up and felt a need in her mind. A primal need to mate, though she was still capable of holding the desire at bay. Normally, she could work herself out of it and last year Cassie did a wonderful job at making her heat die down quickly. No such luck this time. In fact, she could smell her own powerful scent filling the room. Being just one down from Gideon's, he could probably smell it as well.

There was a knock at the door. She felt her stomach fall through the floor, though she still got up to open it. She was right; Gideon was standing there with a fanged grin. Her mother was standing right behind him. Sophia's blue hide paled a little bit as she saw the nidoking lick over his muzzle.


To the north, in Sinnoh, Faust the absol was neatly rolling up the many unown rune inscribed papers he had produced over the years, neatly slipping them into several plain-looking wooden scroll cases with his calligraphy kit was likewise packed up in a small box. Terra the alakazam was watching him as he did, not quite sure why he was so keen on taking only that with him. "I'm almost finished," he said as he began to pick up the cases and box.

"Why are you so interested in coming with me now and joining Team Galactic now?" she asked the old absol. "I've been making this offer since I managed to find you."

He stood up from the table. "Well, one night a few weeks ago I woke to my horn wailing. I have a feeling that something great is going to take place, but I don't know when."

"A disaster?"

He shook his head a little. "I wish I knew. It could be a great disaster or it could be a great miracle. I feel both fear and hope, but my senses provide me nothing more at the moment."
Chapter End Notes:This is the end of Kanto North. I may be taking a short break while I figure out a good title/refine some of my ideas for the next story in the series. I'd like to thank everyone who has read this first real attempt of mine to write fan fiction
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