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Kanto North

Chapter 4: Interrogation


Clothing and other articles of civilization scattered across the floor, Abby lied back against the nidoking's chest, his spines folded down against the back of the bed. She looked up while letting her tail swish idly at the side, it's base therein rubbing over Theo's purple-scaled sheath and sac. As he looked down to her, he gave a low growl of approval, licking over the edge of one of her ears; his own tail trailed up her inner leg, giving a couple of teasing flicks, then tracing around the edges of the zangoose's sensitive region, a pink ribbon slowly becoming visible from the gentle working.

As she began to become aroused, Abby heard Theo take a few more sniffs and she giggled as she noticed his pupils dilate out for a moment and felt his stiffening shaft rub against her back. "Oh males are all the same, aren't you? It's a matter of instinct I, suppose," she slid a paw to the side of his face, "nothing you can be blamed for." This was far too simple for the zangoose to accept at face value, but she figured it was best to keep up this show of an interrogation.

Time to get some answers. "What's that?" she whispered with curiosity into Theo's ear, pointing to a small band of of unown tattoos that wrapped around his upper right arm, the nidoking's initial response to the question only being to slowly slide the end segment of his tail into her, giving a couple pumps of it as he watched her shudder a bit.

"A promise," he answered briefly, trailing off with a low murr.

Abby gave him a small smirk, which is interrupted as he gently slipped in to the second segment, the scales glistening softly with her juices after giving a couple more thrusts of it. "Cute," she cooed, eyes slowly shutting while she brushed her tail over him again, pulling off an attract with the motion. "What kind of promise, to a lover or something like that?"

"Nope," he responded, giving a growl as the burst of pheromones hit the back of his nostrils,his tail shuddering inside of her before he drew it out slowly. Bringing the tip of it to his muzzle, he licked over it for a few moments while smiling down to the zangoose.

Such a strange nidoking. Recruiting her on a whim, then letting another agent hurt her and apparently having no qualms about bedding someone he just met that afternoon. What a stellar example of what was wrong with even the forces of justice within the Team. All according to plan so far. She just winked up as she watched him clean his tail off and felt his emerging shaft brush up against her back again as he did.

Shifting his tail down to the side again, he let a paw slide up to gently cup a breast. Feeling the nipple begin to poke up through the zangoose's fur after rubbing with his claw tips for a few moments, he gave a motion of his head. "Please...on your back," is what the nidoking was able to form of words as his higher mind began to slip away from him.

"Hang on-- please don't lose it so soon," Abby whispered softly back to him, turning around in his paws. Maybe she put the attract on a little bit too thick this time as he was already showing signs of reverting. "I'm curious, what kind of promise did you make?"

He licked broadly over his muzzle, tilting his head while he gave a slow blink. "To...t-to--" the glint in his eyes faded for a second. As it returned it brought with it one clear sentence, "I cannot tell you that." Then he gave a low moan as he felt the head of his shaft rub at her fur, the nidoking's ears pinning down to the sides of his head.

Great, she just lost him. Though that unsettlingly clear statement was something else. Giving a sigh, she began to lie back on the bed. Might as well get this over with in that case. The male nido almost immediately sunk down onto all fours and straddled her, letting his muzzle slip to a breast, flicking his tongue over the erect nipple. Hearing her give a gasp, the nido circled around and began to suckle on it gently, his eyes looking up to see if she approved of his service to her. Giving another lick, he begins to trail his tongue down her belly, ruffling the fur lightly with saliva before arriving at her folds.

"Good boy," she praised the ferralized nidoking anthro as she slid a paw up his arm and shoulder to rub at the edge of one of his folded ears. Giving a growl of approval, Theo ran a couple of claws around the edges of the mound before he spread them slightly and let his tongue lap out across her sex in a rather direct manner like a feral eevee would lap up water. She glanced down at this, raising an eye ridge as she did so. Good boy, indeed. She still moaned as he began to dart his broad tongue inside: it was amazing that even reverted he simply did not 'go for it' like most males.

Wiggling his tongue in until his nostrils are pressed tight to her sex, the nidoking inhales deeply and his eyes slowly fall shut. With a low growl building at the back of his throat, he drew his tongue back and gave one last lick before gripping each of her paws and climbing over her again, his eyes cracking open to meet hers.

