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Kanto North

Chapter 5: Power


Later that day, Alexei was down in the training room with Fractal. Swinging his head to the side to avoid a kick from the ampharos, the absol fluidly leaps over his tail as it swept below him, crackling with electric power. Executing a quick attack in the same motions, Alexei appeared to kick off of the air, spinning around before a pair of clawed footpaws smashed square into the ampharos' chest; Fractal's eyes bulged as he gave a hard cough, slamming down against the mats with the absol standing right on him.

Alexei sprung off of the electric-types chest right before the static began to run through, watching the blue arcs of energy crackle around as he neatly landed a yard back from his opponent. Staggering to his feet, Fractal gave Alexei a small smile before the small jewel on his head glinted and he opened his arms, lines of brilliant electricity flowing between the three in a triangle. Alexei's blinked a few times, not bothering to move from his spot. Fractal released the thunder attack and a hundred bolts of lighting shot out from all angles, bending and weaving as they locked onto to the disaster pokemon.

Faint attack: it was a little something inherited from his father and infinitely useful. Sidestepping into a slightly shaded spot, he winked out existence. The lances of electric power shot straight through where he was a millisecond earlier. From the absol's perspective, the world just outside of his real location was strangely warped, the light dark and the dark light, colors inverted. Watching the ampharos start to take a defensive stance while looking around frantically, the nonexistent absol laughed as he casually strolled up behind Fractal.

Fading in behind the ampharos, he kicked him hard in his his back, making the surprised electric type stumble forward and land flat on his face. Taking a pace forward, the absol places a footpaw at the base of the ampharos long neck. "Submit," he ordered in an unusually cheerful tone of voice, digging his claws against the skin, "Please don't try that electric trick, I'd end badly for you at this angle."

Sighing, Fractal craned his long neck up up and nodded, letting his ears fall a bit. Alexei let his claws dig at the defeated pokemorph's skin a bit more, he was clearly enjoying the feeling of looming over his defeated friend if the grin on his face was any evidence of it. The ampharos felt a bit unnerved at the the absol's almost predatory smile, letting his head sink down to the mat.

Keeping the electric type under paw for another moment, Alexei reluctantly frees him. Still retaining that smile on his muzzle, the absol made his way to his bag by the door. Kneeling down, he pulled out a bottle of water and took a swig. "Did better this time, didn't I?" he asked Fractal.

"Yeah," answered the ampharos as he climbed back to his feet, rubbing over his sore back. "Looked like you really put your heart into it this time."

"I try," Alexei said humbly, taking another gulp before placing it back in his bag. Sitting back against one of the concrete walls, he patted the floor next to him to invite the ampharos to sit down.

Fractal took the offer after collecting his own bag. "What happened last night? You just took off and didn't even say goodbye to me."

The absol gave a shrug. "Had something I forgot to take care of earlier yesterday morning. No big thing."

"You know you're a bad liar," replied Fractal, placing an arm across Alexei's shoulder. "So what's going on, Alexei?"

"Watch out for Agent Datan," the absol answered him clearly, the smile leaving his muzzle. "He's decided he wants to play a new game with me and you're a participant in it."

"New game?" Fractal said with a sigh, brushing his tail against the absol's lower back, "So the rumors about him and you are actually true? And you've managed to drag me into the mess?" He resisted the urge to clap the absol upside the head, settling for ruffling up his head fur a bit. "If you were not such a good friend, I'd be a little bit pissed off at you for doing this."

"What?" Alexei gave him a blank stare.

"You think Agent Datan actually scares me?" Fractal said in a hard tone of voice, his eyes narrowing a little bit, "Laws or not, if I see him land a paw on you in my presence, I'll kill him on the spot for what he's been putting you through."

"That would be the death of you," the absol said softly, "I won't let you do such a thing. Hell, I worry right now he'll go after you to try and hurt me."

"If you really don't want me to, I'll try not to. And if he does, I'll take the blows," answered the ampharos as he reached for his own water bottle, gulping down half of it before placing it down. "He can't do anything to me I can't endure. I may look soft, but I am a product of the same indoctrination you are."

"Really?" asked Alexei, raising an eye ridge. "In that case, maybe we should just play his game until an opening arrives. Theodore, for as much as I fear his wrath falling upon me, may decide to sweep the farfetch'd with his legal authority to do so, after all."