Positioning his hips, the nidoking's large tail began to swish back and forth behind him. Abby could see it brush the pillows off of the bed and gave a little giggle at his excitement, then a purr as she felt the head of his purple cock brush over the lips of her entrance a few times. As it begins to press in, her sounds of approval grow louder, the purr becoming a soft moan as the nidoking gave a couple of bucks of his hips. Eventually hilting within her, the nidoking brought his muzzle close to her ear. He gave it a few licks as he started to rock his hips slowly, his shaft glinting softly with her juices every time he drew it back.

The zangoose threw her head back as he picked up his pattern, gripping his claws tight as they weaved between her own. Unable to help giving out a moan, she felt his muzzle bump up against the side of her neck. Looking up again, the zagnoose murred as Theo brushed up to press his muzzle against hers, his tongue giving a few flicks at her nose tip. "Keep it up," she said, blushing slightly before she gave an affectionate lick back.

He made a soft growl in response as his back spines began to stand up. Squeezing down on her paws all the harder as his pace hastened, his sac slapped and rubbed against her fur as the nidoking fell deeper into base instincts. Abby was certainly helping with this, her playful encouragement and moans serving to drive him to the edge; she was finding the whole show somewhat dull despite the sensations provided, though it would never show on the surface from how she was acting.

With a loud roar, the nidoking gave a final thrust, burying the full length of his malehood within the confines of the zangoose. As he released a couple of loads of his seed within her, she could hear his tail thump hard against the sheets behind them and she made sure to give out a loud cry herself. As forced as it was, the drunken, ferallized Theodore would not be able to pick up on it.

Both panting heavily, Abby gave another gasp between breaths as the nidoking drew out, giving her a lick across the cheek before climbing off of her and simply curling himself up on the mattress, resting his head on his tail. My, that just tired him right out, it seemed. Resting her head against the nidoking's chest, she too began to let her eyes shut as she felt the tail snake out and snug her close.

Taking a sigh, she entertained the notion of asking her real superior if she could continue to 'interrogate' him like this. She didn't get the answer she needed, after all. And playing with Theo was certainly better than whatever acts the farfetch'd would want her to participate in once she reached Kanto North.


Early next morning, Alexei made his way back to the infirmary. Stepping in, he made a small nod to Sophia. The nidoqueen gave him a small look up from a book, then looked down again. "What happened today, my favorite patient?" she asked him in a dull tone of voice while she flipped to the next page.

"Training accident," was all the absol said as he sat up on one of the beds. The nidoqueen could not help but shake her head at that, closing the book with a motion of her paw and setting it down. The absol began to unbutton his shirt as the nidoqueen paced over to him.

"What did he do to you this time?" she asked knowingly. Alexei slipped off the shirt to reveal the couple of shallow, now scabbed over cuts. Around them was blood matted fur, a bit mingled in the wounds. She began to take a close look at the cuts, "Why didn't you wake me up and have me clean these last night?" He gave her a shrug and she rolled her eyes. "You could stand take it a bit more seriously, you damn well know he's not actually authorized to treat you like he does anymore."

"Just take care of the cuts," responded the absol blankly, "If there's one thing you should know, it's how Agents from his branch are untouchable no matter what kind of feel-good laws are enacted. His job is to make me atone for my sins against the Team...and he's doing a damn fine job of it."

"Your sins?" the nidoqueen asked rhetorically while she glanced over the cuts a bit more, then turned to make her way to a steel cabinet against the opposite wall. "You've told me your story many times, dear. It sounded like the only sin you committed was being scared in the face of the impossible. I would have fled, too."

"And then selling out a dear friend when pushed to the wall," shot back Alexei as the nidoqueen padded back over to him, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and swabs in one paw and a potion in the other.

"Stop whining," the nidoqueen bluntly stated as she poured some alchohol on the swabs and began to carefully dab it around the wounds. "You are very strong-willed. You may not remember it, but I was the one who cleaned you up after the first time that monster met you."

"I can't forget, you bring it up every time," said the absol after giving a soft hiss from the burn of the disinfectant. "Honestly, would you please stop brining up how much he likes to violate me? It's not the material of polite conversation, after all."

She nodded a bit, dropping the bloody swabs into a sealed waste bin on the wall. "With good reason. You didn't cry, you didn't brood, you took it all without surrendering for the longest I had ever seen while doing my residency in that hellhole of a prison. Wish I could say the same about my younger brother." She raised the potion bottle, "Now this is going to hurt quite a bit-- these things aren't even half as useful for us as our feral cousins."

"And you say that every time t--" Alexei watched her spritz a bit of the liquid onto the cuts, the absol taking a deep breath in and then out. After a few seconds, he let out a roar that echoed down the hallway and fell back on the bed, digging his claws into the mattress as his roar became a savage howl of pain. As his body convulsed a bit, the sickly scabbed gashes across his midsection began to grow new skin almost immediately. The poor absol started to feel lightheaded as his metabolism was viciously yanked into absurd overdrive.

Thankfully, the ordeal was entirely over in half a minute, even the missing fur being replaced. Taking a few ragged pants, he weakly manages to sit up, rubbing his head and seeing double of Sophia in front of him for a moment. Giving a low groan, he manages to speak out as his vision refocused. "I hate...those things so damn much."

"Everyone does," Sophia replied as she moved to place it back in the cabinet, "They are nasty things-- take a bunch out of you to fix minor things like that. Would kill most if you tried to fix a deep wound or a broken bone with it and, if they are hardy enough to survive, guarantee some flavor of cancer because of such rapid cell divisions."

"Why do you always use those things on me?" asked the absol, still rubbing over his head.

"You're an officer," she said plainly while walking back over to him, "Parolee Cave Dwelling Computer Nerd or not, you're expected to remain combat capable at all times. The duck likes to constantly put that duty of yours in danger, hence using that stuff on you."

"Chief Data Officer," corrected the absol.

"Computer Nerd," she said, actually cracking a smile. "go get something to eat right now."


Over in the meeting room, Edward was in a private meeting with a trio of other psychic pokemorphs. Datan had also invited himself and leaned back in a corner while smoking. The three were a female kadabra, a female golduck and a male slowking. They were all dressed in the same black fatigues of soldier agents, the only difference being a metallic red bar pinned on the collar of the kadabra's uniform. He slid a folder to each of them as they settled in.

"Good morning, agents," he greeted them, taking a second to adjust his glasses for a moment before he continued, "You three have been called here because I felt that you'd be the best agents to take up a very important assignment for the next undetermined period of time. Please read what I've provided you." Watching them open the folders and begin to look through, he continued. "In there is the unrestricted sections of Inquisitor Theodore Grayquill's profile. Junior Lieutenant Cassandra may recognize this individual." He nodded over to the kadabra, who was reaching into a pocket to produce a pair of rectangular reading lenses. "I give her the floor to provide a basic outline."

"Slipping the glasses onto her muzzle, Cassie gave a passing glance over the profile picture and text as she adjusted one of the silver rings that adorned her mustache. Nothing she hasn't read before. "Theodore Grayquill is the son of Grayquill, one of the original agents to seize power after the collapse of the old government of Kanto and Johto. He began to attend Mt. Silver Academy at the age of 13. For his first assignment, he was sent to supervise laborers at an undisclosed location in Johto. He then deserted along with two others, all being captured within the same year." She paused to take a breath before she continued, "After receiving an undisclosed amount of corrective treatment for his violations, he was then placed on parole." She turned her head and nodded to Edward, "Is that satisfactory, Executive?"

"It is," the alakazam acknowledged, "Because of his infractions, I feel that Inquisitor Theodore is a threat to the stability of this division. More importantly, this new division was founded to ensure the security of Kanto from Sinnoh."

The three nodded in agreement at this while Cassie picked up the rest of the Executive's train of thought. "The Security Council accurately predicted the Galactic Organization would manage to subvert the legitimate leadership of that region, hence the stability of the Northern Kanto Division is paramount."