"Very well," said the ampharos as he stood up, "I'll keep my temper in check and give this Inquisitor a chance to render his judgments." He looked down to his friend, voice lightening up again, "Wanna go another round? But before that, would you consider doing a night on the town: you, me...and duckyface."

"Sure on both, but I don't understand taking Datan along." Alexei stood up, pacing to the center of the room again.

"If he wants to butt in on things between us, I'd say let him go as far as he likes if you want the Inquisitor to take care of it. You know, let him dig his own grave." Having given his justification, the ampharos paced over and their pair began to spar again.

What neither of them realized was through the cameras, the subject of their conversation was watching and listening from a laptop at his desk.

Early that evening, agent Datan was tending to the leeks in his room, carefully trimming them with a pair of scissors in one paw while watering them with a small metal can in the other. Humming to himself, the duck's gray eyes immediately shoot to his door as heard a knock on it. Almost grinning through his bill, the duck snipped off the thickest leek and stuffed it into the back of his belt before placing his gardening tools on his desk. Walking over and opening his door, he found Fractal and Alexei were waiting for him outside, the pair casually wearing their black, red-trimmed officer greatcoats over tuheir shoulders.

"Going out?" asked the duck, tilting his head while keeping that mischievous expression on his face.

The ampharos nodded, "Yeah. We were wondering if you wanted to come with."

"I don't know," responded Datan with a bit of mock uncertainty, "I really should stop falling off the wagon."

"It's the second most common vice amongst the team and it goes so well with the first, Datan. Nothing to be ashamed of," Fractal chirped, swishing his tail back and forth a little bit as he did. "Who knows," the ampharos gave a shrug, "you might get lucky over in Cerulean."

"I'm mated," the duck responded sharply, trying his best to pretend to be offended.

"Who cares?" encouraged Alexei, playfully shaking Datan by a shoulder while giving his a narrow-eyed grin, "Live a bit, sir. After all, it's not like you see her very often."

Datan let his eyes drift to the side before making sure to focus them right on Alexei's. "Okay, I'm game." With that, he carefully maneuvered himself to the other corner to not show the hidden weapon, reaching for his own coat and quickly slipping it on. Running his paws to remove a few wrinkles, he makes his way out for the night with the pair.

"You're aware we are all on duty tomorrow?" asked Datan.

"How could I forget," the absol said with a small laugh.


"I, Theodore Grayquill, hereby swear upon my life and that of my kin to defend the interests of Team Rocket, its laws and its ideals. I shall hunt down and bring to justice those who threaten any of these: foreign, domestic, and especially within the Team itself," recited the nidorino in his late teens with a paw raised, dressed in his cadet uniform. Head up, his eyes rested on the Head Justice, a heavily scarred and significantly older nidoking, Edward seated to the right of him and a gray-muzzled absol female to the left of him. The court room was empty besides the four.

"I vote that he receives his title," said the absol in a deep, yet still feminine tone of voice. It bared a very slight hint of a Russian accent, though not enough of one to muddle any of her words. What caught the nidorino's attention was the slight ripping of her whole form, eyes merely being a pair of black pupils against white.

"I, too, vote that he receives his title," said Edward, giving a slow nod while he pulled his glasses from a coat pocket. Even he seemed a bit off, the glass of his lenses having a pink tint to it.

"I don't," said the nidoking in his gruff voice, letting his eyes lock with the nidorino's. "Cadet Inquisitor Theodore, my, like the other two in your team we interviewed earlier, are not ready for the duties and obligations that a full Inquisitorial title would impose upon you."

Edward fitted the odd crystal lenses and ran through the report of Theo's team again. "With all due respect, Head Justice Thaddeus, the results acquired by Theodore's team are well beyond what we expected for a test assignment." His form began to ripple like the absol's, neither seeming to notice.

"Thank you, Executive Edward, I value your opinion," responded Thaddeus in a flat tone of voice, still staring down at this son. "Cadet Inquisitor Theodore, if you honestly feel you are up to the challenge, I do have a series of real assignments I can provide your team. These may sway my opinion depending on the results of them."

"I accept, Head Justice!" answered Theo energetically, his ears perking up.

Thaddeus' facial expression did not change, though the nidorino could have sworn his inner ears were green just a second earlier, now light pink. "Fine. In that case, your two teammate's lives are in your paws now. I cannot protect you from the consequences if anything if anything happens to Cadet Alexei." He glanced his eyes over to the absol for a moment.

"I have confidence my abilities and team, Head Justice."

"Then get out of here, you'll receive your orders this evening."

"Yes, Head Justice," the nidorino said, bowing his head before turning and making his way from the courtroom. Walking just outside, he spotted Alexei and Slate the sandshrew, dressed up in the same manner as he was. They were sitting on a bench next to the door in oddly stiff poses. Waving to them, the nidorino set himself next to them.

"Did they reject you as well?" the sandshrew asked the nidorino in a very lively tone of voice, tilting his head a bit with a silly smile. "I mean, I'm surprised they rejected the highborn Alexei here." The absol seemed entirely rigid as slate motioned to him.

Theo's ears flicked a little bit as he smiled back at Slate. "Yes, but we've got some jobs to prove our wor--" the entire room in his vision began to warp and crack like glass, the figures of Slate and Alexei growing light pink crystal slowly over them from head to toe, then shattering violently. Each shard melted into into an unown, an angry swarm forming and going every which direction with a collective electric buzz.

Immediately the nidorino climbed off the bench and sunk down onto all fours as he gained control of himself in the dream. Bowing his head low, the nidorino closed his eyes as the symbols swarmed and spun around him in the evaporating hallway. They slowly started to cluster up and rays of kaleidoscopic light shot from every one of their eyes, his vision flashing even through his closed lids for a few seconds.

When he timidly opened his eyes, the nidorino found his body bare and a very tall female Xatu anthro, clad in a long robe made of the same semi-transparent, flexible crystal, looming right over him. In each of her paw talons were untold numbers of silver threads, one of them glinting softly as it zipped out and pierced into the nido's heart. The room had evaporated entirely by this point, leaving nothing but a black void with the pair of them perfectly illuminated.

"Mortal," she spoke harshly with a disturbing electronic quality, "Do not dwell upon your past when we demand this conduit. You've done this many times recently."

"I am sorry, mistress," the nidorino groveled, spines going flat and ears folding down entirely. "It's just...I'm walking right into it."

Taking the thread between to claw tips, she gave a small tug and calmly watched the nidorino's body seize up, a piercing cry leaving him before he began to sob softly at her feet. "We feel your fear, coward. You are as scared as the day we linked our destiny to you," scolded the Xatu.

"I' sorry for my weakness, mistress. I-I'm doing what you request as best as I can," he said softly, a few tears dripping into the void below him.

"Our contract with you got us out of our unjust imprisonment and our gratitude for that is why you still remain as our thrall," she explained to him, "Continue to accomplish our goals and you will live. If you let that fear within you take hold, we shall cut your thread and seek a more suitable instrument."

Back in reality, the nidoking was asleep right next to Abby in their hotel bedroom in Saffron. He gave a hard spasm, back arching while he rubbed up against the zangoose. She woke groggily to find him tensed up, a limb or two twitching every few seconds. However, it stopped as suddenly as it started and soon Theo was resting peacefully again. What she failed to see was how each of the symbols on his arm was radiating a faint pink light.

Hours passed in the dream and the Xatu began to sublimate into symbols again, spiraling out into the void with each vanishing in a spark of rippling rainbow light as the thread attached to the nidorino went limp. "You have your directions now, mortal." With that, she vanished entirely and the nidorino was left sitting alone in the darkness.


Down in Cerulean, the trio were visiting a bar frequented by other Rocket Agents, sitting around a table in the corner. The populace was relatively spare this evening, only a couple of other agents around with a few others. Pouring himself a shot of vodka, the farfetch'd pounded it down and pointed a talon tip at Fractal. "So, lieutenant..." he began to pour another, "What do you think of that newbie officer Cassandra. You know, the exec's daughter?"

"What do you mean?" Fractal said half jokingly, blinking at how the duck just took the shot he just poured without a second thought of it, having barely touched his wineglass.

"She has no emotions as far as I can tell, friend," answered Datan upbeat as he began to pour a third shot, but didn't immediately go for it. "Was in a meeting with her and the exec this morning. She just did whatever he told her-- which rings suspect to me."