"We are going to place Theodore under house arrest when he arrives," Edward revealed calmly to them "You three will be needed to control his activities, though Agent Cassandra will still be required to take part in her research duties for the time being. You'll be provided more details before he arrives tomorrow evening. Please enjoy the rest of the weekend."

Watching them get up, he immediately motioned for Cassie to sit down next to him. The kadabra nodded at this and paced over, Datan sitting himself down across from her while he ground out his cigarette in the same motion.

After the golduck and slowking exit, the farfetch'd spoke up. "What did you need to tell me, Ed?"

"I'll be leaving for a Security Council summit after Theodore arrives," said Edward coolly, watching Cassie and and Datan blink at that statement. Looking to the duck, he continued "That will leave you in charge of general operations, Datan." He then turned to the kadabra, "And, as I said earlier, I want you to keep up your research on our side project. The sooner we know how to control it, the safer we'll all be from our northern neighbors."

"Father, you are aware that watching Theodore will interfere with that," said Cassandra flatly.

The duck interjected at this point. "Could I put forward the idea of simply taking care of the problem when it arrives? I mean, you freely acknowledge he could ruin this division if he wanted to do 'house cleaning'."

Edward's eyes just drifted slowly over from Cassie to him, head not bothering to even pivot. "You're actually suggesting that I murder the son of one of my best friends, who is also the head of the council? Don't forget the fact I'm going to be talking with her tomorrow night." He shakes his head before looking up to Cassandra again.

"Yes," Datan said with a bit of force in his voice as he leaned in, "It would be for the good of the team, after all."

The alakazam wished he could just have ignored that. "You're in charge on general operations. Please don't think pulling that stunt is going to work out, even in my absence."

"You're the boss," Datan replied, easing back with a shrug.

Turning his attention back to his daughter, Edward gave her a knowing stare. "No, it will not be slowed, Cassie. Why would undersell your abilities so much?" he glanced his eyes to Datan as the farfetch'd stood up and made his way out.

"Right, father," she nodded back in the same bland tone of voice, "I'm certain I'll be able to keep on top of everything."

"That's what it will take to replace me one day," said the alakazam as he smiled at her, "More immediately, I guarantee you'll jump through the ranks if we manage to complete our project, dear."


Abby starts to stir as a she feels a line of sunlight from the blinds land on her, the zangoose yawning and rubbing her eyes as she sits up, looking back to see the nidoking still sleeping. "Wake up," she said softly, shaking one of the curled up pokemorph's shoulders. Watching his ears perk up, the zangoose watches as his eyes crack open, then immediately squeeze shut in pain.

Giving a low groan, Theo uncurled himself and sat up, holding his head for a few moments. "How much did I drink?" he asked her while slowly opening his eyes again, vision slowly starting to sharpen as he shook his head a few more times.

"Too much from the looks of it," she replied, looking out of the open bedroom door to see the nearly empty whiskey bottle on the coffee table. Looking back, she purred lightly at him while running a claw around the edge of one of his ears.

"Yeah, I really need to start watching how much I drink again." After blinking a couple of times and shaking his aching head, the nidoking climbs off of the bed. Swishing his tail a few times, he paced out to the living area, Abby following behind him after she collected her clothing. Starting to dress herself, she watched as Theo made his way to the bathroom sink, filling a glass with water and downing it in a gulp. He repeated this several times before he stepped out again and plopped his nude form down on the couch. "I didn't get carried away last night, did I? My memories are kinda blurry."

"Not at all," Abby reassured the hungover nido while buttoning up her suit jacket. "It's been awhile since I've been with a male who can manage to avoid know, going for it when they sink into their lower instincts." She fiddled with the little red R pin on the collar of her shirt for a few seconds. "It was nice."

"Thank you," Theo said as he nodded a few times. He curiously picked up the nearly empty bottle, swishing the last few drops inside it around for a second. "We have to catch a train this afternoon," he said while setting the bottle back down, "I have tickets for the two of us. So go get your stuff from your place and get ready to go."

"Of course, your honor," she purred as she passed by him, making sure to brush her tail over his exposed sac as she did so. She giggled as the miserable nidoking perked up for a moment, then made her way from his place. Abby settled on the nidoking being suspiciously easy to manipulate.
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