"That's a really disgusting thing to imply," Alexei stated, swishing a glass of water in his paw.

"I'd still take my chance with her if I could," Datan said with a laugh, taking a swig from the bottle. "Why don't you have a drink, Alex?"

"I'd rather not," the absol answered him, hesitantly glancing his eyes up.

He passed the shot glass to him. "You really should. Who knows," he tilts his head a bit, narrowing his eyes, "You might want to as you no idea what the night may have in store for you."

Fractal resisted his urge to cringe at how Datan seemed to so easily push the otherwise confident absol around. Watching Alexei actually take the shot, he pushed his own glass away. "So I guess I'll be getting us back in that case?" It was probably better to maintain the charade not to ask what he meant by that even in a supposedly innocent manner.

"Yeah, that's an order mister," the farfetch'd said with a chuckle, pouring Alexei another. "Back on topic, so what do you think of her, Alexei? Don't tell me you wouldn't bang her either if you got the chance."

"No, I need more force of personality in females. Wouldn't she a bit young for you, anyway?" asked Alexei as he took the shot the duck gave him, almost instantly being poured another after Datan helped himself.

The duck gave a shrug. "Meh...I've heard rumors she is with Doctor Grayquill, and she's not too much younger than I am. And holy shit, we have her brother coming over tomorrow. I mean," Datan laughed, "I never imagined we'd anger those guys so much and so soon that they'd actually send someone. Last place I worked they were like..." he made a mock frumpy face, "'You stop that right now!' or 'Gosh golly darn! if you do that one more time, you'll get a stern warning.'."

Fractal was just glancing down at the table and trying to ignore the Second's blathering, but his eyes jumped up at that. "I have no idea why." If he was like this five minutes in, what would he be like once those drinks actually took effect?

"Another neat thing I'll let you two in on," Datan said, continuing to work at the bottle while sharing with Alexei. "Edward's leaving for a Security Council summit after tomorrow. That's going to leave me in charge for probably a week or so."

Both of the others looks right up at this, Alexei almost losing his drink in the process. "G-g," he stumbled over his words, "good for you. First major command?"

"You may be surprised, but it isn't."

Roughly an hour later and managing to get through the bottle between the farfetch'd and absol, Fractal decided to call it there after listening to the conversation decay deeper into the base and incoherent. "I think that's more than enough for the two of you," he said, finishing off his one glass before standing up.

"Okay," Alexei said, nodding his head as he stood up, immediately swaying a little bit. The farfetch'd followed suit, but he managed to keep his composure the entire time.

As the group began to make their way to the door, the jolteon bartender looked up from cleaning a glass to spot the farfetch'd flashing his badge as they exited. Giving a sigh, he continued to clean the glass. At this rate, he actually wondered how much longer he'd be able to stay in business with jackasses like them not paying.


Returning to base, they all made their ways to their rooms of the night-- though Datan was sure to grab the drunken absol by an arm as he lost the ampharos and before he managed to reach his room, guiding Alexei down to the training room. As he opened the door, the duck gave a hard shove and Alexei stumbled backwards landing flat on his back, the farfetch'd somewhat clumsily locked the door behind him in the same motion. Tossing his coat to the side, he reached for the onion, twirling it as best he could. "Strip," he ordered, starting to unbutton his own shirt with his other feathered paw.

Blinking a few times, the absol gives him a worried and confused look. "Wha-what did I do this time, sir?" The farfetch'd only gave him a leer, gray eyes flaring with a violent red light for a few seconds, causing the absol to squirm a bit before he climbed up to his knees and began to disrobe.

"Trying to get me killed now, are you?" Datan howled, eyes wide while pointing his leek up at the cameras on the far wall. "Do you think I am stupid, my dear whore?" He began to pace over, almost stumbling over his webbed feet for a moment. "Why are you not grateful to me that you're alive?" He swiped the onion across the absol's face full force, causing a loud slapping noise as his head reeled back. However, it merely bloodied his nose as the furious farfetch'd only performed a false-swipe.

Glancing to the cameras the duck pointed at for a moment, this disaster pokemon did not have any real look of surprise at this turn of events. Datan took a step back and watched the absol finish undressing. "What really gets me is that for your conspiracy, I can't kill you or even maim you anywhere near as much as you deserve," hissed the drunk farfetch'd as he began to unfasten his belt.

"You're not supposed to be doing this," stated Alexei while glancing back and rubbing some blood off his muzzle. This was oddly bold in his dealings with the duck, most likely being a result of the alcohol. Naturally, this earned him a poorly aimed kick to his back, which the absol failed to avoid in his own stupor, winding up flat on his face.

"This place is mine," snapped the duck while shrugging off his shirt and stepping out from his slacks. Looking down at the prone Alexei, he shook his head and narrowed his eyes while circling around, one paw teasing at his lightly feathered sac while he spun the leek with the other, the motions a little off from his condition. "It's all going to be on camera there," he whispered soft enough for Alexei to hear and the cameras to not, "If anything happens to me, the blame will be on you for it. You provided ample evidence earlier. With your record against the team already, you'd be fucked even with your high parentage." As the tapered, slick tip of the duck's slender pink cock emerged, he gave his sac a squeeze and pondered for a moment what he wanted of the absol for tonight.

Alexei is a bit too drunk to really worry about those details as he spotted the farfetch'd becoming aroused while crouching down next to him. Before he realized it, he felt a sudden and sharp pain as the duck simply jammed the onion halfway into his tailhole, pumping it hard a couple of times as he quacked down and licked at the flat edge of the absol's missing head blade. Growling deeply, the absol's claws dug into the mats as his eyes just glared up at Datan.

"I noticed something else when watching that footage earlier," remarked the farfetch'd much softer, all while continuing to slide and wiggle the entirely unlubericated veg inside his subordinate's rear, giving a twist to earn a roar of pain before he continued. "You've actually got a vicious streak in you. Even if you didn't realize it, you wanted to exert dominance over your friend. Would you know who else has that primal curse?"

Alexei gave a drunken snarl at this, then a whine, eyes squeezing shut as the duck gave a brutal thrust of the baton. "Me," the duck answered while starting to stroke his erect shaft with his free paw. "One day, I hope you'll be every bit as lost as I am." And with those words, he gave a final shove of the leek until just the tip rested outside of the absol's hole. Dribbling a little bit of pre onto the ground at the sight of the squirming Alexei, he got onto his knees in front of him and pressed his cock downward with a paw to point it at his muzzle. "You know what to do."

Gritting over his teeth for a few moments, his eyes remained fixed on those of the farfetch'd before be brought his muzzle forward, letting his tongue make a few teasing flicks at the tip of his shaft. At this, the absol let his eyes drop in shame, wrapping his tongue around Datan's cock before he slid his muzzle down upon, a paw moving up to cup his softly feathered sac.

Datan made a few short squarks of approval, the alcohol combined with the pleasure tempering his anger for the moment. One of his paws slipped under the absol's head fur, petting lightly as Alexei worked over him, the absol's eyes half lidded as he bobbed, making sure to roll and lightly squeeze at the duck's balls. All of it seemed mechanical. Unsurprisingly as the absol had almost this exact scenario happen to him a dozen times over by this point, and he just wanted to get it over with.

And it was done in a few minutes. Feeling a pulse from the stiff shaft in his muzzle, Alexei drew back and gave a few teasing flicks at the tip of it before Datan brought his hips back, pawing himself as his cock painted the absol's face with ropes of his pearly white cum, Alexei narrowing closing his eyes in time.

After his orgasm slowed to a trickle, the farfetch'd let his paw on the back of the absol's head slide forward and smear his seed into the exhausted Alexei's fur a bit more before he stood and began to dress himself. "You should be happy I didn't punish you more for your scheming," he said in an entirely casual tone as he threw his coat on, then made his way from the room, leaving the violated absol on the floor as he did. As an afterthought, he opened the door again and looked to the halfway passed-out absol again. "The nidoking won't be doing anything to me, I can assure you that much."


As the sun rose, the nidoking began to stir, brushing up against Abby's form again. Slowly opening his eyes, he felt her run a paw over his chest. The nidoking turned his head to hers. "Morning," he whispered, smiling a little.

"Had a bad dream last night?" she asked him curiously, running a claw up to one of his ears, "You were tossing and twitching for awhile."

"You could say that," he answered her. "We have a large day ahead of us, so we'd best get ready to travel to Mt. Moon."
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